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Her phone dragged her out of her sleep, who the hell calls this early? When Kate Beckett reached for it and looked to see who it was she didn't recognize the number, at all, so she cleared her throat from the sleep before she answered with the sexiest voice she could muster.

"Nikki Heat, what can I pleasure you with?"

Her voice was still draped with sleep, making it rough and even naughtier than she'd anticipated.

"Uh, hi," she heard a male voice in the other end of the phone.

She could immediately tell this was the man's first time, his voice shaking and the insecurity dripping through like water from a tap.

"I-uh, don't normally do this," he admitted and she rolled her eyes, thankful he could not see her.

No shit, Sherlock.

"Don't worry, some time's gotta be the first time, right?" she flirted.

She'd been doing this for a loong time now and she knew that some guys needed a little push in order to figure out if this really was what they wanted. A little flirting and sexy innuendos would often do the trick, either they would excuse themselves and saying they regretted it or they would be all game and book an appointment.

The man chuckled nervously in the other end, letting out a 'I guess so' and she couldn't help but bite her lower lip. She didn't know why but there was something about his voice that felt... comforting? She quickly pushed that thought aside, trying to remember why she did this, what she was supposed to do.

"Look, I won't bite... unless you want me to," she teased, letting him hear the small smirk she let onto her lips.

"Is it-uh... could we meet up first? Like, I just want to make sure you're okay with this in person first," he sounded so insecure, oh my god she was so not used to this!

"I'm free tonight, or even during the day if you want me to come over, tomorrow I have other clients," she replied, waiting patiently for his answer.

"Would it be okay if you come by at one? I'm kind of lacking company today," he chuckled nervously once again.

You don't say. She had to bite back on her tongue, forbidding herself to screw up another potential client before it even begun.

"Sure, I'll be there, just text me your name and your address and I'll send a copy of my prizes," she said and he agreed before she ended their call.

She put her head in her pillow and groaned. And here she'd been thinking she would have a day off, so much for that plan. Checking her clock she decided she could at least have two more hours of sleep before she had to get herself ready for her new client. Before she managed to put away we phone after setting an alarm she got a text containing his name and address.

Richard Castle.

Richard Castle wasn't sure of what he was doing, but the closer the time got to one he was getting more and more nervous. How had he gotten himself into this? Oh, that's right, his friends had bet he wouldn't dare go through with it. How stupid could he be?! They had told him, as a joke, that he would never be brave enough to pull a 'Dustin' and call a hooker and actually go through with it. Dustin had of course laughed and said he was probably the only one of the three best friends who'd ever do it, especially considering Rick was too sensible to even consider calling one. He'd been offended by that, not wanting to be stamped as the coward he'd immediately disagreed and before he knew it, it had been turned into a bet. A bet of which, if he would bail, could mean he had to dedicate his next book to his two assholes of friends. He wasn't sure why he was friends with them in the first place, the two were always up to something and getting him into trouble. He was really not even that into their friendship, still he didn't feel like he could leave them considering they'd been friends since high school.

The knock on the door had him jump with fright, taking two deep breaths before he set off towards his guest. He felt shock spark through his spine when he opened the door to reveal a beautiful brunette, who had to be at least three years younger than him, stand in front of him with rough hair and a naughty smirk on her red plump lips.

"Uh, hi," the man said in front of her and Kate could immediately, with one hundred percent certainty, tell it was the same man who'd hired her.

"You Richard Castle?" she asked anyway to make sure, what a hell would've broken loose if she would move onto the wrong guy.

She could see he swallowed hard, his Adam's apple moving with the nervousness that seemed to have paralyzed his body.

"Y-yes, are you Nikki Heat?" his words seemed to leave his mouth without his consent and she couldn't help but feel the giggle in her belly.

A giggle of which she restrained herself from letting out, she was a professional and those kind of emotions did not fit in with this line of work.

"Yes, I am, can I please come in?" she questioned and he immediately nodded, stepping aside to let her in.

She tried not to look around too much, it wasn't any of her business what his loft looked like. She'd recognized the address as one of the richer buildings and had immediately connected the name to the author, whose book she'd seen and bought but never had time to actually read.

"So, where do you want me?" she said with a sultry voice, as soon as he'd closed the door, and started taking off her coat.

Hearing him swallow hard and seeing him choking on his words made her belly tingle in a way it hadn't before, and she ignored it.

"I...I don't know? I-uh..."

This time she couldn't stop the smile from sneaking onto her lips.

"Don't worry, we can take this slow, it's your first time so how about you tell me what you've liked before?" she suggested and pointed towards the couch she'd seen was in the middle of his living room.

"Liked? Liked what?" he asked and she felt so sorry for him.

It really started to look like this wasn't his idea at all, like he didn't really want this. No matter how obvious it was, in his dark blue eyes, that he was attracted to her.

"In bed, what have you liked when you've had sex before? Or maybe you're a virgin?" she was suddenly a bit insecure herself.

She didn't want to offend him or anything but his insecurities were rubbing off on her, and she didn't like that.

"Oh, no, I've had sex before!" his hasty reply almost made her chuckle, almost, and his blushing cheeks had her stomach flip.

What the hell?

"But I don't..."

His voice trailed off and she wondered what he'd gotten himself into, what had made him call her?

"Do you like blowjobs?" she asked, licking her lip and she immediately saw him jump a little at her suggestion.

His eyes glanced to her lips and she could swear she saw his eyes darken with lust, and upon looking down to his crotch her suspicion was confirmed by the bulge in his pants. Meeting his eyes she realized he'd seen her looking when his cheeks turned as red as they possibly could be.

"Sorry, I..." he sighed, she could sense frustration taking over his body.

Kate took a deep breath, steadying her own nerves and wondered what the hell she had to be nervous about, and she tapped the seat beside her in the couch. He had followed her to the couch before but he hadn't joined her when she sat down, which was a bit odd. No matter who she'd come across they'd always been eager to be, sometimes, too close to her before she's even laid out her one and only rule. But then again, this whole situation felt odd. He didn't act like the average 'lonely man' who wanted some 'company', he acted... she didn't really know how to put it? Like a teenage boy on his first date? Pull yourself together Kate! Stop it. She had internal battles to try and keep her emotions out of all of this. Once he sat down, with a clear gap between the two, she opened her mouth again.

"Look, some only wants to talk the first time and that's okay, but I gotta ask," she added and he looked up at her to meet her eyes carefully, "do you want this or have you changed your mind?"

His eyes widened only slightly, as if he caught himself widening his eyes and therefore tried to stop it before she would see it, only she did.

"No, it's not that I don't want to... but it just..." he sighed again and this time she stayed quiet, having a feeling he would continue when he was comfortable enough. "My friends kind of bet me into doing this, and I have to go through with it, but I'm just so... unsure of what to do."

Rick had avoided eye contact with her, in his mind adding the fact that he was a bit concerned about her being younger than him and being involved in this kind of work. It was concerning because he couldn't help but wonder how and why she'd started.

"Well, you don't have to do anything, we can figure out what you like together," she flirted and when he glanced at her she winked at him with her tongue out.

God she's beautiful. He couldn't help but feel his heart skip at her antics, and he knew it was a bad idea to continue with this, knowing this was all just a job for her.

"Okay," was all he said and she smiled in a salacious matter as her fingers started to open the buttons on her shirt, leaving him breathless.

When her shirt was suddenly out of the way he could see the black lace bra she wore and he choke on his try to breath.

Kate couldn't help but feel satisfied by his reaction, already sensing this would be one of the good ones. Standing up she got rid of the heels and jeans she'd decided to wear, she often used a more normal outfit for the first times, feeling those were the best choices when she didn't know her client yet. Then after getting to know them a little she tried to dress up the way they would get turned on by, some had very highly praised her being all naked in only a coat while others wanted her to dress like a college student. When she stood in only her lace underwear she could see the full lust in his eyes and so she moved to sit on her knees in front of him on the floor, having a mischievous smirk on her lips.

"Do-uh, do you have any rules?" he asked and she almost slapped herself for forgetting to bring that up.

"Yeah, but only one," she said looking him directly in the eyes as experienced fingers went to his crotch to unbutton his belt. "No kissing on the lips. Not under any circumstances."

He nodded and she could almost swear she saw a tiny bit of disappointment. The second his buttons were out of the way she started pulling down his pants, letting his boxers stay on in case he would feel more comfortable like that to begin with. Her hand palmed his manhood through his boxers, and it brought a gasp from his mouth which she bit her lip for. She stroked him through his boxers, feeling him getting harder and harder by each stroke and it didn't take long before she found him breathing hard to try keep himself together.

"Oh god, Nikki," he groaned and she felt her securities come back, just as his insecurities seemed to go away.

He had put his head on the cushion of the couch and closed his eyes, so when she pulled out his hardness he didn't have his eyes on her. She licked her lips, preparing herself to see what his reaction would be by locking her eyes on his face. Stroking him a few more times she felt him throb in her hand, as excited as she felt. It was kind of weird because she never felt this excitement towards any of her clients, sure he was attractive, very attractive actually, but so were many of her other clients. When she let the tip of her tongue reach the tip of him she saw his eyes pop open and were on her immediately. She licked the length of him before taking him in her mouth, keeping eye contact with him during she sucked and licked and pumped him with her lips.

"Nikki, I'm about to..." he gasped and she sucked harder, bringing him to come in her mouth.

She swallowed with practiced ease, feeling a tiny bit shocked that it didn't take her any amount of force. It was almost as if she liked it? Stop. She cleaned him up with her tongue, making sure nothing would come on the couch. Being done, she put him back into his boxers before raising up into a standing position.

"You want to continue this in the bedroom?" she smirked and he looked up at her with shock and bliss evident in his blue eyes.

He immediately stood up, almost knocking her over, and grabbed her hands in order to be able to pull her with him as he steered them towards a door leading into an office, where he pulled her towards another door in which stood a bed. His bedroom. She let go of a small yelp when he turned in a quick move and put his arms around her in order to lift her up and throw her onto the bed. A surprised giggle passed her lips before she could stop it, looking up she saw him looking down at her, his eyes roaming her body up and down with a newfound hunger she hadn't witnessed before. She wasn't aware of the arousal and giddiness going down her whole body until she shivered at the look he gave her. He pulled off his shirt in a gracious move and she couldn't help but stare at his broad chest, feeling hot and bothered and this is not how she should feel, what is this?! She felt shock when he lowered himself to her thigh and gasped silently when his nose tickled her skin with its presence.

"You said no kissing on the lips, but everywhere else it's okay right?" he asked and she couldn't find the words to answer, so when he looked up with a questioning look she only nodded. "Good," he mumbled before he started kissing the insides of her thigh and oh my god.

She caught herself moaning when his lips moved closer and closer to her most intimate part. So, she bit down on her lip, drawing blood from it because she was trying so hard not to let out the sounds he was attracting with his demonstrations. It took about ten seconds before her panties were out of the way, his lips started sucking and his tongue started licking and god what is happening?! She'd never felt so good as she did right now! The other men she's been with had never paid her any attention, and why would they it's their money for their pleasure? Before she knew it she was shattering and to her surprise he moaned when he tasted her orgasm on his tongue. She felt dizzy, never knowing it could feel this way. He kissed his way up, unhooking her bra to suck gently on her breasts before his face came close to hers. She could almost feel his lips, that's how close he was. And god she wanted to taste them, but before she could do the one thing she should not her mind caught up with what they were doing. She pushed her hands on his chest to lay beside her, following him so she was straddling him and had her head away from him.

"No. Kissing."

The command came out as a growl, hoping he wouldn't try that again. Kissing was too intimate. Too emotionally loaded. They weren't making love, they were simply having sex. That's what she got paid to do. Nothing emotional about it. So why does it feel wrong not kissing? She pushed the thought as far back in her mind as she could, locked it away, because no. She was a professional. Sliding him out of his boxers she didn't even have to do anything to make him hard, he was already hard from pleasuring her. Together they placed him where he was supposed to be, and she pushed onto him, grinding and focusing on whatever made him groan with pleasure. If he wanted fast or slow, she did what he wanted because that was her job. She was the escort and he was her client.