Hello people! I've been watching the new "Thunderbirds are Go" TV series and it inspired me back to my old habits and to start writing again. This is my new story and here is a taster before I set about getting the first chapter out. Review's are always welcomed. Hope you enjoy!

PS. I am an original TB fangirl at heart, hated the movie, but can see thing in TAG that I can merge the old and new together.


It was 5am and the sun was already peeking through the shutters of Scott's bedroom window. The young man himself was already up and out on the beach, running. Lap after lap he ran, until he had worked up a wholesome sweat which dripped off his forehead and trickled down his back as he continued to push his own limits.

He wanted to get the anger out of his head before he left the island later that morning. He was to go on a business trip that had long been put off for too long, in preference to stay on the island and keep IR running smoothly.

Unfortunately this particular trip could be put off no longer, and so, Scott was taking his frustration out on the beach, instead of on his family. His father had run out of excuses for him not to go and people were starting to ask questions.

Coming to a slower pace, Scott wiped the sweat from his face which was irritating his eyes and made the final turn to head back up to the house. He slowed down to a walk, letting his muscles relax and cool down. He stopped and stretched his arms above his head and then removed his damp t-shirt, using the material to wipe away sweat from his chiselled torso.

Scott hated leaving the island – except when he was on a rescue – hated the fact he would not be there if his brothers or father needed him. He detested the attention he received if he was recognised while doing work for Tracy Enterprises. The looks, or fawning from both men and women, always had him on edge. This particular meeting was with one of his father rivals and none of them like the hostile intensity these meetings always held.

Scott paused in his walk back to the house to glance over the vast ocean, the warm sun glinting off the gentle waves as they lapped up the beach towards him. Sighing, Scott made his way back up to the house to pack his bag and have a last debrief with his father, before the dreaded meeting he had to head later on.

A blond haired woman held her mobile to her ear, listening intently to the man on the line. "Yes, it is today." She replied confidently in a British accent, "No I won't let that happen, you can trust me. I will call you later once it has been done." And with that she gave a small smile and clicked the phone off.

Getting up from the chair she occupied, she looked around the empty meeting room. Her eyes came to rest on one name plate before she walked over to the drinks trolley. As normal it had been prepared earlier and she carefully tipped a small bottle of clear liquid into the water jug.

"That should just about do it." She whispered.

Popping the small bottle back in her handbag she left the room quietly, knowing no-one would disturb anything she had prepared.

This was going to be a piece of cake.

Jeff sipped his black coffee as he sat in his comfy chair and studied the pictures of his sons on the wall. Such fine young men they were. Clever, honourable and handsome to boot. They were his pride and joy. He wished he could have saved their mother, oh how he missed his wife.

Sighing he swung his chair around just as his eldest came through the door, freshly showered and looking very smart in his suit.

"Good morning, Son" Jeff greeted his dark haired son. "I know how much you hate this, but I'm afraid it's your turn again."

Scott gave his father a half smile, knowing this was a heartfelt apology from his father. "Yeah, the family business and all that. If only we could just tell them no over email, it would be so much easier."

Jeff smiled back "If it was that easy, son, none of us would ever go to meetings. We have to be seen to be involved or there'll be to many questions about us and that could endanger IR and our cover."

"Yeah, I know. Doesn't mean I have to like it though." Scott replied in resignation. "So how do you want me to put it to them this time? Not ready to merge? Not enough funding? Need more time for testing?"

Jeff looked down at his laptop before staring Scott in the eyes "Strangely, this time they aren't trying to buy any of our industries, or plans. They want to propose a deal about something they have, that we might want. To be honest Scott, I have no idea what they are up to. Use your head, and feel free to walk out if you feel the need. Listen to them, make the right noises and then get back home. With Gordon out of action, I don't want you away from base any longer than necessary."

"Yes, Sir." Scott replied instantly, "I wonder what it is they have?"

"Your guess is as good as mine right now. Have a safe flight son, and let John know when you are heading back. He'll keep track of you as usual. There will be a car waiting to drive you to the meeting."

"Will do father. See you later." Scott headed back out the door towards the hanger but stopped off at the kitchen on his way by. Out of his brothers, only one was up. Virgil managed to make it to the kitchen in his shorts and clap Scott on the shoulder in sympathy. He wanted to see his big brother off.

"See you later, bro. Watch out for the cousin. Last year I thought she was gonna eat me alive, if she got any closer during the meeting she would have been in my lap!" Virgil recalled with a laugh.

Scott rolled his eyes "Thanks for that, Virg. I'm just going to listen and get out of there as quick as I can. I'll see you later."

Chuckling, Virgil nodded and watched his oldest brother grab a bagel and head off to the hanger.

As Scott took off in Tracy One, the residents of Tracy Island who were still asleep began to stir.

Another day had begun, none of them knew just how difficult it was about to become…