Chapter 1


April 2004


Bianca stopped at the gas station and filled up her car. She went inside to pay for it and decided to buy some beer. Bianca wasn't an alcoholic, but ever since her child's death she often drank to forget. There was a tv playing news footage of the recent attempt on senator Palmer, and the explosion on the plane last month. The clerk asked for ID and Bianca gave him her driver's liscence. This said Bianca was 20 years old, less than a year before she was allowed to buy liquor legally. Still, the clerk refused to sell her the beer. Bianca couldn't blame him, he was just doing his job, and afraid of getting in trouble with the police. Bianca just paid for the gas and walked outside. She barely noticed when the woman behind her bought this beer. As Bianca got into her car she heard a woman call her name, this was Mandy.


Bianca: I'm sorry, have we met?

Mandy: No, but I saw you in the tabloids. You weren't planning to drink and drive were you?

Bianca: Not that it's any of your business, but no. I was going to go home, get drunk alone, and spend tomorrow nursing a hangover.

Mandy: Then here, take the six pack. All you've been through, if anyone deserves a drink to forget, it's you.

Bianca: Thank you. You're not worried about getting in trouble with the cops?

Mandy: Trust me, if the police regognize me, buying beer for you would be the least of my problems.

Bianca: Interesting. Listen, I really shouldn't drink a whole six pack alone. You want to come home with me, have a few beers?

Mandy: Yeah, I'd like that.