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Just an observation…. but Captain Barbossa in Pirates of The Caribean seemed to have a thing for apples… I'm not saying he and The Evil Queen had a thing buuuuut…. that would be an interesting spin for a hevie story XD

Barbossa gets his love for apples as he fell in love with The Evil Queen, she was his lost love and the reason she hates pirates. Her daughter then follows in her footsteps and falls in love with a pirate, our beloved Harry Hook. Turns out, Evie's father was actually an infamous pirate.

Chapter 1

When he had heard of her, it was only to see if she could break the curse upon him and his crew, it took weeks before she would even see him. She made a game of it, after all, she liked to toy with her prey before she went for the kill. If he could catch her, she would give him an answer. If not, well it was amazing what she could do with her magic, even to an immortal.

In the passing weeks he had seen her rip the still beating heart from a man, slaughter an entire village, she ruled her lands with a iron fist and Barbossa found himself falling for her. Her ruthlessness, her strength, her blood lust and her beauty all called to him. For the first time in years he felt something other then numbness. He wanted nothing more then to show her exactly what she did to him.

Grimhilde, herself, had grown rather fond of the immortal pirate. The weeks had shown her the the depths of his character. Yes he was a pirate, but he was smart, he was ruthless, he was resourceful and was willing to do anything to get the result he wanted. She was intrigued and found herself wanting to see what else the pirate could do.

She generously gave him two things the night she finally let him catch her. Her game had grown stale and Grimhilde wanted to take the next step in their foreplay. The answer to his question and a small part of her heart.

They spent a night of passion together, Barbossa shown her what she made him feel and Grimhilde show him exactly how powerful she was. Barbossa was enthralled with the goddess that he had found and found himself worshipping her to the best of his ability.

It wasn't until a week later Grimhilde gave him his answer.

While she was a very powerful sorceress, the curse on him and his crew was ancient magic. Not something she could break, maybe in a few hundred years, but unfortunately not now. Barbossa hid his disappointment behind a smirk and told her that he'd happily wait a hundred years if it meant he could be with her. She smiled up at him and pressed her lips to his, happy that he still wanted to stay.

Once his was sure Grimhilde was asleep, Barbossa returned to his ship and crew, leaving behind a bright red apple on her night stand and a note, that said he was sorry, but the welfare of his crew came before him and what he wanted. Onwards he went, heading for the next rumour that said it could help him and the crew.

Grimhilde awoke the next morning to an empty bed and the note. As she read it, she felt her heart harden. That small feeling of love she had felt for Barbossa, diminished every time she re-read it. She cursed herself for being weak and opening herself up to another person. It only lead to pain, she knew this now. Never again would Grimhilde let herself love another, there was no one out there looking out for her other then herself.

Years passed and the next time Barbossa saw Grimhilde, they had both been resurrected and banished to the Isle of The Lost like common riff raff. She caught his eye from across the market, and snarled in his direction. She turned sharply on her heel and glided towards to her castle, her guards in formation around her, her head held high, like he hadn't crushed that little bit of hope she had felt for him.

It wasn't the coldness in her eyes that drew his attention or the fact Barbossa knew if she still had her magic, Grimhilde would have obliterated him on the spot. No, it was the small figure grasping the Queen's hand, skipping lightly to keep up with the Queen's foot steps. It was a child, a small child.

Barbossa frowned, as the child turned around, feeling his eyes on her. The pirate's eyes widen in shock, as he saw his own eyes staring back at him, on the face of a little girl. Mentally Barbossa did the maths in his head, trying to work out the last time he had seen the Queen. It shouldn't be possible, he had been undead when he had been with her, but evidence of their tryst was staring back at him. Her eyes, the shape of her mouth all screamed Barbossa bloodline.

Barbossa couldn't believe what he was seeing, and wanted to know if the little girl was his child, but he knew Grimhilde would never speak to him without trying to kill him. He watched the woman he abandoned all those years ago and her child walk away. He smirked to himself, as his mind formed a plan to find out the truth.

TBC . . .

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