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A Life Worth Living
Chapter One

Even though his daughter had only been born two weeks ago, Bert had already trained himself to enter his house as quiet as humanly possible when returning from work. He brought the door to a close at such a slow pace that it didn't make a single sound – he was quite proud of himself! He was also relieved, he knew that he had no chance of waking the baby which also meant that there was no chance of Mary scolding him or taking a swing at him with her umbrella – which had happened once or twice. When he entered the drawing room, his heart melted at the sight of Mary holding their small bundle of joy to her chest as she gave their baby her feed. Bert smiled with contentment as his heart swelled lovingly at the sight of them both – his wonderful wife that he loved with everything he had and his beautiful baby girl that he still couldn't believe was here and was theirs.

He made no noise as he observed Mary's motherly act and he knew that it was one of the most beautiful sights he'd ever seen; to see them both at peace and to see Mary giving unconditional, motherly love to their daughter. She still had that look of amazement in her eyes – as did Bert – she was still so enthralled by this little being and still found it hard to believe that something so delicate and beautiful had come from their love for each other. Mary cradled their daughter protectively, but her hold was still so tender and after a while, Bert realised that Mary was lightly humming a soothing melody.

Bert was stilled amazed by how far they'd come. Their daughter had come from an unplanned pregnancy, the result of a moment passion and pent up affection between them, but it had brought them together in ways that they never would've dreamed of. They'd had feelings for each other for so long, but things were still in the depths of the unknown after sleeping together; but the news of Mary's pregnancy had driven them into an unbreakable romance, a marriage and a future. They didn't plan on having a child, but they were so grateful for their little gift and they wouldn't change a thing. They had everything they wanted, they were together as man and wife, they had a beautiful baby girl and they had a life together. Everything was perfect.

When Bert finally snapped away from his reverie, he noticed that Mary had buttoned up her blouse and was now staring lovingly at their baby as she gently wriggled in her arms. With another warm smile, he moved forward and joined his wife on the sofa; their eyes met as he sat down and he gave her a loving kiss that seemed to linger for longer than normal. Their eyes met again when they finally separated and for a few seconds, it seemed as if they were the only two people in the world.

"That was quite a kiss…" Mary whispered, "…what was that for?"

"I was just watchin' you with Evelyn…you looked beautiful"

Mary's eyes fell briefly as she blushed. The silence was broken when Evelyn let out a tiny sneeze – beaming smiles spread across the faces of the parents and Bert took the bundle into his own arms.

"'ello, sweet'eart" he cooed as his eyes became fixated on his daughter.

The smile he wore in that moment was the most heart-warming thing Mary had ever seen. There was the man that Mary was so utterly in love with, holding their child and looking at the bundle with all the love in the world. It was the true look of a parent, one that said he would do anything for her…and Mary knew that he would. Bert ran the back of his finger down Evelyn's cheek and her instinct was to latch onto it with her own tiny hand.

"My beautiful girl" Bert whispered to her.

He just wanted to hold his child forever and as Mary snuggled into his side, he wished that this moment could last for an eternity. He placed a gentle kiss against Mary's forehead.

"I still can't believe she's ours" he heard Mary say.

"Me neither…I don't think it'll ever sink in" he chuckled.

Evelyn yawned and Mary and Bert's smiles grew even bigger – if that were possible.

"She's just so beautiful" Mary breathed.

"She takes after 'er mother"

Mary blushed again.

"Does she be'ave 'erself during the day?"

"Yes she does – although I still haven't quite gotten her into a routine"

"You will, love…there's no one else on this earth more built to be a mother than you"

"My, you're being very affection today, Mr Alfred – what have I done to earn such treatment?" she teased.

"Oh, nothin' much…you just agreed to love me, you married me an' you gave me a beautiful little girl, that's all – nothin' too extravagant" he joked.

She pecked his lips with her own.

"Well, don't expect it too often" she warned light-heartedly.

"No more kids?" he semi-joked.

Mary scoffed with a smile.

"Please, Bert, we've only had Evelyn for little more than a fortnight!"

"You're right, love" he chuckled.

Mary moved away from him and went to rise from the sofa but Bert's voice stopped her.

"Where d'ya think your goin'?"

"I thought I'd start making our supper…unless you want to go hungry?"

"Mary, you've made supper every night this week, let me do it for a change" he almost pleaded.

"Please do not whine, darling, my mind is made up" there was a twist of playfulness in her voice.

"Fine, but at least stay 'ere for a bit longer" he requested.

"As you wish"

And with that, she snuggled back into his side – savouring the warmth of his body, the gentle hum of his breathing and the now sleeping baby in his arms. She buried her face into the crook of his neck and let her eyes gently close; her heart began its usual flutter as she once again became so overwhelmed by the love she had for this man.

"I love you" she whispered against him.

"I love you too"


With their daughter finally asleep in her cot, Mary and Bert were able to sit together as they ate their supper.

"So how was your day…" Mary began, "…did you manage to finish the illustrations for that book?"

"Unfortunately not, the author's descriptions aren't very clear, I tried my best t' draw the scene as 'e described, but 'e just wasn't 'appy with a single thing we did…'opefully I'll 'ave more luck tomorrow…If I get it done in time they might let me leave early"

Mary's eyes brightened at the concept.

"I'm sure things will work out…some authors can be very tricky when it comes to the interpretation of their work"

"Oh naturally…but if 'e doesn't like our drawings, you'd think 'e would 'ave the sense to give us some advice or more detail so that we can get it right instead of getting' angry with us…sorry, I shouldn't be complainin'" he sighed.

"Don't worry about it, dear…everyone needs to let of a little steam once in a while…it's better than keeping it all to yourself" she gave him a warm smile and he instantly felt himself relax.

"Anyway, enough about me, 'ow was your day, Mary?"

"Rather uneventful"

"I don't believe it for a second!" he teased.

"Well, looking after a new born baby can be a lot easier than looking after grown children, I don't have to resort to jumping into pavement pictures or making furniture rearrange itself – Evelyn wouldn't appreciate the gesture" she smirked.

"I suppose not…so you didn't 'ave any trouble with 'er?"

"She was as good as gold and no one came to visit so I just had a nice relaxing day"

"You sure you enjoyed it? You've never really been one for relaxation" Bert questioned.

"I'll admit that it's never really been as past time of mine, but now that I actually have time to relax I've realised how enjoyable it is"

"So you don't miss workin'?"

"I never said that" she answered simply – with no emotional indication of how she really felt.


"Oh, don't look so worried, Bert. While I do miss working, I adore spending my time at home caring for our daughter – I'm not upset by my choices, dear"

"I just wanna make sure you're 'appy"

She looked straight into his eyes.

"I am happy, Bert"


She smiled gently.

"I promise"

He smiled back before taking a bite of his food.

"Can I ask you a question, Sweet'eart?

"You can – although I shan't answer until you stop talking with food in your mouth" she challenged.

Bert laughed at his wife's teasing, but did as he was told and finished his mouthful.

"'ow about now?"

"Splendid. Ask away"

"I was wonderin', d'ya think Evelyn will inherit your, you know…magic?"

Mary pondered for a moment.

"It's likely -" she began, "—but a person can't actually inherit magic, what they inherit instead is a sort of sensitivity to it"

"I don't understand" Bert said with several blinks.

"You see, magic isn't a gene. Everyone is born with magic, but we tend to lose it by the time our first birthday arrives…and since we're only babies when we do have it, we can't actually use nor understand it…in fact, we don't even know it's there"

"So…even I was born with magic?"

"Yes. However, there are some people – like myself or my Uncle Albert, for example – who are able to retain their magic and use it throughout their life…and it would seem that such an ability is hereditary – since most of my family members kept their magic"

"So…you're saying that she might not 'ave it?"

"It's hard to predict, most of my family members married and had children with people who also kept their magic – but not all of them…it seems to be quite a powerful aspect of a person's genetic make-up, but there is no guarantee as to whether or not Evelyn will keep her's"

Bert simply hummed to himself as he took in all that she had said to him.

"It doesn't bother you does it, Dear?"

Their eyes met and Bert's seemed to gleam.

"Of course not, she'll be perfect no matter what…I was just curious"

"That's understandable, magic can be tricky enough as an adult, let alone a child finding out what they could do with a snap of their fingers!"

"So, she definitely 'as 'er magic now?"

Mary nodded.

"But she doesn't know it's there?"


Bert began to smirk.

"So, I won't go up their tonight and find 'er floatin' on the ceiling like yer uncle?" he chuckled.

"Of course not, she can't even use it…besides, what Uncle Albert has is technically and illness" she feigned seriousness.

"Technically" Bert highlighted.

Mary smiled softly at him.

"Well, fear not, darling, you won't have to worry about any flying babies in this house!" she laughed.

"What about other 'ouses?" he winked.

"I'm sure that's none of your concern" she replied – playing along. Bert loved how playful Mary could be when it was just the two of them.

"Per'aps not, although I don't think it'd be very good to 'ave flyin' children all across London"

"I quite agree" she smirked.

After a while, Bert found himself simply staring at Mary – unable to take his eyes off of his wonderful wife.

"What are you smiling at?" she asked with a slight blush.


Her cheeks were crimson now – she was still so flattered by his compliments and words of love.

"Why me?"

"Because, Mary, you 'ave given me the perfect life…an' I love you"

Mary could barely bring herself to respond as she blushed ferociously, so instead she leant across the table and kissed him softly on the lips. A practically perfect kiss to go with their practically perfect life.


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