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Alpha: for the Danny phantom timeline this happens a week or two after the fentons get home from the episode "reality trip" so it begins at the end of season two. As for the second question; Danny is a good guy he will ask questions first shoot second. but he knows that not everyone is straight evil and has motivations. Depending on the bad guy he may try talking instead of fighting. I hope that at least partially answers your question.

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Chapter 3 Bonding

After a flicker, a camera turns on, showing a familiar bedroom. However, the room no longer had boxes laying around. The desk was clean and well organized. Seated in the desk chair was Danny. He looked slightly tired. He leans back relaxing in the comfy chair.

"Hi. it's been a bit since I did this I've been busy. I got a little time because jinx's taking a nap right now. so Phantom log, date 11/25/2003." started Danny.

{it's been three weeks since Jinx arrived. Things have been going well and she's healing up fine. Dad and I cleaned out one of the two guest room, and we moved jinx there so she gets some more privacy. She and jazz have been talking a lot. It still boggles me how jazz can juggle all the college courses, the talking sessions with me, have a social life, and still have time to have girl talk with jinx. Mom has been check on jinx's injuries regularly but mom's been busy with some new invention. I have had to save jinx from a few of my dad's ranting about ghosts. [danny chuckles].

As for my interactions with her they have been…[ danny blushes] .. eventful.[danny coughs and regains his composure.] I should explain. A day or two after we moved jinx. She called me into her room.


"Danny!" said jinx from her position on the bed. Danny arrived in record time and walked into the room.

"Yes jinx. Do you need something?" asked Danny as he made his way over to the bedside.

" I'd like to take a shower. Could you please help me to the bathroom? it still hurts to move around." said Jinx.

" problem." replied Danny.

Jinx was expecting for Danny to take one of her shoulders. So she gave a yelp of surprise when Danny effortlessly pick her up in a princess' carry. Danny chuckled making jinx glare at him which only made him laugh more due to the blush on her face.

"Quit laughing and let's go." said jinx trying to hide her embarrassment.

"As you wish, princesses." rebutted Danny teasing her as he began to carry her to the bathroom. He laughed as she pouted her blush deepening. ' gotta love payback' thought Danny. As they arrived he placed her down.

"Thank you. Now get out I need to undress and no peeking. Unless you want to face the consequences." said, jinx, while she grows a mischievous smile. Danny leaves the room and the water starts running.

What happened next I'm one hundred percent sure she did on purpose.

"Danny was seated in his room he was currently seated at his desk building a model of a satellite. He was so immersed in his task he didn't notice the water stopped.

"Danny!" called jinx.

Danny shot up and all but ran to the bathroom. He gave a quick knock and proceeded in. danny then froze solid as he saw jinx she was not fully dressed. Her back was exposed to him as she was reapplying her bandages. her hair was down and still wet which caused it to cling to jinx's exposed skin.

"SORRY!" cried Danny as he left the room and slammed the door behind him. He leaned his back against the door a blush all the way up to his ears. Jinx's laughter was easily heard through the door. Which only causes Danny's blush to deepen. After jinx's laughter died down she spoke.

"You can come in now." said jinx barely keeping her laughter in.

Danny opened the door cautiously. Jinx was leaning on the sink for support a large Cheshire cat grin on her face. Danny walked up to her his face still red much to jinx amusement.

" I warned you no peeking. So you get consequences." said jinx in Danny's ear. A chill ran up his spine She leaned back enjoying Danny's reaction.

" Wha..what are you going to do?" asked Danny stuttering. He was still composing himself.

"Oh. don't worry I'll cash that in later." replied jinx. Danny gulped ' i've got a bad feeling about this.' thought Danny. He picked up jinx noting the pleasant smell coming from her as he carried her to her room.

Flashback end.

It's been over six days and she still hasn't cash that in. but other then that jinx can walk around now more or less. Even if she insists that I carry her around the house today everyone's eating dinner together and later jinx and I are going to watch a couple of movies. If it works...[danny rubs a hand on his chin] .. now that I think of it a bunch of things have been on the fritz lately. An alarm went off on Danny's phone. Well looks like I need to start cooking bye.}

The camera flicks off.


The Fenton clan and their guest were all seated at the dining table. A large spread of food was being placed in front of them by Danny. The smell had them all holding back drool.

"Sweetie this looks wonderful." said Maddie. As Danny put a large plate of rice in the center of the roundtable.

"I had a very good teacher." said Danny as he gestured to jazz while placing more food on the table.

"I only taught you the basics. You did the rest." responded jazz with a smile.

"I have to admit it's nice for someone else to do the cooking. That usually my job." commented jinx.

Danny places the last of the food and took his seat across from Jinx. Danny wait as everyone else took their first spoonful and relished it. Then soon dug eagerly in.

"You certainly have gotten quite good at this son." spoke jack he had finished his first serving quickly and was grabbing seconds. He eyed the fudge in the oven that was to be Fenton's appetite was almost as large as he was. Jinx's face showed great delight as she ate. Most of her meals were light because they were made to be eaten in bed.

"Mhh your son is an amazing cook Mrs. Fenton. I might just have to keep." said Jinx a teasing grin on her face. Danny coughed hysterically before taking a drink. His face starting to turn scarlet.

"Just wait. He's got a lot more tricks up his sleeves." said jazz wanting to help mess with her brother.

" I'd recommend one of his messages. He's gotten very good over the years." hummed Maddie.

"Oh really. I'd love to hear more." said jinx giving a quick Cheshire cat grin at Danny as Maddie began to gush about her son to jinx even pulling out her wallet full of photos jazz would comment occasionally.

Danny's embarrassment only grew as their conversation continued. Danny sent a look to his father that screamed help me. His father gave him a slightly sad apologetic look. Resigned to his fate he decided that distracting himself would help.

"So dad how has work been?" asked Danny.

"Well, son things are going a bit slower. Setbacks, our equipment has been buggy and malfunctioning.[ jack rubbed his chin in a thinking pose.] Maybe you could help look over some of it with me later. It'll be some quality bonding time." said jack happily. All but jazz missed the quick flash of guilt on jinx's face.

"Jinx? You ok?" asked jazz a look of concern on her face.

Jinx met her eyes and a debate ran through jinx's mind. 'They have treated me well. A little faith shouldn't hurt' thought jinx. She was taking a little chance.

"The equipment acting up is probably my fault." said jinx suppressing the Fenton due to her nervous, and self-consciouses tone. This was in stark contrast to her more confident attitude.

"What do you mean sweetie?" asked Maddie motherly concern and confuse clear in her voice.

"My main power is Manipulating probability, more specifically bad luck. So stuff tends to go wrong around me. One of my teammates has to repair things ever so often… I'm sorry if I caused you trouble I can go if you want." said jinx surprising herself with how genuine she was being especially given that this was a sensitive topic for her. ' i guess they're growing on me. They're definitely an odd family. But in a good way' though jinx. Maddie gained her attention as she placed a hand on jinx's.

"You haven't caused any trouble. You don't need to go." said Maddie.

"Yeah if anything this can help us improve the reliability of our inventions." said jack reassuringly.

Jinx had tears welling in her eyes. ' they are pitying me!' jinx screamed in her head. She didn't even think that maybe that she had grown on the fentons as well.

"You can't just wave it off like that. How can you be so understanding? and ok with this!" yelled a distorted Jinx.

she did not believe that they accepted this and just waved it off. She yanked her hand away from Maddie's. Maddie looked at her husband then at jazz and finally to Danny seeking permission. Danny looked at his family then he locks eyes with jinx. Her pink eyes had tears in them. 'It should be fine. She's a hero after all. Besides If clockwork hasn't shown up to stop me it can't be that bad' thought Danny after some thought. He sighed and gave a solid nod to his mother.

"We can be so accepting because we've got some experience in this situation." said Maddie in a kind tone. Jinx cleaned the tears for her eyes.

"Experience?" asked Jinx.

"It'd just be easier to show you. Danny." said jazz. Jinx's eyes immediately locked on Danny. Danny rose from his chair and took a few steps back. He took a breath.

" I'm going Ghost!" said Danny giving his battle cry.

Jinx watched stunned as a white halo appear at Danny's waist then split one going up the other going 's black hair became snow white, his eyes went from their beautifully blue to a glowing green. his skin changed from its normal pale to tanned. Danny' clothes were replaced by a black tunic with white edges, collar, belt, and black pants. The under the tunic was a breastplate with white had a large shoulder pauldron with a green skull on his right shoulder. He wore metal armor on his arms along with gauntlets. An armored skirt hung from his waist that protected his upper thighs. He also wore metal boots that lead up his shins to round knee guards with similar green skulls on them to the pauldron. A long white scarf/cape went almost all the way to the ground. Its edges seemed to curl into mist. A large green ring on one finger. a small flaming crown floated above his head. The armor was all black and made of overlapping pieces making it feel like the scales of a large lizard. Finally to complete the look a symbol was placed on his breastplate. A white "D" with the negative space inside it forming a "P,"

Jinx was wide eyed and open mouthed in shock. The first thing to pop into her head was 'well that explains how he got away.' thought Jinx.

"So, I'm a halfa. half ghost, half human. Danny Phantom is what I go by in this form." said Danny scratching the back of his jinx absorbed this new information a question came to mind.

"Whats with the crown?" asked jinx getting a hold of herself. Jazz was looking at jinx examining her reactions using what she knows of psychology. Pieces were falling into place.

"Oh. I'm kinda the prince of the dead." said Danny with a nervous chuckle. jinx once again was shocked.

"We accepted our son even though we were ghost hunters. A little bad luck is not going to deter us." spoke Maddie honestly.

"No need to be so worried." said Jack.

"It's understandable dad.[jazz turns to jinx] you've been rejected or shunned before haven't you?" spoke jazz asking in a calming psychologist tone. Jinx's eyes widened and she looked down.

"My parents." replied jinx in a small voice. Maddie slowly pulled the girl into a hug.

"What! And they dare call themselves parents!" said jack in anger as he slammed his massive fist into the kitchen table. Say what you will about jack Fenton but he can be quite scary at times.

"Oh, sweetie. You've grown on 're free to stay here as long as you want. " said Maddie while tightening her hug. jack.

"Even if/when you go back to your team you're free to come back and visit as much as you like." said jack placing a comforting hand on jinx's shoulder in reassurance.

"Thank you." said jinx leaning into the warm embrace.'They accept me' thought jinx. A wave of mixed emotions washed over her joy for being accepted, fear of them finding out that she's a villain and guilt that she is deceiving them. She was torn from her inner turmoil by Danny's voice.

"Well I think this calls for some dessert." said Danny transforming back to human form and walked over and retrieved the fudge.

"You sure know the way to a girls heart." quipped jinx feeling better.


Dinner was finished and the Fenton parents were finishing up the dishes. Jazz had gone to her room to do some homework. Jinx was in the living room on the loveseat the tv remote in hand. A bowl of popcorn on the coffee table.

"Just hang tight while I go grab some movies from my room." said Danny from the bottom of the stairs. Getting an affirmative response from jinx Danny disappeared upstairs. Jinx turned on the tv and the news was on.' might as well see what's going on.' thought jinx.

"Good evening jump city. Our top story today is a mysterious explosion in the emblem district near the intersection of Seaforth and oak. Authorities have yet to discern the cause. In other new Batman was.." said the anchorman on screen as jinx tuned out the rest and pinched the bridge of her nose ' looks like those idiots tried to cook something. Great they better have not wrecked my room.' thought jinx.

Meanwhile at the same time upstairs. Danny was sifting through a box in his closet picking out movies to watch. He had already picked a few out. A knock drew his attention to the door. His dad walked up to him.

"Got a minute son?" asked jack.

"Sure dad. Whats up?" said Danny.

"I just wanted to know why you told her. I respect your decision and support it. Just wanted to know." asked jack. Danny thought for a moment before responding.

"There were a few reasons. But the main one was the look on her face. When I saw it I just…. Didn't want her feeling like that. You know?" said Danny trying to properly explain. Jack placed a hand on Danny's shoulder.

"I know son. It's the same with me and your mom. When she feels similar. I just need to cheer her up." said jack also trying to properly explain the feeling. Danny let this information and its implications sink in.

"You like her, don't you son?" asked jack gaining Danny's attention. Danny flustered for a few moments.

"I think I do. Do you have any advice." said Danny embarrassed.

"Well, son form what I can tell she may like you too. Just be yourself. I'd also recommend telling her how you feel don't want this chance to slip by." said Jack. His advice surprising good and no awkward statement that causes Danny to flee in shame.

"Thanks, dad." said Danny as Jack stood and began to leave.

"No problem son. Don't leave her waiting." said Jack as he left the room. Danny went to pick up the movies. When jack peeked his head back in the room.

"Oh almost forgot. If you two get closer and start to play ball so to speak. Be sure to use the things I left for you in the top drawer of your nightstand. Good luck son." said jack with a wink before he once again left.

"Play ball? What?" said Danny confused with one arm carrying the movies. Danny walks over to his nightstand and opened the top drawer.

Danny's face gained a massive blush as he saw a roll of condoms with the fentons logo on it. 'I don't know what's worse the fact dad gave me these or the fact that there Fenton brand.' thought Danny. With a huff, he swiped one 'better to have it and not use it. Then need it and not have it.' reasoned Danny as he left the room.


Danny made his way down the stairs. Jinx had already turned off the lights so the living room was lit solely by the tv. Jinx turned toward him.

"About time. Put a movie in and take a seat." said jinx impatiently. Danny quickly put one the movies in and took a seat next to jinx. As the movie started jinx leaned on Danny. Her head on his shoulder. Danny tensed but then relaxed.

"Thank you." said jinx in a quiet voice.

"For what?" said Danny using all his will to resist blushing.

"Take your pick. Saving me, taking care of me, accepting me. So thank you." said jinx sincerely. As she planted a kiss on Danny's cheek.

"Your welcome." was all Danny could manage to say as his brain short-circuited. Jinx snuggled up to Danny as the two fell into a comfortable silence.


Several hours later Maddie came downstairs for a glass of water. She found the tv was scrolling through credits a bunch of movies spread out on the coffee table. Danny was laid across the loveseat with jinx on top of him, her head on his chest. Danny had an arm around her. His other arm hanging limply off the edge of the couch. Both teens were fast asleep with pleasant looks on their faces. Maddie didn't have the heart to break up such a cute scene. So she turned off the tv and placed a blanket over the two. But not before she took a quick picture for her scrapbook. She quietly left.