Chapter 6: Six of Swords

"This is a special device that Watari has just finished testing.  We're giving one to each of you.  If you need help, like Muraki shows up again, this button will activate a signal and we'll send help."  Tatsumi handed one to Omi and tucked the other in the pocket of the shirt Hisoka had given Nagi.  They were being returned to Tokyo today, over the strenuous objections of Watari who wanted the weak brunette to remain in the infirmary for a while longer.  Nagi was insistent though, that he return home.

Omi looked at the device.  It really resembled a pen more than anything else, or a laser pointer, it wouldn't be too hard to carry without being obvious about it.  He put it in one of the inner pockets of his coat.  "Thank you.  Do you think… he'll come after us again?"

The secretary adjusted his glasses, looking strangely like Crawford.  "Impossible to tell.  No one has survived his games before who wasn't a shinigami.  He doesn't seem to like to repeat himself however so we believe you will be relatively safe… since we can't be sure…" He nodded to the device in Omi's pocket.  "Just remember how dangerous he is.  Don't hesitate; he is at the top of our priority list." 

The blond nodded.  Oh yes, if he even caught sight of the man, he'd be calling for help.  He looked down at Nagi.  The younger boy looked even smaller now, in Hisoka's borrowed clothing, still bandaged and pale.  It would be a long time before he recovered fully.  He wondered idly when he'd started thinking of him by his given name.

"Okay… ready to go?"  Tsuzuki and Hisoka came into the conference room to take them back home.

"Hai."  He shook Tatsumi's hand and Watari's and stroked 003's head.  He watched as Tsuzuki picked up Nagi, Hisoka came over and took his arm.  The world shimmered around them…

He stretched, ah… back to Tokyo.  The Meifu was nice enough he supposed, but that perpetual springtime felt weird.  He looked at the hustle and bustle beyond the park gates.  He looked over at the others.  "Well… I know where I am.  I can catch a bus over there… or I can call one of the guys to pick me up."

"Aa."  Tsuzuki nodded.  "We'll take Nagi-kun home then.  We may be in touch with you, so if you find out anything more about that lab or what they were trying to do..."

"I'll let you know."

"Okay.  Take care, Omi."  Tsuzuki smiled and Hisoka nodded; they turned to leave.

"Omi…"  They stopped and turned back, Nagi's eyes finding his own.  "Um… thanks."

"You're welcome… let me know how you're doing."

"I will."

Then they were gone.

Omi walked over to the entrance of the park.  The bus he wanted was just pulling up to the stop.  He jumped on, taking the ticket.  He watched the streets and traffic flick by as they moved.  Finally spotting the stop before his, he checked the board to get an idea of what the fare would be and was very relieved that he had enough money.  He hadn't thought of that when he'd gotten on.  But he was okay.  The bus pulled over and stopped and he walked to the front, dropping the ticket and change into the box.

He walked down the street and spotted the familiar front of the Koneko.  Ken was out front moving some of their larger potted plants around.  Omi smiled and called out to him…



According to my tarot deck (The Dragon Tarot by Pracownik and Donaldson, US Games Systems, INC.), The Suit of Swords represents the element of air, showing states of the mind and conflict.  Breakdown of individual card meanings are:

Ace: breakthrough

Two: indecision

Three: heartbreak, unless you can communicate

Four: lifting of tensions

Five: crossed swords, and a parting of ways

Six: moving on from a negative situation

The story doesn't seem finished does it?  It isn't… but this is as far as I wanted to take this one…. Sequel?  Probably… eventually… I would really like to use the Seven of Swords: making an important but worthwhile sacrifice.  Hm… what sacrifice… and who?  ^_~

A few comments for Romilly McAran who reviewed chapter 4 but didn't leave me an email addy to which I could respond.  

Where the hell is Schwarz? That Weiss wasn´t invited I can understand but Schwarz? Schuldig should have a kind of link to Nagi anyway, know his thought pattern. If I was Naoe I´d scream in my mind for Schuldig.

Okay… Schwarz wasn't included in this fic because, quite simply… I didn't want them in it.  Maybe in the sequel.  As for Schu's 'link' with Nagi… yes… that is true, I'm sure they share a 'connection'… all Schwarz does I think.  BUUUUUT… I firmly believe there is a range to this type of ability.  Not to mention… a quarter of the nation's population lives in and around Tokyo.  Even given their familiarity with each other… I don't think Schu can wade through that many minds to find one.

The good doctor may be able to handle the Shinigami and Omi but an angry Schwarz team as well?

This is MURAKI!!!!  He kidnapped Tsuzuki RIGHT under Suzaku's nose… err, beak… in the Meifu!!!!!  Humans, no matter how talented… are NOT a match for him.  Besides… he's got the assistance of something… he's NOT a normal human.  He's not normal period!

So he got the telekinet of the group but someone who knows your moves before you do, someone who is faster than you can see and read your thoughts and someone who can´t feel pain are not to be taken lightly!

True… but… he managed to steal an 'elite' shinigami in spite of Tsuzuki having 12 shikigami, an empathic partner, and a boss who is a shadow master.  A lone unsuspecting telekinetic doesn't stand a chance.  Again… it's Muraki… the normal rules don't apply.

Where the hell is Schwarz? Nagi is one of their own!rnOn the other hand I like the story. The Shinigami are good. I want more!

Yup… and Schwarz really thought Weiss had Nagi… when they found out they didn't… it sort of blew all their plans out of the water.  The confrontation with Muraki, etc… only took another day or so… then they knew Nagi was safe so… *shrugs*  They might have a larger role in the sequel. I have no idea as of this point.  I'm glad you liked the story.