Hey guys I'm back with a Phoebe and Cole story hopefully you will enjoy it. One of my takes or ideas about what could have happened when The Source took over Cole... We are starting off right before Charmed and Dangerous.

"What do you have in store for the day Miss Halliwell?" Cole asked his bewitching fiance who was half dressed laying underneath him.

Phoebe was smiling at the brown eye man, "Well Mr. Turner." She cocked her brow and wrapping her arms around him. "Piper, Paige, and I are going to go find that perfect for you."

Cole was taking a little back, "I thought we weren't allowed to talk about that until after the source."

Phoebe gave him a soft kiss, "We can't talk details until after the Source, but I need time to find that perfect dress. So that means we aren't talking about it." She informed. "Are you okay with that?"

"Absolutely. That means we are one step closer living happily ever after. Do you wanna get out of bed now to start the spree?"

She twitched her lip, "No I don't want to leave this spot right now."

"I agree, let's just stay here until someone comes looking for us." He whispered in her ear as his hand caressed her cheek as it slowly moved down her body.

"Ooh Cole," Her heart raced as Cole nuzzled her neck.

Phoebe was out trying wedding dresses with Piper and Paige. Phoebe had butterflies in her stomach, she actually said yes to Cole. "There are so many options to chose from." She smiled standing around the dresses.

"Well is there any that stand out?" Piper questioned, remembering it from her wedding.

Phoebe pulled out one of the dresses to try it on. "Did you have this weird feeling in your stomach when you tried on dresses?"

Piper and Paige sat down in a chair as they looked through a catalog to check out the bridesmaid dresses. "I was nervous but no stomach problems." She commented.

"Phoebe, are you having doubts?" Paige asked.

"No, I am not." Phoebe stepped out of the dressing room to show off the dress she was wearing. "I love Cole, and I want to spend the rest of my life with him." Phoebe smiled thinking about being with Cole. "What do you think?"

"I vote no," Piper looked at her sister.

Phoebe rolled her eyes as she stepped back into the dressing room, "Okay." With her stomach and head fighting against her day. She became a little overwhelmed with the dresses.

Paige noticed Phoebe's face become pale, "Hey do you wanna go? Maybe you have an actual bug, not butterflies."

Phoebe loudly exhaled, "Yeah I think so if that's okay with you two?" She shouted out of the dressing room.

"It's perfectly fine, I'll make some lunch," Piper stated.

The girls arrived home to see Cole on the couch watching TV. "Hey, you're here early." He stood up as he looked at his watch.

"Yeah we decide to come home for lunch," Piper stated as Paige joined her in the kitchen.

Cole walked towards Phoebe to wrap his arm around her, "Well did you find a dress?" Phoebe rested her head on his chest, "Not exactly, we kind of cut the trip short." She was honest with her fiance as she breaks away from the embrace.


"Oh nothing major, I'm just going to upstairs and lie down," Phoebe informed as she was holding on to her stomach. She walked up stairs.

"Are you okay?" He followed her upstairs to their bedroom.

"Yeah, I think it is a stomach bug going on." She sat down on the bed.

"Why don't you go to the doctors?" He questioned his love as he sat down on their bed, next to her. He pulled her body down to have her rest.

Phoebe rested her head on his lap, "Because it's just a bug it will pass." Cole began to stroke Phoebe back, "but if you keep doing that it will help me feel better."

Cole smiled as he rest his back on the head board. "Of course, so did you find any dresses you like?" He was curious how far they got in the shopping.

"I think the girls have their dresses but I only tried on two dresses before I needed to leave." She explained.

"Did you need to leave because of second thoughts?" He chuckled.

Phoebe sighed out, "I promise there is nothing more I want in life." she sat up to look in her favorite brown eyes. "I can't imagine my life without you." she leaned in for a kiss.

"That's good to hear." He closed the gap. Phoebe held her stomach and quickly turned away covering her mouth. "Are you okay?"

"No." She exclaimed running into the bathroom.

Cole followed his love into the bathroom. He held her hair to help her with her uncomfortable situation. He began rubbing her back, "Maybe you ate something bad?"

Phoebe sat up to look at him. "Maybe." Phoebe took in a couple thoughts as she stood back up. She held her stomach, "I actually think I feel better." Even though the headache wasn't going away.

"Well do you want to head downstairs for lunch?" Cole suggested smelling Piper's cooking.

Phoebe shook her head, "I'm gonna just go lay down, but go eat."

Cole didn't want to leave a sick Phoebe, "Are you sure?"

Phoebe smiled at her fiance on how protecting they can be. "Totally I'm just gonna be up here taking it easy." She could see Cole wanting to argue with her, "Cole I'm fine, go eat." She kissed his cheek as she walked out of their bathroom.

Piper walked into Phoebe's room carrying a plate of crackers. She was watching Phoebe pace back and forth, "Pheebs are you okay?"

Phoebe looked at her most trusted sister, "How long have you been standing there?" She stopped pacing.

Piper placed the plate on the nightstand, "Long enough, what's bothering you?" She sat down on the bed.

"I... I believe I know why my stomach today." Phoebe nervously stated standing in front of her sister.

Piper smirked at her sister. "I think so too, wanna go in my room to make sure?" Piper questioned knowing Phoebe didn't take the test.

Phoebe was waiting for Piper to ask Why, "Wait how did you know?" She sat down next to her sister.

"You have the signs, plus for two days your food combinations have been really awful. Come on honey in your eggs?" Piper informed and was rewarded a smile from Phoebe, "Let's go." Piper stood up pulling Phoebe up to join her. They went into Piper's room. Phoebe took a pregnancy test.

Phoebe took a pregnancy test in Piper's bathroom. "Okay." She sighed out sitting down on Piper's couch, "I don't know what to do."

"Phoebe you love Cole. You're about to marry him." Piper sat next to Phoebe to comfort her sister.

Phoebe buried her face into her hands stressed, "We haven't vanquished the source, I can't have a baby with him around. And what about you and Leo?" She felt guilty about possibly being pregnant when she doesn't want one at this stage in her life.

"Well we need to vanquish him before she comes, and these things happen, but I can't wait to be an aunt."

"Are you sure?" She finally released her face to look at her older sister who has been talking about babies since their trip to the future.

"Yes." She hugged her little sister.

"Thank you, I don't know what I would do with you." Phoebe's eyes started to water.

Piper laughed, "Well we won't have to worry about that." They heard the timer go off. "Alright here is the moment of truth."

Phoebe grabbed the test was sitting on the counter. "I guess I need to talk to Cole." She let a tear escape as didn't know if she was happy, scared, or excited.

"Piper, can we..." Leo walked into his room. "Oh I'm sorry am I interrupting something." Leo could see the watery eyes.

Phoebe put the test in her pocket, as she began walking out of the room, "No Leo it's okay. I was just leaving, was Cole downstairs?" She turned to Leo.

"I believe he was checking on you," Leo informed.

Phoebe slowly walked down the hall to her room. Her heart was racing while she was trying to figure out how to talk to Cole. He was never a hard person to talk to and that's what she loves about him. The changing step in time confused her. She walked into the room to see Cole taking off his shirt to start changing into pajamas.

"Hey." he smiled noticing her presence.

"Hey." She watched him and knowing she always felt complete around him.

"Are you feeling better?" He was curious seeing her up and around.

"Yeah, I think so," She sighed as she closed the door. She stepped closer to him. "Uh... Cole." She took his hand

He looked at his beautiful bride to be, "Good, I hate to see you so miserable." He caressed her cheek and kissed her forehead. He turned towards the hamper to throw his shirt into it.

"Uh... Cole." She uttered out as she was staring at his bare chest, avoiding eye contact.

Cole turned back towards Phoebe who froze in her thought. "Are you going to say something?" He questioned the tense blonde.

"Cole..." She started as her hand was in her pocket. She wasn't sure how to give the news. "Okay sit down."

"Phoebe, what's going are you okay?" He wasn't used to being told what to do.

"Don't worry. you just need to give me a moment."

"Well, I damn it, stop procrastinating." He commanded in as his voice tremble.

Phoebe couldn't get her words to form with the pressure, "Fine." she sighed. She took his hand and placed the test in his hand. She smiled thinking about her show and tell comment she told him in the past.

Cole looked at the stick with the blue line in the middle, "What is this?" He had a general idea but never touched one or had to hold one in his 116years of his life.

She cleared her throat as she looked in Cole's eyes, and knowing her sassy honesty will work out better, "That is positive pregnancy test you are holding your hands."

Cole was taking back for a moment. They were being careful and Piper was talking about it, "Is this ours?" he softly questioned his love.

Phoebe placed her hand on her lower stomach, "Actually it is."

Cole's heart skipped a beat hearing the reality to his thoughts. He pulled her to sit down on his lap, "How do you feel about it?"

"We're gonna spend the rest of lives together, so what if the traditional plan is going a tad out of order." She shrugged to her fiance.

Cole covered his hand over hand at her stomach, "I'm happy that's how you feel. You realize that we have all I could ever want." He played with her hair with his free hand, "Thank you."

Phoebe smiled at the thought of them in the future together. She felt warm and happy with the thought and Cole's words. She knew everything would be okay, "I love you." She pulled him in for a kiss.

hope you like the first chapter, more to come