Mommy-daughter day

Sheldon loved playing with his daughter she loved spending time with her so as he put her to bed last night he talked to Amy

"Amy I think you need to bond with Ivy more" Sheldon said

"I know that I just have a lot of work to do, and it's been at work now that my boss left" Amy said

How about this, you take a day off of work and have a mommy-daughter Day with her" Sheldon said

"That's a good idea Sheldon." Amy said "but how Am I Gonna take Ivy out of school?" Amy Asked

"Don't take her to pre-school tomorrow." Sheldon said "she won't miss anything."

Amy thought about it "ok I will take the day off."

The next day

Amy woke Ivy up and got her dressed.

"Why are we getting dressed mommy?" Ivy Asked "are we going to school?"

"N o pumpkin we are going to the Zoo." Amy told her daughter

"The Zoo? Yay!" Ivy exclaimed "is daddy coming?" she asked

"Nope just you and me." Amy said

"just you and me." Ivy repeated

"Yup." Amy answer

At The Zoo

"come on pumpkin." Amy said

"coming mommy." Ivy said running to her

"Ivy Taylor cooper-fowler you are going to fall slow down.."

"Sorry mommy." Ivy said

First they went to the monkey habitat.

'I like monkeys mommy." Ivy said

"I like them too where do you wanna go next?" Amy asked her daughter

"The koalas." Ivy said

"The koalas it is then we go get ice cream." Amy said

They went to see the koalas and then the elephants and then went to the gift shop.

"What do you want Ivy?" Amy said "you can only get two."

"I want the koala an the monkey." Ivy said

"Good choice." Amy said "one koala and monkey please" Amy told the clerk-woman

"sure." she said "here you go."

At the end of the day Amy to Ivy to the car and drove home.

Back at Home

"looks like you did good today" Sheldon said

"yeah, it was fun." Amy said