Chapter Three

"I don't know what's going on with your idiot friend, but he's up to something more disgusting than his usual." Kairi dressed quickly before she even released him from his bonds, as was her habit. "He's such a pig…honestly I don't see why you still want to hang out with him. And how could you sleep in that bed? Ugh! I think you should get tested."

"Kai…" Sora began but she ignored him completely while she proceeded to brush her hair. "He thinks he can have anyone he wants…well he can't have me. Isn't that right, Sora?"

"Yeah…but Kairi…"

"I can't believe Namine let him touch her. Disgusting. But you know poor Nami had no idea…so innocent."

Not anymore. Sora thought as he wiggled his wrists and sighed. "Untie me. I hafta pee."

"Oh! I'm sorry baby!" she rushed to the bedside and released his wrists and ankles from the leather restraints before dropping a kiss onto his forehead. "I need to get going. I'm meeting Xion for coffee so she can rehearse her poetry with me. I'm a great critic you know."

"Yeah…you're really good at that." Sora scooted off the bed and headed for the bathroom. "Right back."

As he stepped into the bathroom, he heard her call out. "I don't have time…just text me later. Or I'll text you when we're done. Love you!"

"Love you!" he called out while he enjoyed the relief of being able to finally empty his bladder as well as knowing that he had the afternoon free. Kairi was all about morning sex. He assumed at first that it was just because his folks would be out of the house but then when she began to insist on it even on weekends, he assumed that was just her thing. She didn't mind if he sneaked over to her house at night, so he gave her what she wanted in the mornings…before school, before breakfast, before anything else.

After showering, he called Riku to see if he had plans. What better way to spend a Kairi free day than hanging with his bestie.

Riku shoved Vanitas' foot away from his face and peered at his phone on the bedside table. "Shit…Sora."

"Again? Alight then…say it again." Vanitas moaned and Riku ceased all movement. "Not that…I mean…Sora was calling but he hung up I guess."

"Oh." Vanitas grimaced and began to pull away. "I'll get out of here then."

"Wait, no. I mean…you don't have to go right now." Riku watched the brief pause before yellow eyes peered back at him. "You want me to stay?"

"We're not finished." Riku smirked and stood beside the bed to toss Vanitas onto his back. Snatching open the drawer of his nightstand, he dropped something onto the bed. "Wanna try this?"

Vanitas looked at the device and grinned evilly. "If I knew you were into this I would've brought my toys."

"Next time, yes?"

"Oh yeah…so who's wearin this- you or me?"

"You, of course. I don't trust you enough to let you apply that thing to my junk." Riku snorted and bent to fasten leather straps carefully and then snug them up until he heard a grunt. Grinning, he crawled onto the bed again and collapsed onto his back. "Get up here…I've done enough of the work."

The phone rang again but neither seemed to notice. The voicemail notification chimed but they didn't hear.

"Riku!" Sora ran toward him on the beach. Watching his approaching friend, he formulated a little white lie and turned his phone off while it was still inside his pocket. He had gone down to the beach to get some sun and relax…and also because he knew that Sora would show up sooner or later. Lying on a blanket with his head resting on his balled-up shirt, he waited for the inevitable pounce.

"Where were you yesterday?" asked the shadow that fell across him. There was no pounce.

"I was sick…and it was bad. Plus my phone wasn't working…would've been nice to have a surprise visit from you…yesterday while I was in bed sick. Alone. My folks are away and I didn't have anyone to care for me. Where were you yesterday?" (maybe the white lie was a little larger than he initially intended).

Guilt-ridden, Sora fell to his knees by his side. "I'm sorry Riku. I should've known that something was wrong when you didn't answer or return my call. I'm sorry, buddy. I should've come to check on you. How are you feeling today?"

"I'd feel great if my best friend would snuggle with me while I recuperate." The twitch at the corner of his mouth was what passed for a smile most of the time, so Sora lay down with him and propped on his elbow to stare at the handsome profile. "So what kind of sick were you? Is it contagious? I don't want to be sick."

"It wasn't contagious." Thinking about his shenanigans the previous day, he sighed. "Probably something I ate."

"Oh, alright. Do you want me to braid your hair for you? It looks kind of messy." Sora sat up and began to comb his fingers through Riku's hair.

"You're talking shit about my hair…really?"

Sora giggled and ran a hand through his own wild locks and settled for finger-combing silver threads. "I was actually going to come see you yesterday but I was attacked by some Unversed. They're everywhere lately…it's annoying."

"Wonder what's up."

"I donno but I think we should find the source…and eliminate him."

"But Sora…I thought we agreed that we would wait until Ventus agrees to have him back."

"Ven isn't going to agree to shit. He's stalling."

Riku rolled an eye up at Sora and thought wonder if I could get sweet little Sora to do a little bad deed… "We could trick him."

"Who, Ven?"

"Yeah…and Vani…Vanitas." Riku corrected himself quickly and noted that there was only a small eyebrow quirk. "We could make sure that they show up somewhere at the same time. You know there will be a fight. Those two can't stand one another."

"It would have to be on Ven's turf though because you know how he is." Sora groused as he thought of his neo-hippie counterpart who only cared about saving trees and whales and wearing handmade tie-dye sarongs with stupid sandals.

"Maybe you could talk him into coming away…invite him to your house or something."

"I don't want those idiots fighting at my house! Are you crazy? My mom would kill me…AND call the cops."

Riku chuckled and sat up. Sora immediately began brushing the few grains of sand from his skin "Invite them to your house."

"No." Riku shook his head and sighed. "There has to be a neutral place."

"We could ask Roxas to help."


"Why do you hate him?"

"I don't hate him, but he's just as crazy as that pyromaniac he's dating and I just can't deal." Riku stretched his arms and then popped his shirt before pulling it over his head.

"Maybe we should just forget the whole thing."

"You'll keep getting attacked by Unversed."

"I'll eventually kill them all." Sora bit his lip and then licked the salt from them. "Or Vanitas will find something that makes him happy and stop making them."

"Let's hope for that then. Everyone deserves to be happy, right Sora?"

"Yep!" he beamed and kissed Riku's cheek. "You have a good heart. I don't care what everyone else says."

Aqua eyes tracked the movements as Sora stood and dusted himself off. "Come on…let's get something to eat."


"You do feel up to eating today, don't you?'

"Yeah…I think I'm good. Say you wanna spend the night?"

"I guess."

"Does that mean you have to ask Kairi?"

"Yeah…I kind of should. She's my girlfriend."

"She can spend the night too." Riku smirked.

"I think she'd probably rather spend the night with Hades." Sora giggled and turned to his friend, gave him a light shove. "Race ya!"