Manky Mice was looking around for his destiny somewhere. he had not found it, it had been 10 years of long, hard searching. There was no good payload in sight.

But Manky mice remembered someone of his special place in his heart. One he knew would always say the right thing to make him more motivated than ever before

"Never give up, manky, i believe in you. and you should always believe in yourself!" said the man of mankys dream, now lost to time.

but his words stuck with him. Manky never doubted to not believe in himself. he pushed further to find the truth he so hard searched for so long.

Manky then resorted to the only thing that he knew. He had to isolate himself from all the other characters, because they were inferior and more irrelevent. He became a hermit and lived as the only and most important character in the universe. He worshipped only himself.

It was a long 10 years he spent in the mountains. He was depraved of all social skills, but it didn't matter because everyone loved him anyways and he didn't need to make a good impression. But his life was changed when a new guest joined his single person temple of worship.

Normally, Manky mice would banish any intruder to his sacred place, but it was Manky mice, his good friend from the past who came to join him.

This past Manky was inferior to him because he retained the stupid name and other details before he made the world a better place. but he was still less inferior to the rest so he let it slide this one time.

Past manky had a knife in his chest and was almost kill. he struggle to let his voice out to his god

"Please mank, there is bad on your god world, dawg. The cool kingdom hearts has now been not cool because you left for so long. Please revvenge my dieng" said past manky as he fell to the ground in death, himself had been kill.

Manky mice was looking at dead body. he felt a duty in his soul for once in the 100 years he had been alive

"maybe it is time to go back to my home planent, and find my true place again." said manky, and he went to cool kingdom hearts once more for the very last time

but no longer it was cool kingdom hearts, instead it had been changed to a more inferior name, not suiting his rad tude that he normally packed. now it was known as "Bad kingdom hearts,

the was no jazzinest on this planent. but manky did not care, he was over it. he landed back on bad kingdom hearts because he felt like it

Manky mice looked around this inferior town. the planet had not inveaded, but decay for years of neglect. the new ruler ha d made more convuluted of the ways and manky was dispelasde

but manky knew he could not rush in all willy nilly like a stupid protagonist from other stories. no. he was makny the mice, and he would do things the good and honest way.

he need ed to become a citizen to evade the sights of the evil robots that lived in the downtown of walt disney world, his homeplace of origin. now it was not known as this, he renamed it, wallies dis-park, out of sheer force of will.

manky made of him a disgues, one that would fool even manky mice, but not really, since manky was a disguies of his emotion

he disguised himself as a cute tsundere mice-human combo and went to the main place of origin of evil, which looked like a high school/

manky mice was experienced in high school life, he played it cool. and he walked down a hallway with verdant flair.

when manky walked down the hallway and meet with a familiar fcae. oh no no yo again, i thoguht you died so long ago!

manky mice said this with worried boneds

it was revealed to the audience to be none other than. manky mice also said this out loud.

"don the Dank?!" yes it was him, but don was not so dank anymore

"mank, when yiu buried me with the mcdons in chapter 2, i was almost died in that dir=tch, they made me in 2 a super cybernetic dank duck meat robob man duck, eat this you fool. also i want revenge." don the dank as a half robot said and shot him with a missilr

Manky mice lived and counterattacked with his epic magic

"I will send you to the dungeon again, this time you will not escape like the last time!" said manky using his god powers

but it didn't work, he was not god of this planet anymore and had no agency of theses situation.

Instead, the god manky mice was sent to the dungeon in same. his lowest moment.

manky mice had lost his hope now and spent 10 yeasr in the dungeon. a fitting time for his depres mood and ineriofr acton compared to usual.

the world has been lost to things less than me, what is my point her. manky foundhimslef back to his place original thought.

but he remembered, teh one who shall not be named. he finally had the courage to remember the person he loved so dearly.

a phantom of his lost lover came in to inspire movement in his cause

"manky believ in yourslef and you shall become god of cool kingdom hearts again!" said the ghost of soarin the good looking gentlement

"i will do it for you. but mostly for my self" said manky leapping out of the dungeon with great ease because he could.

now he made it to the top of the tower of anime high school that ruled over the bad kingdom hearts.

it was far to conveluted for mankys tastes.

"I found you, faker!" manky said to the fake god.

but this god turned around and revealed a dark truth, one that would change his life forever.

"finally manky, you had returned. i have waited so long" said soarin the good looking gentlement, now wereing an edgy hood and with a scar on his face

"soarin, why you do this?" said manky, his emotional core erupted becasue he had suppressed it for so long and now it come out.

soarin the good looking gentlement explain his motivation to manky and the audience

"me you and raku were the greates tof couples on cool kingdom hearts. we were tight like the honey on a tree. all of that changed when the aliens attack. but i knew the reason of thier attack. they were my secrect parents and wanted to meet me again. I was brought to kingdom hearts when i was an orpahn because i had no parents, thay had died. my adoptive alien family came back to vist. i knew you would dismiss my request to leave your side, so i faked my death to inevertanly caused them to be destroy. when i tried to come back to you, you had left. the only way i could get you back was to take over cool kingdom hearts, the place you were god of and make it everything that you hate."

manky was unbelievabee emotion now, angry, sad, all emotions went wild with fear and confusion.

"all i want is to love again. kingdom hearts will be cool again if you do this." said soarin the good looking gentlemment

Manky mice approached and kissed soarin for the first time. it had felt too good to be true. and it was

soarin exploded from manky s superior form, and burst into the previous enery that captivated the planet, it returned to its cool, jazzy ways, but at what cost.

the citizens were all happinest again but manky was not, and manky is the only one who matters in this story.

he thoguht hard about this. after 10 years of thought he made a desicion

he over whelms the planet of cool kingdom hearts with his own power, turning it into cooler kingdom hearts.

the place was too cool for anyone but manky to endure. slowly the face of the earth turns and begins to form anew.

suddenly, manky looks in the mirror and fimdds his brave new world to hold the form of the only thing more perfect then himslef. nothing. it WAS himself.

Manky mice world and its only residence was manky mice. and both of them shot threw space to find a new home.