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Johnny let go of the silver bracelet he had picked up. Bruce had wanted to go to a pawn shop to pawn some old music equipment that he didn't use anymore. Johnny had noticed a silver ID bracelet with the name Audrina written in small block letters on it. He didn't know why, but he asked the man if he could see it.

"John you okay man?" Bruce asked.

Johnny looked over at his friend. "Yeah." He turned back to the man behind the counter. "How much did you say this was?"

The man was taller than Johnny and built like a quarter back. He had broad shoulders and biceps so big that Johnny bet he couldn't put his arms down by his sides. His black hair was cut in a short buzz cut. He was wearing a green tank top, and black jeans. Johnny couldn't see his shoes. On his right fore arm he had a tattoo of skull with crossbones behind it.

"Fifteen," He grunted.

Bruce leaned over and looked at the bracelet. "Who do you know named Audrina?"

"No one." Johnny said taking out the money and handing it to the man.

"Then why buy the..?" Bruce trailed off. "You saw something didn't you."

Johnny just looked at him. He took the bracelet and walked out.

Bruce followed out into the bright sunlight. He was wearing a pair of baggy blue jeans, with a tan sleeveless sweater vest over a white t-shirt. His boots matched the vest. The wind blew against his face, but thanks to his newly acquired haircut there were no dreads to blow in the wind.

He and Johnny got into Bruce's PT Cruiser. Johnny sat in the passenger seat wearing a pair of blue jeans, and a blue long sleeve, v-neck sweater. His black jacket and matching boots completed the outfit. He held onto the bracelet in his left hand and his cane with the right.

"What did you see?"

"Something that I think I'm going to need Walt's help with."

Bruce nodded, understanding that Johnny wanted him to take him the Sheriff's office. On the way there Johnny told Bruce everything he had seen in the vision. He had finished the last part just as they pulled up in the parking lot.

"Whoa man, it sounds like this kid is in some trouble."

Johnny nodded. "Yeah, that's why I want Walt's help."

The two men got out of the car and went inside the office. Walt was sitting at his desk wearing his normal brown sheriff's uniform. He looked up from the paperwork he was doing as Bruce and Johnny approached the desk.

"Hey Johnny, Bruce."

"Hey Walt."

"What's up Walt," Bruce said.

"What brings the two of you here?"

Johnny handed Walt the bracelet.

"What's this?"

"Johnny had another vision," Bruce told him. "This one isn't pretty though."

"What happened?"

Johnny told Walt about going to the pawn shop and the vision. By the time Johnny finished Walt was staring intently at the bracelet.

"So you think that the bracelet belonged to her?"

"Either that or someone who knows her."

"Well if she's a run away it's likely that she pawned the bracelet to get some cash," Bruce said.

"If that's the case then she would be here in Maine somewhere." Walt said, standing up.

Johnny shook is head. "Maybe not. The vision I had of her was in an alley in the back of a place called Pete's Bar and Grill. I've never heard of it."

"I have," Walt told him. "It's in the District."

"The District," Bruce said. "That's not a place for any kid to be hanging around."

"I haven't been to the District since before the accident," Johnny told them. "Last time I was there it was pretty run down, but there was no Pete's."

"Pete's opened up about four years ago," Walt said. "Why anyone would want to open up a place down there is beyond me. It's even more run down than it was seven years ago."

Johnny sighed. "I don't know why and honestly I don't care. I just know that this kid is in trouble Walt. Real trouble."

"But let me guess," Walt said as he stood up and put his hands on his hips. "You don't know what kind of trouble right?"

Johnny just looked at him with that infamous John Smith look that says everything and nothing in one glance.

It was Walt's turn to sigh. "I'll drive."

Johnny and Bruce smiled at each other. Walt handed the bracelet back to Johnny and the three of them left to head for the District.