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The Master Chief.

Spartan, leader of Blue Team, savior of the galaxy on more than one occasion. He's hailed as a hero by nearly all, but he just thinks he's doing his job as he's supposed to. But now, the Chief's all by his lonesome, drifting in what's left of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn, the other half landed on Earth with the Arbiter on board. And then there's Cortana. Cortana, his friend, AI, who's been with him through thick and thin, lost in the explosion on the Ark. Having now believed she perished, Chief sent out a distress beacon on the Dawn, hoping that someone, anyone out there will receive it and find him, that way he can get back out there and fight what's left of the Covenant and win this god-forsaken war once and for all.

Now, all he had to do was wait, wait for a response to the distress beacon from anyone within range. There wasn't much to do on the ship, obviously, so he went to the nearest cryo-pod to rest. Rest, that's some thing he hasn't gotten in quite a while, of course you're at war, so rest isn't something you'd get everyday. Having put his signature assault rifle on a nearby gun rack, Chief entered the cryo-pod and activated it, ice crystals soon after enveloping the pod and finally his Mark VI armor. Closing his eyes, he sighed.

'Someone had better find this ship soon' He thought. And so, he rested. For the next 4 years, the Dawn floated in the empty vacuum of space, no one having yet picked up the beacon being put out. It seemed like the ship, and Chief, were destined to float in empty space forever. It seemed. The Dawn is floating to a nearby planet, caught in the gravity well, it slowly sped up and started to tear apart, pieces joining the ship its firey decent. Chief's pod activated, thus awakening him once more.

"Ugghh, what happened?" he said as he stepped out of the pod. As his eyes adjusted, he felt a tremor, which almost knocked him down, but he balanced himself again. "What was that?" he questioned. After feeling another tremor, he got his assault rifle, and headed to the bridge. Making it there, he deactivated the blast shields, and found a planet.

'Maybe that planet's UNSC.' He felt another tremor, a massive one at that. 'No time, I have to find an escape pod and make contact with the surface'. He made his way towards the vehicle bay to find the pods. On his way the ship was falling apart at the seams, metal twisting and coming off, explosions were all around him just as he reached the vehicle bay.

But it was too late, as the vehicle bay was torn asunder, and the Chief was left clinging to a door, having little to no option left as his means of a safe escape had blown off. As he was looking on, a piece of large debris was making its way out of the opening of the former vehicle bay, and struck the door the Chief was hanging on to. The Chief was now hurdling towards the planet's surface, colliding with pieces of debris from the ship, hoping to latch onto something so he can have a softer landing, to no avail. Unbeknownst to him, a piece of debris was approaching him, and Chief had little time to react as he hit debris head on, knocking him out cold.

The Dawn was now on fire as it made it through the planet's atmosphere, smaller pieces and chunks colliding first into the ground of a forest, where it just so happens to be holding an initiation.

Meanwhile at the forest, a group of teenagers were running through the land, each carrying a very interesting weapon. The first was a girl no older that 15 wearing a red cloak with black and red hair and silver eyes. Her weapon is a mix of a sniper rifle that can transform in to a scythe. The second was 17 with snow white hair and a scar on her left eye. Her weapon was a rapier with a cartridge in the hilt. The third was also 17 with black hair and amber eyes, and a secret pair of cat ears adorned her head with a bow covering them. Her weapon was a katana with a gun built into the hilt. The last was 17 with blonde hair and violet eyes. Her weapons were a pair of yellow dual ranged shotgun gauntlets.

The second group was comprised of a 17 year old with blonde hair and blue eyes. His weapon was a traditional sword with a sheath that can turn into a shield. The second was a girl with orange hair and teal eyes. Her weapon was a massive sledgehammer that turns into a grenade launcher. The third had black hair tied up into a pony tail with a pink stripe and magneta eyes. His weapons were dual SMGs that turn into daggers. The final teen had red hair and green eyes. Her weapons were a sword that turns into a spear that also turns into a rifle and a shield.

Currently chasing them is a bird-like monster with jet black feathers and red eyes. A giant scorpion with jet black skin and a pale white exoskeleton is shortly after following. These creature are called Grim, and on this planet, they are the enemies of mankind, who only live to slaughter every human, and Faunus into extinction.

"Well, now what?" the blonde girl asked.

"We need to formulate a plan to bring that nevermore" the redhead replied.

"And what do you have in mind exactly?" the white haired girl retorted.

"Well, think of something, I think that bird's gaining up on us!" the blonde boy cried. Just then the Nevermore let out a large screech.

"It's not like the answer's just gonna fall out of the sky-ahhh!" the redhead shouted as a piece of metal landed in front of her. The eight teens stopped dead in their tracks as they made eye contact with the metal.

"...That's it? A piece of metal? That's our answer?" the blonde asked incredulously, just as another piece of metal hit the ground, then another then another, as it started to rain bits and pieces of just metal chunks, some on fire.

"Ummm, guys?" the black haired boy asked. As he looked up, he saw a giant hunk of metal and fire plummeting towards the ground. The rest of the teens looked up, their expressions turning horrified at the sight above them. A giant ship of unknown make was coming towards them, in all its firey glory.

"Yeah, Ren-WHAT IS THAT?!" the blonde boy asked, turning his head up last.

"Doesn't matter Jaune, all that does matter is we run!", Ren yelled.

"Hey guys, I think there's writing on it. It looks like it says UNSC- Whoah!" the orange haired girl yelled as she was being pulled by Ren

"Nora there's no time, keep running!" Ren said.

And so, they ran, as fast as possible, from the ship that was bearing down on them. They vaulted through, over and under the pieces that stood in their way. When they finally stopped to catch their breath, they recounted what they just saw a few minutes ago.

"Heh...Heh...W-What...Was..That?!" the white haired teen asked.

"How would we know, Weiss, that...thing, just fell out of the sky and almost pancaked us!" the blonde yelled.

"I would like some pancakes" Nora muttered.

"Well, what matters is we made it out okay" the redhead said, seemingly unfazed.

"Says you, Ruby, you have your speed so you can dodge those pieces", the blonde mumbled

"Well, still, we're all here, Yang, and that's important", Ruby said happily

"That still doesn't explain what exactly that thing was that almost crushed us", the black haired girl said.

"I think Nora said something about writing on it?" Weiss replied.

"Ooh, yeah! I think it said UNSC-something-something, I couldn't read the rest" Nora answered.

"That's a start I guess", Yang said.

"Now what's this 'UNSC'?" Ren asked, rubbing his chin.

"Well, no one here knows, and I don't think any one else will know either" Ruby replied. Just then a large mass slammed into the ground, a few feet away from the teens.

"Ruby, will you stop that!" Weiss yelled angrily.

"It's not my fault!" Ruby replied

"Guys, focus, we need to know what that was exactly that was that hit the ground", Ren said.

"Why, it's just a hunk of metal, nothing important" Jaune replied.

Ruby walked up to what appears to be a piece of metal, and to her surprise, found something else entirely. "Hey guys, I don't think it's just some metal", she said.

The others walked up to the mass, and looked at what obviously appears to be a man. But this man, or this thing is unlike anything they've ever seen. It had massive green armor and a golden visor with a gun on its back and hip. They looked down upon it with wide eyes and jaws, all struggling to comprehend what is before them, before it started to move.

The Chief had started to wake after his 'flight' to the planet surface with a killer headache. 'What just happened? I remember falling, then darkness. And now I'm here'. Question of the day, where is here, exactly? Slowly opening his eyes, he saw eight humanoid shapes, above him. 'Maybe they can help me, but I better be careful, I don't know where I am'. He started to get up when his eyes finally adjusted, and was surprised as to what stood before him. Eight teenagers, scratch that, eight WEIRD-LOOKING teenagers with...weapons?

As this hulk stood, he looked at the eight huntsman and huntresses in training. The teens just stood unsure of what the brute will do. Ruby decided to go first, wearily to greet it. "Hello. My name is Ruby Rose and these are my friends". She pointed to the rest, who all gave awkward hellos and greetings, except for Nora." Nice to meet ya! The name's Nora, and this is my buddy Ren, and we're together, but not like, together-together, ya know, just like together as partners, yeah, partners. Yeah". The huntsman and huntresses looked awkwardly at Nora, then back at the giant.

"Sooo, what's your name, big guy?" Yang asked.

The Chief didn't want to be rude, as the teens had just said their names, so he just went along with it. "Call me Master Chief", he said in a gruff voice, which startled the teens. Except for Nora "That... is an AWESOME NAME! Master Chief, what two awesome words can do to make an even awesomer name!" She proclaimed, which just made her roll his eyes, not that the teens can notice. "Where am I?" he asked. The teens looked back at him.

"Wait, were you on the ship that crashed here?" Blake asked.

"I think it's pretty obvious that he was apart of the ship that crashed", Weiss said.

"Does this world have any UNSC outposts I can get to?" The Chief asked. The huntsman and huntresses looked at him with confused looks. "UNSC?" Weiss asked

"This planet doesn't have any UNSC resources?" the Chief questioned. The teens shook their head. "Yeah, sorry, we don't have any UNSC resources, mainly because we don't know what the UNSC is" Jaune said sheepishly.

'Great, I don't know where I am, and I can't contact the UNSC. This is just perfect' Chief thought as he analyzed the situation.

Just then he heard a loud screech, and saw a large black bird with a bony white mask. Can this day get any worse?

"Come on! All this time talking, and we forget about that Nevermore?!" Yang yelled.

"Guys, I finally have an idea!", Ruby proclaimed.

"Well, we don't have anything else to go on, so, what is it?" Jaune asked nervously.

"Follow me to the cliffs, the plan should work there the best", Ruby said.

Chief brought out his assault rifle. "Let's go then".

Everyone headed towards the cliffs. Nora walked past the Chief "Welcome to Remnant!" she said cheerfully.

Little did he know, the Chief would be in for a wild ride in this new world.

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