Reckless – Chapter 3

A soft groan filled the damp, dark cavern.

"Oh, my head." The woman's weak voice echoed off the walls. "What the hell happened? Jay? Jay? Where are you?"

Another groan alerted Ellie to Jays' whereabouts. "Jay! Wake up!" she encouraged. "Please! Oh God, I think we've been kidnapped!" she was starting to panic as the realisation of the situation set in.

Jay rolled over towards the sound of his younger cousin. "Hey, don't panic, Ellie. Let's take it easy and try to work out what happened and then get out of here… wherever here is…"

"I think we're in some sort of cave. It's freezing." She shivered and then gasped, jumping when Jay's cold hand finally touched her leg.

"Easy. It's just me." Jay soothed. He could feel her trembling and attempted to sit up and move closer to her. Wrapping his arms about her body, they lent close for both comfort and body heat.

"What happened, Jay?" Ellie tried to piece together why they were here, "The last thing I remember is feeling really ill and then I must have passed out in the hotel."

Jay blinked in the dark, his eyes adjusting to the lack of light. "I wasn't quite as bad as you. We were grabbed by about four guys and taken down the stairs to the parking lot. Seems like Scott got away. I wonder if it was him they were after?"

"Why would they be after Scott? We're not exactly worthless ourselves you know."

Clearing his throat, Jay continued "No we're not, but then we are also not in the same league as the Tracy's. I've heard they are always at risk of kidnapping, which is another reason you don't see them very often."

"So you recon Scott got away?" Ellie asked, hopefully. "Maybe he saw something and has alerted the authorities?"

"Here's hoping. Come on, can you walk? Let's try and find our way out of here. Maybe contact someone to rescue us."

Jay put his hand on his watch and turned on the night light. "It's not much, but it'll have to do until we can get out of here."

Ellie smiled gratefully at him. "How long have we been missing?"

They both glanced down at Jays watch and waited for their eyes to focus. "Jesus! We've been missing since yesterday morning! Jay, we really need to get out of here." She held back a sob, as Jay squeezed her tight.

"We will. Come on."

They both still felt sick and weak due to the effects of the drug they had unknowingly ingested at the meeting.

Together they slowly got to their feet and leaning on each other, they felt for the wall and followed it along. Stumbling, they started what was going to be a long journey to no-where. The way they had been brought in, was in the other direction and had already been blocked.

There was no way out. They were trapped and didn't know it.

The control consul up in Thunderbird 5 blinked out a weak signal which caught John's attention.

Floating over to the panel, he focused on the signal to try to boost the power to get a clearer reading.

As he listened, John realised this was going to have to be relayed to International Rescue headquarters.

"This is Thunderbird 5 calling Tracy Island, come in please."

His father's hologram appeared "This is Tracy Island. What news, John?"

"Well Father, it looks like we may be needed just outside of LA, near the Big Horn Mines. I'm picking up pieces of a radio transmission that sounds as if there may have been a cave in. People could still be inside, but I am waiting for them to contact us first. I'm not sure about this one, Father. Something feels wrong. That mine was closed down to the public years ago."

"Alright Son, I trust your instincts. I'll prepare the boys just in case. Keep an ear out and let me know as soon as they ask for help. It could be teenagers breaking in again." He was about to sign off when he remembered his oldest son. "Have you heard from Scott yet?"

Scott had been radio silent for the entire day before and it was mid-morning on Tracy Island.

"Nothing, Father. I think he must have taken me up on the offer of a rest."

"Yes, that's all well and good, but I want him back here ASAP. Contact him John and see that he heads home now."

"Yes, Father. Thunderbird 5 out."

John sighed. At least Scott had one day and night of relief from IR.

"Thunderbird 5 to Scott Tracy. Come in Scott." John contacted his older brother's watch.


No response.

John frowned. That was unlike Scott. Scott was a light sleeper and always responded instantly to calls.

John tried again, and this time used the alarm which Brains had built into the watch, which he knew would vibrate against Scott's wrist.

None of them ever removed their watches.

Still nothing.

John was getting worried and decided to call the hotel to check on his brother the old fashioned way, just in case his brother actually did have company and was unable to answer his call.

"Ritz Hotel, Los Angeles. Stacey speaking, how can I help you?"

"Hi. I'm calling to see if my brother, Scott Tracy, has signed out of the hotel yet? I've been calling his mobile and he's not answering."

"I'm sorry sir, but I am afraid I am unable to disclose that information. If you give me a room number, I will call ahead and see if he answers the room phone. What is your name please?"

"John Tracy. I made the booking for him, he is in the Liberty Suite on the 36th floor. Please I need to check he is okay."

She could hear the worry in his voice. "Of course, Mr Tracy. Please hold the line while I connect you."

She dialled up to Scott's Suite.

Ring, ring.

Ring, ring.

Ring, ring.

Scott was still on the floor of the suite. He hadn't moved since he collapsed. He had ingested a lot more of the poisoned water than Ellie and Jay.

His watch buzzed hopelessly against his wrist and he didn't even feel it. Sweat poured off him and his breathing was still shallow.

Little did he know that his family were starting to miss him.

"I'm sorry Mr Tracy, but there is no answer. Would you like me to send someone up to his suite to check for you? Or you could leave a message here at reception for him to call you?"

John bit his lip as he made a quick decision – Scott could kill him later, but his senses were now telling him something was very wrong – "Yes, please do both. I'll call back in 5 minutes."

John cut the call and contacted Virgil. "Thunderbird 5 calling Virgil."

As expected, he answered straight away. "Hey John, have you heard from Scott? Dads starting to get aggravated that he's not been in contact. I kept him busy for as long as I could."

He then noted John's worried face. "What's happened?"

"Nothing. That's the problem, Virg, I can't get through to Scott at all. Not through his watch or the hotel phone. They're sending someone to his room for me. Do you think you can escape the Island to go and check on him? I feel guilty as I was the one who told him to stay. What if someone has kidnapped him again?"

"Calm down, John. I thought you were also listening in on a possible rescue? Isn't it near LA? What if it turns out we are needed there? You know I can't just leave, and not with Gordon out of action." John deflated in front of him in disappointment.

Virgil ran his hand through his hair, "How about we send Kayo and Gordon? He'd probably benefit from a trip off the island. Plus we may end up heading out that way in a bit on that rescue."

John nodded his head in agreement. "Yeah, sure. If you can pass it by Dad. I don't want him to worry and I don't want to get Scott into trouble for not responding, especially if he is just enjoying himself. But at the same time, what if something has happened?"

"Why don't you check his location? Has Brains field tested the new Vitals Reader on the watches yet? Maybe check that as well?"

John's eyes widened as he remembered the new addition Brains made. "Of course! Why didn't I think of that?"

John opened up another screen and pulled up Scott's watch "It's saying his location is in the hotel, so that's a good sign." He carried on and opened the Vitals Reader.

"Virgil." John announced, his voice hard. "If this reading is correct. Scott needs medical assistance right NOW."

John put another call to the hotel and was about to demanded that paramedics be sent up to his brother's suite, when the receptionist told him that the room service maid had just found Scott unconscious on the floor of his suite and an ambulance had been called.

Whilst on the call, he looked back at Virgil who had spoken to their Father.

"What's happened, John?" Jeff demanded, his face grim.

"It's Scott, Sir. I've been unable to make contact with him via the usual channels. The hotel staff have just found him unconscious in his room. Emergency services have been called. What should we do father?"

"Find out which hospital they are sending him to. Then make sure we have a security guard put on him. I don't like this at all." He was about to stride out of the room, when he paused and swiftly turned to face his sons. "Boys, I'm going to contact James Corner and find out what exactly happened at that meeting. I want information and I want it now."

"Dad, let me take Thunderbird Two with Alan, then I can get to the hospital and Alan can fly Tracy 1 back here for you…"

"No son." Jeff stated firmly, "Penny will be here soon and I'll get a lift with her. You stay here as we made have a call out shortly. According to John, it's in the same area."

Virgil sighed "Yes, father."

Jeff smiled at his sons. "I'll bring him home. John, keep an eye on Scott at all times, he is vulnerable to any attack right now."

"FAB Father."

James Corner stared as the door of the meeting room closed, sealing him inside. He had no idea what to do.

He was in a mild state of shock, how could Patricia betray him like that? Why had Lord Montague misled him and what did this have to do with the Tracy's?

He wanted to call the GPD, but couldn't risk harm to his son and niece, or Scott.

Scott Tracy. It must be something to do with Scott, he thought – or his father Jeff. Why else had Lord Montague been so desperate for him to arrange this meeting? He had been trying for a couple of years and had only ever managed to see Jeff's younger sons, Virgil and Gordon. Neither of them had the knowledge or skills of the business that Jeff and Scott had.

Whispers on the business front, said the younger boys were only sent out when Jeff and Scott were too busy or if the meetings were deemed 'unimportant' but they wanted to have a representative there.

Lord Montague was also obsessed with International Rescue and their technology. In James Corner's and Jeff Tracy's line of business, the IR equipment would make whoever was able to discover the secrets unsurpassable. James had to admit, he wasn't surprised that Scott was uneasy about their proposal. The Tracy's were well respected and were renowned for being descent people.

James waited for about 4 hours before deciding he should at least try to do something. He couldn't stay in this room any longer.

Getting up from the chair, he moved stiffly towards the door and put his hand on the handle to open it.

It didn't budge. Not even an inch. Growling in frustration, he moved back to his seat and poured himself a glass of water. Gulping it back like a whisky, he picked up his phone and flicked it on.

He hoped it had not been tampered with as he remembered that Patricia had had it serviced not long ago, or now thinking about it, she had it rigged.

No service.

"Damn it!" James realised he couldn't even make a call from his mobile. All he could do was wait.

Putting his head down on his arms, he decided he may as well try to get some rest. Surely, someone from the hotel would be up to use or clean the room soon and he would be able to escape then and get help.


His phone chimed suddenly and he sat up in shock and hope when he read the caller id.

Jefferson Tracy.

"Hello Jeff." He began once he had cleared his throat, trying to sound more confident than he felt. "I guess you've finally heard the news and been contacted?"

"James." Jeff replied sternly. "What are you talking about? Start at the beginning, as I want to know what happened to Scott."

"Well, let's just say that I've been a fool. A naïve, stupid fool. Im sorry that I must have been part of a plan to have your son kidnapped. They took Jay and my niece as well…"

"What?" Jeff was confused. What was he talking about? "What do you mean? Scott hasn't been kidnapped. He is on his way to the hospital. He was found collapsed in his room about 15 minutes ago. James, what the hell is going on?"

James let the news sink in. "I don't know Jeff, I honestly don't have a clue. Im stuck in this room since yesterday. Any chance you can get someone to let me out. I think we need to meet up and work out what to do. Don't contact the GDF, my sons life is at risk if you do."

"Hold tight James. I'm coming out to you, on my way to the hospital. We'll sort this out. Jeff out."

A large fist hit the desk hard.

"What do you mean missing?" A livid voice hissed. "I gave you a simple order and you failed to complete it. You are a complete idiot!"

Lord Montague stood in front of the raging mad man with his hand holding his head in pain.

"We will find him. I've sent Patricia back to LA to the hotel to locate him. We know he hasn't left as Tracy 1 is still at the airport."

"You find him. You bring him to me." The bald headed man growled, his eyes shining with anger. "No-one makes a mockery of The Hood. I will have International Rescues machines. You will help me or die in trying Lord Montague."

"Yes, I will not fail. The prize will be found."

"Be gone! Don't come back until you have fulfilled your side of our bargain." The Hood tilted his head to one side to stare at Lord Montague, suddenly much calmer. "Continue with phase two anyway."

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