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Prolong- Konoah High School

Sasuke's P.O.V

'Let's get this day over with.'

Sasuke Uchiha- sophomore

He is a regular high school student. He never gets anything below B+. He has black hair and black eyes. He wears glasses and usually wears black. Today he's wearing a white t-shirt with a black hoodie over it, black jeans and black and white tennis. He's the type of kid you could go the whole year without noticing and he likes that.

I walks inside the hallway of Konoah High, the school I go to, soundly not saying hi to anyone when I hears someone call me, "Sasuke-kun." I look back and stop with a smile.

"Hello Hinata-chan; how was your morning?" I say as the girl finally catches up with him.

Hinata Hyuga- sophomore

She had long black almost blue hair that stopped to the middle of her back and her eyes were pupiless and a lavender-white color (it's a gene that runs through her family). Her skin is pale and she has a small, kind smile on her face, even though she could be as mean as the devil when she wants to be. She wore a yellow shirt with a white sweater and a black skirt with white pock-a-dots and to finish it of white flats.

I watched the girl run to me as her hair swayed behind her. She finally caught up to me and we started walking to their lockers together, "Terrible, Neji decided that the best way to wake me up was to push me off of my bed." I looked at the girl in pity.

"I'm sorry to hear that. Itachi used to do that to me to, that's why I started to lock my doors." That made both of us chuckle. We finally reached our lockers and started putting in the books that we needed for our first two classes when we heard giggling. We turned and saw the jocks and the sluts talking by the lockers across from them. "I don't understand how they find them attractive."

"Agreed," the jocks were leaning against the lockers while the girls were talking to them.

Naruto Uzumaki-senior

He had spiky blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. He was tan and had three scars on each of his cheeks and a bright smile was stretched across his face. He wore a white t-shirt with a black and orange jacket, blue jeans with a tear on the knees and orange tennis. He also wore a blue crystal necklace, but he usually kept it under his shirt, but I have seen it on a few occasions. The blonde turned his head and started to talk to his brunet friend.

Kiba Inuzaka-senior

He had shaggy brown hair and brown eyes. He was tan and was also grinning like an idiot. He wore a grey shirt that had a blue paint like design on the bottom right. Along with that he wore a green jacket that had a hoodie attached to it, bluish-black jeans and black and white tennis. The boy next to him was just smirking.

Neji Hyuga-senior

He looked just like Hinata, but only a few differences. Like her, he had long hair and lavender white eyes, but instead of black his hair was brown and his skin was a little tanner than hers. He wore a plain white t-shirt with a gray jacket, blue jeans and white sneakers with three red lines on each side. He also wore a brown head band across his forehead. The two sluts of the school were clinging on to them as if their life depended on it.

Sakura Haruno-senior

School Slut #1, she had short pink hair (who the hell dyes their hair pink?) and emerald green eyes. She had not to tan, but not to pale soft skin and had a sultry grin on her face. She wore a pink halter top that stopped to her belly button and a short, short black skirt that stopped in the middle of her thighs. She wore black heels to finish off her outfit. The girl next to her wasn't as bad as her but she was bad.

Ino Yamanaka-senior

School Slut #2, she had long light blonde hair (properly bleached) and pupiless blue eyes (also a family trait like Hinata's) and skin a little paler than Sakura's. Her hair came down in the front of her face like a bang covering her left eye. She wore a black shirt that had three buttons at the top, which were unloose letting the world see all of her cleavage. On the shirt the words 'Bad B*t*h' were written on them since it didn't have the full word it was allowed. She also wore short jean shorts and under that, fishnet stockings. To top off the outfit, black fingerless gloves and black boots. Both of the girls were shamelessly flirting with all three men.

"Do they have no dignity?"

"I honestly wonder."

"Of course they don't, they're the school sluts." We both turned our heads to a familiar voice and chuckled.

Tenten Buki-sophomore

She had chestnut brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. She was much tanner than Hinata and Sasuke and had a mischievous grin on her face. She had her hair wrapped in two buns and wore a plain pink t-shirt and jeans shorts. To finish off her simple outfit a pair of black and white convers.

"Morning Tenten; how was your morning so far?" I asked as she leaned against the locker next to Hinata.

"It was going great until I saw slut #1 and slut #2; I mean they could at least put on appropriate amount of clothes to cover something up." She said with a scowl.

"What can we say what Sakura lacks in the bust department she makes up in dressing like a whore who hasn't gotten dick in weeks." We all laugh at Hinata's joke. That's when the bell rang and we started to head to class since we all had first period together. As we were walking I could feel someone's eyes staring at me and turned around, only to see the jock's walking away. I stopped to see if anyone else was in the hallway, but my search was interrupted by Hinata, "Sasuke-kun, are you coming?"

I turned back around and started to catch up with them, "Yeah sorry, I thought I felt somebody watching me."

"Ohh, maybe you have a secret admirer." Tenten said jokingly.

I rolled my eyes, "Oh please the day somebody notices me is the day Itachi goes to heaven." We all chuckle before continuing our way to class, even though I still felt like somebody was watching me.

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