It was weeks before Hector Barbossa saw Queen Grimhilde again. This time, however, she didn't have the little girl with her. Barbossa, with Jack the Monkey curled around his shoulders, watched from the shadows as Grimhilde glided through the marketplace from stall to stall, with three guards surrounding her at all times. It was strange seeing Grimhilde amongst the common folk, as she hardly left her castle these days, opting to have her guards fetch her the things she needed.

In the past weeks, all Barbossa could think about was the little girl with his eyes. He needed to know the truth, whether or not she was his. He had spent hours upon hours looking to get an audience with her, but the Queen had refused him entrance to her castle. It was pure chance on his part that he had spotted her today.

After minutes of just watching, Barbossa confidently stalked forward, a charming smile on his face. As he passed an unattended stall, he motioned for Jack to grab an apple from a pile. He thanked the monkey, as he shined the apple against his moderately clean coat and bowed low when he was in front of the Queen.

"Mi señora," He said with a flourish, sweeping his hat off his head as he bowed.

Grimhilde paused in her browsing. Her guards stiffened at her side, their hands going to their weapons. Grimhilde waved away their concerns as she looked over the pirate captain in front of her.

"Captain," She replied coolly, an elegant eyebrow raised.

"For you," Barbossa stood up straight and offered her the shiny apple, "A beauty for a beauty."

Grimhilde ignored the offering and turned to her guards, "I am finished for the day."

"Yes, my Queen," They said together, and closed ranks around her, blocking Barbossa's view of the Queen.

"Wait," Barbossa called out, and grabbed a hold of Grimhilde's arm.

The biggest guard unsheathed his sword and raised it towards Barbossa. The pirate captain quickly removed his hand and backed away slightly. The action did cause Grimhilde to stop, just enough for Barbossa to voice his question, before she disappeared into her castle again.

"I just wanted to know," His voice held a tinge of regret, "Is she mine?"

Grimhilde blinked at the question, "What does it matter to you?" She raise her hand and ran a finger down the side of Barbossa's weather worn face, "If she is or is not, it does not matter. You will never speak to her. You will never see her. You will never have any say in her life whatsoever. She is mine." Barbossa opened his mouth to interrupt, but Grimhilde raised her other hand to silence him, " I loved you, Hector Barbossa, and I do not love easily. But that day you left, you broke my heart."

With that said, Queen Grimhilde spun on her heel and glided away from the stunned pirate captain, leaving the marketplace with her guards stalking after her. Barbossa could only watch as the one woman he could have loved walked away from him. The pirate growled in frustration at his failure, Jack whined in his ear and softly patted Barbossa's cheek in concern. He had lost the opportunely to learn the little girl's name and now he'd never have a chance to meet her.

Grimhilde's words held power, even without access to her full magic, Barbossa felt the power wash over him. He, himself wouldn't be able to seek out the child, unless she seeked him out first. He wouldn't be able to speak to her unless she spoke to him first and the chances of that happening were slim to none.

Turning around, Barbossa made his way back to his ship and his crew. He needed to come up with another plan to learn more about the child. Luckily he was a pirate, he knew how to bend the rules. He never did like it when someone told him what he could and couldn't do, and loopholes were his speciality after all.

"Don't worry Jack," Barbossa stroked the monkey's fur, "We'll get her back, we just need time."

"Mamá!" Evie squealed happily, as Grimhilde re-entered her castle.

Her guards making sure the Queen was safely in the castle grounds before leaving to resume their posts. Grimhilde smiled as she heard the pitter patter of Evie's shoes hitting the tiled floor, as she ran towards her mama. Arms opened wide, Evie hugged her mama around her middle once she reached her.

"Mamá," Evie smiled up at her, "I missed you."

Grimhilde smiled down at her daughter, "I missed you too cariño," and she wrapped her own arms around her child, "Did you have fun day with Humbert?"

Evie scrunched up her nose in thought, before nodding happily, "Yes, he's very good at playing tea party with me. He only got sick from my potions twice. But two out of three is good, right mamá?"

"That''s very good cariño," Grimhilde smiled, lovely stroking Evie's perfectly styled hair, "Your potion crafting is getting better and better each day. Soon you'll be able to make potions so deadly that they won't just make people sick, they'll do so much more."

Evie grinned brightly at the praise, not something her mama gave out often.

"Come now cariño," Grimhilde guided Evie out of the main foyer, "We have guests coming over tonight. We must prepare for them."

"Yes mamá."

Evie stared in slight horror, as the three boys sitting opposite her gorged themselves on the dinner in front of them, her own fork raised halfway to her mouth. Evie may only be six years old, but she was raised too know how to eat correctly in the presence of others. These boys hardly used their utensils, instead they picked up their food with their bare hands.

Looking to her mama for help, Evie raised a perfectly sculpted eyebrow in question. However her mama wasn't looking and was instead chatting lightly with the boy's father. Grimhilde giggled at a comment Gaston made, as she filled their glasses with more wine. Evie sighed at the lack of response from her mama.

Turing back to the boys, the blue haired princess smiled politely as one of the twins tried to start a conservation with her.

"So," Gaston Jr. spoke with his mouth full, "What do you do around here for fun?"

Evie grimaced at the lack of manners, but put on a fake smile as she answered, "I like to read, mamá is finally letting me into her private library."

"Oh," Gaston the Third, the other twin, scoffed, "But books are such a bore, all those words."

"Well," Evie dabbed her mouth delicately with a napkin, "Maybe your not reading the right books."

The twins stopped eating and turned to each, before bursting out laughing.

"We don't do books," They said together, before resuming to feast on the chicken in front of them.

Evie rolled her eyes, before turning the boy that was her age, "What about you Gil? What do you like to do for fun?"

The blonde boy paused in his eating, and looked at Evie blankly. He frowned in confusion at Evie, blinking slowly at the princess. He didn't answer the question, instead Gil just continued to stare at Evie. He turned to Gaston the Third and whispered something into his ear. Evie stranded her ears to hear what was being said, but got nothing.

"Don't mind little Gilly," Gaston Jr. snarked and pointed to his head with a chicken leg, "He's a bit slow up top."

"Are you sure?" Evie asked in concern, "Gil seems to speaking fine to your twin."

"It's just, Gilly's English still isn't the best," Gaston the Third shrugged, "He doesn't really like speaking it outside the family. Mother speaks mostly French at home and she still babies Gil the most."

"Oh," Evie blinked in surprise before smiling brightly. She turned back to Gil and asked, "Qu'est-ce que tu aimes faire pour le plaisir, Gil?"

The three brothers stared at Evie in complete surprise as she spoke French with ease. The silence was broken when Gil smiled brightly and answered Evie's question.

"J'aime descendre aux quais et regarder les bateaux," Gil answered happily.

"Voyez-vous des pirates?" Evie asked excitedly, leaning forward in her chair.

Grimhilde's wine glass slammed down on the table, before Gil could answer, "You know the rules Evie." Her voice was cold and harsh, reminding everyone at the table exactly who she was, "We do not say that word in this castle."

Evie looked down at her hands, "Yes mamá. I'm sorry mamá. I forgot, it won't happen again."

"See," Grimhilde turned back to Gaston, her voice going back flirty, "My darling Evie is perfectly capable teaching your youngest English and now that I think about it, she can probably teach your twins something too. All I ask in return is that your boys look after her when she goes out of the castle when I can not be there."

Gaston took a swig of his goblet, thinking over the offer, "I suppose it'll get the little blighters out of the house. You've got yourself a deal, my lady."

Evie smiled to herself, she was finally going to allowed out of the castle walls. Even if the catch was to tutor someone.

Hector Barbossa stalked the length of his cabin, deep in thought. He needed a way to keep an eye on the Queen Grimhilde's daughter, without the queen knowing he was breaking her rules. He didn't want to know what her power would do to him if he was caught.

"Bo'sun!" Barbossa called out to his first mate, "Gather Pintel and Ragetti, I've got a mission for them."

Translations – I'm just using the goggle translator, if anything is wrong please let me know and I'll change it :D

Mi señora - My Lady
cariño - Sweetie
Qu'est-ce que tu aimes faire pour le plaisir, Gil? - What do you like to do for fun, Gil?
Je descends dans les docks et je regarde les bateaux - I like to go down to the docks and watch the boats
Voyez-vous des pirates? - Do you see any pirates?

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