Author's Note: All good things must end.

Pennies and Dimes


Inuyasha was having a really, really shitty day.

It started when he woke up, far too late and far too long after his alarm clock was supposed to go off. It had rained the day before and then frozen overnight, so while Inuyasha had to sprint with demon speed towards the school, everything was a big block of ice.

He fell far too many times and with the speed he was going, none of it had been pretty.

There had been a pop quiz in class, which was the biggest fucking annoyance of the day. The prof had told them there would be several over the course of the year, but fuck it if he put the damn thing on the only day Inuyasha had ever been late. He wrote the quiz in three minutes, when they normally had five. He barely finished, and if the TA was able to read what could only be considered scratch at the end, well, there was hope for a passing mark.

With his lateness, Inuyasha hadn't brought money or his cell phone, which meant no food and no one to help. He could've gone home but one glance outside the window to seeing hail was just too much. He sat in the library, sulking, until his next few classes started. When he finally journeyed back home, he managed to freeze the tips of his ears so bad it actually hurt to walk inside his warm apartment. Then he heard Miroku moaning loudly and realized that Sango was obviously over.

Grabbing some cash – if part of it was Miroku's, well, fuck him – Inuyasha walked down the street to a small deli to grab food, because it was four o'clock and he was famished. He had forgotten his cell phone, again. The sandwich was the most delicious thing he had ever come across (probably because he was nearly dying) but the coffee had been absolutely awful.

And then, when he went outside to walk home two solid hours later in hopes that Miroku and Sango were done their gross activities, it started to rain.

Of course, because that was his life.

Really, there hadn't been any conscious decision to head towards her house rather than his, but Inuyasha wasn't in the mood to look too deeply into his mind. He knew what things were – kind of – but they were something. He wanted to send a text to let her know he was heading over but without a cell phone he was shit out of luck. Regardless, Inuyasha huddled deeper into his coat and ran the rest of the way to her place. By the time he arrived, the half-demon huddled under the porch, staring up at Kagome's window with narrowed eyes. There was no way he was climbing up there with the amount of rain that was pouring down.

His only option was to knock on the door.

Inuyasha stared for a moment, raised his hand and realized with a horror that Kikyo could possibly answer. She was cool and all, but frankly, she was slightly terrifying in her blasé viewpoint of the world. He didn't know her all that well but Kagome had told him stories. The wind blew by, harder than before and sending a few scattered raindrops underneath the overhang of the porch. Giving in, Inuyasha knocked.

Sango was probably with Miroku still, so there was a fifty percent chance the person answering the door would be Kagome.

Kikyo grinned at him devilishly when she saw his face. "Well, look what the cat dragged in."

Considering he was soaking wet and dripping all over, Inuyasha found that statement hardly amusing. "Is Kagome here?"

"Yeah, come on," the black-haired woman urged, stepping aside to let him in. Inuyasha removed his shoes and soaking jacket, hanging them up and looking disdainfully at the floor where the water continued to drip. "Don't worry about it. You should've seen what I drunkenly did at a paint party. Sango was furious about the neon green paint pressing against her door."

Inuyasha raised a brow. "Did it come off?"

"Of course it did," Kikyo scoffed. "Although, I may or may not have washed all of it but my breast imprints. It made for a funny story when her study group came by later that night."

"Did she throttle you?" the half-demon asked, surprised. Sango had always been pretty crazy when it came to cleanliness. He knew that and he didn't even live with her. "I imagine she wasn't too pleasant to deal with."

"Actually, I just got her drunk with Jello shots and we did it to Kagome's door." Kikyo's grin couldn't possibly get any wider. "She should be in her room."

"Thanks." Heading towards the stairs, Inuyasha paused when he heard the faintest of laughs from the main floor. He turned to see Kikyo staring at him, clearly amused. "What?"

"You are a massive dork. Sango told me you had it bad and trust me, I saw it at the cottage well enough. But just now climbing those stairs? If you had a tail, it would be wagging."

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "You love making dog references, don't you?"

"Only when it fits. Like, you know, when you were panting after her. Drooling for her. Go fetch boy!" Kikyo laughed hysterically and started to leave the main entrance. "Just ask her out already, you tool. She won't say no."

Snorting, the half-demon leaned against the railing and crossed his arms. "You're giving me advice on my love life? I hardly know you. The most I know is that you have a thing for threesomes."

"Jealous?" Kikyo asked, winking. "Don't worry. I'm sure Jakotsu wouldn't mind joining you and Kagome. Although, I wouldn't recommend it since she doesn't typically share."

"How do you know?" Inuyasha asked, shrugging. "What makes you so sure she's not just in it for exactly what this started as?"

The black-haired woman gave him the driest possible look. "Don't be purposely stupid. Honestly, that was offensively dumb. Stop chasing your damn tail and actually get some tail, permanently."

"Fuck you," Inuyasha mumbled, ignoring Kikyo's continuing laughter as he went to Kagome's room. The door was shut so Inuyasha stood in front of it much like he stood in front of the main door. He had never really entered from this side before, except for that one time where he surprised her and they quickly got with the whole let's-have-sex thing…

Knocking lightly, Inuyasha made a face before opening it himself. Kagome was halfway from getting off her bed, looking at him with confusion written across her face. "Hey," she said, her brown eyes pointedly glancing at her phone. "Did you call?"


Kagome studied him, stepping closer until she was nearly pressed against him. "You're soaking wet. Did you run here? It's pouring out!"

"Yeah," Inuyasha grumbled, "thanks tips. Miroku and Sango are having sex at the house so I had to escape before my ears fell off."

"You saw them?" Kagome asked, slightly horrified. "Inuyasha, you should have paid more attention!"

"What? The hell I was staying back there and watching them!" He looked at her like she had grown at head.

"No, sorry," Kagome sighed, "I mean, you should've been listening before you entered. Walking in on their first time is terrible."

"What?" The conversation was quickly getting out of hand. "No, I didn't– Oh god, they haven't yet? Miroku hasn't had sex yet, excuse me?" He wasn't sure what question got to him more. But then again, did it really matter? "I didn't just walk in, they were in a bedroom. But they were loud! They probably didn't even know I was there! All I wanted was some money and food."

He hadn't whined that last bit there. There was no whining whatsoever in his tone.

The way Kagome's face crumpled in pity was a strong indicator that he had failed. "Oh, I'm sorry," she said, reaching out to stroke his arm. "Have you eaten yet?"

"Yeah, that's where I came from," he grumbled, glaring at the wet spots on his shirt from his soaking hair. "It was a longer run but I didn't want to go back home just in case."

It was a strange mixture of laughter and adoration, but Kagome's long aww made him roll his eyes. "And you came here?"

"Who else do I know or care about?" Inuyasha snapped, grumpy. He was wet. Kikyo had called him a cat and made other references to his dog-like nature. Of course, being here with Kagome made him realize that the woman wasn't so far off the mark. Son of a bitch.

"Let's dry you off," Kagome said instead, clearly getting the hint. She started unbuttoning his jeans – which were completely soaked – and pulling them off.

"Is that what people are calling it these days?" Inuyasha asked, amused at Kagome's eye roll while he stepped out of his clothes. He took off his shirt too, because why not? Spinning, he jumped for the bed and buried under the covers. It was still warm from before when she was lying down. "Go woman. Do my laundry."

"What?" Kagome asked, screeching somewhat. His wet clothes were thrown on his head but he hid under the covers further, closing his eyes. "Don't go to sleep on me, hey!"

Frankly, now that he thought of it, his boxers were wet too. Jeans weren't exactly waterproof. Poking his head out, Inuyasha grinned. "You forgot something."

The black-haired woman gave him a long-suffering look. Her facial expression even hinted at the regret she'd face, but she asked the question anyways. "What?"

"I've still got my boxers on. Those are wet too, you know."

"Really?" Kagome asked, crossing her arms and looking amused. "They are?"

"You can even feel them if you don't believe me," the half-demon said solemnly.

Laughing, Kagome grabbed his jeans and shirt back. "Just give me the damn thing and I'll throw them in the dryer. Do not go streaking around my house. Kikyo is here."

He flung his boxers in her direction before hiding under the blankets once more. "I don't like her anyways. She called me a cat."

"The horror," Kagome deadpanned. The snick of the door shutting said she was gone but Inuyasha was good at waiting. When the door opened five minutes later, it was a smart thing that he hadn't thrown off the covers and invited Kagome to bed.

Kikyo looked mildly unimpressed with him, but it may have been because he was surrounded by purple bed sheets. "I said, 'look what the cat dragged in.' That's not calling you a cat." She raised a brow at his scowl. "Are you naked?"

"Kikyo!" And that was Kagome, downstairs. Her footsteps coming up the stairs sounded like a stampede of elephants, she was trying so hard.

"It was supposed to be a surprise," Inuyasha offered, jokingly. "Not for you though. You called me a cat."

Kikyo rolled her eyes the exact moment Kagome burst through the doorway. "I didn't say to go in and correct him," she admonished, looking somewhat horrified at the scene before her. "It was funny."

The roommate hummed, her brown eyes dragging from the half-demon's covered figure to Kagome's red face. "Is this going to be, like, yay now we're dating sex? Did you finally grow some balls and get some nerve?" The final question was directed at him.

Inuyasha choked and Kagome laughed, nervously. He didn't know what the reaction meant. Was that a good reaction or a bad reaction? Was Kikyo right with the whole ask-her-out thing or just trying to make him look bad? Recent moments suggested the latter.

"For fuck's sake, you two," Kikyo grumbled, shaking her head. "Well, have great sex anyways. I'm going to make a booty call. If you're having sex, it's only fair that I am too."

"We're not having sex," Kagome stated, but her roommate was already out the door. "We're not!"

When she shut the door, Inuyasha threw back the covers and smirked. "Oh yes we are."

"That was terrible," Kagome pointed out. "This isn't a porno."

"Fine," Inuyasha said, pouting. He rolled back under the blankets and wrapped himself up. "Enjoy yourself over there."

"You're lying down on my homework."

Inuyasha scrunched his nose because that's what that thing jabbing into him was. Using the blankets, he rolled and shifted until there was nothing else around him and he was pressed into the corner of the wall. "Better?"

"You just– Why are you making this difficult?" Kagome sighed and the half-demon listened while she moved the homework off the bed. The sinking of the mattress was her and Inuyasha smirked into the wall. "Give me some blanket."

"You made your feelings clear that this wasn't a porno, and let's face it," Inuyasha murmured, "with my gorgeous naked body under here, you won't be able to resist if I let you get close."

"Oh my god," Kagome groaned, perplexed. "Your gorgeous naked body? That's what you say?"

"You totally want it."

There was a soft laugh and then a long moment of silence. He couldn't see her but he knew she was staring at the back of his head, probably thinking about homework or how long the dryer was going to run for or what to make for dinner. Even though he had just eaten, he could really go for dinner.

Suddenly there was a sharp tug on the blankets and Inuyasha let them go, unable to keep the smug smirk off his face while Kagome scooted under, her hands wandering across his chest and down his body. "We have to be quiet because if she hears, I'm never going to hear the end of it."

"We wouldn't want that," he replied, turning over to kiss her skin. "But you're wearing way too many clothes."

"Guess you better fix that then," Kagome murmured quietly, gasping as his hands trailed under her shirt and made goose bumps crawl along her flesh. He pushed up the fabric as high as it would go, tugging it off with some effort as her hair fell everywhere. He wasted no time with the buttons on her jeans, sliding them and her underwear off clumsily and tossing them to the side. "Impatient?"

"Hardly," he murmured, licking a trail from her mid-thigh up, hands holding her hips. "You have to be quiet, you know."

"Haven't felt overly compelled to make a sound," Kagome retorted with little heat, the way her skin flushed was far too much of a giveaway.

"You're incredibly high-maintenance," he told her. Wasting no time in letting her respond, he pushed at her legs to open, mouth finding her clit and sucking.

"Oh shit," Kagome rasped out, clearly far louder than she meant to, her hand clasping over her face. Her entire body arched as his tongue flicked, teasing the bud before sucking harder. Bracing his forearm across her lower body, his used his free hand to slip a finger inside of her, slowly pumping in and out while she writhed on the bed. Her hands were clenching at the bed sheets, feet planted into the mattress as he continued to torture her with crooks of his finger and flicks of his tongue. He added a second finger, lifting his head to watch the way her chest rose and fell with each movement. Without him holding her down she groaned, shifting her body on the mattress to move in time with his fingers.

"You're going to kill me," he murmured.

"Only if you stop," she moaned, eyes closing and body arching when he added a third finger.

Inuyasha was nearly vibrating with need, his golden eyes pinned to her and unable to look away. Every moment made him want to press her against the bed, to rub himself off just watching her flush with pleasure. It came to be too much so Inuyasha pulled out his fingers, wrapping his arms around her to twist them on the mattress.

Kagome stared down at him with poorly-hidden amusement. "Did you want something?" Even as she asked, her small hand was reaching back, circling around his dick. Each slide of her hand was rough, too dry, but he groaned all the same, happy for the relief. It seemed like the moment he got what he wanted it was taken away, far too quickly. Kagome got off the bed for her nightstand, rummaging through a drawer and tossing a condom at him.

Inuyasha wasted no time in putting it on. He watched as Kagome waited patiently, moving slowly up his body, her breasts brushing against his chest. His hands crawled up her sides, dipping around her hipbones and skimming just by her bellybutton. The half-demon saw the smile on her face, the one that was wicked and did things to his brain he wasn't proud of, and could only let himself focus on breathing as she settled just that bit too far, his aching cock caught between her thighs with the head teasing along her entrance.

Kagome moaned and circling her hips, not getting any lower or sinking any deeper, enough to drive him absolutely mad. She kept coming closer and then pulling away, letting him enter inside barely an inch before pushing back up and away.

"Remember when you said that if I stopped you'd kill me?" he muttered. His voice sounded wrecked and there was definitely no reason for it whatsoever. He shouldn't be this thrown by her, not when it was hardly their first time, not when he was barely being touched and yet so deliciously close to the edge.

She laughed quietly, leaning down to brush her lips against his. There was nothing he could do but fight for it, opening her mouth and driving in, doing exactly what he wanted to be doing to her body. He sucked on her bottom lip and pulled her tighter to him, hands sliding down her smooth back until he could palm her ass in his hands. Kagome let out a gasp, kiss ending as her back arched and she sank down all the way.

Inuyasha should have known he was never going to last. With Kagome on top of him, riding his cock with her lush breasts bouncing and head thrown back, he was lucky he made it as long as he had. The moment she began to roll her hips, twisting in delicate circles and grinding down hard, Inuyasha closed his eyes and let his climax take him over, body rocking and hips thrusting desperately to drive himself further inside. Loose limbed and calm, his arms wrapped around Kagome as she lay back down on top of him, her lips kissing along his jaw.

"See? Definitely not a porno," Kagome murmured, and the half-demon could feel her smile pressed against his skin.

He should ask her out right now.

Then again, he was still inside of her and suffering from an amazing afterglow that made him want to curl back up under the covers and sleep.

But, Inuyasha decided, he was definitely going to ask her. This wasn't him chickening out.

He was just biding his time for the perfect moment.


"You need to man up and ask him out," Sango stated, waving around her spoon.

It was another ice cream night. For some reason, they were becoming more and more frequent. Kagome really couldn't complain. "I think if I manned up that would defeat the purpose. He likes my womanliness."

"My god," Kikyo whined, "why won't you two just get it together already? This is brutal."

"I thought he was going to ask me out! What? I did!" Kagome was not thrown by the look her roommate gave her. If anything, it made her suspicious. "What did you do?"

"I told him to ask you out," Kikyo replied, unapologetic. "I'd worry about him."

Kagome took a rather large scoop of ice cream, just because.

Sango nodded. "But, to be fair, he's not exactly one to put himself out there. He's never been like that, not since I've known him."

"She's a sure thing!" Kikyo wailed. "They've had sex a billion times and have been cuddling afterwards! Tell me how that's not a sure thing!"

"They don't–" Sango cut herself off, narrowing her eyes. "He cuddles?"

Kagome shrugged and then nodded. "He's not against it."

"A sure thing," Kikyo mumbled. "Jesus Christ, all of you."

"Kikyo's right," Sango stated. "As much as I love him, your boy is an idiot for not asking you out already."

"You should ask him out."

Kagome glared at her roommates. "No."

"Do it!"

Stealing the entire tub, Kagome attacked Sango with her spoon before running away. It was the mature thing to do.

"Ask her out."

"Fuck off."

"Ask her out."

"Fuck off."

"If Sango doesn't want to have sex one more time because she rather moan on about how you and Kagome can't get your act together, I'm going to strangle you."

"Noted. Now, fuck off."

It was getting ridiculous, was what it was.

Kagome tugged on her scarf, fixing the way it folded because sometimes it crossed funny and made her look more like the abominable snowman than a cute girl wearing a trendy scarf. Moments like these, where one walked the line of fashion, were always tricky times.

Especially when you were going to ask out your friend-with-benefits.

For real.

Did you ask him yet?

Kagome stared at her cell phone disdainfully, typing a message back to Sango who had been encouraging her for the better part of the past few weeks to finally do something. It was all her roommates talked about, to the point that it actually was irritating. A large reason Kagome was finally doing this was because it would shut them up.

Another part – smaller, but still loud – was that Inuyasha hadn't really been texting her all week. They had seen each other a few times at school, but the school year was quickly heading into midterm season, and even sooner was reading week. Asking him now gave her a bit of an out if she needed it but to be honest, it was inevitable. She knew they had something. It wasn't some misunderstanding. Inuyasha wasn't going to look at her like she was crazy for suggesting a date.

The transition might not be…smooth though. Or something.

You haven't knocked on the door yet, have you?

Kikyo loved to remind her how often Kagome sucked at stuff like this.

Ignoring the text, Kagome knocked on the door and waited. She hadn't texted Inuyasha to let him know that she was coming, but after last time she figured it wasn't a big deal. If he could come to her looking like a drowned rat, then she could come over looking like a model (that had been the goal, anyways).

Miroku's blue eyes were the first thing she noticed before the man grinned, opening the door wider and gesturing for her to come inside. "Kagome, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

"As much as I love seeing your face, I was wondering if Inuyasha was here?" she asked, trying to keep her eyes focused on her friend and not Inuyasha's closed bedroom door down the hall. Showing desperation was not classy. Showing her nervousness wasn't either but there was only so much Kagome could keep a handle on.

"Yeah, he's in his room. I wouldn't breathe in so much if you don't have to," Miroku advised, waving at her as he headed into the living room. Some video game featuring repetitive music played in the background. "Have fun!"

"Don't breathe?" Kagome asked, hoping for an explanation, but Miroku was already back at his game. "Alright then," she murmured, making her way towards the bedroom door. She knocked on it before entering, peering in just in case something terrible was happening.

Inuyasha coughed and groaned a little. "Miroku, fucking kill me."

"Let me get the gun, hold on," Kagome replied, grinning as she entered his room. The half-demon's ears perked up, twitching in her direction as he slowly pulled down the covers to reveal his face. "So this is why Miroku told me not to breathe."

"Unless you want to get sick," Inuyasha mumbled, blinking and a little glassy-eyed. "I've got a fever, chills and a cough. I want to die."

Kagome sat down on the edge of the mattress, placing her cell phone on the nightstand so that she could focus her attention on him. A hand on his head confirmed the heat radiating off of it – definitely a fever. His silver bangs were plastered to his forehead and he was sweating, much to her displeasure. It didn't really matter though because he looked horrible. Frankly, someone should help. Miroku was clearly useless. "What have you taken for it?"

"Tylenol and Advil, at different times," the half-demon responded. "That's all I own."

"I'll get you some cough medicine." Kagome let her fingers run through his hair, slowly shifting to trace along the edges of the white fuzzy ears. "Have you slept?"

Inuyasha mostly purred into the blankets, eyes closing instantly. "Not really."

"Do you own a thermometer or anything?" she pressed. "You should make sure it's not dangerous."

"There aren't any dancing monkeys yet, so I'm fine," the half-demon grumbled.

The stupidity of the remark made her laugh, her hand stilling on his ears. A golden eye cracked open to glare at her until the message of do not stop the rubbing got through. With a sigh she continued, watching as Inuyasha relaxed further into the mattress. "I should go now though so you can feel better sooner. There's a drug store less than five minutes from here. I'll be back quickly."

He was debating it in his mind, she could tell. The way his face scrunched up made her realize how sick he probably was. "You better be back soon," he grumbled, shifting so that he disappeared back under the blankets. "Or whatever."

Kagome hummed and stood up, letting her hand brush against his duvet-covered shoulder when there was an awkward cough coming from the doorway. Miroku was standing there, the grin on his face torn between amused and worried. "Oh, so now you're a good roommate?" she asked teasingly, rolling her eyes when Miroku winked.

"I'm always a good roommate," he replied. "Who else would order him food?"

"I told you I wasn't hungry," Inuyasha whined, muffled by the blankets.

The black-haired man sighed. "See what I have to work with?"

"Well I'm going to grab some cough medicine for him, so I'll be back in a few minutes," Kagome said, getting up and passing her friend. "He should sleep if he can."

"Yeah, good luck with that," Miroku muttered. "He practically forces himself to stay awake. The illness is dulling his senses out and he's not fond of it."

"Fuck you," Inuyasha spat, still in hiding.

Miroku's pointed glance was all that Kagome needed to wave and leave.

A bunch of takeout menus littered the counter by the kitchen as she walked there from the hallway, some cash clearly left by the door at the entranceway to pay the delivery man with when the food arrived. Kagome wondered what exactly Sango would think of that, considering she was a freak about neatness. The fact that the couple even worked was a bit beyond her.

Thinking of Sango, Kagome checked her pockets for her cell phone, standing in the front doorway with one foot in and the other out. Horror instantly gripped her because Sango and Kikyo were texting her about asking Inuyasha out and she left the phone on the nightstand. Miroku was there too and there was no way he'd leave that alone.

"Shit," she mumbled, shutting the door and walking back to Inuyasha's bedroom. She could only pray that neither of her roommates had sent a text message that would be embarrassing.

"Fuck you!" Inuyasha snapped loudly, making Kagome freeze a few steps away from his bedroom. If he and Miroku were having a fight, maybe it would've been better if she left her phone there after all. Getting in the middle of it would not be worth it.

Miroku didn't sound particularly angry though. "Please, if it'll make Sango shut up for a minute–"

"Leave it alone!" Inuyasha whined pathetically. "I'm sick and I don't need you ragging on me."

"Just because you're a little sick doesn't mean you can't do it."

"I'm not going to ask her out when I'm sick, you fucking tool. In case you haven't noticed, I kind of really fucking like her so if I'm going to ask at all, it's going to be pleasant for everyone involved. I'd rather not be sweating to death and chattering my teeth at the same time while I ask Kagome to actually be my girlfriend."

Holy shit. Kagome didn't dare move, or breathe, because holy shit.

Miroku laughed. "Aw, I knew there was a romantic in you."

"Shut up," Inuyasha complained. "The only reason you're so happy in love is because I said something remarkably intelligent that made you smarten up. So quit being a wiseass and–"

The pause in his speech made Kagome's heart pound. She had breathed, but it was that or die and there was no way this situation could get any better or worse. It was just weird all around.


Well, there was no point in hiding anymore, obviously.

"What?" Miroku asked, just as Kagome stepped into the doorway. She couldn't help but smile at Inuyasha because the fact that she had come here to ask him out, only to learn about his plans was vaguely cliché. Of course Miroku would be part of the cliché. The man was a walking magnet for it, what with his true epic love-at-first-sight crush with Sango and their I-don't-like-you-what? speeches and secret blushes. "Oh," Miroku said. He appeared far too pleased with himself. "I'm just going to leave you two alone then."

Inuyasha's glare was only short of laser beams that could make his roommate implode.

"I came here to ask you out," Kagome explained right off the bat, at least to attempt to make the situation less awkward. "Sango and Kikyo gave me an intervention because I'm pretty good when it comes to denial."

The half-demon rolled his eyes. "Colour me shocked."

"I didn't exactly know how to clarify what we were, you know," Kagome huffed, crossing her arms. "You were all pissed at the cottage and then things changed and we were but we weren't."

"Because that makes a lot of sense."

"About as much as this whole relationship does, yeah."

Inuyasha's golden eyes searched hers and then with the tiniest quirk of his lips, he asked, "So, when I'm not privately dying, you want to do something that actually qualifies as a real date?"

Smiling, Kagome snatched her cell phone up and bent down to kiss the top of his head. "Definitely. Now, you stay here and continue to privately die while I get you some medicine."

Inuyasha's snort was the best answer she could hope for.

"So, just remember when you think back about tonight, you're the one that wanted to go to a movie and you're the one that picked the movie. None of that was my fault."

Kagome laughed before taking another sip of her McDonald's milkshake. "It wasn't a bad movie."

"Really? I couldn't tell with the way you whined the whole damn time about it being inaccurate." Inuyasha tugged at his silver hair and made a face that could only best describe her own. "Oh my god, not the cow! Not the cow! Incest! Incest!"

Her brown eyes were wide with horror as she ducked her head, hoping to god that the few others in the fast-food establishment weren't paying them much mind. "That was a terrible imitation."

"That was dead on and you know it." Inuyasha smirked and then proceeded to finish off his own milkshake. "Personally, the actress was way too hot. I wouldn't have cared less if she was supposed to be a cow."

"We are dropping this conversation immediately." Kagome rolled her eyes when her phone suddenly buzzed on the table, lighting up.

Inuyasha knew exactly who it was. "Please don't tell me that Sango is calling to make sure I haven't ruined your virtue. Because, you know…"

"Message received, you don't have to spell it out."

He really, really wanted to spell it out. "Of course, you're the one that decided we had to do this the proper way. You have been around Sango for way too long," he said, smacking his girlfriend's hand when she tried to pick up her phone to answer her roommate. "Leave it. She can live without you."

"She's drunk with Kikyo," Kagome complained. "They're probably doing filthy things to my door again."

"We could do filthy things against your door," he supplied, smirking. She was way too easy, especially since her cheeks heated up. It was hilarious that after all this time he could still get Kagome to act all ridiculous. "I'm just saying, I wouldn't mind."

Kagome took a long drag from her milkshake and Inuyasha had to try really hard to not stare at the way her lips were wrapped around the straw. He wasn't sex-deprived, not much, but he hadn't gotten any since he was sick and now they were on a first date. Of course, because his life sucked, Kagome thought that they should attempt to be like a real first date couple and not have sex afterwards.

"You can live for one night," she said finally, grinning hugely at him.

It only reaffirmed Inuyasha's belief that this was Sango's evil idea. It may or may not have gotten out that he had heard his friend and roommate going at it, which got to Kikyo's ears, who of course made a production of it by giving Sango a 'Congratulations to your Cherry Loss!' "It's a terrible idea. I can see the way you look at me; you totally want me to strip you down and fuck you against your door–"

"We are in public!" Kagome hissed, mostly under her breath.

The half-demon took another long sip of his chocolate milkshake. Not having sex tonight was probably going to create fantastic, mind-blowing sex tomorrow. He really wasn't complaining that much.

"Doesn't change a thing. I know you love it when–"

"Inuyasha," Kagome whispered, her brown eyes wide. "Seriously?"

He made a motion of zipping his lips. "Fine, what do you want to talk about then? We can talk about how I'm never taking you to the movies again because all you do is complain the entire way through it."

"It's only because I'm knowledgeable of the subject," Kagome responded, making a face. "It's what I study in school. I didn't realize I'd be so horrified by the incorrect details. I still very much enjoyed Thor."

"And that wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that the god was tall, muscular, blonde and built like a fucking beast?" Inuyasha raised a brow skeptically. "Enlighten me."

"No," Kagome replied, shaking her head. "Nope, not at all."

The half-demon narrowed his eyes at her. "That's because you're secretly a member of Loki's Army, aren't you?"

"Is it madness? Is it?" she quoted, grabbing her phone while he was distracted and leaning back I her chair, triumphant.

"I'm taking you home now before you start prancing down the street," Inuyasha muttered, standing up and tossing his now empty cup. "Come on. Let me take you home so I can't sex you up."

This time, an older couple looked over at them with discouraging expressions. Inuyasha was immensely pleased with himself, if only because Kagome turned five shades more red than usual and buried herself into his side to hide from the judgemental glares.

"Don't worry, I'll protect your virtue, remember?"

Kagome glowered at him. "What virtue?"

"Just keep in mind: you said that, not me."

It wasn't the first time that night that Kagome regretted the whole let's-not-have-sex thing. Basically, the moment she laid eyes on his tight shirt and pretty eyes and well, everything – she was pretty much gone. The fact was that none of it was a big deal. The date wasn't a big deal – more of a formality to "a new level" or whatever Sango had said. They were still them and that was the only important part. They didn't act different.

The no sex thing was mostly a joke. In all honesty Kagome was a bit curious, mainly because she could count the number of times on her one hand how often they saw each other that didn't end up with them naked. Kagome figured that one night to push the whole relationship thing to its limits wouldn't be a bad thing. It certainly wasn't going to make or break them, and if it did? Well they shouldn't be dating in the first place then.

Inuyasha, in his true fashion, made jokes about it all night. In the movies he whispered filthy things just to stop her from complaining (it worked). He continued at McDonald's of all places. And yet, as he drove her home with some vehicle that she could only guess was his father's – because what student could afford a brand new Jaguar? – he didn't utter a word of sexual innuendo.

He was keeping it PG.

Goddamn it.

"So what are your plans for the rest of the night?" Kagome asked, trying her hardest to sound casual.

The silver-haired man shrugged. "It's past midnight so chances are I'm going to pass out and then wake up early tomorrow to finish a report I have due Tuesday."

"Is that all you have due this week?"

"Presentation on Friday but that shit is easy," Inuyasha replied, slowing the car at a streetlight and turning to look at her. "Don't you have some big essay due Monday?"

"I finished it yesterday."

"Of course you did," Inuyasha mumbled.

Kagome huffed. "Well I knew we'd be going out tonight and that it would be late! I didn't want to panic tomorrow to finish it." She was leaving him an opening and she knew it. Unless she was planning on having Inuyasha stay over, there was no reason that she couldn't do the essay tomorrow – or finish it at least. In all honesty the paper hadn't been so hard, but Kagome wanted to push the half-demon, see what he would do.

"Then I guess you can relax tomorrow and not have to worry about anything."

"I guess so," Kagome mumbled, sighing and then staring out the window. Technically, it was her fault. In the end, Kagome would blame Sango and Kikyo anyways.

There was a small smirk on Inuyasha's face when he pulled into the driveway, turning off the engine and getting out. Kagome followed him and led the way up the porch, nudging against Inuyasha to bug him. "Tonight was fun," she said, just to be cliché. "Even the movie."

"Oh, good; I was worried," Inuyasha replied, rolling his eyes with the sarcasm. "So I'll text you tomorrow? I probably won't be doing much past my report."

"Sure, whenever. I have work tomorrow night but only for a few hours," she murmured, swaying closer to him. "Have a good night." Pressing up on her tip toes, Kagome let her arms circle around his neck to kiss him. They had done this so many times before. The porch was practically their second bedroom, which wasn't the best idea but had suited them fine. Kagome felt the half-demon's hands slide around her back, the jacket a thick barrier even as he tugged her closer, pried her lips open with his mouth to lick inside.

"So," Inuyasha said roughly when he pulled away, golden eyes intensely focused on her. "You…have a good night."

"Mmm." Kagome pulled him down again, kissing him harder until he got the idea. His hands skirted lower, drifted across her ass until he could pick her up and press her against the door. Inuyasha was nothing if not always true to his word. Her mind, if it hadn't already been made up, surely would have been by now. "Why don't you stay and we have an actual, really good night?"

"Thank god, I thought you were never going to fucking ask," Inuyasha panted into her mouth. The feel of his smirk against her lips made her smile into the kiss and soon he was letting her go so that she could open the door and they could race up the stairs.

As far as first dates went, it was definitely a good night.

Hours later, Sango and Kikyo were horrified to say that they could attest to it. There was not enough ice cream in the world that could make either of them forget.

The End

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