As Frisk, Papyrus, and Sans made it to Undyne and Alphys' house they saw Undyne costume first since she was the first to answer the door for them. She is wearing a black and red long coat with rips on the coat, her big long brown boots that cover her black neon sock, and a fake small parrot on her right shoulder.

Sans crosses his arms, "heh... that costume fits perfect with your eyepiece there."

Undyne sighs, "why did I have a funny feeling you would say something like that?"


Sans looks up at Papyrus, "what?"

"That wasn't too nice!"

Just before Sans could say anything he heard Alphys coming in wearing her pink and white dress with pink and black headband cat ears and a tail connected with her dress. She held a blue with orange pumpkin bowl full of candy in her hands.

"Y... you guys look great! S... Sans, I never seen you wear t... that before!"

Sans nods, "I had it around just never worn it too much."

Alphys smiles, "w... well it looks good on you."

"Thanks," said Sans surprise by Alphys' reply.

Alphys gave a handful of candy to both Papyrus and Frisk as she told them that she's dressed up as her favorite character from Mew Mew Kissey Cutie.

"You look great, Alphys," said Frisk giving a thumbs up.

"I agree both you and Unydne look really great in your costumes!"

Undyne smiles, "thanks, Papyrus!"

Alphys began to blush, "oh... thank you."

Sans looks up at the clock before he said, "we better get going. Got lots of houses to go to and candy to get."

Papyrus and Frisk both agree as the three headed out making sure to say farewell to Unydne and Alphys before they all went to walk into the street.

At the same time, the three witches got outside of the town. The witches watch as they could see a lot of children wearing their costume walking all about.

Mary reply, "there are so many children which one should we even start?"

Winni looks closely as she started to have this powerful feeling inside that she can't even imagine having before. She felt a child in the street has a soul with so much power that no human would have before. A power that she and her sisters needed to live forever without worry.

"Sisters, I have a strong feeling."

Both sisters asked, "A feeling?"

"Yes," she said with a smile of delight, "I have a sense of a child having a strong power inside their soul. I'm not sure which child that is but when I find this child we sisters won't need so many children here at all! We can only use one and the power we need to survive so we won't go into... dust!"

Both Sarah and Mary cheer with glee.

The three witches lower their broom and all three jump off their broom to look around in town.

Mary soon ask, "how would we know if this child is what we need?"

Winni said, "oh... we'll know for sure with our instant!"

Just as the three witches were about to look that's when they heard a familiar boy's voice stopping them.

"Don't think I'm going to let you three go any further."

The three turn to see a blonde hair boy dress in a white torn up sweatshirt and brown pants, looking right at them dead cold. Beside the boy is the boy's youngest sister with her long brown hair has a white hat cover her head, her long white dress to match is looking at them with suspicion.

Winni smiles knowing these two children, "hello Thackery Binx, I see you have your sister Emily with you. It's been a long time of seeing you both at all."

Thackery narrows his eyes, "I don't know how you three hags got here in the first place but I'm here to stop you three from succeeding in your plans."

Winni and her sisters laugh at him.

Winni said while still laughing, "You! Ha, ha, we'll see about that!"

The three witches took off with their brooms to look further on.

"Thackery," said Emily as she looks up at her brother, "we can't let them get this child they want so badly."

Thackery nods, "don't worry Emily, we won't let them get the child. What we need to do right now is to find that child they are looking for before anything."

"But how do we know is that child?"

Thackery sighs, "that's going to be the hardest part. Guess we better keep close watch of those witches and find out quickly who this child is."

The two ghostly children took off following the witches in hopes of finding this child before the witches do.

Frisk smiles as she and Papyrus enjoy getting lots of candy of every house. Sans was just following along making sure his bro and his niece are safe and having a good time.

"Nyeh, heh, heh! This is going to be the best Halloween! Unlike the last time but still... we are having fun!"

Frisk giggles only she ran into a yellow monster lizard with no arms wearing a brown fur shirt and hat. Frisk smile knowing this monster lizard child.

"Hey MK," said Frisk smiling, "are you a werewolf?"

MK (short for Monster Kid) nods, "yeah, Mom bought this and thought I look cool! I really like it because I'm doing really good of scaring kids!"

Frisk giggles, "you sure do!"

Papyrus smiles, "can you guess who I am?!"

MK look and smiled wide, "oh my goodness, are you, Superman?!"

Papyrus laugh, "Nyeh, heh, heh, that I am! I'm the protector of Princess of the Pumpkins!"

Papyrus picks Frisk up and swings her around a couple of times before placing her back down.

MK said looking at Frisk's costume, "yo, you look so awesome with that costume! You even change your hair color! That's so awesome!"

Frisk smiles, "thanks, Alphys dye my hair for me."

"Really?! Wow, I'll tell everyone about that then!"

MK took off as he met up with his new friends and began to brag about Frisk's new hairstyle.

Sans shook his head, "that kid is something. Come on we got a lot more to go."

Papyrus agrees as he and Frisk continue to go to houses to get more candy in their bags.

As time passes, Frisk and Papyrus had their bags all full of candy. They both decided it was time to go home now. Sans lead the way towards home.

"You two had fun?"

Papyrus nods, "sure did! We had a blast!"

Frisk giggles, "it was fun seeing everyone else's costumes especially those who are giving the candy out. That was fun!"

Sans chuckles as he and Papyrus walk beside each other as Frisk walks behind them both happily humming.

Sans, Papyrus, and Frisk didn't know that the three witches were watching them walking home.

Mary said seeing Sans and Papyrus, "I think those two with that child are real skeletons."

Sarah nods, "I think they really are too."

Winni smiles, "that's not important right now sisters. See that child with those skeletons?"

The two witches nod unsure what their sister is thinking.

"That child is the one I sense from earlier. She's the one we need to live forever. I feel that power in her soul to being strong!"

Mary and Sarah smile now understanding what's going on.

Winni looks at her sister as she said quietly, "follow me, sisters."

The three began to move closer towards Frisk with their brooms. Just as they were about to grab hold of Frisk they heard Thackery's voice.

"Behind you!"

Frisk turn really fast to see the witches trying to grab hold of her. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her while screaming. The witches flew faster to get a hold of Frisk.

Frisk look up to see Emily waving at her to come over. Frisk could sense this girl is helping her so she follows the girl into the old cemetery. As Frisk turn, she saw that the witches were not following her only they stay outside of the large open gate.

"They stopped?"

Frisk heard Thackery saying, "they won't reach you in here. You'll be safe here with us."

Frisk turn to see Thackery and Emily both stood beside her.

She asks with fear, "w... who are you?"

Thackery sighs, "I'll explain later right now we have these hags to deal with first."

Winni snarls at Thackery knowing that he's the reason they can't get near Frisk.

"Don't think this is over, Thackery Binx! We will get that child if it's the last thing I'll do!"

Suddenly the witches felt their souls turn blue and were all thrown into the street. All three shook their heads as they look up to see Sans coming up to them. His white pupils are no longer in his eyes sockets only his blue pupil is in his right sockets with flames coming out of that pupil.

"So," he said keeping his gaze at the three, "thought to take our girl away from us, huh? Well, you three better think again. I don't play lightly when it comes protecting my family."

Papyrus saw Frisk as he ran to hug his niece, "Frisk, are you alright?! I was so worried! It's a good thing Sans know his shortcuts!"

Frisk nods, "yeah, think to these two here. I wouldn't have gotten away if it wasn't for them."

Papyrus smiles as he thanks the two ghostly kids for saving his niece. Thackery was shocked to hear a real skeleton calling Frisk his niece. Even Emily was surprised about this.

Sans saw the witches getting back on their brooms and taking off. Only Winni made sure to let him know that she's not giving up on Frisk just yet.

Sans teleport himself into the cemetery and met up with Frisk and Papyrus. He sighs as he looks at Frisk.

"Your okay, Frisk? Had me and Paps worry there for a minute."

Frisk nods as she ran up to hug both Papyrus and Sans, "I'm okay now."

Sans patted Frisk on the head before letting go, "good to hear."

Sans looks up to see Thackery and Emily walking up to them. He tilts his head unsure if they were trustworthy.

"Who are they?"

Frisk turn as she replies, "they help me escape the witches."

Papyrus nods, "they also seem really nice too!"

Sans white pupils appear back into his sockets as he asks, "so who are you two?"

Thackery sighs, "my name is Thackery Binx, this here is my sister Emily Binx."

Sans nods, "nice to meet ya. Eh... thanks for saving Frisk here."

Thackery nods, "of course anytime. Now the witches were talking about her having a powerful soul. Not sure what they meant by that but I'm sure whatever they meant is not good."

Sans narrow his one eye socket in confusion, "what ya mean by that?"

Thackery sighs but before he could answer Emily answered for him.

"Long ago I made a huge mistake by following one of them. I thought she was nice and wanted to be my friend but it turns out all she and her sisters wanted was my soul. They were successful as well turn my brother into a cat forever. The three were hung but... I was trap within them without no escape. That was until a virgin came to save me and my brother so we could reunite with our family."

Frisk asks Emily, "so why are you two here since you two already reunited with your family?"

Emily sighs, "guess since those witches came it was our duty to stop them before it starts all over again. Just like before... at least they didn't win last time but still they might win this time if not stop."

Sans nods, "so these two are pretty powerful heh?"

Thackery nods as he looks at Frisk once more, "you know Frisk, you remind me of someone I once helped."

Frisk ask happily, "Really? Who?!"

Thackery replies, "Dani Dennison, a sister of Max Dennison. She acted just like you only she had longer hair. You both remind me of Emily so much."

Sans ask, "so is this Dani the virgin who help stop those witches?"

Thackery shook his head, "no it was Max. Without him, we both probably be still trapped without any escape."

Papyrus ask, "would those witches come back?"

Thackery nods, "I'm afraid so that's why we have to hurry."

Sans nods as he said, "we were heading back home so maybe we should tell Tori and Asgore of what happened. Besides I'm sure they want to keep their daughter safe."

Papyrus agrees as he picks Frisk up and put her over his shoulder. Papyrus took off with Frisk as Sans began to follow. The skeleton turns to see the ghostly children following close behind.

Sans sighs as he knew that he got more trouble to deal with only this time with the Sanderson Sisters.

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