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Pathetic even.

'What am I doing?' Kagome thought, moving from her position to sit and lean against the wall of the well, 'My duty is done. I doubt the portal will ever open again.'

But still, she was desperately longing to see her friends who had become a second family to her, so she tried going back each and every day, even sometimes injuring herself in the process.

It was done.

And she had to move on.

'Is that possible?' Kagome's head lolled back as she closed her eyes, hoping she would not upset herself to the point of crying with her wistful thinking.

She needed someone – someone who could pull her out of the normalcy that she very so wanted to get away from.

Most humans could barely understand her with an exception of a very few, and if she was completely honest, she could no longer understand her peers either.

'Please,' The Miko unwittingly rested her hand on her hip, not even consciously thinking of the Shikon no Tama that resided in her body once more, 'I need someone, anybody who can help me.'

And with those wishful thoughts, Kagome was startled to see the ground beneath her was glowing, causing her heart to race with both anxiety and excitement.

Was the well finally responding to her deepest desires?

'But something is different,' She realized, not feeling the familiar sensation of travelling to another time period, 'So what's happening?!'

The glow died down and Kagome slumped against the wall again in disappointment before snapping upwards once she sensed an unfamiliar presence right in front of her.

What the...?!

"Ah, I was not expecting this at all," A voice stated and the teen girl stared wide-eyed at the blond male standing before her, "But I can say that I don't mind this either."

"W-who...?" Kagome scrambled to stand up in a defensive position as she scrutinized the obvious foreigner with wariness, "Who are you?!"

"I'll protect you," The man smiled as he placed his hand on his armoured-clad chest, "I'll protect the world," He reached out his other arm towards her in a friendly gesture, "I'm your servant, Saber."

What the hell?!