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 "Everybody head north." Jimmy yelled to the others as they sailed through the skies.

 "Uhh, Jimmy? Which way is north?" Sheen asked confused.

 "It's called a compass, Sheen." Libby said.

 "Ohhhh...! What's a compass?" Sheen asked dumbfounded, again…

  "Just go left, Sheen." Jimmy yelled to him.

     They all headed north as Goddard radared the plane with the tracking device. "Where is it?!" Carl yelled. "I don't know, but we should be coming up to it soon." So they kept on heading the directions Jimmy barked to them when suddenly, in the distance, they saw a plane. Goddard's screen flashed and said, LOCATION IDENTIFIED.

 "There it is!" Jimmy yelled to them. "Follow me over here!"

     They all headed the way Jimmy was going.

 "What are we going to do?" Libby asked Jimmy.

 "I am going to go to the emergency exit in the back of the plane. Then, I will pry it open and storm the cockpit. You guys will all take these cans of sleeping gas that I made and spray it on the man controlling the plane. Then, I will fly the plane back to Retroville. Sound ok?" Jimmy asked.

 "Well, I didn't have a plan, so I guess that's fine. Let's go!" Libby said.

     So they headed to the back of the plane to the emergency exit. Jimmy took some magnetic things and stuck them to his feet. Then he attached to the plane and took out a laser light. He cut the hinges on the emergency door and it fell off. He then said, "Come on guys! Come over here and get in! Hurry!" Jimmy yelled frantically with wild hand motions.

 "Jimmy, I'm sacred I'll fall." Libby said very horrified.

 "This is for Cindy. If you want to save her you will do this." Jimmy said sternly.

 "Ok, Jimmy. Only for the sake of Cindy." Libby said scared.

      Libby jumped and got in safely. Everyone else followed and also got in safely. "There it is, the cockpit." Jimmy said. "Geez, you'd think the stupid guy would have someone guarding it." Sheen said. "Oh well, at least he was stupid enough to not." Libby said. "I'm going in." Jimmy said. "You guys are going to spray him with the gas. And after you do, hold your breath for ten seconds or you will fall asleep too. Ok?" "Okay." Everyone said in unison.

     Jimmy and the others all headed over to the cockpit and Jimmy used his laser to open it. He went in and before the hijacker could say anything, they sprayed him and he was lying on the floor, sleeping. After they all held their breath, they took over the plane. "Goddard, control the plane and fly it back to Retroville airport. Libby, you reassure the passengers that everything is under control. Sheen and Carl, come with me." Jimmy said to everyone. Libby picked up the intercom speaker and switched on the on switch. "Ladies and gentlemen, the plane is now under control. You will all be ok and the hijacker is out cold. Please calm down, everything is ok now." Libby said reassuringly. As Libby finishes everyone cheered wildly as they were all safe. Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl all walked to the back and went and talk to all the people to see if they were all ok. Jimmy spotted Cindy and walked over to her.

 "Hi uh…Cindy." Jimmy said.

 "Jimmy, oh my God, Jimmy. You saved all these people's lives. You saved my life. You are really a hero." Cindy said happily.

  Jimmy sat down in the empty seat next to her and said, "I was merely doing what was right," then he mustered up all of his courage and said, "And I couldn't possibly live my life without seeing your beautiful face again." Jimmy said and blushed. "Oh Jimmy…" said Cindy. "That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard." Cindy said happily.

     They looked into each others eyes for a moment and just like that, they were leaning in closer. Cindy closed her eyes for she knows what was coming next. Just before it happened, a familiar voice came. "Hey Jim," It said, "Libby needs you, or should I just tell her you're busy…" Sheen said with a smirk. Jimmy stood up and blushed and then he turned around and said, "I'll talk to you when we get back." Jimmy said blushing, still realizing what he had almost just did. "Kay." Cindy said blushing too as Jimmy left.


     When they landed, everyone cheered as the police came in and escorted the hijacker away to the big house, jail. Everyone got off and went to claim their bags. (Hey, they weren't just going to leave their stuff there!) So, Sheen, Libby and Carl all called their parents and went home. Jimmy just decided to stay with Cindy to talk to her to finish what he had to say (-_-). "Hey Jimmy," Cindy said, "I think I already said this but, thanks again. You were great. You are great." Cindy said sweetly. "Thanks, it was no problem." Jimmy said swiftly. "Well, see ya." Jimmy said as he started walking away. "Uh…Jimmy?" Cindy said as Jimmy was walking away. He turned around and before he could say anything, Cindy was one inch from his face. He looked into her eyes and saw a sense of love and caring, but he didn't want to kiss her. He didn't want her to get the wrong idea that he was trying to take her away from Nick. His soul screamed for him to just go along with it and do it, but it was too soon. Cindy's mind was telling her that it was wrong, but what did Nick care for about Cindy? Nothing. Nothing at all. Her soul also told her to do it and to go along with it and that this is what she wanted, and she didn't doubt it as Jimmy did. She came in closer and they were a half inch from each other and she said to herself, 'It's now or never. Go for it. What you've wanted is standing right in front of you. This is your last chance…" Soon she leaned in all the way and she kissed him. At first, Jimmy was shocked but he realized that he didn't do it and its obvious it's what she wanted too. So he wrapped his arms around her and returned the kiss. Finally, they let go and Cindy looked at Jimmy and said, "You got what you deserve." and smiled. Jimmy said, "I guess the same goes for you too." Jimmy said happily and smiled. "Well, I'll see ya." Jimmy said and started walking away. "I'll call you." Cindy said. "I'd like that. I'd like that a lot." Jimmy replied. As Jimmy walked down the long corridor of the airport, he said to himself, 'Score one for Jimmy. Zip for Nick. Yes!'

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