One day, Manky Mice was just hanging out on some random planet. It didn't really matter which one he was hanging out on, because the location of events doesn't really in such a story such as Manky Mice. Anyways, Manky Mice was sitting on a stool in the middle of a ragged field of rocks when a truly genius and inspirational thought entered his head, one that was impressive even for the great Manky Mice.

"oh yeah" he thought "I almost forgot that this story had a plot and goal for this story."

Truly amazing.

So Manky Mice decided to do something about this. First of all, he decided to conquer the random planet he was currently living in at the moment. Not really because of its relevance to the plot, but because he felt like it, and figured that the people living on this irrelevant planet would like it more if they were ruled by a REAl God and not some other phony leader like the President of the United States. Even though these people stated that they loved their freedom, Manky Mice knew that they knew nothing of subjugation under a truly good and justified person like Manky Mice, and that they actually enjoyed being conquered secretly.

"Hey you, what is your problem, you handsome rodent man!" said a random American citizen. In case you didn't know, this story takes place in the United States of America, but Manky Mice didn't care about where this is, and neither should you.

"What are you talking about? You are being conquered and are liking it!" said Manky Mice. He was right, even if this random guy didn't think so, he was just being a little bit tsundere.

"How about you go and conquer someone who doesn't value freedom, like us bro!" said the guy, with a little more attitude like a rebellious daughter to her god.

"Bro, you really be talkin' this kind of smack to Manky Mice?" said Manky Mice in the third person.

"Wait... you are Manky Mice? Like the one from Kingdom Hearts?" said the guy.

"ye, the one and only." said Manky Mice, just to make sure the guy REALLY knew who he was.

"If you are from Kingdom Hearts the video game, then why don't you go and conquer the other video games instead of America freedom planet. Perhaps in your natural environment you may find the perfect love interest in your love quest." said the guy.

Manky Mice thought that was a great idea. Too great of an idea not to be from him in fact. So, he went back in time and retroactively made it so that it was his idea in the first place before embarking on the quest which was his idea originally.

Kingdom Hearts was already the best and most popular game in the universe merely by the fact that Manky Mice was in it, so Manky Mice had to settle to conquer far more inferior and irrelevant games like Minecraft.

As Manky Mice was scrolling through the Wikipedia page on the most popular games of all time, he decided to start from the very top. He was intrigued by this game "Tetris" which he didn't really know all that well because he didn't dedicate his entire life to video games like a total loser, unlike the people who will read this fanfiction.

But after going to see what this video game was all about, he was not only disappointed, but angered. It was nothing but a lame game of squares, and didn't have the epic character designs and shipping that allowed for many fanfictions to be written about it.

So he banished Tetris so that it became the least selling game of all time, and that he was the only one who owned it so he could dunk on its lameness daily for even thinking it could challenge Manky Mice in terms of its popularity.

Instead, Manky Mice decided to go to a video game that was a little more developed in its world that would make for a more interesting chapter in a potential fanfiction. Therefore, Manky Mice decided to go to the world of Pokemon.

The society of Pokemon already involved capturing and enslaving tons of inferior creatures en masse for their own personal uses. Manky Mice certainly liked this concept from the get go, since he already was accustomed to slavery and the many uses a slave can provide.

Once Manky Mice landed on the planet, he was ready to go and catch some of these alleged "pokemon", so he immediately walked up and began to capture them with his bare hands. He even began to capture regular, normal people instead of pokemon, but to Manky Mice it didn't matter, they were all on the same level as him.

But an old man approached Manky Mice and tried to be nice to give him some advice. He was the tutorial guy who teaches you how to catch pokemon in every game. Everyone hated him, and Manky Mice was no different.

"Excuse me young man, but you're catching Pokemon all wrong! You need to use these pokeballs instead. Want me to show you how?" said the old man, holding out a pokeball to give Manky Mice.

"What? Bro, did you just assume I don't know how to catch a Pokemon? I don't just know everything, but I know everything in a more right and justified way than everyone else. Thinking you could correct me only shows how truly stupid you really are." said Manky Mice before eviscerating the old man into a million sentient bits, finally ending the tyrannical reign of the tutorial guy.

Now that Manky Mice was free once more, he decided to actually try and fit into this society a little more. After all, how was Manky Mice supposed to find love in a society he didn't understand? Well, that answer is actually obvious, but Manky Mice felt like doing it anyways so get off his back.

First things first was that Manky Mice needed to catch some Pokemon. Not with some stupid pokeballs, but with his own awesome might that could make any pokemon his to own and order around like a slave. Naturally his first choice was to enslave the pokemon Mankey solely on the basis of the similarity in names between the two characters. Unfortunately, Mankey was not as handsome or attractive as Manky Mice, so he decided to redesign it to make it more hyperrealistic and appealing to modern audiences. Now with his first pokemon in hand, Manky Mice was ready to begin his pokemon adventure.

Immediately he decided to walk to the elite four to fight the final boss of the game. He already knew he was the champion of this entire world, but he felt that he needed to prove it in a long, drawn out battle with some loser who nobody cares about. He walked into the first room and was greeted by the first member of the elite four, Lorelei.

"I see we have a new challenger, lets see how you stack up against the best trainers in the world!" said Lorelei before starting the battle.

Lorelei began by sending out her first pokemon, a Dewgong at level 54. But Manky Mice responded by sending out his very own pokemon, the Mankey he had raised since birth (or at least since he had caught it). Unfortunately, it was only level 3 and got defeated immediately by the Dewgong.

"Looks like you've lost rookie, you're out of usable pokemon!" said Lorelei

"Not so fast! I've still got one more trick up my sleeve!" said Manky Mice

Manky Mice then transformed himself into a pokemon. But not just any pokemon, the best pokemon with the best stats and typing, perfect for competitive tournaments. Not only that, but he was also at level 1 million and was so powerful, that he defeated Lorelei and her entire team in a single MLG attack.

"Looks like I underestimated you! Go on, and fight the next member of the elite four!" said Lorelei

"Bro, do you really think I have time for this easy garbage? I can defeat all of you in a single attack without thinking about it. I don't need to prove my worth to inferiors like yourselves." said Manky Mice with a snap in a Z formation. However, Manky Mice decided to beat the rest of the elite four anyways in a single attack, just because he felt like it.

After defeating the last of the elite four, the final member, Lance, bowed down before his new master.

"Your skill is truly incredible, I guess you are the new champion now." said Lance

"Of course I am the champion. I always have been, you just didn't know that." said Manky Mice

"However, just because you are champion doesn't mean your journey here is over just yet." said Lance

"What do you mean? I am the strongest trainer ever in the world, isn't that the main goal in the games?" asked Manky Mice. He already conquered he souls of his enemies, was that not enough in this world?

"Yes, but actually you don't know the whole truth of this world. Pokemon isn't just a game as you've been told. Its also... an anime." said Lance

Manky Mice was shocked, he couldn't believe it. He had been tricked into secretly entering an anime disguised as a video game. Now Manky Mice was in an anime, and where there is anime, there is...

To Be Continued