Hey guys, I'm overwhelmed by the response my Jonerys oneshots got. Thank you all for the likes and nice words! :-) Therefore I've decided to write a multichapter-fic to soothe the loooooong wait for the next season. It will be a Jonerys centric fic but other characters will get their spotlight as well. The first chapter starts with Jon and Dany's famous boatscene afterwards it will be basically my idea of what could happen in Season 8. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think :-)

How do you tell someone that you're in love with them? The thought lingered in Jon's mind. He had tried to push it away, to not even think about telling her. But in the evenings, when he had spent another day in her presence and he was alone in his chambers, it returned with full force. Today was no exception. Especially because she had agreed to travel with him by ship. There were no spots to escape to. No long halls separating him from her. Nothing that made it easier for him to keep his distance from her.

So he didn't. He was tired of fighting his own feelings, tired of convincing himself that she didn't feel the same way. Because most days now he caught her looking at him with an expression in her eyes that matched his exactly.

He came to a halt at her cabin door. Now that he stood in front of it, nervousness swept over him like a wave. How would she react upon seeing him at night in front of her chambers? Would he damage their alliance beyond control with his actions? There were a handful of possibilities how this could turn out and he felt slightly stupid just coming here but there was no turning back now. All of him longed for all of her.

His knocking was loud and firm. He needed to do this. He simply couldn't not do this. With a rapidly beating heart in his chest he waited for her to open. And it jumped slightly when she finally did. The emotions that crossed Daenerys face, a combination of surprise, fear, fondness and above all a knowing look, revealed to Jon that he had been right. She felt the same. The truth of that crept through his whole body and soul, it dried his mouth of all words and filled his heart with longing. He would never be the same again. His life would be separated in before her and after.

Daenerys opened the door even further, only a small gesture but a clear invitation for him to enter her cabin. He didn't need any more validation, her gaze and her actions made him bold. With a few firm steps he walked inside and closed the door. Never taking his eyes of hers. They didn't need any words to fortify what was happening between them. They had known this was coming, had known it for some time now, they had simply feared the truth.

But in the end it was inevitable.

The door closed with a dull thud and left the room silent, the only sound lingering in the air was their heavy breathing full of nervousness and anticipation.

How do you tell someone that you're in love with them? The question surged through the surface of Jon's mind again. But every sentence he could think of didn't feel right. Maybe there were no words that could fully fathom what someone was feeling. Maybe everything they needed to know was written across their faces. No words, no explanations, just eyes filled with storms of emotions.

One last look at each other and they no longer tamed the storm, they let it free and clashed their lips together in one unbridled uproar of affection. Her lips were soft and warm and tasted of sweet wine. The feel of them against his own awakened his whole body with sensations he had thought died with him in that fateful night at the wall. But here he was somehow alive, a Bastard named King, and hopelessly in love with his queen. It was hard for him to comprehend how all of this came to be.

They broke the kiss only to get some air. Gently he laid his forehead against hers and breathed in deeply.

"Dany." he called her by the nickname he had given her in his head weeks ago. He still couldn't form a whole sentence, but he put all his affection into this single word.


She held on to him, one hand buried in his locks, the other rested firmly at his waist and looked up to him. The way he said her name made her whole body shiver. His voice felt like a caress, like a blanket keeping her warm in the midst of winter.

She couldn't point out the exact moment she had fallen in love with him. Maybe a part of her already fell when he had entered Dragonstone for the first time and watched her with this big brown eyes of him. But in whole it had been a process. Slow in the beginning, but faster when she got to know him better and after some time she had fallen so deep, that there was no getting out of it. Not that she wanted to. The way he made her feel … God she didn't know she could feel like this and it scared her.

She had wanted to be his queen, to appear strong, wise and graceful and be respected by the King in the North. But instead he had cut her open and she had shown him her vulnerability, her pain, her fears. All things she covered neatly in front of everyone else. But with him she hadn't really had a choice. It felt natural to share these things with him. To let him see her this way, to finally be Dany again for someone.

Jon wasn't like any man she'd ever met. He was honest, loyal and stupidly brave and deep down she knew that he would never hurt her intentionally. He was a good man with a soft heart in a world that constantly tried to change him into something harsh and cold.

She brought her lips to his again. Dany wanted him to know, how much he meant to her. How desperately she wanted this too. How much she longed for him and his touches. So she kissed him slow and tender and he responded in the same unhurried pace. Together they got lost in this emotional kiss, still no need for words, solely each other.


They both wanted to take things slow, to fully admire and worship the other but they couldn't. For weeks they had denied themselves what they wanted and now that they were done pretending and had fully acknowledged what they felt it was impossible to stop. They undressed each other quickly with shaking hands until they finally dropped naked onto the bed. An entangled mess of two bodies.

Jon laid on his back, his left leg bend, his hands cradling her head, pulling her closer. Her slender body fitted so perfectly in his hands, as if it belonged there. As if his hands weren't only build to wield swords and fight enemies but also to hold her. To touch her gently and make her feel special, desired, loved.

Her hands roamed his body, touching the scars that had brought him so much pain and made him feel something else entirely. He still hadn't told her the truth about those. That he had died and that, almost, they would have never crossed paths. It was a part of his past he wasn't fond of explaining but somehow Jon knew that she already sensed the truth and someday he would tell her the whole story. But not tonight. Tonight wouldn't be about tales of death and treason, on the contrary it would be about being alive and really connecting with somebody.

Their kisses grew even hungrier. When she withdrew her lips to catch a breath, he chased them, not able to lose touch for too long. But he needed more. They both needed more, their bodies throbbing with need, their hearts ready to take this even further. In one swift motion Jon turned Dany on her back and thrust into her. All doubts he had ever had about this extinguished and replaced with lust that rolled over his whole body. Both of them moaning in pleasure before they kissed anew. He was united with her in the most intimate way but still he couldn't get enough of the taste of her lips on his. And she reciprocated the feeling, chasing his mouth and touching him gently. And the sounds that escaped her lips… God, to think about that he was the one that evoked this reactions, put his soul on fire.

Jon couldn't help himself but to look at her and she welcomed him with her soft eyes. For a few seconds they forgot to move, lost in each others gazes. In their love. Because that's what this was. There was no denying it. Not anymore. They were in love. Earthshakingly, beautifully in love.

In this moment time did not stand still but for the first time Jon and Dany understood what people meant when they said, one single moment changed their lives forever.

He slammed his lips down on hers again, kissing her almost desperately and she responded eagerly. Pulling him to her, claiming his mouth as hers. Both absolutely overwhelmed by their emotions.

With every thrust of him, with every brush of his lips against her own Jon carved himself deeper into Daenerys soul. She had not known sex could be like this. She had had good sex before, that made her enjoy herself and left her satisfied but sleeping with Jon awakened all her senses. Everything was so much more intense. It was as if the world shrank to this small cabin and left only room for them. All she could think about was Jon, all she could feel were Jon's touches, all she wanted to do was making love to him.

After a while he put his hands under her back and sat up, taking her with him. When they both settled she sank down on him again. Dany could see the sweat on his forehead, noticed it on her own skin melding with his. They were pressed together wherever they could, both thoroughly committed to this, trembling with need. Slowly she began to ride him, holding on to him, burying her head in his neck. But it wouldn't stay there for long, since their lips couldn't stay away from one another tonight. He met her halfway, kissing her fondly even though their other movements became more and more fierce. Heat had always been something, that wouldn't bother her. But in his arms she felt so hot she thought she could burst any given moment.

And right before she did, before they both fell, her eyes found his again. Unable to stop staring they guided each other to their highs and came undone together.


Tyrion pulled himself a drink and sank down on his chair at the great table in the common room in the middle of the ship. Forcefully he brought the glass to his lips and swallowed it's content whole within seconds. Feeling the liquid burn in his throat and warm up his chest made him already feel better. It wasn't that he resented what was going on down the hall. He genuinely liked the two young people and he would have wished them to find love if there hadn't been a great war heading straight for them.

In times like these emotions were dangerous. They could cloud your judgment and let you forget your duty. And he needed his queen and the King in the North to focus on the task ahead not on each other. They hadn't even told him that Jon bent the knee and it almost cost them Cersei's support in the great war. Information like this was essential to him if he was to advise them properly. He would've to make sure that they'll seek his advice next time and not just each others. As clever as both of them were, they were no strategists. But he was and they needed him whether they wanted to or not.

Abstractedly he topped of his glass and took another sip of the strong and soothing alcohol. He was scared, a fact even the drink couldn't change. Daenerys dream of the future, of the broken wheel, was his dream too. But with every passing day his confidence in their ability to fulfill it wavered. And not only due to the danger lurking beyond the wall also because his queen slipped out of his reach. She had accused him of ill planning and defied his counsel several times. With that he could live but on top of that she had started to change, to grow harder, to burn unarmed men.

And with that he couldn't live.

Their dream was to break the wheel not to merely turn it into a different variation of it. Of course she was far from Cersei's cruelty but nevertheless she grew more ferocious. He just hoped that if he didn't get through to her in the future Jon would. Tyrion knew, that he was a good man who didn't use brutality where it wasn't necessary. Maybe this was a good thing that could come out of their liaison, perhaps Jon could tame her Targaryen fire a little bit. He kept on like that for an hour. Pouring himself drink after drink his thoughts wandering in circles.

"She's with him." a voice came from the other end of the hall. In the shadows of the dimly lit room Tyrion could make out the silhouette of Jorah Mormont.

"She is.", he confirmed and pointed to the empty glasses on the side table.

Jorah didn't need to be asked twice, within seconds he poured himself a drink and sat down across from the queen's hand.

"Jon's a good man.", Jorah said, gulping his drink and trying not to sound sad.

But Tyrion knew better. He had seen the way the man looked at Daenerys and he must have finally accepted that she would never reciprocate his feelings.

"That he is." Tyrion agreed again. It didn't happen often that he found himself in a situation in which he didn't know what to say, but this was one of those rare occasions. Where there any words that could console a broken heart? Would it do any good to share his mixed feelings with the loyal knight of the queen? So he kept his mouth shut and refilled their glasses. Alcohol couldn't solve any problems but it sure as hell made you forget about them for a while.


In her arms it was easy to forget about the winter and it's dangers that were starting to engulf them. It was dawn, the boat and most of its passengers sound asleep but Jon had woken an hour ago and after a dreamlike night the reality was crashing back in with the harsh light of the winter morning. They couldn't stay here forever, wrapped in each other, her soft skin on his callous one, and forget about their duties. As enticing as it was. He felt her steady breath grazing his chest, her firm heartbeat pressing at his side. She was a glorious reminder of life and what they did last night made it clearer than ever to him what they were fighting for.

Nevertheless they needed to fight first.

She stirred in his arms, slowly awakening from her deep slumber, her eyes searching for his. When they finally locked, she looked at him with a soft expression on her face. He had been aware that last night had changed things for good, but he hadn't been sure if a part of her might regret giving into her feelings, in the morning. But to be looked at like that by her dispelled all concerns. Instead a pleasant warmth filled his body, starting in his chest, spreading from there into every corner of his being.

"What now?" Jon asked her, voice hoarse.

He wasn't asking for the big answers, like how to kill the Night King or how to take the Iron Throne. He was asking the small question. Should he stay or should he go before the whole ship awakened? Her eyes lingered on him, watching him closely. His gaze fell to her lips, even though they had spent the whole night together, he was yearning to touch them again.

"We will win the war." she finally answered and a low chuckle escaped him.

"That's not what I meant."

For a moment Jon thought she hadn't understood his question but then her hand took his and entangled them, one finger with the other. Although it was a simple gesture, it send a shiver through his whole body and he breathed in deeply. She stared at him with a determination and fire in her eyes, he had seen before but never directed at him. It was one of the many things that made him fall in love with her. She was strong-willed and passionate. And to be the one to cause it made him kind of proud.

"We will do it together."

The last word danced like a promise over her lips. A promise of love and a shared future.

"Together." he squeezed her hand lightly. And then he couldn't stop himself anymore. He needed to kiss her again. So he did.

Note: Not much plot in this one, but there will be in future chapters. I promise! Next stop: Winterfell.