Chapter 1 Harry's First Showdown By: RM

Harry laughed as his chainsaw decapitated 1123345435358889999992900222211110000002111111111111111111111111999999999999999999 Godzillion Imps in a row. He ran out of fuel, however, so he needed to use his guns. He pulled out a pistol and shot some zombie engineers in the kidneys, and they became piles of Ammo for him to use. Using the pistol was boring, so he pulled out a Gigantic Shotgun!

A Hell Razer ran right at him, and it was blown away by solid slug pellets. More Hell Razers tried to snipe him with their laser arms, but he reflected their blasts at them, cutting them in two. In Response, 100 Hell Knights came charging out of Satan's Castle! Harry used his shotguns grenade launcher to Blast the bridge they were running on, sending the horde into the abyss where they would fall forever. However, one Knight jumped at the last second and reached Harry! It bit his shotgun in two!

Harry then pulled out his spare shotgun, which was Double-Barreled. The First shot sent the Hell Knight stumbling back. The next shot turned its upper body into a fine red mist. However, a loud roar told Harry that more Hell Knights were on the way. Harry sat on a rock and looked around him.

Hell's landscape was covered in erupting volcanoes in the North, giant glaciers in the South, Dinosaur filled jungles in the West, and Windy deserts in the East. The East was also the location of Satan's Castle. Assaulting the Infernal Fortress was Harry's main objective when He came to Hell. He had to kill 5 billion clowns to create the Hell Portal, and here he was.

Harry pumped his shotgun.