Naruto loved the color Green…the color of Nature.

It was often proven that his favorite color was orange, and most agreed with that, but Naruto secretly loved the soft color. It reminded him of the training he received on mount Myoboku, and all his friends within the summons realm. It was one of his favorite memories actually, his banter and meals with the Elder Toads, Ma and Pa. Their choice of food wasn't to his particular liking, but just sitting at the table with them, talking like a family…

It really made him feel like he was home.

Naruto sighed to himself, no point in reminiscing about old time yeah?

He couldn't really help it though, it was raining, and the rain always brought back memories…he didn't really know why, but it was almost like an old lullaby. Naruto stretched, rising up from his meditative position in the middle of a large forest. It had been four days since his life had been royally messed up. A new world, time, dimension, everything.

Well almost.

Naruto started walking, letting the rain fall on the small dry patch of grass he had been sitting on for the last few hours. He had on his customary orange and black jumpsuit with his sleeves rolled up. His right arm covered entirely of bandages. He had tried to contact Kurama, or the souls of the other Bijuu that resided within him, but when he arrived within his seal, they were all sleeping, and showed no intention of getting up.

How troublesome.

Naruto snorted at the familiar phrase and kept walking under the trees, the storm maintaining its storminess with dull rumbles and huffs of cold wind, pondering rain or wind. His mind was lost in thought as he kept walking. He had been trying to figure some stuff out since he arrived in this place, but…well…he wasn't exactly the brightest tool in the shed.

He had arrived here at the behest of a dying god.

He didn't really remember the dude's name, much less believing he was a god, but listened to his tale.

Apparently, he was the God of the Wild, Primal Fear, and Nature's more peaceful aspects. He had goat legs too, talk about trippy, Naruto thought he was an experiment of Orochimaru's for a few minutes after that. The fading god told him he was dying due to the lack of Nature in this world, of how humanity no longer needed it, and as such destroyed it to accommodate for their growth. His domain was shrinking by the day, and the last few sanctuaries were soon to be under threat. As a dying wish, he bequeathed the remaining power to me, the last "True Sage", someone with a true connection to the fading power.

He told him of the soon coming peril this world was facing, of how a sequence of long feared prophecies were coming to pass, and the fate of this world was in the balance. Someone with his power was needed, someone who could support and fight for this world was required, and since he had just "finished his duties as the "Child of Prophecy"", he was the perfect candidate.

So, without waiting any further delay, the god bequeathed his domain to Naruto, and then faded away.

Leaving him there…

In the middle of a cave.

In a different dimension

With no clue as to how, where, or what he was supposed to do.

You can probably imagine how that went.

Using his anger and desperation, he blasted his way back up to the surface of the new world his was in, and he wasn't really sure how to handle any of what he was seeing.

Large metal towers…everywhere.

He was standing in a forest area, but all around him, large metal constructs and hundreds of thousands of people bustled about in a dull roar of activity.

And then he switched to recon mode.

And since that time, which was four days till his present time, he discovered several things.

He could still use his chakra; his summons however, didn't work. He could still use senjutsu, and his Bijuu tenants were still there, though significantly weakened and sleeping. This world was known as "America", and it was one of seven continents on this whole "planet" called "Earth". They spoke an entirely different language, used a different currency, and one other thing.

Nobody had chakra.

Nothing did.

It was a horrifying discovery.

But on a positive note, there were a few good things that came out of it. Apparently, his title as the "True Sage" came with some merit. Spirits of Nature came all out of the wood work to meet him, and after he finished telling them all not to reveal his presence or whereabouts to anyone, they began to teach him.

All 6000 of him.

To save time.

Which leads us to the present.

Naruto was now fully fluent in most languages on this planet, a developed understanding of how this works, and what rules it.

The Olympians.

It was a bit of a pill to swallow when he was first briefed by the spirits, but his existence in their world was all the proof he needed. Gods and Monsters roamed this world, all of them with incredible powers, and all of it completely under the common human's nose.


So here he was, still sitting in the small park that he first came here in, giving his chakra to the nine sleeping Bijuu residing within him. They were regaining power, at a decent pace too…but the Bijuu had a lot of power to replenish. Even with his chakra helping them, they still had a way to go.

He needed to move.

Naruto groaned, walking to the edge of the forest area, staring at all the people just going about their lives, whether it happened to be a boring job or a fun shopping day. Maybe it was a rush to a late appointment, or possible a slow walk with a bounce in their step after having a satisfying date with a beautiful partner, or maybe they were just happy to be alive.

Naruto sighed as he watched them, his mind weighed heavily by his plight. "How do I get back?" he muttered to himself absently, and only having one conclusion.

He would have to meet the Olympians.

But would they really let him leave? One of their gods, a lost one, and a fairly powerful one at that, had given him his powers and domains…would they really let him leave with a power from this world? He couldn't give it back, the guy who gave it to him was gone…what was he going to do?

Naruto slid down the tree trunk he was leaning on, letting his feet splay out in front of him.

What to do…what to do…

"You need to move forward" a voice said from behind him.

Naruto didn't even flinch as he looked over, and saw a small girl, in maybe her late preteens, with a small picnic basket and flannel dress staring at him. She seemed innocent enough, but her aura and eyes were telling him she was not as she seemed.

"Go where?" Naruto asked faintly, an surge of depression taking over as he just…spilled. "My home is gone, my friends are gone, my family is long dead, and I've been given a task I don't even know anything about. Where should I go? Feel free to let me know" Naruto said sardonically, he typically didn't get depressed, but what was he supposed to do? WHAT!?

"I don't know, but sitting here dormant won't help you. You can only truly know where you are going, when you start walking. Step forward, Naruto Uzumaki, and keep going." She said strongly, and when Naruto turned to face her, she was gone, presence and all.

Naruto sat under the raining sky for a few more moments, before standing up, brushing a few grasses blades from his pants before dispelling all his current clones.

"Take a step huh? Without any clue as to where? Or why?" Naruto asked a bit hesitantly, before feeling his trademark grin settle over his features. What did he have to lose?

"Why not!" he declared, he pumped his fist in the air as he shook himself of his funk. Maybe he could be a wanderer like the Pervy Sage! Except not an erotic novelist…he wouldn't go that far. He could go anywhere, so might as well start walking! He had a mission and he hadn't failed yet!

So with his old spirit back and a few strange looks from his fellow pedestrians, he started walking.


Naruto was searching.

Recently, a strong natural presence appeared on his radar, it was like a light house on the edge or a peninsula out at sea. He had been heading towards it for the last…hm…he didn't remember, it's been more than a week…but less than a month…maybe.

Naruto had been wandering since that fateful day, and he had finally reached his destination or the origin of the beacon that kept pinging off his brain like a lighthouse. He walked up this hill, heading for it, and just as he was about to walk over the crest, he slammed into something.

Naruto stumbled back in shock, before reaching forward tentatively, and poking it.

To his surprise, it touched something.

Like an eggshell.

He ran his hands over the surface, intrigued by what he was feeling. He was fairly certain the origin of the power was just over the hill…so what was this? Was it a barrier to protect it?

Naruto drew on his senjutsu, letting nature's power strengthen him as he focused. One thing he noticed about his travels was the power of nature in this world was in significantly less quantity…but it was also much more potent. He wasn't sure why, but maybe it had something to do with the blessing he received from Pan, the God who gave him his titles.

He really wasn't sure how to feel about that guy, dumping this on him with no preparation or decent explanations…actually, he was, screw that goat-legged prick.

Naruto reached forward again, groping around for the barrier, and when he felt contact, he felt it give when he touched it, and as he walked though, it fell off him like water and reformed behind him…interesting.

He deactivated his Sage Mode, and turned back around, and blinked in surprise.

He was staring eye to eye with a small dragon and nearly twenty kids his age pointing sharp weapons at him.

"Who are you?" one shouted out, while the dragon lumbered a little bit closer, smelling him.

"Don't move! Or Peleus will eat you!" another shouted out, the confidence in his voice made Naruto freeze as the dragon came closer. Peleus leaned forward, sniffing him, before beginning to circle him, sniffing him all over, and then in a small moment of silence, the dragon nuzzled his arm with a small playful growl. He encircled him in his long body, and brought Naruto closer as he coiled up. Naruto wasn't sure what to do in that situation, and so he reached up and petted Peleus carefully, making sure to be aware of what the dragon was doing.

He liked having both hands.

The kids were in shock at Peleus's behavior and some of them even lowered their weapons and walked forward. The most notable was a tall centaur, and a man with goat legs.

Naruto was instantly on guard as the two approached, and Peleus seemed to sense his distress. Peleus leaned over his shoulder and barred his fangs at the two approaching, and they looked extremely surprised at the dragon's behavior, especially the centaur, he looked down right mind fucked.

"P-Peleus! What's wrong?"

"Who are you? What is this place?" Naruto asked with a small amount of nervousness. The dragon encircling him was a small confidence booster, but if could just as easily crush him as protect him.

The centaur stepped forward, but the dragon made sure to keep him at a distance. "My name is Chiron. We are at Camp Half-Blood, a safe haven for demigods. Who are you? You bear no divine blood…how did you manage to get through the barrier?" he asked calmly, though Naruto could see he was nervous.

Naruto pondered this for some time, before looking at Chiron, "I am Naruto Uzumaki, a Sage. I came here to investigate the source of a particularly strong source of Natural energy. Do you know where I might find it?"

Chiron and the rest of the campers tensed, and Peleus looked at Naruto curiously, before taking a small talon and pointing up to a tree on the crest of the hill. Naruto followed his gesture, and saw the source.

The Golden Fleece.

Naruto thanked the dragon, and tried to climb out of his embrace.

Yeah, no.

He tried to open the dragons coils, and that didn't work. He tried climbing over, but his tail would come around and shove him back in. Naruto tried jumping, and his tail just caught around one of his legs, before letting this growingly disgruntled shinobi fall to the ground on his face…and then dragging him back. The campers weren't really sure if they should be laughing or not, as the dragon had never reacted to any of them like that. Naruto huffed in the center, before looking up and poking the dragon.

"Mind letting me go?" Naruto asked, while the dragon simply looked down at him. Then slowly, Peleus threaded his head in-between Naruto's legs, and started walking off with him! Naruto swayed and grabbed onto the dragons neck for balance, while the campers gave whimpers of dismay at seeing the stranger getting a ride from the camps protector.

Naruto steadied himself as he watched Peleus give him a lift to the tree in question, and when they arrived, he raised his head and lifted him up so he could reach it. Naruto patted the dragon's head in thanks, before focusing on the Fleece. He reached for it and right when the campers started to yell at him to stop, there was a large gust of wind.

And then a pulse.

Naruto felt his Sage mode activate without his consent, and then the fleece started to glow brightly as nature answered its call. The grass waved about as flowers and the surrounding greenery shone with luster and health. Naruto's eyes widened, a sudden light consuming his form like a Bijuu cloak, blooming like a star.

The campers looked away in shock and awe at the amount of Nature energy being released. Peleus watched on though, his eyes held only joy.

When the light faded, everyone looked back, and was shocked at what they saw.

A symbol.

Naruto was standing on Peleus's head, a long white cloak draped over his shoulders with tomoe symbols along his collarbone that wrapped around his width. The center was open, showing his developed physique and ritualistic tattoo on his stomach. Above his head, the campers gasped at the symbol.


Pan's pipes.

Immediately, all the satyrs, Dryads, and all nature spirits, Chiron included, bowed their heads, some with tears in their eyes.

"All Hail Naruto Uzumaki, Champion of Pan, the God of the Wild, Nature, and Music!" Chiron announced with a small amount of joy and happiness in his tone. All the campers bowed their heads in recognition, and Naruto was simply staring down at them, before looking over so he could see Peleus's eyes.

"What are they doing?"

The dragon snorted.