Tears of Vampires

Chapter 1: Beauty

Warning and Disclaimer: I don't any of this except for the OC's. And don't sue a poor high school student who doesn't even have a job. Oh, and this is slash. So if you don't like it, same sex relations, then go away. The author doesn't want to hear that crap.

A/N: Oh, this is an AU. This has a plot. I'm making it as I go. So enjoy. And a lot of people will be OOC. So just try to cope with me. This is by me and only me. I have decided that a co-author wasn't going to work this time.

BDL: Okay. So here's a different story. I'm working on the others but it's taking a while and it's so much faster without co-author's right Drake.

Draco grumbles

Draco: I was chained to a fucking wall because of you. Stupid bitch thought she could find that fucking key. Ha!

Harry sighs as he rubs his wrist.

Harry: Thanks for getting us out Blacky

BDL grumbles.

BDL: How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that!

Draco and Harry laughs. Draco pulls on the chain connected to BDL's neck.

Draco: We'll call you whatever we want.

BDL: Ah, shit. Oh well here's the story.

The sky was black and had white dots in it. The air was soft and smelled of wild flowers. Clouds drifted in from the east and headed west towards the horizon. Trees rustled as the wind blew trough the trees. A lake surface rippled when the water was blown by the wind with such gentleness that each ripple was small in size. A dirt path on the ground was the only thing that indicated that people have been trough here as it was a park.
A young man walked this path. His unruly raven hair shifted when the wind blew softly. His tanned skin was not that dark but dark enough to see that it was exposed to the sun long. His body was lean and firm. Each muscle showed and defined in a tone it could only hold. His pink lips were parted as he walked on the path. Emerald green eyes shifted to adjust to the poor lighting. His face shone beauty in its sharp features and smooth texture.

His mind waved from events that had happened in his life. The consent battles for his life from family members and a man with no sense in mind. It was all so trivial to him and he hated being the object for others to believe when the time came.

In the shadows a tall figure stalked the confused young man. His skin was soft and smooth, pale in color. He stood at a height of 6'2" while his prey stood at 5'8". His eyes were a color of the deepest black and hair long and fair. Its length could only be controlled by a braid it was tied in. It shifted like a pendulum swaying in a grandfather clock way as he moved form tree to tree. He watched the beauty continue to walk. He's been watching him for two days now. And he wanted him, now.

"Now, that I've tried to understand this messed up life I live again. It's now to return to my hellhole of a home. That old man thought I would be safe there. What was he thinking? Some father figure he turned out to be."

The young mans voice was smooth and soft. He turned on his heel and headed out of the park that was close to his so-called home.

The braided haired man smiled as he followed his beauty to his home. He walked slowly and far away so as not to gain attention from the youth. His eyes ranked over each part of his clothed body. Wishing the boy was under him withering with pleasure.

The pants the boy wore were too big and covered much of his ass. The large shirt that looked twice the youth's already thin body hid the perfect body underneath.

The young man walked up to a house with the number four nailed into the wall beside the door. He entered and was bombarded with shouts and yells. The braided man ran to the window to look what was going on. What was happening to his emerald beauty?

A large fat man smack the youth to the floor yelling, "You useless piece of shit. I can't believe you thought that if you escaped for an hour or two you'd be sparred. You are sadly mistaken my boy." He sneered at the youth. "Dudley grab me my whip and bring it here. The four ended one."

The braided man made for the door but was thrown from it. It was warded off form dark creatures. He sure as hell was a dark creature. He ran back to the window when he heard a scream.

The youth was on his stomach with the back of his shirt ripped open. The four-ended whip made contact again and again. The large man was merciless. When it came to torturing someone. Blood was coming from what looked like a mixer of old and new wounds. Each wound gushed out small amounts of blood. But each strike splashed blood all over.

The large fat boy known as Dudley stood behind his father was smirking as the whip came down hard on the youth's back. A woman who resembled a horse stood with a sad face in a doorway. She had a black eye and had resentment in her eyes. It looked like she was making herself watch the horror.

The braided man banged on the window but it didn't shatter. The ward made sure of that. He continues to pound the invisible wall to try to get to his beauty. But then he stopped once he saw the large man stop.

"That should be enough. Dudley, go to your room and get ready for bed. Petunia, clean up the kitchen. Leave the boy there. If he manages to make it back to his room then he will be good for something." The large man said and walked upstairs.

The braided man then remembered that he couldn't enter the home with out being invited in. He cursed at his forgetfulness in his tense state. He was told by his dead teacher to always to remain calm. But this time it had caused him more suffering than before.

Dudley kicked the youth before (trying) running upstairs. Petunia watched the youth and walked over to him. She put a hand on his shuddering body. She spoke softly to him; braided haired man looked in hope. He watches her leave the young man. He looked like he was about to cry. He stayed there.

The pale man that stood outside was breathing as he had heard what the woman had said. 'I'm sorry Harry. I'll be back and take you to your room. Ok. Relax here until I return. Be strong, please.' Her voice had been soft and full of sorrow. But she couldn't hide any of her resentment. He pitied her for her weakness. But now he knew his beauty's name.

Harry rolled onto his side after his aunt had talked to him. Her new attitude towards him did nothing for his emotional state being broken and falling fast into the 'dark', he liked to call it. He closed his eyes trying to block out the pain. But to no avail. So, he let his senses fly away with his mind. He listened to his aunt in the kitchen, the sound of crickets outside plying they're cricking music. The bullfrog crocks as he listened to the crickets.

Harry didn't know how long he was there but he heard his aunt come in and pick up his light body and took him to his room, making sure not to touch his back. The braided haired man watched for an hour as his beauty lay on his side. The youth wasn't asleep but the pale man listened to his breathing from where he stood outside. Then the horse like woman came in and picked up the youth.

He gasped as he noticed that she had no problem carrying him.

She had walked up the stairs. The braided haired man floated his body up to the second floor. He looked in the first window. He saw the woman bring him in and lay the youth on his stomach. He heard the young man sighed. She pulled off his glasses and ripped off what was left of the shirt.

He heard her say, "Soon you won't have anymore shirts left Harry. Happy 16th Birthday Harry. It is well past midnight." Her voice was sad and hollow as she said this. A tear came down her face. The woman known as Petunia walked out turning off the light.

The braided haired man looked at his beauty. He was crying. Those words she spoke had an effect on the young man. He turned away from the sight. It broke his heart. He was glad that the child wasn't rapped. Or he'd been really angry and would've hunted the large man instead of that girl he took tonight.

He sighed and Apparated as he felt a call. He appeared in a courtyard to a large castle. He felt his father's call stronger now and made haste to reach him he ran to the throne room. He stopped in front of the large mahogany doors. He straightened his clothes and walked in.

His father was an old man that looked like he was in his early thirties. That was because he was turn at twenty-nine. He was the king to all of his clan. Their kinds had different clans. His where the Snipers. But since he was a prince he had a lot of duties.

"My son, how was your hunt?" His father had a soft voice.

"It was good father. I enjoyed it. Thank you." His face showed no evidence of what he felt. But his eyes and voice showed it. His father took this into account.

"What troubles you my son?" He asked knowing he would get his answer no matter what.

The braided haired man swung his braid to his front. He knew his father would just read his mind if he didn't tell him. So he told him of his beauty named Harry. He told of how he first saw him sitting in the park by the lake. How he memorized his every move and every moments of sadness. He spoke all that he saw in the house up till the point in the bedroom and left when his father called him.

"So, where does this boy live? His name is Harry right." His father asked softly. He didn't want his son in this kind of pain.

"Yes, father. That's his name. He lives on. I think it was 4 Privet Drive. Not too far from London." He said remembering the walk he took to follow the boy to his home.

The king rested back as he saw the place in his mind. He recognized the address. His eyes flew open once it came to him. "AH, shit. It's that boy. For Christ shakes can't you have someone else?" He said in an almost yell tone.

The braided man looked at his father. "What is it father? Is this youth some kind of royalty?" he asked as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Far from it my son. He is the savior of the Wizarding world and Dumbledore's toy at the present moment." The king's voice was hard and cold.

"Father we have to help him. I can't leave him there and I will not choose another. I want him and I don't see way a mortal with such innocence as his should suffer." He semi yelled at his father.

"You're a Vampire my son. You're supposed to not fall for someone with such innocence. I thought your teacher taught you better." His father growled back.

"Your one to talk father." He gave his father a hard glare.

The king sat there silent in all his beauty. He reconsidered his son's wishes to save the youth. He thought about how Harry would make a strong addition to his family. And his son would keep him close in the circles of his world and the Wizarding world. This would help a lot. But the child has been abused so his son would have to support the child a lot. If not his fragile mind would brake and they'd lose him forever. He'd have to play his cards right. He knew his son would want to change him. But to do that...

He looked into his son's eyes. "We will help the boy. But you look after him and don't change him. Dumbledore would have my head. And the last thing I need is for you to lose that new job as the Potions Master there, Severus." His son's name rang in the room as it echoed off the walls. Knowing this would tick off his son and doing exactly the opposite made him happy.

"Yes, Father." He hated when the old man said his name to make him not do something he really wanted to do. It's not like he listened any ways. He turned and walked out. He was exhausted.

Severus went straight to his room. The room was all black. Everything was black except the bed sheets, which were blood red. A roaring fire was in the fireplace. He fell on his bed and dreamed of the youth named Harry in his arms.

Harry awoke from another Voldemort Vision. He hated all the crap he had to go through just to help the Wizarding World be safe. Well, what about him. He needed to be safe too in some one's arm that would protect him and love him.

At the beginning of summer it was horrible. Dudley decided that he was his punching bag again. Since his Uncle took all his school supplies. Except for Harry's wand and invisibility cloak that now lay under that lose floorboard. Everything else was locked in the cupboard.

It was a hellhole when he was getting a beating everyday for no fucking reason at all. This was all bull to him. And Dumbledore thought he would be safe here. Maybe he should take his head out of his ass and look around.

It was still pretty early. Harry sat up trying not to hurt his back and looked out the window. The street was quiet and deserted of any sign of human life. The streetlights were bright in their yellow color. Harry looked up to watch the sunrise. Its pretty colors of purples turning red, red-orange, and pink and then its sky color was something Harry loved to do.

A sound came form his relative's room once the sun was finally in the sky. He carefully moved into the bed trying not to move so much so it wouldn't hurt.

His uncle came in too see if he was alive and once he saw that he was he went to work mumbling on how lucky he was to survive. Dudley went with father to be dropped off at a friend's house. Harry was grateful for all this. He wished it only happened more often.

Petunia was glad no one was home when she brought Harry breakfast. It was a beautiful day and also Harry's birthday. Maybe a walk in the park will do them both some good. It wouldn't be bad or wrong. She smiled as she knocked on Harry's door.

"Come in."

Harry was sitting on his bed looking out into the world. He knew it was his aunt since she was the only one who knocks on his door anymore. It made him feel welcomed. She sat on the edge of the bed and handed a plate of food to him.

Emerald green eyes looked up and took the plate. He was going to saver this since it was his birthday morning breakfast. And it too will probably be the last time he'll eat for days as his uncle loved to starve him. He looked at his aunt readying the medicine for his back. He turned his back to her and started to eat. This always kept his mind off the pain.

Petunia started to disinfect and clean the wounds. It was a routine now for them. After a hard beating she would bring food and fix his back. He got a meal and she got the relief that he would heal quickly but not too quick. Cause the next beating would open both old and new wounds.

"Happy Birthday Harry." The horse like woman said.

"Thank you aunt Petunia." Was what the dark haired youth said.

"Why don't we go for a walk in the park and I'll bake a cake later." She smiled when he jumped and hugged her. This made her feel good.

At the beginning of summer Petunia's parents had sent her some of Lily's belongings saying that she should have them. She had found Lily's diary in the box and got curious and read it. It detailed on how Hogwarts looked and drawings of teachers, friends and Hogwarts grounds. She memorized each drawing in detail and memorized each of Lily's friends. There were so many commits on how Lily had missed home and the friends she use to have but left. Cause once they heard Lily was going to another school they didn't try to keep in touch with her also a lot on how Lily had missed Petunia and how much she had envied her on her simple life. Lily had known why she hadn't gotten an invitation to Petunia's wedding. But she had gone to watch her little sister handed off to Vernon who was Petunia's husband. She cried as she continued to read how life had turned bad for Lily and her husband James. How Lily didn't know what to do and was alone with James and hardly ever saw the light of day without trying to keep herself guarded every single moment of the day. How she had to make sure that her newborn child should have all and everything to grow up into a good and trust worthy man. Petunia read how Lily would always wait for James to come home and make him sleep with her and Harry. The last entry was the day before she had died. It had read:

October 30, 1986 It's a warm fall day. Harry sleeps in his crib as I read a book. It's been over a month since we did the spell that keeps us confined to this Goddamn house. James gets so nerves at times that I have to make him play with Harry to calm him. He doesn't mind though. I love to watch them play patty cake, or horseback ridding. They're both babies that I love to look after.

At this I wonder how the rest of my family is doing and wishing them luck in not getting in this war. Petunia must enjoy being a good housewife while I'm second in charge of the Order of Phoenix.

Oh, no Harry's crying and James is still asleep. I coon him and he hugs me with his little arms around my neck. He always does that and I just hold onto him like it was the last time I would be able to do this. He is such a good child.

I hope Peter is all right and in hiding. He was the least conspicuous person that we know and was the only other choice than Black. But Black said this would be better. I hope so; Peter isn't a very strong wizard.

I'm wishing that when all this is over maybe I could go and give Petunia a surprise visit. Mom and dad said they had a child the same year I had Harry. It would be good to see her again. I really do miss her.

James is awake now. And takes Harry from me and starts to play with him. Harry is so beautiful. He is my beautiful child and that could never change. I call him my beauty at times and James teases me about it. I just smack him over the head and tell him to go over the mail.

Well, look at the time it's seven and I need to make dinner. So I must stop my think/writing and go cook for my loving family. Bye-bye to me.

Petunia couldn't believe the irony in the entry. She had cried so hard when she had read the last page. But now she knows that her sister loved her and she was going to take care of Harry now. Since her sister is now unable to perform such a task.

Harry had stood up and went to his wardrobe to fetch a shirt. "Can we go now Aunt Petunia? I like to listen to the morning birds."

Petunia snapped out of her thoughts. "Uh, yeah Harry. Yeah, just let me change and we'll leave together." She rose and went to go change.

Harry sat on the couch waiting for his aunt. He remembered how the summer started. It was the second or third day and he heard a woman scream from downstairs. He thought it might have been Voldemort. But the instant he was downstairs did he realize he was so wrong. It was his uncle that had hit his aunt. She was on the floor saying something about that it would be important to her now if they took care of him better. Harry didn't know why she wanted that but the second he gasped he was grabbed by the collar and thrown to the floor. His uncle was yelling at him saying that the young man had brain washed her. His uncle had beaten him until he was unconscious. His aunt had brought him upstairs and told him not to worry. But it was his birthday now and nothing had stopped. The youth's aunt would get beat every so often and he was beat like every other day.

Emerald eyes rose to the sound of footsteps on the stairs. Once they saw the occupant of the steps he stood. His aunt wore jeans and a shirt. Which he thought was unusual for her but shrugged it off as they went out the door and walk down the street to the park.

Severus was sitting by the lake in the park when he first saw his beauty. His father was doing some research to get past the wards but they still needed to be invited in. His father told him that he was a complete idiot for forgetting that. Laughed and walked away from him.

The braided haired man loved the sun. His family was one of few that could be able to stay awake during night or day and not be harmed by the sun's rays. And can change someone to have the same ability. The family had strong blood that still ran strong in the vampire world. Vampires would kill to have one of his clan for power. But not many had defected or were dishonor for others to take advantage.

The dark-eyed man sighed as he heard a sound. Hoping it was father to tell him that they found a way in, but it wasn't his father. Instead it was his beauty Harry. The youth was with his aunt and walking around then toward him. He just sat there as they continued they're treading.

The youth looked fine but Severus could smell the blood that seemed to be cover by medicine. The young man's aunt seemed content and happy this time. Yet her eyes held regret and resent in them. But other wise she seemed totally happy with the youth walking in front of her looking at the sky.

The woman talked. "Harry I'm going to see if there is a bathroom here."

Harry said, "It's over there next to the playground." He smiled at her knowing the park by heart. Severus smiled as he too memorized the park because of the beauty.

Emerald eyes watched his aunt leave as he continued walking to his favorite spot by the lake. But once he reached there it was taken by someone no more than twenty-five. He was gorgeous. If the man stood he would very taller than he looked as he was sitting. His eyes were so dark they were black. The man's hair was long and in a braid above the man's ass.

Severus just sat there staring into those green eyes that he seemed to be lost in. He lost the gaze once it looked away. He blinked and spoke.


Harry looked out into the water. "Hi." Was all he answered.

"It's a beautiful day isn't it? Things just seemed so pretty when you don't notice them eh." His voice was soft and gentle. He didn't want to scare the youth away.

"Yeah, they do. People just take it for granted. But I take only what I'm given. I can't take anything for granted anymore." The youth sounded distant and lost.

"Yes you can. You just haven't noticed it."


"It's the way things work. Beauty." Severus purred out the nickname that he gave his youth.

Harry blinked a couple of times then answered. "I don't understand."

"Your not suppose to understand. Just live life. It's the simple things that people take for granted. But you look like you treasure them. So keep treasuring them and things might turn out that you too will take them for granted." The braided haired man stood and brushed himself off. "I must be off."

Harry looked up at him. He's so right. But he's leaving. I wish he could stay so he could tell me more. His thoughts ran as he watched the older man.

The tall man looked at Harry. Hmmm. Maybe if I offer. Wait did he just think that he wanted me to stay. He grinned at the thought and made a face to show that he saw a look on Harry's face.

"Unless you want some company that doesn't take things for granted like others." He smiled showing his white teeth.

Emerald green eyes looked up and the youth smiled. "That would be nice."

Severus sat back down and patted the seat next to him. He watched his beauty move and sit next to him. He breathed in his scent. Oh God. Maybe this was a bad idea. He thought as Harry's scent invaded his nose. A mixer of blood and roses filled his nose. It wasn't the woman's as hers was so faint on the youth. He rethought about this. Ah, I don't give a shit right now just enjoy yourself Sev. He smiled to himself and looked at the water.

Emerald eyes looked the man over then went to the lake. This is a good day. And it'll get better. I just know it. He treasures that he found someone he could talk to that would understand him. Beauty. He thought.

BDL: There it's finished. You happy NOW.

Draco: Yes now get over here and give us a back rub.

Pulls chain to drag BDL closer.

BDL: Fucking Hell!