Shameless Self Insert Into Daria

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Daria is careful around Adrian when she hangs out with him and Jane. She knows she should tell him the truth about the gay rumor.

The rumor disappeared quickly but his reaction is still etched in her mind.

She is with him and Jane at Pizza Prince as she explains the weirdness of her day. "So, I help Brittany in art class, and now I'm invited to her party."

Both Jane and Adrian, sitting across from her, perk up. "What? You two want to go?"

Jane nods, as Adrian smiles. "Sure, free food, free drinks, and get to watch our fellow classmates make fools of themselves."

"And," Jane adds. "Plenty of posers. I could get subjects for weeks out of this."

Daria frowns at their enthusiasm. "Well, sorry, but she only invited me."

Adrian is quick to take Daria's glasses off of her face. "Here, put these on."

Jane takes them from him and puts them on. "Hi, I'm Daria, go to hell."

Adrian gives her a look as Daria grabs for the glasses. "It won't work, your face is too expressive."

Jane dodges Daria's next attempt to get her glasses back and hands them to Adrian. "You try it, then."

Adrian puts them on, making sure to stay away from Daria, and tries his best impersonation of her. "Hey, I'm Daria, touch me and lose a hand." He takes them off. "Nope, my voice has too much inflection to it."

Daria finally grabs her glasses and puts them on. "Not funny. I'm blind without them."

Adrian and Jane share a laugh which catches Brittany's attention. "Hi Daria!"

Adrian nudges Jane in the side. Jane and him share a look before she turns to Brittany. "Hey, Brittany, Daria was just wondering if her two friends, Jane Lane and Adrian Prescott, could come to your party too."

"Sure! This way I'm not inviting any more pretty girls. The cheerleading squad is already upset Quinn is coming." She stops before looking over at Daria. "Hey! Don't you and Quinn have the same last name?"

Daria, too annoyed with Jane to speak, only nods her head in agreement. "Weird! Too bad you didn't get any of her cuteness and fashion sense or else I wouldn't be able to invite you!"

Brittany bounces away leaving behind an aggravated Daria. "If I have to look like my sister to get out of this party," She mumbles the rest under her breath.

Adrian leans over the table. "What was that?"

"Nothing." Daria picks up her slice and finishes it.

Adrian and Jane laugh as they pull up to Daria's home in Trent's car.

Daria leans in through the window and sees Trent. "Um, hi."

"Yo. Do you wanna sit in the front or climb over the seats to the back?"

Daria tilts her head slightly. "Climb over the seats?"

Trent nods. "The back doors don't work."

She looks back at Adrian who is making funny faces at her. "I'll sit in the front."

Adrian pats the seat next to him. "Come back here, everyone floats back here."

Daria doesn't respond as she sits next to Jane in the crowded front seat of Trent's car.

Jane turns around to talk to Adrian. "Maybe she hasn't seen IT."

"I haven't, but I read the book."

Adrian laughs a little. "I'm sure the book is good but Tim Curry as Pennywise always makes me laugh."

Daria is confused. "Laugh?"

"All I can think about is him in Rocky Horror Picture Show. One of my favorite movies and love going to shadow castings."

"Do you and Jane switch underwear?"

Adrian and Jane blush a little when Trent speaks. "I tried Monique's once, well, I may have been a little, not there. Didn't know they weren't mine." He coughs. "I couldn't figure out why they wouldn't fit until she yelled me before I ripped her thong."

All three teens blush as Daria goes silent trying not to think about Trent and...

When they reach the gates, Trent drops them off. "I have issues with authority."

Adrian comments back. "You have a lot more issues than that."

Trent laughs, coughs, and then drives away.

The guard lets them through after checking off their names.

As they get closer to the house, Daria stops. "Are you two sure you want to do this?"

Jane smiles. "Nose up, chin up, let's go."

Jane walks normally up to the door as Adrian does more of a military march, with Daria slowly following behind them.

When Brittany answers the door, she squeals in excitement. "Great! Now we're even Daria!"

Daria mumbles to herself as the three enter the house.

Adrian and Jane beeline for the snacks table while Daria looks for her sister.

Half an hour later, the three meet back up near a ceramic tiger. "Wow, faux tiger, real tacky."

Jane tilts her head as she gets ideas. "I want one but I'll paint it myself. Psychedelic tiger for the living room."

Daria adds, "Maybe ask Mr. Taylor? Have you seen the other so called art work? He might let you do it. Hell, he might pay you."

Jane scribbles down in her sketchbook when Adrian notices two guys across the room. "Hmm, they're staring over here."

Jane and Daria look up. Jane smiles slightly. "The one on the right is cute, in a head too big for his body type of way."

Adrian salutes her before walking for the bathroom.

Daria almost shouts at him to get back and keep the two guys away but stops. She is unsure if they are friends enough for that. Adrian is Jane's friend, she is Jane's friend, but the two of them very rarely talk alone.

Adrian watches the two boys walk over and is not surprised when Daria rejects them.

Surprising him, Jane goes off with one of them.

Daria walks over to him at the snack table. "Um, hey."

He smiles at her uneasiness. "The guy wasn't cute enough for you?" She doesn't respond. "Maybe if he had a goatee and played guitar."

Her glare makes him laugh. "Jane noticed it too." She looks away. "I don't think Trent did but he doesn't notice the red lights he drives through so that doesn't mean much."

Daria spots Quinn talking with her puppy trio. "Time to shine."

He sees where she is looking. "Can I watch?" He pauses. "Phrasing."

She walks over to Quinn and Adrian follows.

Quinn sees the two, and not wanting to be embarrassed, knows how to deflect Daria. "Hey! Having fun with your gay BFF?"

Adrian smirks. "I'm not gay."

Quinn raises her eyebrow. "But Daria told our mom you are."

Adrian turns to Daria who acts like she just got shocked. "What? The hell, Daria."

She takes a couple steps back with her hands raised. "I'm sorry. I, she saw us talking, and I wanted to avoid her hormone talk. I told her you were gay. Quinn overheard me and told people at school."

Adrian's eyes narrow at Daria. "Why didn't you tell me? Why did I have to wait for your sister to tell me?"

Daria stumbles over her words and can't get anything comprehensive out.

Adrian grits his teeth, clenching his fists, as the blood rushed to his face. "I could have died because you didn't want to hear some stupid speech from your mom. If Mack hadn't backed me up, I could have gotten beaten in the locker room. One punch to the wrong place, a broken rib pierces my lung or a vessel in my head bursts, and I'm dead."

Daria is finally able to spit something out. "I didn't tell Quinn to tell anyone. I didn't even know she heard me."

"That doesn't explain why you didn't own up to it. Just a simple, oops, my bad. You're new here, Jane seems to like you, so I gave you a chance. I thought that she could use some female bonding from time to time."

Daria is silent as he takes a deep breath.

"She doesn't need bitch bonding."

He turns and storms out of the house leaving Daria speechless.

Quinn is a little taken aback as she didn't expect this kind of reaction. "Daria, um, I'm sorry."

She reaches out for Daria but Daria keeps her distance. "Leave me alone." She walks towards the back door not wanting to follow the path Adrian took.

A few minutes later, with a bonus sock, Jane leaves the make out room and sees her friends aren't there. "Huh, maybe they went off for their own make out session."

Jane stays a bit more, getting some rough sketches down for later paintings, when a fight breaks out. "Welp, time to go before the police show up."

She tucks her sketchbook under her arm and walks out as quickly as she can.

The next morning, the phone at Casa Lane rings almost at the same time as someone knocks on the door. "Well then, door then phone or phone first?"

The door is first on her way down the stairs so she opens it to see Adrian. "Hey, where did you disappear to last night? Go off with Daria?" She smiles a bit until his face turns dark. "What happened?"

Adrian fights back the urge to shout before softly saying "She started the gay rumor about me."

Jane's eyes go wide with shock. "What? Why?"

"Can I come in?"

"Oh, yeah, sure." Jane forgets about the phone ringing and lets Adrian in.

They go up to her room, where she works on a painting, while he rants on her bed. "She couldn't even give me a good reason why she didn't tell us. Some speech from her mom or something. What the hell? She seems cool and smart but this is shallow and stupid."

"Yeah, bad move by her. Maybe we read her wrong." She swipes a brush across the canvas. "I didn't peg her as the rumor spreading kind of person."

"Can't judge a book by a cover."

Jane struggles to focus on her canvas. "Well, her parents might be a bit more involved than ours. Your dad sometimes comes home for the weekend while mine might come home for the holidays."

"Whatever." He grabs the remote and turns the television on. "Give me a couple of days to cool off and I'll be fine."

Jane turns away from her canvas. "You do have a bit of a temper. Being a hot head is something you got from your dad, right?"

He fights back a smile. "Yeah, I guess. You have to be like that in the military. Can you imagine if Mr. O'Neil was in the army? He'd never make it with how low key he is."

"So give Daria the weekend, and," There is a knock at the door. "Hmm, I'll be right back."

Adrian gets off of the bed. "It could be Monique."

Jane rolls her eyes. "She's twenty one and with Trent."

"Still hot."

Jane is glad to see the smile on his face after how angry he had been earlier.

Jane opens the door after another knock and sees Daria. "Oh, uh, this is a bad time."

Over her shoulder, Adrian sees it is Daria. So many things I can say to her. But Jane is right. I'm a hot head like my dad. I need to stay calm. "Daria."

Daria can't look at him as she realizes he is behind Jane. "Um, I'm still sorry. You don't know my mom but it doesn't excuse what I did."

Jane feels the animosity between the two and tries to relieve it. "You didn't know Adrian was here." She shakes her head. "You called earlier, didn't you?" She nods. "Um, Adrian has a temper but give him the weekend and he'll be okay."

Adrian doesn't like Jane speaking for him but also doesn't trust what he would say to Daria.

Daria avoids eye contact with both. "I actually came over here to ask you how to, um, make it right. I'm sorry, Adrian, I can't tell you how badly I feel. I wanted to tell you when it first came out but I didn't want you mad at me. If you're mad at me, Jane will take your side, and I'd lose her as a friend."

Jane feels her stomach twist. Adrian is her friend and Daria almost got him hurt if not worse. She sees how bad Daria is trying and wants to help her. It would be nice to have two friends.

"I'd say blow me but you're a girl and according to you, I'm gay." Adrian realizes what he just said. "I would say sorry for that, but I'm not."

Jane turns to him. "Dude, seriously, not cool. She's trying to apologize."

"Not accepted."

Jane turns back to Daria. "Um, on Monday, I promise he'll be better. He's mad,"

Daria cuts her off. "He has every right to be but I also have every right to be wrong. I made a mistake. I'm not perfect. I apologized and that's all I can do. If he stays mad at me there is nothing more I can do."

She turns and walks away.

Jane goes back to Adrian. "Dude, like I said, not cool."

Adrian can't help but smile. "You're calling me dude. I know you must be mad because you only call me that when you want to replace dude with a more colorful four letter word."

Jane isn't amused by his banter. "Fine, dick. She apologized. Like she said, she's not perfect, and made a mistake."

His smile evaporates at her glare. "Um, sorry."

"Get out, dick. I'll see you on Monday and you better accept her apology then and apologize back to her."

He holds up his hands in surrender. "On it, Sargent Lane." He moves cautiously around her and hurries down the path to the road.

Adrian stares up at the ceiling as he waits for sleep to come that night. "I have got to get control of my temper. Dad says push ups help get the anger out but I'm not a meathead like him."

He turns onto his side and sees the clock. "Daria messed up," He turns to the other side. "But she apologized." He glares into the darkness. "Apologies can't fix everything."

Daria sets her book down after failing to keep her eyes on the same line. "Jane didn't take his side. She might still be friends with me even if he doesn't like me."

She sighs as she turns the desk lamp off. "She said give him the weekend. I hope it helps."

Jane sets the paint brush down as her painting remains half finished. "I can't focus with those two being, being," She can't think of the word. "They would know. They're both writers."

She sits down on her bed and sees the time. "I should get ready for bed." Her head hangs down as she closes her eyes. "Please, let Adrian calm down and be nice to Daria on Monday."

She remembers the few times someone made him mad. He explodes when he goes off but then he goes back to being his normal self quickly. "Maybe I should throw them in a closet and let the two battle it out. Or make out." She smiles as the image of the two stumbling out of a closet forms in her mind.

She grabs a spare sketchbook and starts putting down the image, forgetting to get ready for bed, drawing well into the night.

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