Authors note:

After reading lots of stories on here, I decided to try writing one myself.

Please note that I am not a native speaker, so some of my grammer and expressions might be a tad bit off.

This story will include some rather dark passages, consider this your only warning.

I do not own any copyright for Zootopia.

With all that said, enjoy the first chapter!

Chapter 1 – The morning afterwards

Last night had been amazing. Judy was at the Gazelle concert with her best friend Nick Wilde, and many of her colleagues from the Zootopia Police Department. Gazelle had played her favorite song, "Try Everything", which was her main workout song when training for the police academy. The Nighthowlers case was solved, Bellweather behind bars, and Nick was now not only her friend but also her partner in the ZPD.

Overall, things couldn't be going much better for Judy Hopps right now, she was listening to last nights songs on her iCarrot and happily dancing her way to Precinct One, her workplace. With this euphoric state of mind and the loud music she almost didn't hear a very familiar voice call her name. Almost – because those long bunny ears had to be good for something, so she could still tell it was Nick's voice but couldn't quite understand what he was saying. She took out one of the earplugs of her headphones, leaving the other one in so as not to interrupt the cheerful music, and looked at Nick who was also walking towards the police station from the other side.

"What was that?" she asked.

"I said good morning carrots" the red fox chuckled, "sorry for interrupting your trance!"

"Well good morning slick" came the bunnys response, and she finally pulled out the other earplug so as not to be impolite towards her friend and partner.

They had both only gotten to bed around 3am on this day, with work beginning at 7. And while this short amount of sleep posed no problem for the energetic bunny, it was rather clear that foxes were nocturnal mammals from the look on Nicks face. Judy was sure that after surviving the Chief in the bullpen – he had slept just as much as his officers after all – her partner would get a strong coffee right away.

Occupied with these thoughts, Judy walked into her workplace next to her partner expecting an overly cheerful Cheetah to greet them as always. But Clawhouser looked different today. At first Judy thought it was due to his also rather short night but upon approaching the Cheetah it became obvious that the interrupted sleep schedule couldn't be the only reason for his unusual facial expression. One emotion seemed to dominate his face, and it was utter sadness! Judy was shocked upon seeing this, she knew Gazelle was Clawhouser's idol so getting to see her live performance should have sent his mind to heaven. She thought if she should confront him about it but Nick beat her to it and asked

"Hey spots, whats wrong?"

Clawhousers usual self seemed to be all but gone as the overweight cheetah who normally wouldn't miss a chance to talk about anything and everything seemed to struggle to find any words.

"I.. can't… *sniff* bullpen…" was all he managed to say before collapsing his face on his desk and starting to cry.

Both Nick and Judy wished they had the time to offer some comfort to their now weeping friend, but the briefing in the bullpen would begin any minute now and since Clawhouser had also told them they would get answers there they made their way to the bullpen, exchanging a puzzled and worried look.

Upon opening the door to the bullpen, they could already hear the loud voices of their much larger colleagues that were cleraly debating something. In the cacophony of different mammalian voices it was hard for Nick and Judy to hear any details while they hopped on their shared seat in the front row. The only word that Judys fine hearing could make out repeatedly was "Gazelle", which was not surprising since most of the mammals in the room had also been present at the concert the night before. There was also talk of a crime, but the two small officers failed to get the attention of any of the larger mammals so as to get an explanation about what exactly had happened.

Unable to satisfy their curiosity for now, they did not have to wait long for Chief Bogo to enter the room. The most senior mammal of Precinct One had his usual "I don't care" face on, but with his years of experience as a con mammal Nick could tell that underneath his emotionless performance the Chief of police did in fact very much care about something at this very moment.

The room went silent as the Buffalo walked to his podium and cleared his throat

"As many of you might have already heard, the famous singer Gazelle was found dead this morning, next to one of the tigers that performed with her yesterday. Hopps, Wild, Fangmayer and Delgato, I want all four of you to drive to the concert hall immediately to keep sightseers away while the forensic experts investigate the crimescene. Make sure noone gets too close and destroys any evidence. Dismissed!"

The four officers left the bullpen and rushed to their cars making their way to the concert hall they had all been at the night before.

A very angry goat was looking at the pleading pile of despair in front of him. His henchmen had managed to mess up big time, and he did not tolerate incompetence. He did not enjoy killing, but if it was necessary to pursue his goal, his only goal infact, hesitation wasn't a trait of his character either.

"I did everything you asked for boss", pleaded the sheep lying in front of him, "I shot the tiger right next to Gazelle, he attacked and killed her, and I tried to get away but I underestimated how fast a tiger could kill its prey and after being done with her he came after me, I only shot him in self defense!"

"Do you know why I assigned this simple task to you?" the goat asked with a growl worthy of a lion.

"Yes boss, of course boss, that's why I put the gun in her hand afterwards, they will think she shot him, noone will suspect it was me"

"Silence!" The goat commanded. He was to hear no more of this, he knew the sheeps DNA would be all over that gun, and if the ZPD could identify his henchmen, that would put himself in danger. The only way to prevent this was to silence the sheep. Permanentely.

"Please boss, I will do ..",

But the goat never found out what the sheep would do, as a hole between his eyes made it hard to say any further words.

Satisfied with his own work, the goat called in two more of his many followers to remove the now lifeless body in front of him. A shiver of guilt overcame him, but a quick glance at a certain picture on his desk washed away his guilt and convinced him once more that what he did was right and necessary.