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Hello and welcome to my Harry Potter stories, Popping up Potter. The following chapters are about young Harry, growing up with the Dursleys. Have fun, And good luck to you, muggles, struggling on without magic! Good luck!

Faster, faster. The words whirled around in Harry's head, but did not seem to be going anywhere, let alone his poor, helpless, spindly little legs. He looked up. He wouldn't have to run for much longer, as the bins were only about another 15 yards away, and Dudley and his gang were getting closer. Only 12 yards till he got beaten so badly he wouldn't be able to sit down for days. Now only ten until he got caught. Five. He should probably leap for the last bit, then he might be able to hide behind the school bins for a little longer. Two. "Now!" the last word came as a little yelp as he left the ground. Wait, what?! What was happening? He wasn't jumping, but soaring, soaring high up …

He felt every eye in the playground on him, following his gaze as a lion's eye follows its prey. He, Harry, could see it now, there was no doubt about it. Harry was flying, flying up, up over the dustbins next to the wall, up, now over the wall, and now falling, falling down, down onto the school roof! As sure as sure can be, he, Harry, a no-one, was now sitting on top of the school roof, with the whole school staring and pointing at him from down below. Now the teachers were rushing over, screeching for the tallest ladders, nostrils flaring, eyes wide. Insults, detentions, tellings offs and scolding words were, clear as day, forming in their minds. It must be, after all, breaking lots of school rules to climb the school wall, let alone be on the roof (although Harry didn't actually climb the wall, or purposefully land on the roof, the teachers would think him insane if he told them the truth). Oh well. There was no escape now.

Great. Now he had detention for two whole weeks, and the headmaster was filing a school report. This was going on his record as sure as hell. He never had any luck. Nor any friends. He lived with his mean uncle and aunt, and was mocked and ridiculed daily by his cousin Dudley. On top of this, his parents were killed in a car crash, he lived in a cupboard, he was only in second grade. Oh, and it was his birthday next week, which he'll now be spending most of IN DETENTION! If only he had some friends to share his troubles with..

Back home, and once again safely locked away in his cupboard, Harry sat and thought. He thought about how he had managed to leap up high, onto the school roof. 'Maybe it means I have superpowers that I'm only just discovering now?' he thought hopefully.

Meanwhile, his aunt and uncle were having a serious discussion, out of earshot. "This is bad, this is very, very bad," Uncle Vernon muttered.

Aunt Petunia squealed "It's happening, and we can't do anything about it."

"I told you we should beat the boy."

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This was fun, I really enjoyed writing my first piece of Fan fiction!