Clare stood in awe as she watched a human kill a Yoma with a look. She had been sent to a town to kill a Yoma there but this teen had beat her to it. He had found it and muttered a few words in a foreign tongue. The Yoma had gone mad, tearing its own heart to shreds screaming to "get it out of me!!"

The teen turned and said "I didn't think the Yoma would fall for a simple Genjutsu like that." He turned revealing black eyes with three spinning red tomoes. Feather illusion jutsu he muttered putting the observing claymore to sleep.

She awoke about two hours later as the sounds of the teen yelling reached her ears. "Raki is human you idiots !!" She grabbed her sword and walked out of the house she was in. She immediately noticed the mob forming around the teen and Raki. Everyone calm down she yelled infusing Yoki into her voice.

'how the hell did she just use demon energy?!' The teen thought as the mob parted revealing Raki with a bloody face. You scum the teen yelled in anger seeing the damage they had done. I'm taking him with me so he doesn't suffer anymore at the hands of you ignorant humans!!

'Wait, is he a Yoma?!'Clare thought as the villagers began to grow hostile again. Kill that Yoma lover one yelled brandishing a piece of wood. Raki go with the girl while I take out this trash the teen ordered. Raki stood up stumbling slightly as he ran to Clare.

The two ran to the village outskirts leaving the teen alone against 60 armed villagers. You shouldn't have sent them away boy the leader taunted me. I began snickering before erupting into full blown laughter. What the hell is so funny brat?!

The fact that untrained weak civilians think they can hurt me, Tetsuya of the red lightning!! I flew through handseals before stopping and yelling: Demon Lightning release: murder shockwave!

Red lightning sparked outwards frying the group. The group fell dead to the ground as I began laughing. So easy and that wasn't even at full power i muttered heading towards my travel companions.

end of chapter one

I know I made the sharingan reversed which will be explained later