Kiyomisa: Heyo. Just a quick li'll Suiko III fic ^-^. I don't own the chars, Konami and whoever else does does. I just borrowed them for a bit. Anyhoo, here we go!

The moon shone ghostlike through the hazy, grey winter clouds, a ring of rainbow crowning its head. Large, cottony flakes of snow drifted gently down, the stillness of the night only broken by the soft crackle and sparks of the orange fire in the middle of the campground.

It was a beautiful, serene scene. Queen hated it.

Wrapped up tightly in her traveling blanket, she huddled as close as she could to Geddoe, glaring balefully at the fire. Queen was not the only one who held these sentiments, though the other was quite vocal about it.

"Wahhh! I'm cold!" Ace cried in dramatic whimper. His cheeks were red and his nose was verging on purple.

"Geeze Ace, we're only on top of a mountain, that's never cold," Queen snapped back. Aila shifted next to her, silently miserable. For a girl who was raised on the plains, this was impossibly cold.

"Yeesh, she's in a bad mood. Must be that time of the month," Ace muttered, drawing a chattering chuckle from Joker, who then sneezed and pulled his blanket up over his nose.

"And it is colder than usual," Ace continued, ignoring Queen's glinting glare. "Too cold for the blankets we have with us."

"And whose fault is that?" Queen demanded icily. "If I remember correctly, you're in charge of our supplies, Ace."

"Well for one thing that village didn't have any warmer things," Ace retorted angrily. "Two, we didn't have room for them in our packs, and three, it isn't supposed to be this cold!" That said he sat back and crossed his arms in a huff.

"What I want to know," Joker interrupted, glancing at Jacques curiously as the young man stood up quietly, "is what we're going to do about it."

"Well, we could unpack our spare clothes, put them on and sleep that way," Ace suggested, poking at the fire.

"That would only get our spare clothes wet!" Queen snapped, rubbing at her nose.

"What do you think Captain?" Joker asked Geddoe.

The solemn, gaunt-faced mercenary sat, thinking calmly for a moment before giving his answer. "I believe that sharing blankets and sleeping in pairs is our best bet."

Queen brightened slightly at the prospect of warmth. "Sounds good to me! Of course the girls'll sleep together. Right Aila?" she asked, turning to the spot next to her. The Karayan wasn't there. Queen blinked in surprise; she hadn't noticed the young woman leaving. "Aila?? Where'd she go?"

Unable to suppress a grin, Geddoe pointed to a spot just within the fire's circle of light where Aila lay curled up in Jacques' arms, two blankets wrapped snuggly around the two of them.

Ace blinked in surprise. "Wha-? Since when're those two-"

"It was inevitable," Joker replied smugly.

Queen sighed in defeat. "I suppose so. Guess I'll have to go with Geddoe then," she said.

"W-wait, that means that," Ace protested, pointing at Joker.

The wizard scowled at him. "You're one to talk Ace, you kick in your sleep."

"You can't pair me with him!" Ace cried as Queen and Geddoe began to prepare their bed.

"Tough buckets!" Queen jeered and lay down as their usually solemn captain chuckled.


Geddoe shrugged. "Nothing I can do Ace. You know how she gets."

Gruff growls and hushed words of argument reached Queen's ears as, pleasantly warm now, the raven-haired mercenary drifted into slumber.

The snow gradually stopped, and the moon came out from behind the clouds, and the clear, winter scene became a peaceful, romantic moment once more.


Kiyomisa: Yes, it's short. Little and fluffly. I'm in the middle of drawing this out in comic book form, I'll let people know when it's done (if ever -_-')Thanx for reading, and you can let me know what you think by reviewing! ^-^