AN: Hello! Well, I had a hard time figuring out what to do for this chapter so I ask some friends though the only one who really helps me out was my closest friend Luna Moon 201 for this suggestion though the ending I made up. Poor Sans but don't worry he'll be fine he got friends to help him out. Though Papyrus won't know that since he and Frisk are kidnaped. *Crying Inside* So hope you like this chapter!

Toriel saw Sans, Papyrus, and Frisk coming up to the door. She went to the door to answer as she went to hug Frisk. Happy to see her child safely back into her arms. Asgore too greeted them happy to see them all safe and sound. Suddenly Asgore and Toriel look and spotted Thackery and Emily coming in. Both were shocked to see the ghostly children.

Asgore was the first to ask, "who are these two children?"

Then Toriel went to ask, "what's going on? Did something happen?"

Sans sighs as he knew that this is going to be a long story to tell the two especially the part of Frisk being in danger. So Sans carefully explain what happen and about the two ghostly children being with them. Papyrus help in some cases if Sans either forgot something to add or something Sans couldn't quite fit the right wording to tell them.

Once Sans and Papyrus stop explaining the room was silent. It was dead silent at least ten minutes till finally, Toriel decided that she better say something.

"Well from what you both had explained to us these witches are here to take Frisk's soul and if they would succeed then they will live forever and may cause more harm to all of us. Am I right?"

Sans nods, "sounds about right."

Asgore gives a long sigh before he finally spoke, "one thing we must keep Frisk safe and away from those witches. Who knows what harm these witches may do to Frisk or any of us monsters."

Toriel nods, "I agree. Besides, it is getting late so... it's best we should get to bed but I'll make sure to have everything lock so those witches won't come in."

Papyrus ask, "could me and Sans stay for the night just to make sure Frisk is safe?"

Sans looks at his brother, "that's actually a good idea bro."

Toriel and Asgore both nods liking the idea that two more will be staying just in case the witches would somehow find a way to get in.

Thackery sighs as he stood, "I better find those hags besides who knows what they might be planning on doing next. I'll have my sister stay with Frisk until dawn."

Toriel sighs, "alright but do be careful my child."

Thackery gave Toriel an odd look before he left. Truthfully he didn't know why Toriel call him her child because he's not her kid. Yet he didn't say anything though Sans give him a warning look to not dare say something that would offend Toriel.

As Thackery vanish Toriel told Frisk to show Emily to the bedroom and prepare for bed. Frisk nods at her mother's order as she and Emily happily ran up the stairs to Frisk's room.

Toriel smiles as she looks at Sans, "thank you for keeping Frisk safe. I do owe Thackery and Emily for Frisk's safety as well."

Sans nods, "no problem, Tori it's what I do best as a Dunckle."

Toriel giggles as Papyrus yell at Sans for that last smart remark.

Once Frisk too Emily into her room she shows Emily around. Emily smiles though she was surprised by how new the room looks. Truthfully she never experiences modern day stuff so it's all new to Emily.

Frisk went into the bathroom and got changed into her pink with blue kittens pajamas on. Once Frisk returns she saw Emily looking all around in awe. Frisk giggles as she put her old clothes into the laundry basket.

"I guess it's kinda new for you and your brother to you know being gone that long and such," said Frisk as she sat on her bed.

Emily nods, "yeah, it's really new to me. What year is this anyways?"

Frisk replies, "it's October 31, 2017"

Emily's eyes widened, "then it has been quite a long time. Boy, the time has sure gone flying by and the world has changed so much."

Frisk nods, "Yeah, guess you can say that. Anyways... um if you don't mind maybe we could become friends?"

Emily turn to look at Frisk and smiles, "of course! I would love that!"

Frisk smiles wide, "really? Wow, guess I just made one new friend today."

Emily giggles, "you mean two? Don't forget about my brother."

Frisk laughs, "of right, can't forget about him."

The girls heard the bedroom door open. They turn to see Toriel coming in with a gentle smile on her face.

"Are you ready for bed, my child?"

Frisk nods as she pulls the blanket up so she can get into the nice cozy purple and pink blanket, "all set!"

Toriel giggles, "alright then."

Toriel pulls the blanket up some and kisses Frisk on the head. Frisk smiles as she wiggles herself to a comfortable spot and smiles.

"Goodnight, Mom" said, Frisk, as she slowly closes her eyes.

Toriel smiles as she closes the window of Frisk's room "goodnight my child."

Toriel looks one last time before she closes the door seeing that Frisk is safe with Emily.

That is what she had thought.

Once down the stairs, Toriel saw Sans and Papyrus getting themselves all prepare to sleep in the living room.

Asgore insists the two to sleep in the guest bedroom but Sans wanted to sleep on the couch so Papyrus didn't want to leave his brother's side. Toriel only giggles as she met up with the two skeleton brothers.

"Are you two feeling comfy?"

The skeletons look up at the goat lady and nod their heads. Just as the two began to settle themselves in a loud banging noise was heard in Frisk's room.

They all yell while running up the stairs "Frisk!"

As the four made it into Frisk's room it seems to look pretty normal. Nothing was broken and the window was still shut. Sans knew that something wasn't right because he did not see Emily recurring them that she may have bumped something by accident or something like that.

Papyrus smiles, "Huh? Seems to be okay maybe it was in the next room?"

"Wait," said Sans as he walks up closer to the bed, "hey kiddo, are you alright?"

Just as Sans pull the cover Sarah sat up fast making the four scream in shock. Sarah smiles as she asked.

"Did you miss us?"

Suddenly Wini and Mary came popping out of the closet. Wini had Frisk in her arms as Emily was being held by Mary.

"Surprise," said Wini sounding enthusiastic, "didn't think we would find a way in did you?"

Toriel asks now sternly, "how did you three get in?! I locked everything up!"

Wini smiles, "yes, but we follow this child, the two skeleton, and those other two children here. So we got in just before Frisk and Emily even step fourth coming in. We were waiting for the right moment to strike."

Asgore now stepping forward, "let the children go or else..."

Wini looks at Asgore as she gave a bit of an attitude, "or else what? Throw me away with your singing or something?"

Wini lifts Asgore in the air and soon use her magic to electrcute him and threw him into the wall making to be knocked out.


Sans growls as he looks at the other two witches, "let the kid go!"

Sans use his magic and began to lift Sarah and Mary up in the air with his blue magic causing Emily to go free only was a trap once more by Wini's magic. Toriel steps forward as she created a fireball in her paws.

"Let my child go or I'll make you pay forever even trying to hurt any of my friends or family!"

Wini smiles as held Frisk closer to her, "oh... a mothery protection for her young one, how sweet."

Toriel began to throw a fireball at Wini but Wini uses her broom to fly and miss the fireball. She laughs and mocks at Toriel for missing her. Toriel kept doing it till Wini got tired and done the same to Toriel with the electric blast.

Sans turn as he let go of Mary and Sarah, "Toriel!"

Papyrus eyes sockets widened with fear and shock. He didn't know what to think about this.

Sans growls once more as he went after Wini. Mary and Sarah look at their sister seeing her giving the signal to get a hold of the tall skeleton. The two nod as they got on their brooms and quickly grab hold of Papyrus.

Papyrus began to fight but it was hopeless because the two had a good grip of both of his arms.

"You're coming with us" assure Sarah as she and Mary began to fly a little higher so Papyrus would be dangling off of the ground with his feet kicking like crazy.

"Sans, help!"

Sans turn around seeing now his brother is also in trouble, "Papyrus! Hang on!"

Just as he was about to help his brother that's when he felt something really hard hit him in the back of the head. His HP gone down to .05HP as he fell on the ground gaggling from his own blood.

Both Papyrus and Frisk cry out, "Sans!"

Emily narrowed her eyes as she was about to help but only felt the electric from Wini magic strike her down causing her too to be knocked out.

Wini said as she uses her magic to break through the roof, "let us fly sisters! We have what we need to live forever!"

The two witches laugh as they flew higher making Papyrus go higher and kicking as hard as he can to free himself.

Papyrus looks down at Sans seeing how badly injured his brother is. The tears began to stream down the skeleton's face.

"Sans, please no!"

With a split second the witches, Frisk, and Papyrus are gone. Asgore shook his head as he rose to see his wife is too waking up. He helped his wife up to see the mess that was made.

Toriel gasp seeing that Emily was knock out but not only that she turn to see Sans is down and injured.

She ran to Sans and saw his HP is so low that he might not be able to make it. She looks up at Asgore for any help from him. He looks at Sans as nods his head understanding what his wife is asking without her saying anything at all.

"Alphys is our only chance and we must tell the others of what happens."

Toriel looks around to see that Papyrus and Frisk are nowhere to be found. Her tears began to flow as she let herself fall and cry miserably. Asgore ran to his wife side seeing how worry she is.

"Don't worry Tori, we'll find them I promise."

Toriel looks up at her husband looking as miserable as she ever was doing Chara and Asriel's death. She nods in understanding.

"Thank you" she only said before she cries once more in her paws.