Author's Note: Pennies and Dimes was originally posted on my old website, way back. Due to popular demand, I am posting it here. This story is literally nothing but porn with some eventual fluff and feelings thrown in. If you're looking for plot, you've come to the wrong place.

Updates: This story is 100% complete and will be updated on a weekly basis.

Warnings: Guys, this is basically a porno. There are lemons everywhere. Exhibitionist lemons. Multi-position lemons. Smack-talking lemons. You get the point. Also, some sexual scenes do not include "safe sex" meaning a lack of condoms where condoms should exist. Please don't take this as an educational reference for safe sex.

Pennies and Dimes

Part I

Jamie: Why don't they ever make a movie about what happens after they kiss?

Dylan: They do. It's called porn.

-Friends with Benefits (2011)

"Ooh, yes baby, fuck me. Mmm, harder."

Kagome flipped the page on her anthropology text, trying to finish her readings for her test in two days. She was only a bit behind on her work, but nothing too crazy. If she could finish the next three chapters she'd be fine. It was only eighty pages.


"That's right, oh you're so big. Love getting fucked by you. Mmm, yeah, mmm harder."

The Goddess of Love would be laughing at her right now. Aphrodite was probably rolling somewhere in her tomb, or wherever it was that she rolled. Her bed, maybe, with Ares in it because she was a bit of a slu

"Fuck me, fuck me, oh god I'm–"

Kagome flipped to another page.

"Oh my god," she drawled out, letting the underlying moan take over. She ignored the sounds on the other end of the headset, the way the man was grunting something incoherent and probably degrading. It didn't matter much anyways. She read another paragraph before the guy was finally done and then she did her proper 'thanks for coming' spiel and clicked the headset to end the call.

She scribbled down a note in the pad beside her, trying to form a relatively clear chart of Greek gods and goddesses. So far, it wasn't looking so neat. Damn the incest.

There was a familiar beep and Kagome didn't even sigh, she just answered the call. "Another one?" Kagome asked, only because she was required to. The female operator on the other end confirmed, telling her the caller was male. "Alright, I'm good."

It took a moment for the line to connect, but Kagome had been doing this for almost a year now and she'd gotten good at the timing. When there was a distinct lack of background humming, Kagome spoke up, flipping to another page. "Hi, you're on the line with Yura. How are you doing tonight, darling?"

This one required a lot less participation on her end, so Kagome moaned and panted like she was having the best sex of her life, letting it wind up and up as the male on the other end got closer and closer. "Oh, oh, don't stop," she whispered, sounding ridiculously breathy. She'd gotten good, Kagome was almost proud to say.

By the time she was finished with the caller, her throat was starting to hurt, voice getting scratchy. She checked the clock, realizing she had just under an hour left of her shift. Finishing up the last of the chapter, Kagome sighed and crawled out of bed. Any minute now she'd probably get another client, so she left her bedroom and went towards the kitchen.

Being a student was hard. University wasn't cheap and tuition was getting higher each year. Her mother had enough financial worries – what with her brother and grandfather living in the house back at home. Kagome was studying too far away to stay there, but maintaining a fair paying and flexible job was the least she could do to ease the burden. Kagome was already splitting the apartment with two other flatmates and if she could afford her own groceries more often than not, it was better for all of her family. The flexibility of her hours as a phone sex worker was great too – it allowed her to choose times when Sango and Kikyo would most likely be out with study groups, classes or late-night meetings. Neither of them minded but it was easier if they didn't hear her when she was panting to be fucked by someone who was probably old enough to be her parent.

The beep of her headset momentarily distracted her, and Kagome paused before opening a cupboard and getting out a glass for her water. She quickly filled it with tap water, taking a couple gulps while the operator patched her through. Kagome let her mind settle, let Yura the Phone Sex Operator take control while she rested against the kitchen counter. No one was home and she had been stuck in her room for the past two hours studying. She needed a minute of fresher air.

The static died and Kagome practically purred. "Hi, you're on the line with Yura. How can I help you tonight?"

"Yura, my love, how are you?"

Bankotsu, Kagome remembered, listening to the voice. There were a few regulars that she had, that needed to relax from their long journey home after their day job. Bankotsu was familiar – someone who was relatively easy to please. She liked him, all things considered. She didn't know the guy's real first name, but he was decent enough to talk to.

"I'm doing pretty well tonight," Kagome replied. "Relaxing mostly, enjoying my martini. It's getting rather late but I'm comfortable at the pool."

"Tanning all day? Haven't you heard that shit's bad for you?" Bankotsu teased.

"It's only bad if there are tan lines," Kagome hummed. "And there won't be. Although, the sun's gone so I should probably head inside soon." She took another glass of water, wishing to hell it was a martini. It was warm outside, although Kagome knew mostly because of the weather report and not from personal experience. She'd been holed up in her room all day trying to study for upcoming tests. Thankfully she only had one class early in the morning.

"Getting warmed up?"

"Always a tease," Kagome murmured. The conversation went on from there, slow progress that ranged from talking about the recent news to future politics. Kagome was refilling her glass by the time that Bankotsu finally started hinting more heavily and she took her cue, saying the words that he wanted to hear.

"Mmm, I want you to fill me up so bad," Kagome whispered, a heated pant that she had perfected due to practice. "Use that big dick of yours to pound me. You like it rough, don't you baby?"

Bankotsu was a talker. He loved to talk almost as much as he liked to hear her talk. She groaned loud and wantonly as the man on the other end told her all the things he wanted to do to her, how she'd love it, how she'd want it.

It was completely surprising when the door to the kitchen burst open, but Kagome didn't turn around, not right away. Sango just came back from her group meeting probably; Kikyo was a TA for a night class so she wouldn't be back for another hour. Her friends were aware of the job, so Kagome didn't even hesitate.

That was a mistake.

"Oh yeah, mmm baby I'd want that. I'd want you to tease me, get me all wet and begging and –oh." The last part wasn't intentional, not by a long shot. Kagome had turned to leave the kitchen and go back to her room when it wasn't Sango that was blocking the doorway.

It was a guy.

A very hot and rather attractive guy.

For the longest second, Kagome stared stupidly at him. She wanted to demand what the hell this guy was doing in her apartment, and why the hell was he just standing there?

"Yura, do you want me to fuck you now? Do you?" Bankotsu panted, his following groan indicating that he was getting close. The call had already last thirty minutes, so typically Kagome would be pushing for the finale – but there was a guy in her kitchen.

And she couldn't just stop.

"Fuck me baby," she let out, long and horrible and she sounded wrecked and desperate, but that was the point. The guy – silver hair, dog ears, gold-coloured eyes – stared at her stupidly, possibly paralysed to the spot. Then Kagome could see Sango behind him, about to yell something when she caught her gaze. Her best friend looked utterly confused, but there was nothing to be done. Gripping her glass of water tighter, Kagome brushed past the guy and left as quickly as she could. She moaned on the way, hoping to all hell it didn't sound as strangled as she felt. Bankotsu was too far gone anyways, his groans getting louder and louder before he came.

Kagome realized she never even pretended to climax. That wasn't typically a good thing.

Making up for it by providing Bankotsu with a litany of bad puns and sexy, post-coital talk, Kagome quietly shut the door to her room. The call ended and Kagome couldn't be more thankful. There was two minutes left of her shift, but no one was directed to her. She sighed in relief when she could take off the headset, flopping down onto her bed and trying to ignore the expression on that guy's face.

Who was he even? Obviously a friend of Sango's although they typically had a rule of no unplanned friends coming over. The reason for it was pretty much the shining example that occurred only minutes ago.

Kagome wanted the ground to eat her up. She wasn't ashamed because this was her job. Okay, it wasn't conventional, but she made good money. She'd been at it long enough to know how to keep people on the line, to keep them talking and to give them at least a decent, fantasized world in which they could happily orgasm too. Did she care? No. She'd realized a long time ago that they were simply getting off on her voice and words.

Yura the phone sex operator was relatively well-off, did the job because she got bored easily, and she loved martinis, swimming and tanning. She preferred cats to dogs, voted conservative and hated soda of any kind. She talked approximately 20 guys off per four-hour shift, although today she managed 22.

The reason she wanted to momentarily disappear was because people always reacted funny to her. They either were disgusted by her or strangely interested. She'd dated far too many assholes who only liked to be with her so their sex could include her wide and relatively dirty vocabulary. The worst part was that they hadn't even really known about her job, she'd just hinted at it.

It sucked. And this really hot guy she just ran into? He was probably thinking some crude things about her, even if they weren't sexual. Her first words to him were 'fuck me baby'.

Kagome smothered her face into her pillow, wondering if the remaining eighty pages of her anthropology readings would do themselves if she passed out on top of her book.

None of this would've happened if Kagome didn't always feel so guilty for something that wasn't even her fault. She blamed that fact on her mother, who was too kind for the world. She never stopped smiling and would go out of her way to help someone else in need. Or, frankly, even if they weren't in need. Her mother simply gave all the time without expecting anything back.

Kagome wasn't a replica of her, but sometimes it could get close. She had a guilty conscience at times, especially if she ruined something for someone. If she got a bad grade on a group project, Kagome would go insane about it, talking to the professor until she yelled her mark up. When there was only one locker left at the university gym – because there were never enough – and another girl was looking at it at the same time Kagome's brown eyes had, she would give it up to the other person with a smile. Kikyo laughed at her for it, because her friend was pretty close to the exact opposite, but there was nothing she could do. It was instinct almost, and telling herself to not help someone in need was like putting a gun to her head. It was impossible.

This was why she was in this horrible predicament. None of this would've happened had she not been so damn helpful.

It had all happened so fast. One minute Kagome was waiting for the bus to come to a complete stop and the next she was stumbling backwards, someone having fallen themselves and knocking her off balance. She had been going back, back, until suddenly she hit a warm body. There was a loud curse from the man behind her, a mumbled apology from the redhead teenager in front of her, but Kagome could only focus on the scalding liquid now on her back.

"Watch what you're fucking doing," the man behind her had yelled.

"I am so, so sorry but it wasn't my fault!" Kagome exclaimed, turning around to face whoever was behind her. It was a massive shock then when the person there had long silver hair, golden eyes and white, fuzzy dog ears. "My god, you've got to be fucking with me," Kagome had muttered, mostly to herself. Only the universe could be this cruel as to have her meet him again, especially like this.

"By this point," the guy had said dryly, "I think I should, only because you tend to start every sentence that way with me."

Somehow it had all spiralled down from there. The bus driver was impatiently waiting for them to get off, calling out the street name again. Kagome noticed that the scalding liquid had been coffee and it was all over his nice white shirt. And, somehow in this horrible mess, they had both gotten off at the same stop, because fate was a finicky bitch.

"You're Sango's friend, right?" she asked, trying for conversation that didn't revolve around sex.

"Inuyasha," the guy answered in response, nodding his head before looking down at his dripping coffee cup. "Sango and I are in the same program. Look, my skin is still burning from the coffee and I've got to bus it back to my place to change. So I'm going to go if I want to make the next bus headed home–"

"Come with me." The words were out of her mouth before she could stop and think it through.

Inuyasha stared at her rather pointedly. "Do you hear what comes out of your mouth?"

Yeah, and Kagome had wondered how this all started. It was her guilty conscience, her unfiltered mouth and the fact that this guy had walked in on her talking a client off. Which, of course, didn't explain how things had changed from then until now because Inuyasha was unnecessarily sprawled out on her couch watching television shirtless while his actual shirt was in the wash. And Kagome tried, she really had, but the twenty-something-year old beside her was attractive as hell and Kagome was sexually frustrated and in the end, she's not entirely sure what happened.

Her brain tried to tell her that it had been all Inuyasha's fault, that he couldn't leave shit alone. He even had the nerve to ask who the lucky boyfriend was. And stupidly, she responded with a confused 'no, why?' Their problems all came back to the kitchen where they had first met each other and Kagome murmured inappropriate things while Inuyasha just stared like a creeper.

"So who were you talking to in the kitchen then?" Inuyasha prompted, pointedly not looking at her. There was a commercial on, something about a fascinating pair of scissors. "Must have been someone special if it wasn't your boyfriend."

"It's none of your business, frankly," Kagome replied, heart skipping a few beats. Why was he being so damned nosey?

Inuyasha smirked, smug with some sort of invisible victory. "Don't have to be all snappy about it. I was just curious."


And from there, the conversation deteriorated, quickly becoming some sort of battle of the wits that drowned out the television Inuyasha had been watching. And the fighting somehow turned into…this.

"You drive me crazy," Inuyasha said, his voice barely more than a growl. He held her hips tight, bruises sure to be left there afterwards, and then pounded into her hard.

The crazy he must've been talking about was undoubtedly the frustration Kagome felt. All she had been trying to do was be nice, and instead it ended up with – with this. Kagome wasn't sure if she liked him – hell, she didn't know him – but what little she did gave very negative points. Inuyasha was infuriatingly snappy with remarks. He was nosey and cocky and–

"Harder," she urged, wiggling in his hands, demanding more.

Lips were biting at hers, tongues dancing and she was grinding down against him, his hard cock hot inside of her. His clawed hands pushed up her top – the shirt that replaced the one that was in the wash with Inuyasha's – and she quietly moaned into his mouth, rolling her hips. Inuyasha seemed to love it, if the way his hands grabbed at her butt was any indication. He pulled her impossibly closer, dragging his mouth away to suck at the pulse point on her neck.

No longer being kissed within an inch of her life, Kagome had a moment of hazy thinking, of realizing that this was probably very strange. How did things like this happen to people?

His fingers tugged at her nipple, pulling hard and Kagome arched all the more, gasping out his name in nothing more than a whisper. She wasn't vocal, not like Yura the Phone Sex Operator was. This was just her, just Kagome, and maybe she needed that. Maybe she needed the separation and–

"Fuck, come on," Inuyasha panted wetly under her jaw.

Maybe she was a bit drunk on whatever cologne he was wearing, because dear god.

No waiting, no hesitating, Kagome lifted up and then sat down, pushing him deep within her and oh god, oh god

Inuyasha groaned as she keened, her legs begging to go wider, to force him deeper still. Her hands felt along his stomach, the indent of muscle and slick skin. He thrust inside of her, again and again and again and again, and Kagome ground down against him like she'd die without it.

"Please, mm fuck," she whispered, practically begging, and Inuyasha kissed her, all teeth and wet and slick, and then they were moving fast and ruthless on the couch. He lifted her like she was nothing, holding her in the air as he pumped his cock in and out of her, each slap a damning noise in the otherwise silent house. The television wasn't even on, and Kagome had no time to consider when it was turned off before he thrust particularly deep.

"Christ," Inuyasha panted, claws dancing down the front of her body. His thumb dipped lower, parting her seam and teasing the clit. Kagome gasped, hardly expecting it, as she forced him to let her go so that she could take over. She rode him hard and fast, breath jolting out of her with each slap of skin, rubbing herself all along his body. He felt good – amazing – and she'd almost forgotten how fantastic it felt to be filled, to be hot from the inside out and desperate for more. Her mind was shot to hell, and when Inuyasha leaned forward to suck at her breast, Kagome couldn't help the cry that escaped her mouth.

"Faster Kagome," Inuyasha whispered when he pulled back, then licking a long, teasing strip of his tongue against her nipple. His hand left her clit, going back to her hips to guide her up and down. "I want you begging for it– fuck."

At this point she was going to. It just wasn't enough, not in this position. She wanted to feel every inch of him buried inside of her. She wanted to feel this way forever, for her brain to stop thinking and analyzing so she could just feel and touch and whimper out incoherent sentences she wouldn't be reminded of later. She grabbed at his chest, prodding and scratching. Slowly climbing until she reached his neck, she pulled him down, closer. On top, damn it.

Somehow Inuyasha got the idea. Grip tightening even harder, he twisted them around until she was flat on the couch, legs splayed wide with him settled between her. Arms looping around her thighs he lifted her, growling at the feel of her body so tightly wrapped around him. "I want to hear you," he murmured, doing nothing more than rolling his hips, pushing deep inside of her, teasing.

"What?" Kagome asked, squeezing her eyes shut. Why was he talking, they did not need to talk through this. She really didn't need to think too hard about what was going on, mostly because she hadn't been thinking for any of this from the start.

"Tell me," he whispered, leaning down to suck on her breast. Inuyasha thrust once, shallow and not nearly enough. "What do you want?"

Opening her dark brown eyes, Kagome stared into Inuyasha's golden ones. They were dark, large and boring into her, and it clicked into her brain suddenly. He had heard her talk before in the kitchen with her client and now that's all he wanted.

Was she even remotely okay with that?

Inuyasha decided to break the silence, tugging her closer and then slamming into her, setting up a slow and torturous pace. Kagome groaned, scrambling to lean up and kiss him when he held back, thrust into her harder and sending her up along the couch.

"Oh god, again," she gasped, digging in her heels, thrumming as he listened. Every thrust brought sparks along her body, a hazy feeling in her head that echoed the pleasure she felt. "Come on Inuyasha, just fuck me already."

The half-demon moaned on top of her, losing all restraint. His lips crashed into hers as she fucked her, hard and unrelenting and Kagome decided that she really didn't care what she had to say as long as he didn't stop. Whatever she tried to say was lost in the push-pull of their bodies, the pants that danced across heated flesh. "Kagome, please– fuck–"

But she was too gone for words. She grabbed his hips, arched her back and then took control for herself. She was desperate, riding a high she hadn't felt in so long. Digging in her heels she slid along his body, forcing his thrusts deeper inside of her and controlling it. She pulled him deeper, held him closer, and rode his cock. She was gasping, keening, needing

"Jesus Christ," Inuyasha hissed out, his hips stuttering to a complete stop as he grabbed her, held her so close that she could barely breathe. He came with a shuddering force, his brain turning offline as he let the sensations override, let them lull him into sated relaxation.

"Don't stop, you ass," Kagome whined, pushing against him, begging for more. She was so close and if Inuyasha was going to be some selfish pig she was going to scratch his damn eyes out. Suddenly he was pushing her down further into the couch, his one hand just below her breasts while the other slid lower. Kagome gasped at the first feel of his fingers brushing against her clit, unable to keep her mouth shut from a litany of curses and dirty promises. His fingers teased around her opening, the slick from the lube on the condom wetting them. He leaned down, licking a trail up the valley of her breasts while he returned to her clit, performing teasing little circles, relentless in the pressure.

"What was that?" the half-demon asked, smirking as he looked up at her.

Kagome ran her hands through his hair, unable to break the smouldering gaze. Inuyasha was hot as hell, and the sight of him down between her legs was not something she wanted to forget. "Stay right there," she murmured, eyes closing as the pressure built. Every nerve ending was on fire, finely tuned to the silver-haired man on top of her.

"I don't think so," Inuyasha whispered, sucking the skin along her collarbone as he slowly pulled out. It was a shock to her system, and she was just about to yell at him when suddenly his fingers were there, pumping inside of her and making her writhe beneath him. She was already so close, so desperate and not yet

Kagome cried out, hands tugging hard on the long silver strands as she came. "Oh fuck," she whispered, panting as she tried to let her body settle, let the thrum of energy that had built inside of her subside into blissful looseness.

Coming down from the high was slow and languid. Kagome relaxed her hands and felt the strands slip between her fingers. Okay, so this had just happened. It wasn't a big deal – accidents happened all the time and while this was certainly an accident, it was not something she would take back because Christ.

The loud buzzer announcing that the washing load was done ended the calm silence. Kagome should've realized something was up, that this wouldn't simply end a bit awkward and a bit shy.

Inuyasha chuckled. "I just realized something."

Bad. Bad. Bad. "What?"

"I had been planning on going to the gym, right? So I have a clean t-shirt in my bag that I could've just switched into." Kagome floundered somewhat, unwilling to open her eyes because until she did so she was calm and relaxed and temporarily swimming in bliss. She would take it for as long as she could.

Of course, the silver-haired guy continued. "Mind you, this was a lot better than just studying. I can see why you do so well at work."

Kagome sat up abruptly, pushing herself off the couch and wincing at the feel. Things couldn't get worse, not with the way lubricant and her own come was wet between her legs, threatening to slide down. Oh god. But he mentioned her job – her job – and no one was supposed to know. "What did you just say?" Even if he had heard her in the kitchen, putting two and two together would still be hard. The job wasn't exactly common. Who immediately jumped to the conclusion of a phone sex operator?

Inuyasha gave her a look, his face crunched up like he smelled something bad. Sex, probably. The living room reeked of it and if Kikyo and Sango found out? Oh dear god, no. "You mean you're not a phone sex person? Or something?" He waved his one hand dismissively, using the other to remove and tie off the condom. Where had the condom even come from?

She had no response at all. Only her two roommates knew and that was because they had to. There was a reason it was kept a secret because if others knew or found out– She couldn't imagine. Men weren't always subtle. Women were generally bitches.

"It was a bit obvious since you were–" he waved his hand again, flailing as if to describe it, "–talking and panting and doing nothing to yourself. It could've been a boyfriend and you were just suffering through but you said you didn't have one. I can't imagine you'd suffer willingly for any other reason. Also, you were wearing a headset."

"No, you can't–" Kagome cut herself off, shaken. She never had a plan for if it leaked out. "You can't tell anyone." Inuyasha rolled his eyes and it just wasn't good enough. She reached out, grabbed the cheeks on his face, firm but gentle, and felt herself trembling. "You asshole, this could ruin my life. Don't pretend it's not a big deal because it is to me."

"Do you honestly think I care enough to say anything?" Inuyasha scoffed and pushed off her hands, standing. "Newsflash: it's not important. Why would I say something so stupid? I'm not a fucking gossip."

"Well thank god for small favours," Kagome snapped, still tense. Inuyasha could say and promise all he wanted, but they were nothing to each other. He didn't owe her anything.

The silver-haired half-demon rolled his eyes and grabbed his jeans, sliding them on, "Look, this was fun and all–"

Kagome's laugh interrupted, sharp and loud. "Right, that's what it was."

"Oh fuck you," Inuyasha carelessly sent back, smirking seconds later and looking thoughtful. "Oh wait…"

"You're an asshole," she grit through clenched teeth.

"I hope you don't say that to your clients. It would certainly ruin the afterglow. What do you give them, huh? What bullshit comes out of your mouth that gets them so riled up?"

"Why don't you ask yourself, since you were begging for it," Kagome snapped. "Have to say, you're the first for that prize."

"Fuck you!"

"You already have!"

Inuyasha growled and rummaged through his gym bag for a shirt. Throwing it on, he grabbed his stuff and headed for the door. It simply infuriated her all the more because it was her house. She should be throwing him out.

"I have your damn shirt, what am I supposed to do with it?" Kagome screamed, struggling back into a top and underwear – which didn't cover nearly enough but was better than nothing. She chased after him. "Stop, you bastard! What am I–"

"Keep it!" Inuyasha yelled, yanking open the front door and glaring at her with golden eyes. "It can be like a trophy for the first and probably last time you'll ever get laid."

"I hate you!" Kagome screamed, grabbing the nearest object – a romantic paperback, one of Sango's favourite guilty pleasures and oh the irony – and throwing it at his head.

The resounding slam of the door made her scream in anger some more. With the paperback left forgotten on the mat by their door, Kagome stomped into the living room to remove any and all traces of Inuyasha from her life.

Inuyasha would've been more than happy if it had ended just like that. He didn't need that damn shirt and he certainly didn't need Kagome in his life. She was clearly more trouble than she was worth, which was why he hated Sango inexplicably when she spotted the raven-haired woman walking across campus. He and Sango had been talking about their current engineering assignment they were working on together when Sango smiled, flipping back her long brown hair and yelled, "Kagome! Hey, come here!"

Damn it.

To be fair, Kagome didn't look all that happy either. Her dark brown eyes minutely glanced at him before she turned her full attention to her roommate, smiling. It goaded him, incredibly so for reasons Inuyasha couldn't explain. Kagome was an anal, annoying woman who thought the world revolved around her. As if he would talk about her to his friends – why the fuck would he? The fact that she talked men off for a living sure as fuck wasn't going to change that.

Of course, it had been her job that really screwed him up. Ever since he last saw her, he'd had dreams damn it, and fantasies that were no longer faceless. It was dark hair, small breasts, big hips and that voice. The way she begged for him, so pretty riding his cock had been something he couldn't forget, couldn't escape.

It was madness.

"I'll see you at home," Kagome said, snapping him out of his thoughts. She was waving at Sango, heading towards the Arts Quad with her perfect ass swaying in nice, dark blue jeans. Shit.

"Well, it's great to see you being social," Sango muttered sarcastically. "Considering you scared the crap out of her when you were last at our place, you'd think you'd be nicer."

Which, really, wasn't his fault. Sango hadn't actually heard what Inuyasha had, and he played dumb because Sango already had a murderous look in her magenta eyes for 'getting lost'. He also secretly hated being punched by her, because ow.

"Hello?" Sango asked, snapping her fingers in his face. "Anybody home?"

"You're right." Inuyasha didn't think too much about the plan formulating in his head, didn't think about what it would mean or what the consequences could be.

Sango was clearly confused. "About what?"

"I should say hi," he replied, taking off at an inhuman dash across the field to stand just behind Kagome. Even if Sango was confused and questioning, there was no way she'd catch up to them in time.

But now that he was there, he didn't quite know what to do. Silently he followed her, just until they made it into an older building with mud in the doorway. He smirked and tapped her shoulder, waiting. Inuyasha wasn't disappointed.

"Just what I need," Kagome muttered, turning pointedly away and continuing to wherever she was going. And honestly, minus the sarcasm from that statement and she really, really was on a roll with him and impressive first statements. "I have class in five minutes so I don't have time for this."

"I was only going to say hi," Inuyasha commented lightly, unashamedly following beside her. "Hi."

"You're an asshole." Kagome gripped her backpack tighter, lips frowning when the thick crowd of students blocked any chance of escape. Inuyasha was almost pleased by this. "What do you want?"

"Nothing in particular. Sango said I was being unsociable towards you, so I had to fix it. She can't think anything is up or, you know, people would find out."

"That we–" Kagome rolled her eyes. "That's not the part I care about people knowing, and I know you know that, so stop being obtuse." She paused, bottom lip rolling between her teeth that Inuyasha couldn't help but notice. "Although, omitting the couch part would be favourable."

Inuyasha just hummed noncommittally. "So I can kiss and tell about our little adventure? Tell them how needy and begging for it you were–" The grasp she suddenly had on his hair shut him up and he certainly didn't expect her to drag him to the side, the wall indented slightly for the entrance to the men's bathroom.

"No!" she hissed, glaring at him. Her brown eyes held fury that looked so familiar and Inuyasha wanted to smirk again because this Kagome he knew and knew well. It had started and ended with anger after all. "Don't you dare! I'm just saying I'm not embarrassed by it. Mistakes happen."

And that he wasn't expecting. It pissed him off because Inuyasha was a lot of things, but never a goddamn mistake. His few drunken encounters, the random girls at bars he took home for the night, none of them ran away horrified. Kagome was just that though.

It wouldn't do.

Grabbing her wrist, Inuyasha hip-checked the bathroom door open and dragged her inside. His first thought was that he was insane. The next was that no one was there. Without hesitating he opened one of the few stall doors, dragged her inside and then pressed her up against it while simultaneously undoing her jeans. He was nothing if not a multi-tasker.

"What are you doing?" Kagome hissed, sounding outraged. She smacked his hands but it didn't matter because he was already successful, moving his hands to push the backpack off her shoulders. "No! Stop it, damn you!"

Inuyasha silenced her with a biting kiss, his fingers shoving into her pants so that he could slid a finger inside of her. He could practically feel the wince, but he crooked the digit, pressing against puckered flesh again and again until she sighed into his mouth. Pulling away, he whispered wetly in her ear, "Don't you dare be quiet for this."

Kagome shook her head, her eyes closed and face lax with what Inuyasha was going to name pleasure. "No– We're in public, you moron–"

Inuyasha nibbled on her ear, tugging not all that gently as he crooked his finger again, added another into the wet heat. "I want to hear you." His free hand skimmed under her bra, clawing lightly at a nipple. Kagome gasped and with an encouraging nip along her jaw line she moaned, not loud enough for his liking but anyone in the bathroom could certainly hear. Inuyasha hid his smirk in her neck.

He kissed her pulse point, sucking greedily on the pale flesh and pushing her higher against the door. It made Kagome keen, back arching into his touch.

"I can't–" He cut himself off by kissing her, delighting in the sounds she made. It all went straight to his dick, which was aching and straining in his pants for attention. Classes had already begun. No one would really be in the halls now. Inuyasha dropped his own backpack to the floor, removing his fingers from her to get what he needed.

"Inuyasha," Kagome mumbled, blinking and starting to look a little bit horrified. "What? I have class, we can't– Not here, hell–"

But it was far too late for that. Inuyasha grabbed the condom from his backpack, which he hadn't been the one to put there – thank you Miroku for being so sex-crazed and making me your official wingman with backup. It wasn't like he thought this would happen – not even close – but now he couldn't be bothered to care. Undoing his jeans and sliding down his boxers, Inuyasha smirked at the strangled noise Kagome made in front of him. She talked about the reasons it shouldn't happen, but in the end she wasn't moving, wasn't putting her clothes back on.

Inuyasha rolled on the condom, hissing at the feel of his nearly untouched cock and the straining need he had to be inside of her. Turning back around to face her, Kagome looked possibly better than she had the first time – all swollen lips, breasts askew in her bra, undone pants and dishevelled hair.

Oh god how he wanted her.

"Turn around," he said gently, grabbing at her hips and arranging her so that she was faced away from him, hands against the stall door and ass sticking out towards him. He kissed the back of her neck, the raised bone of her spine, his fingers curling into the band of her infuriatingly hot jeans. Sliding them down along with her underwear, he wasted no time in lightly biting the indent of her lower back, the curve of her right shoulder. He slid a finger in her once more, testing, feeling her out before he removed it to hold the base of his cock and line himself up.

Pushing himself in was like blacking out and feeling everything. His heavy, throbbing cock was shoved inside in one long, drawn out thrust. The heat, the tightness of her body drove him insane. He started thrusting with abandon, hands on her hips to keep him steady. Beneath him Kagome groaned, tilting her hips and matching him thrust for thrust. It was intoxicating, breathtaking, and in that moment there was no one as beautiful as her.

Bending over so that his chest was pressed against her back, Inuyasha groaned at the angle on his next thrust. "Kagome, god, I need to hear you, I need–"

And just like that she was speaking, begging, pleading for more – of him, his words, his cock shoved deep inside of her.

"Don't you stop on me," Kagome panted, wrecked and ruined and fuck the things her voice did to his dick. "Fuck me, oh god, that's all? Fuck me, Inuyasha. I want to feel you for days."

No one said shit like that in real life, Inuyasha thought, but he was too preoccupied by the way her ass fit snugly against his hips, how the slap of skin on skin was deafeningly loud in the otherwise quiet bathroom.

The sound of the door opening made him stop for the barest of seconds, footfall on tiles breaking the spell before Inuyasha rocked into her harder than before, making the stall door shake and Kagome groan wantonly.

"Oh you want this," he said, low and sure, seductive. He licked the back of her neck, panting hotly to make her shiver. "Tell me."

"I want you," Kagome moaned, "to fuck me harder. I know you can do better than this, you – Oh fuck."

There was a curse before the bathroom door swung open and closed again, leaving them alone once more. Inuyasha didn't hold back now, thrusting in and out with sharp, shallow strokes. Kagome writhed and whined beneath him, pleading and egging him on until finally she screamed, the sound muffled by her lips against her arm. Inuyasha listened to it – to her – and couldn't stop the wave that was crashing over him, sending him into oblivion. Inuyasha's climax was sharp and powerful, his cock straining in the condom with his release and slowly, ever so slowly, he pulled out.

Kagome groaned and then laughed, full of self-deprecation and shock. "I can't believe this," she murmured, mostly to herself. She grabbed toilet paper as Inuyasha dealt with the condom, shrugging before flushing it down the toilet. He was greeted with Kagome's shaking head.

"What?" he asked, daring her to say something.

"That's what clogs toilets, you know," Kagome commented dryly. She paused, brown eyes searching him a little more carefully. "Want to explain what that was all about?"

Inuyasha paused, as if he was actually thinking about it. He most certainly wasn't because he knew, he knew. "Nope. Just felt like it. Enjoy your class."

Fixing up his hair and shirt as he walked out of the bathroom with his backpack haphazardly hanging off one shoulder, Inuyasha smirked.

Once was a mistake.

Twice was a potential trend, regardless if it was regrettable or not.

And Inuyasha was never a mistake.

Kagome would like to say that she was surprised when she and Inuyasha crossed paths at the outside track. Kagome had never seen him there before, but the way he moved around all of the holes and bumps in the poorly maintained track made her think they were just never synced with each other.

Apparently, something had changed.

Kagome also wanted to say that she was surprised when he looked her up and down, and she had maybe two seconds of proper, cohesive thought process before she dragged him to some hidden corner of the field, behind the building and snug up close with a gate in dire need of painting.

Kagome needed to say a lot of things, but rather she dropped to her knees of her own volition and sucked his cock until he screamed. Inuyasha reciprocated the orgasm giving like a proper gentleman and after that, neither of them felt much like running.

Kagome was not stupid enough to think that this was just a three-time thing, that nothing was going to ever happen from there.

The shower ran horribly cold when she washed off and yet, it was oddly fitting.

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