Chapter two

Riku stared at the ceiling, unable to fall asleep. He hadn't been home in days and should have been exhausted but…his mind wouldn't allow him peace. Each time he closed his eyes he saw the boy- Vanitas. He would hiss and toss in his bed, and pull the pillow over his head. Finally getting up for a drink and a smoke (everyone was on about the paopu fruit and who to share it with, blah blah…what they didn't talk about was smoking the leaves of the paopu tree- bliss).

Sitting on his window ledge, looking out at the stars, he inhaled deeply and then watched the small cloud waft up and away. The sweet taste of the paopu made his lips sticky and he immediately thought of dark hair and smirking lips. Growling, he banged his head on the window frame and tried to focus on the pain. As he sat with his eyes squeezed shut and a death grip on what was left of his smoke, he felt a tap and then another. Immediately thinking that it might be a bug or a bat or a heartless, he hopped off his window sill and went into defense mode. "Come on" he growled.

"Riku…" a disembodied voice from his window made his scowl deepen and he approached warily. "If Vanitas is a fucking stalker and is gonna stand at my window begging every time I leave..." He grumbled.

As he peered out, a pebble hit him square in the forehead. "Quit it!"

Huge blue eyes peered up at him. "Let me in."

"Be right there." Riku smiled (he couldn't help himself) as he headed down to open the door for Sora. "Come on in. Mom and Dad are away for a while."

"Where've you been?" Sora walked past him and headed upstairs toward his bedroom like he had a million times before.

Once inside, Riku resumed his place on the window sill. "I just took off for a while, you know…"

"Is it a guy or a girl?" Sora folded his arms across his chest and tapped his foot on the woven rug that Riku had picked up in Port Royal.

All his stress seemed to drain away and he smiled genuinely at his long-time best friend. "What do you care? How are things with Kairi?"

"Same…as long as she gets her way everything's fine…but seriously where have you been?"

"Why is it so important? I take off to the Underworld to hang with Hades for days at a time and you don't bat an eye." Riku's heart was touched that Sora was concerned but he was also aware that he wouldn't be unless… "What have you heard?"

"Namine said…"

"Fuck my liiiife." Riku tugged at his hair but immediately released it because his scalp was still sore from Vanitas' sadistic way of winding his hands in it while they were fucking…unless he was on his knees…Vanitas on his knees. "Why doesn't she get a life of her own?"

"She was concerned so she called me when she heard that you had been…"

"Had been what? Leading a normal life that doesn't revolve around her or any of her friends?" His scowl softened. "I don't mean you though, you know…you're different."

Sora chewed his lip and sighed through his nose. "She heard about you hanging out in the Underworld with Hades. I told her that you went there for …you know… extracurricular activities."

"Yeah?" Riku snorted and almost smiled. "What she say?"

"She cried...but that's not my point. I'm worried too. We never hang out anymore." Sora scuffed his shoe on the hardwood where it wasn't covered by the rug, causing it to make a barking sound.

"We're hanging out now." The tiny smile that played on Riku's lips should have been a hint but Sora was clueless as always. Knowing his friend better than anyone, Riku approached him and took his hands. "You're still my best friend, Sor."

"And you're mine but…"

"But what? Why do you suddenly care who I spend my extracurricular time with?"

Taking a deep breath, Sora pulled his hands away and stalked over to sit stiffly on the bed where he had spent so many nights that he couldn't begin to count them… friendly nights… chaste nightsexcept for that one time and that was at his house so it didn't count. Why was he thinking about that anyway?! "For the last few days…while you were away…there was a horde of Unversed that I had to fight alone. Alone! So when Namine said that you had been in the Underworld, I knew what you were doing and I just wanted to know, well…was it Vanitas you were having special time with?"

Riku quietly observed the clenched fists, pink cheeks, and tightly closed eyes before him and wanted so badly to ravage the slightly frowning mouth. "I'm sorry you had to fight them alone."

Opening his eyes, Sora took the statement as a denial and let it go. He had no desire to talk to Riku about who he chose to put his parts inside; that was Riku's business. Sora's parts belonged to Kairi, all of his parts, not just the ones for making babies but especially those. "So have you seen him around?"

"I have yeah…I'll try and find out what's up with him."

"Thanks Riku. You're the best." Sora smiled easily as he watched Riku approach him. "Why don't you just sleep over since you're here already?"

"I am kinda tired." Sora yawned and stretched and as he reached high, Riku grabbed his shirt and snatched it over his spikey brown hair. Giggling, he swatted half-heartedly at his friend who had an odd half-smile to match his half-lidded eyes. "You look sleepy too."

Riku nodded. "I'm ready for bed, for sure. Come on."

The morning sun brought incessant doorbell ringing and, once attended, flailing and shouting in the form of an angry redhead (not to be confused with insane redhead- that one belonged to Roxas). "Get Sora down here! He knows we have a lunch date today with my parents! You did this on purpose! Such an asshole! God!"

Riku let slip a sly smile as he propped himself in the doorway. Sliding his hand across his bare pecs and shoulders to fend off the morning chill…as well as to attract Kairi's attention, he murmured. "You don't have to call me that, you know."

"Well I call them like I see them." She snapped.

"Didn't realize you saw me as a God!" He grinned evilly when he saw her eyes narrow to slits. "I'll get Sora for you, but calm your tits. I didn't know about your little date or whatever."

She stalked inside behind him and secretly wished that he would pull up his sweats that hung too low on his hips. She watched his glutes and wondered if he was wearing underwear…she wondered if he even owned underwear. Growling to herself, she stopped outside the bedroom door. "I'll wait here…I don't want to go near that bed of yours. There's no telling what's growing on your sheets."

Riku rolled his eyes and left her there. Crawling onto his bed, he snuggled Sora close and whispered. "Wake up, buddy. Your cow is here and she's lowing about a lunch date with the rents."

Sora began to wiggle and smile. "Why do you guys hate each other? I don't get it. I think you're both great."

"We both think you're great." Riku buried his face in soft brown spikes and smiled as he pressed close to Sora's waking body.

"I could sleep forever in this bed." He scooted away from Riku, embarrassed when he realized that he had his morning wood pressed against his best friend's thigh. "But I need to get going. Thanks for letting me stay last night."

"Any time, you know that." Riku watched him get off the bed and cover himself with his hand discreetly as he made his way to the bathroom. When he emerged, he was grinning. "She's prolly pissed, right?"

"A little." Riku opened the door to allow Kairi to enter if she wanted. She did not want. Standing firm with a scowl, she waited for Sora to cross the threshold before she grabbed his hand. "Come on, you need a shower and do something about your hair…" she marched away and Riku smiled when he heard Sora grouse "Glad to see you too, damn…"

Closing his door again, he collapsed onto his bed and pulled his pillow over his face. Breathing in the scent of Sora (which oddly smelled like gummi bears) he groaned and shoved his hand inside his pajamas. No sooner than he had touched himself, his doorbell chimed again. "Fuck me…"

He scrambled off the bed and peered out his window. There was no vehicle in the driveway so he assumed Sora had forgotten something. "But what?" he whispered to himself as he jogged downstairs and snatched the door open.

"Good morning Sir. Could I interest you in some candy that I'm selling? It's for a good cause…and really delicious."

Riku stared blankly for mere seconds before the corner of his mouth turned up in a smile/smirk. Grabbing Vanitas by the waist and hauling him inside, he slammed the door and flipped the lock.