-Destruction- normal speech

"Creation" thought

[Armageddon] magic

(Hellfire) silent magic

{Ulbert} change of P.O.V. or location

*BOOM* sounds


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Chapter 31: The final march, the vengeful python and the blond dragon


{Dusk's P.O.V}

The demon snake observed the group of people pass in through a empty alleyway, a grown up man and five kids, all trained warriors but for her they weren't different from every other civilian; she measured strength in meters not centimeters

Silently she descended from the wall and grabbed the blonde boy placing her claws on his throat.

-Well well well... look what we have here...-

She said as all the huntsmen drew their weapons.

-There's no need for weapons... it's not like they can harm me at this point.-

She continued.

-Strange request from a demon who took our friend as a hostage.-

Retorted Weiss.

-Noh it's not like i'm going to kill him, he is just an assurance that you will answer me truthfully... and believe me... i will know if you are lying and he won't like it.-

Dusk said pressing her claws against his throat.

-Now let's calm down, Qrow lower your weapon and answer to her.-

The tan skinned boy said with a deep voice, the silence descended for few seconds.

-Okay ask.-

Said Qrow lowering his weapon.

-Where are the Evil Lords?-

She began.

-I don't know.-

A predictable answer but true nonetheless.

-Where is their base?-

She continued.

-No idea.-

Also true.

-Where is... Raven Branwen?-

-Not a clue.-

A lie.

-Don't... lie... to me...-

She said as a drop of blood fell on the ground.

-He isn't lying, we don't know where she is but we know where her tribe is, now you can let him go miss Nikos.-

The boy said surprising everyone, even Dusk.

-Who are you?-

She asked.

-My name is Ozpin, now please let him go.-

The boy said, she let the blonde go and licked her claws.

-You are delicious you know? I may come back for more in the future.-

She smiled slyly at him.


He stuttered.

-My mother is dead, she became my first meal after i was born.-

She said avoiding his eyes.

-You are a monster...-

He spatted in disgust.

-Perhaps you are right; but i'm still the monster this world needs to destroy all the others.-

She said.

-Now where i can find this place you speak about...-

{Abyssal Hell}

{Ulbert's P.O.V.}

-Let the council of war begin.-

Said Ulbert as all the Evil Lords sat around the circular table with a map of Remnant placed on it.

-Your plans are proceeding as expected my lord, Vale is gone, Atlas is frozen in a block of ice with all its citizens, Menagerie is in open rebellion in your name, once we take Vacuo nothing will remain; the age of humanity reached its end and all thanks to you.-

Demiurge said.

-There is always Mistral.-

Said Gluttony.

-They are hopeless, without the other kingdoms they will slowly fall, drowning in their own faeces.-

Countered Lust.

-We will march with our full power on Vacuo, destroy everything that stand in our way, take the relic and bring me victory.-

Ulbert ordered.

-But milord-

Demiurge began.

-You will do as ordered, Gluttony you remain here during our absence, take care of the base and your sister; Demiurge you will find the relic we missed in Vale, all the others will fight in this last battle; and this time i myself will descend on the battlefield.-

He declared.

-Yes Ulbert-sama!-

All his subordinates accepted his orders.

-I already have an idea for the relic my Creator.-

Spoke Demiurge with a sly smile on his face.

-And me Ulbert? What i'm going to do?-

Asked Mizumi.

-You will remain here, Gluttony will protect you.-

He said while patting her head.

-No i want to come too!-

She protested.

-No! It will be dangerous, you are safe here, i will not hear another word of protest from you! It is important you remain safe.-

He said.

-I want to be useful! I don't want to be your weakness anymore!-

She shouted.

-I have no weaknesses! I don't want to lose someone important to me again!-

He shouted back.

-It's only because i look like your sister...-

She muttered.

-Go to your room, we will speak about this when i return!-

He ordered, she left the room without another word, the Evil Lords remained silent and unmoving.

-Where the hell is Raven?-

Ulbert spatted.

-In Mistral milord, she is using her tribe to cause problems...-

Sloth said.

-Then what are you waiting for? Execute your orders!-

He ordered, fury in his tone.

-Yes Ulbert-sama!-

They stormed out of the room leaving him alone "what am i doing?... that rage was not mine... those words where not mine... what is happening to me?..."

{Forest in Mistral}

{Dusk's P.O.V.}

Sneaking around a forest full of traps while searching for the most dangerous criminal tribe in Remnant wasn't exactly was she expected to do today.

It's not like she was scared, no if there was something good that came from her father was the fact that she couldn't feel something mundane like fear.

No, she only felt excitement at the idea of fighting someone as strong as The Champion.

She sniffed searching for the smell she felt before, sweat and blood, they were easy to find; using her illusions she moved quickly and silently , the forest helped her, no one tried to control the growth of the plants so it was easy to blend in it.


The camp wasn't hard to find, it was big, after all they were a bold group, they thought to be untouchable.

She knew where to search, being an high level demon helped if you wanted to find another member of your race.

Finally she spotted her, she stood tall and prideful before her minions, Dusk needed to be fast, a surprise attack from behind is everything she needed.

Ten meters now between them... seven... four... two... she took out the lance that previously belonged to her mother... one... as she prepared to pierce through her heart a shout stopped her and almost made her drop her invisibility.


The angry shout came from a pair of meters in front of her, she turned her head to spot the source of the voice, she was a young blond girl, Yang was her name if her memories were right, she had red blood eyes and a metallic arm.

-That's something that you or i can't change, i'm your mother now and forever.-

Raven answered.


The blonde yelled in rage as her hair seemed to become golden flames.

-Do you think i enjoy it naive child?! You know nothing! You understand nothing! I saved your life too many times already, sometimes at the risk of my own! You who live ignoring the world around you and concentrating only on what happen to you have no right to speak even less to judge!-

Raven yelled back losing her calm tone; while the two were arguing Dusk proceeded to place magical exploding mines all around the camp, their yelling was enough to allow her to do so undisturbed "now then let's proceed with the original plan".

She silently approached again her distracted target, slowly rose her lance ready to pierce through her heart.


The blond roared before launching an assault against her mother who dodged, the fist connected with Dusk's face interrupting her spell and turning her visible again.

Everyone was surprised at the sudden reveal of the demon's presence while Dusk mentally cursed ignoring the fist that made contact with her face.

-Stupid idiot! You ruined it all! I could have killed her easily now i have to make a mess out of it!-

Dusk snorted as she rose at her full height ignoring the shocked expression on both Raven and Yang faces.

-What are you waiting for?! Take out your weapons!-

Roared Raven, but as the first bandit moved the magical mines detonated in a great white explosion.

As the light died down nothing remained of the most feared tribe but their leader with a confused expression that quickly turned into rage.

-Who the hell do you think you are?! I'm Raven, champion of the Supreme Being of Calamity, and you will pay for interfering with my plan!-

As those words left her lips she launched an assault on Dusk, she rolled to avoid the strike.

[Eternal Darkness]

She used the skill to completely blind her opponent, Raven grunted as she couldn't see her opponent anymore.

[Agility Boost III]

[Grand Claws Storm]

Dusk launched a storm of claws against the blind Raven who smirked in return.

[Greater evasion]

[Lesser physical barrier]

The majority of the claws were easily avoided while the few which hit were deflected by a barrier.

Dusk used that moment to strike forward with her lance that pierced through the barrier and impaled the other demon, Raven jumped back with the lance still through her heart coughing out black blood.

-You forgot something... i am a Carreau... I HAVE NO HEART!-

She shouted as the effect of [Eternal Darkness] dissipated, she reached to the lance with one hand but before she could remove it...

[Activation: Cursed Seal of the Demon Lord]

Dusk activated the seal she placed on the weapon days ago, the lance glowed as black cracks appeared everywhere and then it exploded, the wound on Raven chest began to bleed copiously.


Raven clenched her teeth in pain.


Nothing happened, Raven cursed loudly as she reached a new level of pain.

[Poison greater antidote]

[Greater healing]

Again nothing happened.

-It's useless! You are too weak to be able to remove a demon lord level seal! You will die here from my claws or bleeding out!-

She said.

[Greater Teleportation]

Raven tried but something negated her spell.

-[Dimensional Lock] is quite a good skill don't you think?-

Dusk mocked her attempt to flee.

-Damn you! Damn you! Damn you! Damn you! Damn you! Damn you! Damn you! DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU!...-

Raven screamed in pain and rage.

[Blood skill: Rage of the Heartless Demon]

That was the trump card of a Carreau, it drained all her defenses and boosted her attack and agility, if not killed quickly she could become a really dangerous opponent.

Raven body morphed to reveal her true form, she almost seemed a evil dryad; long branches moved protectively around her body, her skin color changed becoming similar to wood in look and color, her crimson eyes shined more than ever between the abomination she became.

[Death tree lances]

Branches shot toward her, she jumped to avoid them but they followed after her.

[Gravity Deflection]

The branches completely lost their target slamming on the ground.

[Invisible shot]

[Thousand Needles of Death]

"An invisible attack!" Dusk screamed in her head.

[Mid Physical Fortification]

Most of the invisible thorns bounced away while few penetrated her skin causing almost no damage.

She landed on the ground breathing heavily "I need to hit the principal body, even a single good landed hit could kill her by now".

She jumped again.

[Hellish Fire Storm]

A giant wave of flames descended on Raven.

[Impenetrable magic shield]

The purple barrier defended her from the flames, Dusk landed some meters from her.

[Arms of Death]

Two giant branches shot toward Dusk, she smirked "to slow", her eyes widened in shock as her legs refused to move.

[Greater Evasion]

Even that was useless her body didn't want to move, the branches hit her hard slamming her again a rock, "What is going on here?" she thought as she coughed blood.

-Ahahahahah it seems like the poison began to affect you! Normally it would be instant but it seems that you had a certain resistance to it, well now it doesn't matter!-

"Poison?... The needles!" She internally realized as Raven approached her.

[Prison of the Death Tree]

Branches erupted from the ground tying her limbs.

-It's over! NOW YOU DIE!-

[Cannon of the Heartless Demon]

The branches formed a wooden cannon that was charging itself through Raven's remaining mana.

"I don't have enough mana to take that hit! That kind of direct hit could destroy instantly even a high level demon! I need to use my trump card if i want to survive!"


Spatted Raven, in that moment a yellow flash flew toward her from behind, the hit interrupted the skill and sent Raven fly some meters away, the yellow flash jumped on her continuing to punch her furiously on the face; in the meantime the branches that blocked Dusk disappeared leaving her paralyzed on the ground.

Few minutes later the effect of the poison dissipated and she could move again, slowly she rose and walked toward Raven and the blond fury.


Yang yelled slamming another fist on a bloody almost unconscious Raven, her body returned to her original form.

-S-she's... a-at... the b-base...-

The broken form of Raven muttered.


The blond asked.

-G-go to hell... i-i will be w-waiting for you t-there...-

With those words she closed her eyes stopping to breath forever.


The blond roared rising a fist and slamming it on a tree making it fly away.

-I can help you if you can help me.-

Dusk said, Yang turned toward her, seeming to notice only now her presence.

-Y-you are...-

She began hesitantly.

-Her daughter.-

Dusk answered.

-How can you help me?-

Yang asked.

-When i devour someone i gain their experience and memory, i can see where the base is through them.-

Dusk explained gaining a disgusted look from Yang.

-And what do you want in return?-

The blond asked.

-I want to kill my father, i will need someone to distract the others and leave me alone with him, otherwise i will not stand a chance.-

Dusk said, it could be dangerous but there was no other choices and Yang knew it.


She spatted, Dusk smirked and knelt on Raven's body, ready to begin her banquet.



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