Chapter 17- Hinata's Ordinary Life

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Hinata's P.O.V

"Lady Hinata, it's time to wake up." I groaned when I heard the silent knock on the door.

"Please, give me five more minutes," I begged before covering my head with my blanket.

I heard my maid release a muffled giggle before continuing, "If you don't wake up now, you will be late for school. Besides," Oh I know what she's going to say, "Your father," Please don't lie to me Natsu-chan, "Wishes to eat breakfast with you."

I sat up quietly before pulling myself out of bed, "Thank you for letting me know Natsu-chan. I'll get ready now." I heard footsteps walking away from my bedroom door before I released a sigh. My father always told Natsu-chan the same thing, 'Tell Hinata that I wish to have breakfast with her.' I snorted to myself before walking to my closet and pulling open the door and looking through the many beautiful gowns and outfits in my collection. I sighed, I know many people dreamed about owning as much clothes as I own but to be honest, I hate most of them. They were either too puffy, too long, too revealing or they weren't my style. I hummed as I skimmed through my dresses and finally landed on my tops. I smiled when I saw a long sleeved plain pink sweater. My father doesn't know this, but my style wasn't anything fancy or glamorous like the stuff he makes me wear during parties or business meetings. I snorted; then again, it's hard to know anything about someone you don't talk to.

I snapped out of my thoughts and began to walk back to my bed to rest the shirt down before going back to find the rest of my outfit. About ten minutes later, I decided to match my pink sweater with a black skirt with a pink rose design, thigh high black socks (Just because I find them comfortable) and a pair of pink and white tennis. I smiled, proud of my outfit before walking to me bathroom to get start getting ready. A few minutes later, I was completely dressed and was tying my hair back in a ponytail.

I quietly exited my room and walked down the large pile of unneeded stairs in the huge house that we didn't need. I listened to the echoes of my steps as they bounced off the walls and sighed. We were only a family of four, my father, sister, Neji and I, yet we needed a mansion for a family of fifteen. I walked into the dining room where I saw my little sister, Hanabi, already at the table eating her breakfast. I smiled at her before taking a seat next to her, "G-good m-morning H-Hanabi-c-chan."

She glanced at me before looking back down at her food, "Morning."

I frowned. We used to be really close when we were younger, but as we grew older she started to become more distant. First we stopped playing together, then we saw each other less and then the next thing I knew, we were only saying a sentence or two to each other a day. "Good morning, Lady Hinata."

I smiled as I watched Natsu-chan, our maid; bring in a tray of food, most likely mine. I quickly stood up and met her half way, "N-Natsu-c-chan, p-please a-allow m-me t-to t-take i-it f-from h-here."

Natsu shook her head, "No, I've got it."

"C-come o-on N-Natsu-c-chan, I-I k-know y-you-"

"Oh come on Hinata. Allow Natsu-san to do her job."

I look back at Hanabi surprised, "B-but-"

"Hinata, Hanabi is right. Take a seat and let Natsu bring your breakfast." I jumped, not expecting to hear my father's voice. I turned around and watched as my father walked into the room with two other maids following behind him.

I gulped, feeing all of my confidence from earlier washing away. I bowed my head slightly, "Y-yes f-father." I sat down quietly and waited for Natsu to bring my food over. I looked at her shining white eyes and watched as she waddled off. I sighed and looked down at my food. I hated the way my family was run. The main branch was always led by the first born of the head of the family, which was unfortunately me. If the head of the family had any more children, they would create another branch of the family. The branch family is supposed to protect and serve the main branch in any way shape or form. We have to marry into the same family! It didn't even matter if they were pregnant, like precious Natsu-chan, who practically raised me since my mother died. They work up until the day they give birth and then give have a month off to recover and bond with the baby before getting straight back to work. I felt so bad for them. I looked up at my little sister, sadly, I knew this was also going to be here fate one day.

Of course it's not immediate family like siblings, parents, grandparents or aunts and uncles but cousins, second-cousins, grand aunts and grand uncles are acceptable. My mother was actually my father's cousin and didn't have a choice in the matter. I don't think it mattered though, she seemed to be completely in loved with my dad. At least that's how she acted before she died and what I saw in old pictures and videos but how my dad felt about my mom…I'm not sure. I looked up at my father and my frowned deepened, I could never read him. His face is always blank and to be honest…I feel like Neji is just like him. Maybe it was because he is the son of my father's late twin brother, Hizashi. Apparently he died while protecting my father when an assassin broke into the house. He pretended to be my father and assassin shot him. My father heard the gun shot and was able to capture the assassin before he could get away, but it was too late and my uncle died right on the spot. Neji was only six at the time, so I could imagine how hard it was to hear that your father died because he was mistaken for someone else and was protecting your uncle. Out of guilt or love for his brother, he took Neji in and raised him like his own son. By the way it's looking; he wouldn't have to live the same life as any other member of the branch families.

"Hinata," I jumped out of my thoughts by my father's voice, "Your exams are next week, how have your studies been going?"

I nodded my head, "I-it's g-going f-fine, f-father."

He grunted, probably annoyed by my stammer.

I sighed. I don't know why I stammer around him and Neji and not anyone else. Actually, I should rephrase that. I do know why I stammer around Neji, it's because he reminds me of dad, but I don't know why I stammer around my father. Ever since my mom died, I've never been able to say a full sentence to my father without stammering. With everyone else I'm able to talk to them normally, but as far as Neji and father are concerned I haven't stopped stammering since I was six.

I sighed listening to my father as he praised my little sister on her win at her latest dancing contest. My little sister is so much better than me at so many things. I'm almost positive that if we were twins, my father would lie and said that she came out first so that she would be head of the clan. Neji and Hanabi are far better choices for head of the clan than I am.

I sighed as I finished my meal and stood up and smiled at my family, "I-I h-have t-t g-go n-now o-or I-I'll b-be l-late." Both of them nodded and continued on with their previous conversation. I quietly walked out of the room with small hope of hearing a 'goodbye' or 'have fun at school' from one of them. I smiled bitterly as I reached the front door and heard nothing.

I sighed as I watched the expensive looking car drive up in front of the steps. A man with short spikey brown hair, tan skin and pearl white eyes, just like mine, step out of the driver's seat and opened the backseat door. He smiled at me as he gestured to it, "Good morning, Lady Hinata. If you are ready, it's time to go."

I put a bright smile on my face before bouncing down the stairs, "Good morning Ko-kun, I told you not to call me that if father isn't around."

Ko chuckled, "My apologies, Hinata-chan." I giggled before heading inside the car. Ko soon follows after closing my door. We begin to drive off but before we got far something in the mirror caught my eye.

"Stop!" Ko immediately pushed on the breaks. He whipped his head around to make sure I was fine.

"Are you okay Hinata? What's wrong?"

I smile and waved him off, "I'm fine, but-"

"KO-KUN!" running towards the car as fast as she could with a small bento box in her hand was Natsu. Ko immediately jumped out of the car to meet her half way.

"What's wrong Natsu-chan," he said as he gripped her shoulders as she desperately gasped for air.

She stood straight again and put a smile on her face, though it was obvious the running had took a toll on her body, "H-Hinata-chan forgot her lunch."

My eyes widen before contrasting with guilt. I get out of the car before walking up to the two and taking the bento box out of her hands. I bowed causing her to yelp with surprise, "I'm so sorry Natsu-chan."

Natsu blushed before giggling, "It's nothing to worry about Hinata-chan. It's my job."

I stood up straight before facing her with saddened eyes, "But it's my fault you exhausted yourself while running after us. I shouldn't have been so forgetful and left it there even though Natsu-chan and the cooks worked so hard to make it. I am so sorry."

Natsu and Ko looked at me surprised and before smiling warmly. Ko rested his hand on my head before rubbing it softly, probably trying not to mess it up, "You have nothing to apologize for Hinata. You made a mistake, that's what humans do."

"Besides, I rarely ever get to see Ko leave for work; so this was pretty fun to me."

I smiled as I looked at the two smiling figures. These two were sought of like my parents in a way. They both took care of me from when I was young. Natsu was always my personal maid. She taught me how to read and write, she spent the days when I was sick at my bedside, she was also the only one who would listen to me when I sang in my room all by myself. She taught me how to cook and comforted me whenever I had bad dreams, bad school days or randomly thought about my mother. She could never replace my real mother, who did all of that and more, but if I had to choose a mother figure, it would have had to be her.

While Natsu took care of me domestically wise, Ko took care of me physically. He protected me from bullies if he saw, he taught me how to fight and often trained with both Neji and I. I was really weak and fragile as a child and some people may say that I still am but at least now I could defend myself if I were to somehow get into a fight. I was so weak that I couldn't take two steps out of the house before falling down on my face. My self-confidence was also shattered. I couldn't say hi to anyone without shaking and stuttering, which is why most people still believe I stutter uncontrollably. It didn't help when my father belittled me for it every time, it just made me even more scared; but Ko always told me that I would get better and always helped me practice talking to people. I no longer stutter thanks to him; at least I don't when I'm not around Neji, Hanabi or father. That's why when they got married and Natsu got pregnant, I was ecstatic. I felt like I was being retold about Hanabi's coming and knew when the child was born that I was going to treat it like a sibling.

After dropping Natsu back at the steps, I waved her off as we finally left the property. "Bye Hinata-chan!"

I smiled eye to eye as I waved her off before turning around and sitting in the seat properly. "So Hinata," Ko started. I could feel him looking at me with a mischievous glint through the car mirror, "That Kiba boy has been behaving, right?"

I felt my face turn bright red, "W-WHAT?"

Ko chuckled, "It's just a question. No need to turn into a tomato."

"T-that's a personal question though," I said before catching myself, "I-I mean, why would he misbehave."

He continued to chuckled, "Does that mean you haven't told him yet?"

"T-told him what? I have nothing to tell him!" I say even though I know it's obvious that I'm lying.

Ko just hummed, "Okay, I see." Silence was then left in the car, "He'll never know if you don't tell him. After all, Natsu and I didn't get together because we both sat quietly."

My blush grew, "S-shut up baka! Don't say things that have nothing to do with the subject! Kiba and I aren't like that!"

"Yet," he said with humor clear in his voice, "You aren't like that yet."

"KO!" the conversation continued on until we were a few feet away from the school's gate. "Here is fine."

Ko stopped on the side of the road to let me out, "I believe that Neji-sama doesn't have practice this afternoon and will be dropping you home. I have to escort Fugaku-sama to a meeting tonight so this will be my only chance of seeing you today." I frown at his words, but I guess there is nothing I can do…after all this is his job. I get out of the car silently with a smile and close it behind me, "Have a good day at school Hinata-chan," he said tilting his hat. My smile grew wider and I giggled.

"You too, Ko," I saw as I ran towards the gate. Thoughts of our previous conversation remain in my mind and I could feel my face getting redder by every step. 'Natsu and I didn't get together because we both sat quietly.' 'If I confess to Kiba, maybe he'll say yes and I'd be so happy. But if he doesn't, I think I'd try to kill myself. But if I don't say anything I might never know if he likes me or not…but the risk of getting my heart torn into 1 billion pieces is extremely high. I mean he's popular, hot, good at sports, hot, extremely funny, hot, a dog lover, hot and even though he's a little on the dumb side, he could still teach you a few things…did I mention that he was hot?' My hands crash on my burning cheeks as a weak attempt to stop the thoughts swirling around my head, 'Oh what am I thinking? Hinata you are a Hyuga and Hyuga's do not hesitate. We get what we want when we want it and we win. I'll defiantly tell him today no matter what! Nothing can stop m-'

"Hi Hinata-ch- oh not you too!" I look up to see an annoyed looking Tenten. I raise an eyebrow of confusion as to what she was talking about, "Both you and Sasuke came to school looking like you guys painted red paint on your face before you left home." I look behind her and see Sasuke covering his face, I'm guessing to hide the blush, but it wasn't working. I wonder what he's blushing about. "Well?" I look back up at Tenten, "What turned you into a cherry today?"

"N-n-nothing! I swear!" Tenten didn't seem to by it but didn't ask questions and we walked Sasuke. We started to walk to our lockers in silence, none of us knowing what to say.

"Good grief," Tenten finally said as we reached our lockers, "Since no one else is talking, are you guys going to go to the Finals for that football game?" Both Sasuke and I heads shot up at her question with our eyebrows raised out of surprise. I think neither of us had actually planned on going since we never went before, but I guess this year is different isn't it? Her expression turned from a board one into a shocked and slightly disappointed look, "You're telling me that you were not planning to go!"

"I-it wasn't that I didn't want to go," Sasuke started, "It's just that…we never went before and I didn't know what would change if we did. I mean we still have no interest in sports what so ever, so what would we even do at the game?"

"Exactly," I said agreeing with his statement, "I don't know the first thing about football! Hell, I'd probably be cheering for the wrong team if I went. Besides, I don't think my father would want me out so late." Technically, I wasn't lying. Though it's true that my father doesn't give jack shit about what I do unless it affects the family in some way, he still likes to have control over my life, he'd probably want me to stay home and study like Hanabi does.

"But you guys," Tenten said in a pleading voice, "This year is different isn't it?" Both of us quirk up an eyebrow, causing Tenten to release a sigh, "Aren't we friends with them now? I'm pretty sure that they would want you guys there." My face heats up at the thought if Kiba wanting me to watch him as he ran around and get sweaty for the sake of getting a ball in the other side of a yard, "Sasuke, you and Naruto are getting really close aren't you?" I look at Sasuke, whose face was beat red, as he nodded, "And Hinata," I look up as my name was called, "You are bonding with Neji at least a little bit right?" I bow my head to think about what has happened in the past month with I and Neji's relationship. I guess he doesn't act like he hates me anymore, but I wouldn't exactly say that he likes me at all, "And there is defiantly no reason for Kiba to not want you there." My face lights on fire for the thousandth time that day, and it was still morning, but I guess she's right. Kiba did always invite me to watch the game, but Neji would answer before I could and would tell him no. "Then it's settled! We're going to the game tomorrow!" Just as those words left her mouth, the school bell rung and we all jumped, "Crap!" realization hit us when we realized that we had been standing her for a good fifteen minutes and hadn't packed our bags yet. After quickly doing so, we rush off to homeroom as fast as we could.

Time skip

The first half of the school day passed by rather quickly and it was already lunch time. I took the bento that Natsu-chan made for me and headed towards the tree. I don't know why, but Sasuke, Tenten and I always ate lunch under a tree, wither it was pre-school, grade school middle school or high school, we always flocked to a tree to eat. "Hey Hina," I turn to see Sasuke walking towards me with a smirk on his face. I smiled back and waited for him to catch up with me. Once he did, we both started to head towards the tree, hoping Tenten would meet us there. "So, are you going to the game?" Sasuke asked looking at me with uncertainty.

"Maybe," I said letting the thing that has been circling throughout my mind for the past two hours, "I mean Tenten is right, we are friends now so we should go support them."

"I know your right but," I look at Sasuke's face and snorted as I watched his face begin to turn red, "It's so embarrassing."

As we arrive at our destination, I took my normal seat on the big root and Sasuke hopped on his usual branch, "What's with you today? You are blushing way more than usual. Did something happen between you and Naruto?" I watched as his face became even more flushed, 'Oh yeah. Something definitely happened between those two.'

I open my bento and break my chop sticks before eating an egg roll and moaning quietly at the taste. "Your bento looks as delicious as ever," Sasuke said, most likely trying to change the conversation.

I smiled and looked back at him, "It is. I think Natsu-chan made it this morning because only she can cook like this." Sasuke chuckled. I watched as he pulled his own bento out of his bag and I raised an eyebrow.

"You have a bento too?"

Sasuke smiled softly before it quickly left his face and he turned to face me with a small blush on his cheeks. "Yeah, Itachi forced me to take it since Kurama apparently spent all morning working on it," he then rolled his eyes and snorted, "Yeah right." Even though he was saying that, he still happily took a bite out of the meal. I chuckled, Sasuke could be so cute when he tried to act tough. An idea then popped in my head and I smiled mischievously. He must have seen it because before I could do anything, he scooted away and gulped, "Why are you smiling like that?"

I smiled softly at him, trying to mask my intentions, before standing up and walking towards him, "Sasu-chan. If you really don't want it, mind if I have taste?"

I held back a giggle as Sasuke glared at me and pulled the bento out of my reach when I tried to grab it. "Don't try to take my stuff when you have your own."

"Oh come on Sasu, I just want to have a bite," I say lounging at him.

"No way," he said trying to move even further back, "Eat your ow-AH!" Neither of us realized that Sasuke was already at the end of the branch. I reached out to grab him, but it was too late and he began to fall off the branch. It wasn't a far fall but I know he still would have gotten hurt and closed my eyes on instinct, not wanting to see the impact. After I heard a small 'poof' and not a loud bang, I opened my eyes and a blush immediately appeared on my cheeks as I looked at the scene in front of me.

"Wow, when you said you fell for me, I didn't think this is what you meant."

Sasuke's face turned bright red and so did mine, "W-where did you come from?" Naruto, who apparently is the fucking flash, had managed to catch Sasuke before he fell out of the tree. It wasn't like he caught him bride style, Sasuke's back just crashed into his chest and Naruto managed to somehow not fall himself and gripped Sasuke's shoulders making sure that Sasuke wasn't hurt.

I watched as Naruto grinned at Sasuke and began to whisper something in his ear making Sasuke turn redder than a fire truck.

"Hinata?" I turned to Tenten who had Neji and Kiba behind her.

"Yes?" I asked with my eyebrow raised, reluctantly tore my eyes away from the adorable scene in front of me.

She smirked before walking towards me and pulling a piece of tissue out of her pocket, "You have a nose bleed." My blush grew when she whispered those words in my ear.

"Thank you," I say before taking the tissue and cleaning my nose.

"So," Tenten started, causing me to look back at her, "What do you think. Do you think Sasuke confessed?"

I looked back at the boys who had now moved from each other. A tomato faced Sasuke was now sitting quietly trying his best not to look at the blonde, but failing when he kept trying to make quick glances at him and Naruto was talking to Neji and Kiba, who looked like they were asking questions themselves, and was acting like nothing abnormal happened.

I nodded my head and smiled, "Nope." Tenten looked at me on confusion, "I think Naruto confessed!" Tenten made an 'oh' sound and then smirked.

"Well, I guess there is only one way to find out," I smirked, knowing exactly what she meant, "Ohhh Sasuke." We watched as the raven jumped when we called his name. We smiled as sweetly as we could, "I think we need to have a little chat."

We giggled when he tried to crawl away from us but we made sure to grab his sweater and pull him over to the other side of the tree. "What happened last night?"

Sasuke's face turned completely red and he tried to divert his eyes from ours. "I-I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh please Sasuke, you can't lie to us like this. Your non-Uchiha side is showing."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow and smirked and I snorted, "Really Ten?"

She shrugged with a giggle, "It seemed right in my head."

Sasuke sighed and pushed us away, "I-I'll tell you but don't make a big deal about it." Tenten and I sat down quietly and waited for him to start. He sighed before beginning, "L-last night, after we went back home he said he wanted to talk. We went to my room and he asked about my relationship with Suigetsu." I felt my anger rise slightly. That son of a bitch could go rot in hell for what he tried to do to Sasuke. A person like Sas didn't deserve that and I wish the police had let me 'talk' to him alone before they took his psycho ass away to prison. "I told him everything. About how we were friends first and then when we started dating, when he cheated and when he- anyways while we were talking…he started hugging me and um…"

My eyes widen in shock, "No way?!"

Tenten joined me in my shock with a gasp, "Don't tell me you guys-"

Sasuke's face turned bright red and he immediately began to shake his head and wave his hands, "NO! No not like that! Nothing like that happened. I swear!" We both released a breath of relief. It's not like we would be grossed out or anything, in fact I think it would have given me another nose bleed, but we can't have Sasuke having all of the first! It just wouldn't be fair. "I-I just asked him about our relationship and," Sasuke began to ply with his fingers, a sign to show he was embarrassed if the large blush wasn't enough to give it away, "A-and he asked me to be his b-boyfriend. T-that's all that happened!" Tenten and I hummed as if we were saying we didn't believe him but we know what he was saying was true.

He was about to retort when Naruto, like I said 'the fucking flash,' suddenly grabbed him from behind and wrapped his arms around my friends torso creating one of the cutest things I've ever seen, "He's telling the truth so lay off him girls." I held down the urge to 'aww' and turned my head with a humph. "If you don't mind, I'd like to speak to my boyfriend alone." Next thing I knew, Naruto grabbed Sasuke's arm and was out of our sight before we could even ask what he wanted to say.

There was complete silence for a few minutes before Tenten spoke again, "I don't know if I should envy them or scream about how adorable they are."

I turned my head to face her with a big smile, "I know right! I wish, I could have followed and take pictures of them!"

Tenten, who also had a smile on her face, agreed with me by nodding her head, "Exactly, they are so cute!"

"Um one," Neji started behind us, startling us, "That's an evasion of privacy and two, they aren't eve that cute."

Tenten and I looked at him and Kiba wide eyed, "Are you two blind?" I say without even realizing what exactly was coming out of my mouth, "Those two have been pinning after each other for so long, that it's just too cute how now that they are finally together they are letting out everything they've wanted to do with each other," I thought about what I just said before giggling, "Well…maybe not everything."

Tenten also giggled, "Too be honest, I didn't expect the end result to be them being all cute to the point I have to hold back a nosebleed."

"I didn't even hold mine back!" Both of us begin to laugh hysterically. I hear Neji and Kiba sigh and mutter something about girls being weird or something like that, but I didn't care. The school bell then rings, interrupting our fun. I close my bento that I barley ate from and pack it away. I turned to Tenten, a smile still on my face, "Do you want to walk to class together?"

She smiled and began to pack her stuff, "Sure just let me-"

"Actually," we both turn to Neji, "I want to talk to Tenten in private for a second.

I frowned a little, "Oh o-okay."

"I'll walk you to class, Hina…if you want me to?" I blushed at Kiba's offering and nodded. I didn't want to speak because I didn't trust my voice. He grinned back at me, "Alright then," he took my bag from me and swung it across his back, "Let's go." I nodded and smiled. As we began to walk inside the school's corridor, I couldn't help myself and turned back to look at Neji and Tenten talking. I expected it to be some kind of flirting with Neji smirking and Tenten blushing and hitting him, but to my surprise they both had very serious looks on their faces. Although that was completely normal for Neji and extremely was out of character for Tenten. She always had a bright smile on her face but the look on it right now…it was giving me chills. I quickly turn my head to face forward; I didn't want to see that look anymore.

"So what do you think they're talking about?"

I turn to Kiba and forcefully smiled, "I-I don't know, but," I bit my lip, "It seems pretty serious."

Kiba frowned a little before grinning once more, "Oh come on, I'm sure it's nothing that serious. I mean they are still teenagers, there isn't anything serious for them to talk about." My eyes widen a little at his words, 'He's right. They are still really young so they don't have much stuff to worry about and I'm sure Tenten would tell Sasuke and I if anything was wrong…is what I would like to say. If she hadn't kept the secret that her father, I don't think I would worry as much.' I felt my eyes sadden one more time, next thing I know a warm hand is patting me on the head and Kiba and I had stopped walking. I looked at him in surprise and he just continued to smile widely at me, "Hey, stop smiling. You look much more cuter with a smile." I knew the blush that was coming to my face was inevitable and tried to giggle my embarrassment away before smiling at him.

"Thank you, Kiba-senpai."

I watched as the blush crawled up his neck and held in a giggle. He then began to scratch the back of his head out of embarrassment, "Well I…you know if-" the second bell, alerting us that class should start right now, interrupted him, "Shit, we better hurry."

"Wait," I looked up and pointed to the door, "This is my class," I saw with a giggle.

His blush grew, "Right, I know that." I giggled because it was quiet obvious he didn't. He grinned before handing me my bag, I smile and take it. "I've got to go now, but maybe we could do this again one day?" I blushed before nodding again, "Sweet, I'll see you later, Hina-chan," he winked at me before dashing down the hallway. I my blush grew before I went inside and quickly took my seat.

Neither Sasuke nor Tenten had arrived yet so I was a little worried, but luckily the teacher wasn't here yet so they still had time. Just as I said that, Tenten came in rushing through the door and quickly took her seat behind me. I watched as she sighed exhaustedly and slammed her head on the desk, "Made it!"

I giggled and turned around to her, "What were you talking about with Neji that took so long?"

Her head shot up and she smiled at me, "Oh it was nothing serious. I guess you could say he was just checking up on you," she told me with a wink.

I raised my eyebrow and was about to question her more when the door slammed open once again, revealing Sasuke, and he also ran up to his seat next to me before laying his head on the desk tiredly, "Made it!" Tenten and I giggled at the déjà vu.

Before I could continue my talk with Tenten our teacher walked in, "Alright students, time for class." I turned around and faced the front, knowing that if I even thought about talking I would be sent out of class and decided to save the questions for later.

Time skip

We didn't even speak a word to each other. I was hoping to talk to her during the five minute break between classes but she was out of the class before I even knew it. Then I tried to talk to her during afternoon registration but it seemed like she was avoiding me in any way she could. I didn't even see her after school. So here I am, sighing, in the parking lot waiting for Ko to pick me up before remembering that he wasn't coming and that Neji was picking me up. I looked around and didn't see him, which was unusual for his behavior. He was always the type to arrive thirty minutes before you do. I sighed, maybe he was still hanging out with his friends.

I leaned against the wall and waited patiently for him to arrive. I was used to waiting because my father was often in meetings when I used to go over to his office when I was younger. At the time I was hoping to spend more time but as I grew older I realized that it was useless and I was wasting my time and started to either go straight home or hang out with Sasuke and Tenten if they weren't busy. I held my stomach as the pain from not eating earlier finally got to me. I thought about taking out the bento, but then realized that it would be cold by now. Trying to get my mind off the hunger, I couldn't help but think about the faces that Tenten and Neji were making back there. Although I wasn't near them, just the thought allowed me to feel the tension in the air. My face scrunched at the thought. I hope they weren't fighting or something. Even though I wasn't as close to Neji as I was before but I still don't want to see people I care about fight. I gripped my arms as thoughts of hatred somehow made their way into my mind. I could feel myself shaking and I don't know where these thoughts were coming from, but my imagination seemed to be running wild at the moment.

I don't know where this came from but the memory hearing loud voices shouting at each other, hearing things breaking and then large hands grabbing me and, "HINATA!" My eyes opened wide in shock and my head shot up and I saw Neji right in front of me. His byakugan activated and he was staring straight in my eyes, "Are you okay?" I felt myself return to reality. I held my head when a major headache attacked my brain. I unconsciously gripped my head with my hand before trying my best to shake it off and smiled at my cousin, "Y-yes I'm fine. Just a bit dizzy."

He deactivated his byakugan and looked at me with a blank face. He stared at me for a few seconds, making me slightly uncomfortable, before making a 'humph' sound and turning around and walking to his car, "Let's go." I nodded, even though I knew he couldn't see me, and followed him. I nervously opened the passenger's seat and climbed in. Once we were both strapped into our seats, we took off without a sound. The ride was completely silent as it always was, he had nothing to say to me and I was nervous to talk to him. "Hinata," I jumped when he called my name.

"U-um, y-yes?" I ask nervously.

"Are you scared of me?"

I looked at him surprised, "W-what?"

He pulled over to the side of the road before looking at me, "Are you scared of me?"

I shook my head, "Of course not. Why would you think I'd be scare of-"

"I'm sorry, let me rephrase that," he took a moment to collect his thoughts before looking at me much more seriously, "Do you think I'm superior to you?"

I was about to retort but then I actually thought about the words he asked me, "I…I don't know."

He hummed before restarting the car and continuing the drive to the estate, "We'll finish this at home." With that the car returned to its silence.

After the long drive home I quickly entered and ran up to my room only stopping to say hi to Natsu. I threw myself on my bed as I thought about the conversation that just took place in the car. Do I think Neji is superior than me? I think he's stronger, smarter, faster…better than me. I covered my face with my pillow, who am I kidding? I obviously know he is better than me, that's like a fucking fact. I jumped when I heard a knock on my door, "Yes?"

"Lady Hinata, are you okay?" I smile when I hear Natsu's voice behind my door.

"I'm fine Natsu-chan."

"Are you sure? Do you want you to make me some tea?"

I giggled softly as I heard the woman's motherly instinct kick in, "I promise you Natsu-chan, I'm fine." I hear a small 'okay' and then small footsteps padding away. I sighed as my thoughts went back to the drive home. I rest my hand on my head as I felt the headache from earlier return and the world slowly faded to black and sleep took me over.

"She's just a child, father."

Who's that?

"A weak child is what she is. Too weak to take over the Hyuga-clan."

H-Hyuga-clan? My clan?

"Let her grow and give her a chance!"


"Hizashi's kid is much stronger than yours. If she can't beat him, you must raise another heir. A stronger heir and then get rid of that."

An old man with long hair, he looks like my grandfather but a bit younger, was talking to another man with longer hair. He looks like a younger version of my father. Wait, where am I? I look around. Am I in the great hall?*

All of a sudden, I wasn't there anymore. I look around and see that I am looking inside my dad's room. My father is still there but my grandfather disappeared and was replaced by…my mother?"

"Hiashi, what are you saying?" I hear her voice scream, unlike the sweet quiet one I remember hearing yet I can't help but feel as though this scene is familiar, "If you do anything to Hinata, I swear to kami-sama!"

"Hanaki, I promise to not hurt her, but…I don't think I'll be able to treat her the same." He then rubbed my mother's round stomach, "At least, we could start over with this one." A loud slap was heard and made me jump. My mother's face filled with tears and my father's face filled with shock.

"Get away from me. I don't know you anymore!"

My father then gripped her arms tightly causing her to yelp, "Hanaki, don't you understand! This is what the clan needs! I am the leader of this clan and I must make the best choices for the clan; including choosing the next leader that will rule the clan properly. I am also your husband and she is just a useless weak, pathetic child!"

The room became silent before my mother yanked her arms away and began to walk out of the room, "Fine, I'll give you this baby and then leave with Hinata since she is just a useless weak, pathetic child that you told me was just like me when I was younger. I'm sorry that we both disappointed you" As she drew near, I hid myself in the dark hall, and watched as she stormed pass. It wasn't long before my father began to chase after her.

"HANAKI! WAIT!" Next thing I knew, there was a loud crashing sound, it sounded like dishes falling to the ground. Then there was shouting, "Hanaki? Hanaki, are you okay? Hanaki, answer me!"

I woke up with a knocking at my door, I blinked and looked around at my surroundings and saw that it had gotten dark. I tried to remember what the dream I just had was about, but I can't. All I remember is screaming and shouting and that's it. I can't remember who was there or what was happening and that scared me. I rubbed my eyes and shot up when I heard the knock again, the dream still had me on the edge, "Natsu-chan, I promise I'm fine."

"This isn't Ms. Natsu," I jump again when I hear Neji's voice.


"Can I come in?"

I gulped, "Y-yes."

He walked in my room and closed the door behind him before taking a seat on my desk chair, "Now, to continue our conversation from earlier." I mentally snorted, that's Neji, always straight to the point. "This is about your stuttering."

My eyebrow arches in confusion, "M-my s-stuttering?"

He flicked his long brown hair behind his back and crossed his arms, "I think I've figured out why you stutter."

I shot up from my bed in shock, "R-really?"

"I think it's an unconscious action that you do when you are around people who you think are superior to you. I don't know if you had noticed but you have talked to me or talked around me quiet normally today, without stuttering." I think back to earlier today realizing he was right. I sit back down in shock and continue to listen to him, "I think that at first it was just a regular speech habit that you had, but then it grew into a problem. Hiashi-san, Hanabi-san and I haven't noticed it because no matter what we were doing, where we were or who we were with, your self-conscious just wouldn't let you speak normally. It's kind of like an inferiority complex that only takes affect around certain people; those people being Hiashi-san, Hanabi-san and me. It goes away when you are around people you feel are equal to you; those being Sasuke, Tenten, Ms. Hanaki and Mr. Ko." I sat there as the information poured in my mind. The headache from earlier came back full force. I brought my head to my knees. The dream from earlier confusing me even more, the yelling and scream and crashing rushing back into my mind amplifying the pain. I try to hold back my tears, but only in vain, "Hinata?" I slowly bring up my head and look at Neji. He had an expression that I've never seen him wear on his face. He sighed before standing up, "Um, I'm not a psychologist, so I don't know if I'm correct so don't take my word for it. And, you don't seem to be looking so well. Are you okay?"

"I-I just h-have a heada-ache," I respond weakly.

"I see," he said before reaching my door, "I'll send Ms. Natsu up here with some tea and some pain killers."

"I r-really am o-okay," I try to say even though the pain was written all over my face.

He rolled his before opening the door, "Yeah, right. I'll still send her just in case." I give up on arguing and turn away and lay down, facing the wall. "Oh, you should probably miss school tomorrow if you still don't feel good."

"Wait," I turn back to face him and he looked at me over his shoulder, "C-can I go t-to the game t-tomorrow?"

He turned back around and exited the room but not before saying, "That is completely your choice." Once my door was closed, I turned back around and covered my face, exhausted even though I didn't do anything today. I changed my clothes and climbed under the covers and waited for Natsu to bring the tea and medicine. I yawned, immediately regretting it, and cringed when the action caused my headache to spike for a second. I slowly let sleep take over me, hoping that Natsu would wake me up when she got here. Luckily, she didn't take long and arrived just when I closed my eyes.

"Hinata-chan," I heard Natsu call sweetly and turn to look at her and smiled which she returned, "Neji-san said that you weren't feeling well and asked me to bring you some tea and medicine. Can you sit up for me?" I do as I was asked and sat up and leaned against my pillow. I flinch when I feel her cold hand on my forehead and looked at her when I heard her hum, "You have a fever Hina." She turned around and gave me a cup of water and two pills, "I'll give you these for now, but if you still have a fever tomorrow or still have a headache, I'll tell Hiashi-sama that you would be staying home."

"B-but I-" I try to plead after taking the pills, but was interrupted by an annoyed Natsu.

"No buts young lady. If you are sick I will make sure you stay home tomorrow." I shivered at her serious tone. Her face turned from a serious expression into a kind soft smile, "Now," she handed me the hot tea carefully before resting the tray that she had brought in to hold the tea leaning against her round stomach.

I took a sip of the tea and silently moaned at the delicious taste, "Thank y-you Natsu-c-chan."

She looked at me worriedly before smiling once again and bowing, "Call me if you need me, Hinata-chan." With that, she left the room. I sighed and took another sip of my tea before laying back down and closing my eyes because of the exhaustion that I felt. I don't understand what was going on or what was happening in my mind. I closed my eyes and let the darkness and sleep take me over once more.

Tenten P.O.V

I sighed as I finally collapsed on my bed and glared at the light above me that was glaring right back at me. I gave up the fight and turned my head and closed my eyes. Who the hell does that wanna be bitch think he is. I can't help but think back to the conversation from earlier.

Flashback- start

"What do you wanna talk about Neji?" I ask with a smile, "I didn't think you were the type to confess." I couldn't help but tease him. He didn't look very amused though causing my carless smile to turn into a frown, "What do you want Neji?"

"I want you to tell me what you're up to."

I raised my eyebrow and fanned ignorance, "What are you talking about?"

"Don't play stupid with me bun girl," I glared at him, I really did hate that name, "Though you are stupid academically, I know you are very street smart. I know you heard everything that Naruto ad Sasuke said in that room, yet acted like you didn't know that Sasuke never mentioned that Suigui dude or whatever his name was." I unconsciously glare at him, "And I know, you distract Hinata every time she speaks normally around me. It's to keep her from stuttering right?" My eyes widen a little, I'm kind of surprised he caught on to that, but I guess I shouldn't be; after all he's Neji Hyuga, the wanna be bitch genius

I rolled my eyes as I heard the five minute bell ring, 'Great, now Mr. Pretty boy thinks he knows everything about me.' "Look Neji, if you don't have anything serious to talk about, I need to get to class." I said as I picked up my stuff.

"Fine," he huffed and turned away but not before looking at me from over his shoulder, which I had to admit was pretty hot, "But if this affects Hinata in anyway, I will kill you." He walked away after that, leaving me a chance to glare at his back.

Flashback- end

I sucked my teeth as I turned off my light. 'That dumbass. He should know I would never try to hurt Hinata or Sasuke. Besides, this has nothing to do with them.'


(This is not canon!): The Hyuga's byuakugan is a genetic trait that can be less likely to be passed on if one of the parents do not have it. For example: If a Hyuga, whose parents both have the byakugan, has a child with a person who doesn't have the byakugan there is a 75% that the child will have the byakugan and a 25% that it won't. If the child does have the byakugan and then decides to also have a baby with a person who doesn't have the byakugan, there is a 50% chance that the baby will have the byakugan and a 50% chance that it won't. Meaning that as the generations go on, the chance of the child having the byakugan gets lower. However, if the baby had instead decided to have a baby with someone with the byakugan, then their baby will have the byakugan. This is why the head of the clan is encouraged to marry a fellow Hyuga with the byakugan because then there is a 100% chance that the child will have the byakugan.

This is also where the Hyuga's differentiate with the Uchiha's a little. Like the Hyuga's, if two Uchiha's with the sharingan have a baby, the baby will definitely have the sharingan. But if an Uchiha with a sharingan has a baby with a non-sharingan user, there is a 50/50 chance that the baby will or will not have a sharingan. This will not change no matter the generation, there will always be a 50% chance.

Another thing that is practiced in the Hyuga clan is 'FORGETTING A CHILD' this is when either a a child is born without the byakugan or does not meet Hyuga standards, in other words a disappointment. The child would then be treated like an outcast and given to the Hyuga's orphanage where Hyuga maids raise them and teach them to continue to serve the main house and not stray from the clan. All and all, the Hyuga's are a clan that only accepts perfection. Like I said, I won't be repeating this again so I hope you did read it and I hope it made sense and if you have any questions, I will answer them in the next chapter.

*The Great Hall is where all of the Hyuga's have their clan meetings.

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