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Happosai finally decided on his wish. "I wish that Ranma would become my loyal slave." He said smiling evilly in Ranma's direction. With Ranma as his slave he could make him use his own wishes to turn him into permanent Ranma-chan that would do whatever he wanted.

As Happosai was about to gloat Ranma, who was giving him a death glare and screaming " I'm going to kill you when this is over you old freak", the scroll responded, "Cannot comply, please state another wish."

"Cannot comply? B-B-but why NOT!!!", screamed Happosai, who was finding this increasingly frustrating. First he finds he only gets one wish and then that he cant make Ranma his slave even with that one wish.

The scroll replied with, "Wishes cannot be made that alter the personality or soul against their will. Will you state your wish now?"

Happosai fumed while Ranma breathed out a sigh of relief. Happosai decided to go for broke and made the wish.

"Very well then, I wish that Ranma would be forever locked in his cursed form, HA HA HA HA HAAAAA!!!"

At the moment Ranma was to shocked to be angry. He just realized that he might be a girl forever after tonight. His aura appeared and began to grow as he prepared to beat the snot out of the evil garden gnome as soon as the magic field dropped.

"WHIS GRANTED!!" boomed the scroll before the pentagram lit up and engulfed Ranma in light as he began to scream in pain and anguish as the spell took effect. When the light faded, Ranma looked down to see that Happosai had already glomped his chest. HIS chest! He was still male! He wasn't permanently female! Ranma could think of only one response to this fact.




In his office Kami-sama sneezed loudly scaring the heck out everybody in the vicinity and nearly giving his Valkyrie that was his secretary a heart attack.

Any one who was close enough afterwards would have heard the words, "Wow, that felt good. I haven't sneezed like that in at least a Millenia.

~Elsewhere in Asgard~


The sneeze was enough to break Loki out of the gibbering mess that he had become while contemplating his doom. He took in the relevant information and processed it in a way his panicked mind could understand.

'Ranma not harmed, not girl forever, they wont kill me!'

with that out of the way he proceeded to wave victory fans about and dance a little jig while shouting "Oh happy day"

The god in the next small part of heaven decided he didn't want to know. Seeing Loki dance like that while waving victory fans and singing was Disturbing!!!   O_o;

~Tendo Dojo~

Meanwhile, Happosai had noticed the lack of any female assets on Ranma's person as well.

"HEY, what gives? I thought it said wish granted!" The little troll was angry and confused.

"Subject has been permanently trapped in his cursed form as requested."

You see, the scrolls logic worked this way. When asked to trap Ranma in his cursed form the scroll decided to categorize everything. The two forms it found were the male and female forms. Next it put all the curses the current target had on them in the category of the form it was received in. Since the Jusenkyo curse was received while Ranma was in male form. With its computer like mind it came to the conclusion that the male form had been cursed to become female but the female form was not cursed to change to male. Add all the curses Ranma received before Jusenkyo… well lets just say that the scroll had just reason to consider the male form the cursed form. Thus it locked away the female form so that Ranma would never become female again, fulfilling the wish. When the scroll decided to explain this to Happosai and Ranma it got different reactions.

Happosai was furious. "That's not fair!! That's not what I wanted. I want another wish!"

The scroll responded with a "There are no refunds or Redoes. Request denied!"

Happosai began to fume while Ranma…

"Never gonna be a girl again, never gonna be a girl again, never gonna be a girl again, never gon…"

The scroll grew a MASSIVE sweatdrop as it watched the pig-tailed martial artist dance around while singing that phrase over and over again.

"Oh shut up." Groused Happosai since he was still angry that he had wasted the wish.

Suddenly Ranma stopped and slowly turned around to glare at Happosai. For the first time since Saffron, Ranma took away all of his restrains on his power.

During his fight with Saffron he had needed to save Akane's life and had looked deep within his soul. He had went so deep that he passed the gate within himself to the very core of his soul. There he found three strange powers hidden deep within him that were each different in certain ways from the ki he usually used. Each had an image to represent it. The first, a cheetah cub because it was his favourite cat for its speed advantage (before the cat-fist), was the cat-fist. The other two he didn't know what they were except that one was in the shape of a predator bird made out of light and the other was a purple flame. He refused to use the cat-fist because he might go feral and kill everyone including his friends and family. He would need more control over it before he used it. He couldn't use the purple flame either. He didn't know how but he knew that it needed a specific trigger to start it. That left him using the power from the bird of light, which he used to defeat Saffron.

Over the months after that he had trained with the cat-fist and, as he had found out later through an animal book, hawk of light in secret till he knew how to use them easily. He had mastered the basics for both a month after returning from China. It only took that long because he had to learn to control the strength of the powers or the others would notice. He hadn't used the purple flame though till about three months after returning from China. It only happened because Herb had attacked him after Akane smacked him out of Nerima, into the country.


We see Ranma on his knee, battered and bloody, facing off Herb with a defiant look in his eyes.

Herb begins to laugh "You see Ranma, I have become more powerful than you now. You are so pitiful."

Ranma was desperate. Herb had used some artifact to increase his strength and was beating him bloody. He had tried to access the cat-fist and light hawk powers he'd developed but for some reason the other energy in him wouldn't let him. He was beginning to become angry and desperate. Anger at what the musk prince was doing to him was all that was keeping him standing at the moment.

"You've become such a weakling Ranma. You know what I'm going to do when I win though? When I win I'm going to trap you as a girl with the magic ladle and turn you into musk breeding stock!" Herb said as he sped forward to attack.

Ranma's gaze became like steel as he dodged, just missing being hit by Herb's punch just to be hit in the back with a ki blast. With that last blast Ranma lost the last of his remaining strength and collapsed. Herb walked toward him and lifted him by his neck. He brought Ranma face to face with him so Ranma could hear his whispered comments.

"Now you've lost Ranma. But my revenge isn't complete yet. First you are going to become my wife and then…"

Ranma looked at him angrily and with loathing waiting for him to finish gloating.

"…Then I will take your mother and do the same with her before killing her right in front of you. How does that make you feel Ranma?" Herb then threw him onto the ground and punched and kicked him around.

When Ranma finally comprehended what Herb had said through the haze that had become his mind, he gave into the one emotion he always avoided. Hate. Sure he got angry and annoyed with his rivals, fiancés and enemies, but he never hated any of them. But Herb had threatened his Mother!!! Ranma again reached into the depths of his soul for more power, but this time it was an overpowering hate that drove him to find it. And this is where he found the purple fire, brighter than ever. It seemed to be calling out to him. Every other time he tried to grasp the flame it would slip out of his hands and move away from him. But this time was different. This time he called to it with all his pent up hatred. And the fire answered and grew. Years of pent up anguish and pain all held back. Locked back by emotional walls to keep him sane. Now they were released and fanned the flames created a blaze where a small fire once was. Then the fire engulfed him. His blood sang as the power of the flame made it boil. But instead of pain he felt ecstasy. The inferno became him. And all that he knew was death and violence. And how he hungered for it.

Herb was laughing as he toyed with Ranma's prone body when he heard a weird sound come from Ranma's mouth. It .. sounded like… steam boiling?

As he looked at Ranma he saw the bane of his existence rising. Herb couldn't see Ranma's eyes because his head was down and his bangs where in the way. Herb scoffed and began to insult Ranma but suddenly stopped. There was something wrong. Something wasn't right. Herb began to feel nervous but forcefully ignored the impending feeling of doom and attacked Ranma. As he launched a ki enhanced punch at Ranma his hand was suddenly caught in a vise like grip.

That's when Ranma raised his head so Herb could see his face.

Herb recoiled in horror upon seeing Ranma's face. His mouth was open breathing out a purple mist of what Herb discovered, to his chagrin, was evaporating blood. But even worse were the eyes. They were pupil-less and exuded an unholy light. As Herb looked into the vacant demonic eyes he saw something. A burning inferno of purple flame that promised only one thing. Death!!!

That was when Ranma's body burst into purple flame and he let out a blood curdling scream full of hate and venom that traveled for miles and would be giving nightmares to every person who heard it for the next month. Then Ranma attacked.

Herb had developed a strong defense against any ki attack. In fact, there were probably only a few ki attacks that could harm him much anymore. It was to bad he didn't have an immunity to magic enhanced fire. Quite a pity. If he had he might not have lost his right hand when the zombie like Ranma powered up. Although that was probably the least of his worry's at the time.

Herb saw the monster that Ranma had become. He saw the bloodlust. He felt the hate. He sensed the power.

And it all dwarfed his own.

Herb, knowing his predicament tried to flee but it was to late as the blood lusty young martial artist had already pounced upon Herb. Ranma growled, looking Herb straight in the eyes with his own eyes vacant of intelligence and aflame with a purple blaze. Herb saw his death in those eyes.

And that's when the screaming began. The blood flowed. And the crazed Ranma roared in ecstasy as everything burned and turned to dust around him.

-End Flashback-

Since then he had mastered the flame within him as well as the other powers. He found out that after awakening the flame he could use it whenever he wanted. He felt no regret for killing Herb. He justified it with the threat to his mother. No, what he regretted was that he—enjoyed it. Worse, was that he wanted to feel the fire flow through his veins again. The problem was that the power was intoxicating, but he held it in check and kept his hidden powers secret, never using them near Nerima for any who know him to see. Until tonight.

Now he felt the same hate against Happosai as he did against Herb. And it showed in his eyes.

Happosai, seeing his doom in those eyes, blanched, pissed himself and fled.

With the focus of his ire gone Ranma calmed down. He was to tired to chase the old pervert right now, and with the way that the gnome fled he'd probably be taking an extended trip halfway around the world by tomorrow. So he decided to go back to bed forgetting entirely about the spell and never knowing that it wasn't finished with him.

So as Ranma slept, the spell continued its unfinished work and attempted to discern and grant Ranma his greatest desires. And may God protect Ranma from the good intentions of the helpful but incompetent.


Simultaneously, Loki the Norse god of mischief, and the semi-sentient scroll the spell was coming from sneezed, wondering who was talking about them.