Marty Junior's POV:

I arose in my bed, praying that what had happened yesterday had all been a dream. My room looked about the same as always, though a bit different. The picture of Grandma Lorraine and Grandpa George looked unusually happy, rather than sad. In my timeline, they argued and fought all the time, only staying together for Marlene's and my sake. But suddenly, everything was different. Marlene was like 77. I had a gut feeling I would never see her again. I got myself out of bed, tired. It was a school day, so I got dressed and brushed my teeth. I then decided to tell my parents an alibi. I stuffed some pillows wearing Marlene's clothes, a wig, and a face drawn on them, under Marlene's covers. After that was finished, I left my room and went to the kitchen. Mom and Dad were angry at me.

"Grandpa said Marlene was at Theater Camp," said Dad. "She doesn't act well."

"So I lied!" I said. 'If you must know, Marlene, uh, jumped in a river! So there!"

"Martin Seamus McFly Junior, no TV for 5 weeks!" Mom yelled, as I stuffed my face.

"Please show good table manners!" Dad exclaimed.

"You wouldn't be so grumpy if it weren't for that stupid automobile accident!" I argued back.

"Well, if you must know, time-travel is real! Go change the past! Erase yourself from history for all I care!" Dad yelled back. These arguments happened a lot. I ran out the door, off to school. My hoverboard provided an excellent source of transportation. Better than Dad driving me. At school, I could just say Marlene was sick. I wouldn't get in trouble, right? Anyways, a girl ran up to me. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was Suzy Mackmer, the girl of my dreams. "Are you Marty McFly Jr?" she asked.

"Uh, y-y-y-esss..." I stuttered.

"You know how there's the Enlightenment Over The Earth dance?" Suzy asked. Was she asking me out?

"I'd love to take you to that," I blurted.

"Awesome," said Suzy. "I want to thank you for saving my life from those bullies a few days ago." She kissed my cheek, then left. I was stunned. I had done that? Somehow, my grandparents had been affected enough to the point that I was more confident than usual. I then went inside of the school. The principal, Jeb Strickland, then walked up to me.

"McFly, you're on time for once this week!" Mr. Strickland exclaimed. "This is about as exciting as Goldie Wilson III saying he wants to be the mayor," Hill Valley has had a long history of Stricklands running schools, and it seemed like Wilsons being mayors was becoming a thing, too. "Looks like you're not that much of a slacker, go get to class!" Mr. Strickland said, patting me on the back.

The day carried on as usual, until lunch, when I was approached by Griff, who was supposed to be in jail. "Hey McFly...someone released me from prison!"

"Well, aren't the police after you?" I asked.

"Puh, the someone was my dad, who's wearing make-up and pretending to be me! It's perfect." Griff laughed.

'But aren't you sad that your dad is in jail?" I brought up.

"We are Tannens, we don't have emotions," Griff said, leaving. After lunch, I had Theater Class, where Suzy and I kissed during a skit. That was a moment of perfection, in my humble opinion. We were getting along so well, that we even made a date the coming Friday, before the dance.

When I finally got home from school, after a lot of socializing with Suzy, I noticed Dad was home early. "What's going on, Dad?" I asked.

"I was fired last night, Jr," Dad said. "I didn't want to tell you this morning."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, Dad," I said.

"And I'm sorry to have yelled at you today. Whatever happened to Marlene was not your fault." Dad admitted. "I also got you a present." Cliff Tannen then walked in.

"There's some weird stuff going on with my brother and son," he sighed. "Also, here's your keys, Marty Jr, you're all waxed up and ready."

"My keys?" I asked. This was unexpected, but I took them anyway, and went out to the Enclosed Landing Port. There sat a brand-new 2015 shiny green GMC Canyon. It was obviously the car of my dreams. Inside it was a parcel. I unwrapped the packaging, and found a genuine Flux Capacitor. A note attached to it read, 'For you, MJ, to time-travel all you want. Love, Dad." Then, Suzy walked up.

"How's it going, Marty?" she asked.

"Suzy!" I exclaimed. "Look at this truck, isn't it gorgeous?"

"Yes, yes it is," Suzy agreed. I leaned into to kiss her. Suddenly, there were 3 sonic booms.

"Marty Jr, you've got to come back with me!" Doc exclaimed, coming out of the Jaguar.

"Where?" I asked.

"Back to the future!" Doc exclaimed. That sounded like a catchy movie title.

"But Suzy just got here, we want to try out my new wheels-" I began.

"Well, bring her along!" Doc exclaimed. "This concerns her too!"

"What happens to us in the future, do we become dorks or weirdoes or something?" I asked.

"No, no, no..." Doc faltered. 'Both you and Suzy turn out fine. It's your grandkids, Marty Jr, something's got to be done about your grandkids!"

"This sounds serious, I'll come too," said Suzy.

"Good, good," said Doc, bringing us into the time machine.

"Doc, you better back up, there isn't enough sky to get up to 88 in this car!" I exclaimed.

"Cars?" Doc asked. "Where we're going...we don't need cars." The Jaguar's exterior shifted into something like a rocket-ship shaped bubbly version of itself, took off,accelerated to 88 miles per hour, and broke the time barrier.