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Ice (A different interpretation of Rufus)

"Hi! What's your name? Mine's Tifa." Said a young girl of about 12. Her laughing cherry eyes glittered when she smiled, and the gentle breeze blew strands of long dark mahogany hair across her grinning face. Her hair was loosely tied back, near the end of the flowing ponytail.

He merely glanced at her and promptly crossed his arms. "Rufus. What's it to you?" His blonde hair moved in the light breeze and fell across his flashing ice blue eyes.

She giggled. Was she laughing at him? "What's so funny?" he demanded; only making her giggle louder. "Nothing, it's just that you act like my grandpa, all grumpy and acting like you don't care about the world. Why don't you act more like a kid? You can't be more that 13.." His expression didn't change. "I turned 12 a week ago. It's sorta why I'm here in Costa del Sol. How old are you?" She giggled, increasing his perplexed expression from her earlier laughing fit. "Sorry... Hehe. Um, I'm about to turn 13 in about 2 months. We came here to Costa del Sol to go to Golden Saucer. I've never been there." The boy grinned finally. "Ha. I've been there tons of times."

She gave him a sidelong glance, smiling slightly. "You don't have to brag. When are you going?" He shrugged. "Whenever I want. I have a lifetime pass. I just have to walk up and flash the card." The girl's cherry eyes lit up. "Really?! Well, maybe I can go with you?" The icy pools widened. What would he do if anyone saw him with a girl? On the other hand, she was really pretty.. Her eyes were intriguing. He shrugged. "What, like today? I guess I could use some company.. So.. Ok." She smiled wide, her eyes glittering again, catching the sunlight. "Stay right here, I'll be right back. I have to tell my daddy and then we can go, ok?" He shrugged. "Whatever."

The blonde waited for the brunette to come back. He stuffed his hands in his pockets. He barely knew this.. Tifa. Normally he wouldn't have answered anyone when they addressed him. He usually went to Costa del Sol to surf by himself. And occasionally go to Golden Saucer. What on earth possessed him to even acknowledge this girl? He rarely spoke to anyone after the incident that left him motherless. Tifa almost skipped back to him. Rufus quirked an eyebrow at her incessant optimism. "We can go now, k?"

Rufus strolled off the air car and to the ticket woman and flashed his lifetime pass. "Alright, you can go," she began, smiling at the young couple. "Have a great time at Golden Saucer." Tifa giggled. Rufus sighed, tired of wondering what the intimidating giggle meant. "No offense or anything, but why do you keep giggling?" She shrugged. "I dunno, I think it's 'cause I don't really know you and this feels like a date. Not to mention I've never been here before." Rufus' eyes widened and he stepped back. "A.. a date?" She giggled again. "It's not really a date, silly. I just said it feels like one."

He smiled, not realizing it. She smiled back. "That's the first time you've actually smiled that I've seen. Why don't you smile more often?" The smile quickly dropped off his face. "Oh come on, you act like someone just died." she said. He stopped and turned from her. So naïve.. But still, how could she know that just last month, he had witnessed his own mother's death at his father's hands. He had always feared his father for his mother's life, and now he was terrified for his own. His hatred for his father grew with each glance at a Shinra symbol.

Hell. Tifa wouldn't know or understand the horror of it all. To the public's knowledge, the first lady died in a tragic car accident, President Shinra had feigned it well. "Did I say something wrong?" Rufus' young companion asked innocently, shaking him from his thoughts. He shook his head. "No, no, it's just that my mother died a month ago." Tifa gasped and put a hand to her mouth. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. I didn't know.."

More apologizing. Many people did, they knew what a good woman Rachael del Vine Shinra was; a kind, loving wife and mother. So unlike her husband. Their marriage had been pre-arranged by their parents, to build onto their already rich families. "It's ok, I'll live." Tifa didn't let him finish. She started to pull him toward the café.

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