Chapter 1

Marty Junior's POV:

Hi, my name's Marty McFly Junior. I live in Hill Valley, California, I'm 18, I have brown hair, brown eyes, and a very strange story to tell. It all began one Wednesday, when me and my twin sister Marlene were walking home from school.

"Hey, MJ, have you seen Doc lately?" Marlene suddenly asked me as we turned a bend. "Doc" was Doctor Verne Brown, a man most eccentric and unusual. He seemed to believe in impossible things, the kinds of stuff Dad told us as bedtime stories. However, lately, Doc had not been at his house. "Nope, I have no idea where Doc is," I replied, as my phone rang. "Oh, how funny," said Marlene as I glanced at it. "It's from Doc."

"Wait, you're right-he says he moved to a new laboratory!" I gasped.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" asked Marlene. "Let's go scouting." I chuckled at Marlene's always adventurous spirit and said, "Absolutely!". We then came across Future Burgers, a restaurant always hated by our Café 80's loving classmates. Well, at that time, my crush, Susan Mackmer, was the only one who would go there in our grade. Back in those days, Susan barely knew I even existed, and I was too much of a wimp to talk to her. Not to mention that horrible bully, Griff Tannen. He always ruined my day. I felt pleasure in being at home, with my loving parents and sister.

"Hey, look at that!" Marlene exclaimed, pointing towards a man with messy blond hair and a white lab coat.

"Is that Doc?" I asked. And sure enough, it was.

"Marlene, MJ!" Doc shouted, shocked to be looking at us.

"Doc, what did you do to this restaurant?" I asked.

"This isn't a restaurant anymore!" Doc proclaimed. Marlene looked behind Doc, seeing all the furniture cleared and a flashy red Jaguar coupe in the center.

"I see, a car show, huh?" asked Marlene.

"Silence!" said Doc. "This is no ordinary car."

"Yeah right, Doc, it's clearly a Jaguar XK." I told him. I was very good with cars.

"It's a time machine," said Doc.

"Really? Prove it!" said Marlene, getting competitive.

"You're on," said Doc. Then, he said the words I had been hoping not to hear, "Get in, MJ."

"Why me?" I moaned.

"Just do it," said Doc.

"Fine," I complained. I got in the vehicle, scoffing in my head. If this was a time machine like Doc said, why didn't it have those rocking gull-wing doors Dad was always rambling about? Then again, time-travel could explain why Dad and Mom were both overworking some days, or why they always talked about seeing their other selves. The car began to accelerate and I screamed. Suddenly, it stopped. Doc was with Marlene in a corner, and the car's license plate, which read "TIMELES", was on the ground, but everything else was the same. "What happened?" I asked.

"The time machine works!" Marlene exclaimed, hugging me a little tightly. "Doc sent you a minute into the future, the time machine vanished into fire trails, and now it's back."

"How does it work?" I asked Doc.

"Well, this little thingamajig is my dad's invention, the Flux Capacitor. It makes time-travel possible." Doc explained, caressing a box with glowing tubes that formed a Y.

"Wait a minute, Doc," I began to understand. "Are you telling me that Dad's bedtime stories are real? Is that where he goes every weekend? Is that why he fears the 21st?"

"Precisely," said Doc. "As for the Jaguar body, it was a simple exotic coupe that was easily affordable."

"Oh, Doc, you and all your money," Marlene teased.

"How does somebody pick a time?" I questioned Doc.

"Oh, you type the destination on this time keypad," said Doc. "Such as this red-letter date in the history of science, November 5th, 1955."

"What happened then?" Marlene asked, as I noticed an odd white canister, too tall and narrow for a Mr. Fusion.

"That's when Pop invented time-travel," said Doc. "It was a marvelous day, but I do not know the details."

"What's this?" I asked, motioning Doc and Marlene.

"That is a Mr. Fusion 2.0 Canister. It requires heaps of trash, which I stole from the Fusion Industries main building, along with their original prototype Mr. Fusion and several back-ups." said Doc.

"Doc, the Mr. Fusion 2 was supposed to go into production today!" said Marlene. "No wonder production was delayed and they were looking for the thief…you stole all the Mr. Fusion 2.0s and the stuff that was supposed to go in them…but why?"

"The XK didn't have a trunk like the DeLorean, it was quite different, so I needed a new Mr. Fusion, but unfortunately this type only lasts a day, so I needed multiple." Doc admitted.

"You could have closed the whole business!" I exclaimed. "And further more, what do you need it for?"

"It powers the time circuits and Flux Capacitor, generating 1.21 gigawatts of power, enabling the vehicle to travel in time," said Doc. "Oh no, what is that huge white truck outside?" asked Doc.

"A Mr. Fusion vehicle, why?" asked Marlene.

"They've tracked me down!" said Doc. "Get out of here, kids, it's not safe."

"But-" I began, as a man dressed in black opened Doc's door.

"I'll be fine, " said Doc, as the man grabbed him.

"Verne Brown, you have a lot of explaining to do," said the man evilly, as Marlene and I jumped into the Jaguar and flew it. We suddenly collided with the roof, but continued to propel upward. The Mr. Fusion people got suspicious at our car's movement, and flew after us. We began to get up to 90 miles per hour, but suddenly the car was enveloped in purple electricity. "The heck is going on here?" asked Marlene, as we suddenly began to plummet. I caught sight of a silver DeLorean right before everything went black.