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Kate knew she had crossed a line she had set up but when his eyes suddenly opened she knew there was absolutely no turning back. Because when she saw his blue, surprise-filled eyes there was no doubt that he didn't want the same. His head pushed up in order to let their mouths smudge together, instead of the light almost non-touch she'd made. One of his hands tangled itself into her long brown hair as he pulled her closer to keep her from pulling away, not that he would force her to stay if she wanted to stop. Kate melted into the kiss much like she had melted into his body every time they'd made lo... had sex. When his tongue shocked her by running by her lower lip she parted her lips as if in a trance, and when their tongues met she was high. Her head felt dizzy, her body roared with a newfound arousal she had never felt before and she moaned, louder and more desire-filled than she'd ever done. It was like she was high on him, as if his taste was a new drug she couldn't stay away from.

When he pushed her down in the mattress, keeping their mouths locked while turning with her, she knew she was long gone. She wanted him, truly wanted him. And not as in 'she needed money so let's have some fun so she can get it' but in a very different way. His hips started grinding into hers and she immediately met his grinds with her own, it was like she didn't have to think of what to do next for once. Her body was responding immediately to his without any effort. It was even less effort than she had before considering she didn't have to think about not kissing his lips anymore, since their lips were already smudged together. She felt like she could finally let go, finally be herself, and she let her hands go from where they had been resting at his back to the hem of his shirt. It surprised her how much her hands trembled as she pulled it up his body, almost as if she hadn't done this before, almost as if she was nervous. Their lips parted long enough for his shirt to leave his body completely, and to her surprise he only slowed down after that. His lips returned to hers with a smooth motion, his fingers reaching to find hers only to push them to lay beside her head. He intertwined their fingers, hugging her hands tightly and she let her fingers return the hug. It felt as though her heart was expanding and she wondered how that was possible. She had never felt like she did with him, everything was heightened. His touch especially.

His fingers left hers to slide down her arms into her upper body and she shivered at the sensation. His lips left hers and his body followed his fingers down to the hem of her shirt. She wondered what he was doing but couldn't find the strength to raise and look down at him. Only a few seconds after she'd pushed away the thought of raising up to cure her curiosity she felt his fingers carefully lifting the hem of her shirt, his lips finding her bare skin within milliseconds. She felt her belly shudder at the touch, but his lips continued upwards, kissing every inch as he slid up her shirt. Her breathing was uneven a little now and then, and when his lips came to her breasts her breath hitched. He gave her breasts equal gentle attention before he continued to her neck, placing open mouthed kisses everywhere. Lastly, when he pulled the shirt over her head his lips found hers and the kiss was as gentle as every small kiss he'd laid all over her body. Her whole body was tingling after his ministrations and it certainly didn't stop when their bodies were finally bare of any clothing, mending together like two magnets attracted to each other. Kate had never understood how people could express themselves as making love when they had sex, but now, being one with his body, every motion slow and beautiful, she could finally see it.

As Rick woke up he looked around in his bed, feeling a bit colder than he thought he would, and realized why. He was alone. Where'd she go? Was she even here? Yes. She must've. He couldn't take it if she hadn't. Because if it had all been a dream he didn't know what he would do. Wouldn't know how to live on because it had all been so amazing. She was amazing. A sudden movement had his head snapping towards his bedroom door, in which she came through and was that his white shirt?

"Hey," she said with surprise and a frightened glimpse could be seen in her eyes as her smile grew wide.

"Hi," he said, feeling so dumb for smiling as wide as he did.

No one had ever made him feel like this, if he didn't know better he would describe his behavior as a teenage girl talking to her crush for the first time.

"I-uh, made coffee," she offered, raising one of the cups she had in her hands.

He sat up better in his bed, waiting for her to come to him but she seemed to have stopped in her tracks and he wasn't sure if it was because of insecurities or surprise that he had awoken. He carefully gestured for her to sit down in his bed, hoping she wouldn't flee again. It didn't take more than one second before she had picked up her walk again and handed him a coffee cup before sitting down.

"Thanks," he said with a brilliant smile set on his lips.

He couldn't help it! He was so damn happy it hadn't been a dream! She was here, she was actually here. And she'd kissed him, on the lips! Her one rule to maintain professional, to keep away the emotions, and she'd broken it! With him! That must mean she felt something for him too! He wasn't just another client like she had tried to imply!

Her cheeks were a light shade of pink and he wondered what she was flustered about. Wondered what she was feeling and thinking of.

"So, uhm, Kate," the use of her real name had her immediately looking up at him with a small fear, "You'll stay right? I mean, I want you to stay."

She was looking down again, searching for answers in her coffee by the looks of it. His fingers itched to hold her hand, tell her everything was going to be alright, but he refrained himself to make sure he wouldn't push her away. Now that they were close enough he could see the bruising caused by someone else's hand on her face. The cut in her forehead, the one above her right eye, and the wound at her lower lip more visible due to the light from the day outside his window.

"I... I really shouldn't have come here last night," she mumbled and he shook his head.

"Why..." he sighed, "Kate, what has you so afraid that you can't talk to me? I can help you, I can..." now it was her turn to shake her head, violently.


Her voice was strong and determined, as if to say there was nothing more to discuss about it.

"I have money, more than enough, you know I'm a famous writer! Hell, you even helped me with some of the scenes remember? I could pay you for that if you can't take the money without doing something for them," he said hastily, not wanting to pick a fight but he was afraid he'd loose her again if he didn't say his mind.

"Ri... Mr. Castle I-"

"Don't! No Mr. Castle. I know you don't want that anymore, you kissed me! And I'll be damned if I'd let you go now that I know," he took a few deep breaths to collect himself.

She looked as though she wanted to cry, and he wasn't sure if it was because of his words getting through to her or because she was afraid of him. He hoped she wasn't afraid of him. He wasn't like that other monster who'd laid his hands on her beautiful skin, who'd crossed the line and hurt her. He carefully reached out his hand to take the cup in her hand, to his relief she didn't flinch even the smallest. Once he got a hold of it he put both their cups on the nightstand and reached out to gently pick up her hand in his.

"Look Kate, I understand if you want to leave, that's different, I would never hold you here if it wasn't what you wanted, but I have a feeling you don't want to leave. And I can't live with myself if I let you push me away knowing you want me as much as I want you."

His thumb was rubbing over the back of her hand in smooth circles, and he could hear in her breath how much it affected her. How her whole body leaned a little further at the touch.

"You don't understand, I can't just quit. I owe them... so much. This is the only way I can repay them, and I can't... I can't have you," she muttered low.

"Whatever you owe I can pay, I can help you get back on your feet," he offered but she shook her head.

"I don't want your money Rick."

"I know." He gave her a genuine smile, "but I would love to wake up to this sight every morning. You even took my shirt," he nodded meaningly towards the white shirt she wore and he got a smile out of her.

He felt relieved, he had managed to get her to think about something else. Somehow he had a feeling she wouldn't want to talk about it anymore, and it looked like he was right by the look she was giving him.

"Yeah, the shirt I had didn't really feel like a comfortable way to move around in this time of the day," she answered, a small grin taking form on her lips.

"Well, I agree I like this vision better," he confessed and her belly fluttered with an excitement only he could create.

Kate was frightened by how he could make her feel, but at the same time she hadn't felt safer than when she was in his company, ever. That was the reason she'd gone to his loft the night before, she knew he would make her feel safe after the beatings she'd taken. Kate felt Rick's hand rubbing smooth circles on her hand and she snapped out of her thoughts.

"So, you wanna have breakfast? I can cook us something," he said and it was a really bad idea but she agreed.

They rose from the bed and Rick put on some boxers before they grabbed their coffee cups to drink as they went to the kitchen. They decided on an omelette which Rick promised she would absolutely love, because he'd been told it was the best in the city. Kate had a feeling he was one of those people who constantly needed sounds around them because not once did he let the silence be too long.

"You know, my mother has terrible cooking skills, that's why you'll taste the best omelette of all times. You see, since she was most certainly going to poison us with her food I took over that part as soon as I could," he babbled on. "This one time she almost gave me raw chicken, thank god I cut it in half before putting it in my mouth!" he chuckled and she couldn't stop the small laugh escaping her lips from how dramatic he sounded.

He quickly glanced at her and in that quick second she could see a proud glimpse in his eyes, probably proud about pulling yet another laugh from her. She pursed her lips in an attempt to keep her excitement down.

"Besides she had lots of plays during the evening so once I was old enough I had to make the dinner for myself, it was either that or starve," he dramatized his words by waving the spatula he was using for the omelette.

"Your mother was in the theatre?" Kate asked carefully.

"Yeah, she's an actress, an overly dramatic one," he gave her a wink and she so wished her whole being wouldn't feel so good when he did that. "What about your parents? What did they do?" he asked, and she could sense how he tried to sound as casual as possible.

"I can't reveal personal information," she just said on auto pilot.

"Kate, I think we're past that," he said and when she glanced up at him through her eyelashes she saw some thought cross his eyes.

He let go of the spatula to put his hands on each of her hips and pulled her close, so close that her heart skipped a beat. When he leaned down to put his face closer to hers she felt her heart quicken as her mind went to the thoughts of his lips against hers, but he stopped before they could touch. He didn't pull away, no, he stayed exactly so close that she could feel him without them actually touching. She could only take as much, and so she put a stop to the pull she felt inside her by stepping onto her toes. The second their lips touched she forgot all about what she should do and remembered how much she just wanted to stay right there, in his hold. God she wanted him. How was one man possible to make her feel so... alive? It was like she hadn't been alive before, and now when she was kissing him, she never wanted him to stop. They pulled away slowly, neither of them wanting to but both of them needing air.

"Yeah, maybe we are," Kate gave up, there was no use to fight it anymore.