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In a field three sisters move with unearthly grace as they sing while tending the trees. Their voices carry softly through the field harmonizing with the wind through the leaves and branches.

Dressed in a midnight black robe with the hood pulled back letting her long white hair stream in a breeze that ruffles her robe and seems to effect none but her; the eldest of the sisters wields a silver sickle with her left hand. Her speed is such that the swing is never seen, just her arm resting and the fruit falling into her waiting hand.

Each fruit is flawed in some way. One is spotted and pale while another is dried and dark. Each she treats equally, a confirming glance with the pits of darkness that are her eyes and a hand sliding it gently into the recesses of her robe.

She pauses at an overly large apple hanging off a branch. Her song falters and fails as she examines the strange fruit. The others approach to see what has stopped THE WORK.

The middle sister in her grey homespun robe plucks the apple and gently holds it up for examination with her right hand. The basket on her left arm forgotten for the moment, as she takes in the nature of this singular item. A bright red apple curved around a dark blue almost black apple which in turn curves around the red, a yin/yang symbol of sorts. It glows softly in her hand, two apples and yet one at the same time. She runs her fingers through her graying hair clearly perplexed.

"Well this is a hell of a thing, isn't it?" The eldest says, a trace of cockney accent leaking through her leaden tones.

The two turn to the third who is wearing a pair of hip hugging white jean cut offs and a blue tank top; going against the whole robe theme. She is still humming under her breath as she swings her hips, moving to music only she can hear. Her long blond hair shines in the sun as she smiles, gazing at the apple through eyes that softly glow in ever changing colors.

The middle sister reaches out with her free hand and pulls the headphones off her head. "Will you stop that!" She says in a commanding tone that little boys the world over know by heart. Music blares briefly disturbing the scene as she clicks off the walkman. "I keep telling you. If you are going to play music out here at least use a stereo so we can all hear it."

"You never want to listen to what I want to hear." She replies her voice promising giggles in the near future. As promised she giggles. Seeing that her sisters are going to be difficult she taps her teeth with the handle of her pollen brush while gauging their mood.

Maiden "So what's the problem again?"

Crone "What did you do to this one?"

Maiden "What makes you think I did something to it?"

Mother "Are you going to play dumb again?"

Maiden "Play?"

Mother "You know very well that making gods is no longer permitted."

Maiden "Well its hardly a full fledged god is it? Look at it. It's more of a demi- no a semi-god. That's hardly against the rules."

Mother "It's against the spirit of the rules and it's the spirit that matters."

Crone "You measure and I cut."

Mother "Is there enough to separate into two?

Crone "Won't know until we try."

Mother "You're right of course. By the looks of things it may just be enough but they aren't exactly going to be well balanced. One is going to be extremely easy to anger and the other one is going to be forgiving to a suicidal extreme."

Crone "She makes our jobs interesting. I hate interesting. Let's just get her cable TV. It should keep her occupied and out of trouble for a couple of millennium at the least."

Mother "Maybe. Lets see what kind of service pack they have available for our area first."

The two elder sisters wander off leaving the youngest hiding a smile as they walk away. A questioning bluurrrt noise comes from near her feet. She reaches down and absently strokes a grey cat. "It's done. They fall for the same trick time and time again." The cat purrs as she rubs against the maidens legs.

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