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Chapter 1

Hermione's POV

My name is Hermione Elizabeth Black, I have a twin named Sirius Orion Black. We are both 10 years old. I can't wait for my Hogwarts letter I'm so excited, so is Sirius.

"HERMIONE! Wake up, we get our Hogwarts letters today!" Sirius exclaims excitedly. I jump out of bed and run up to Sirius and hug him. We both then walk out of my room and into the sitting room where mother and father are.

There sitting on the table are two letters addressed to Sirius and I. "May we open them now mother?" I ask formally and polite showing my pureblood manners even though I feel like I'm about to explode from wanting to read my letter!

"Of course my children." Mother says kindly looking to father with a knowing and loving smile. Well that's all we needed to hear... about half a second later Sirius and I have our letters ripped open and reading them.

"I got in to Hogwarts!" Sirius and I yell at the same time. Mother then looks to us and says "Now children I know you're both excited but Remember, you should always behave the proper pureblood, whether we have company or not, now is that understood?" She says while not rudely but strict and loving.

"Yes mother, I apologize." Sirius and I say at the same time. Father laughs lovingly. "My babies are growing too fast." He says. Then he stands up and comes towards us and drops down on his knees, Sirius and I just stare at him questionably.

"Are you two going to make your father beg for a hug?" He says. We shake our heads. "Of course not daddy!" We say then run into his arms. We all hear mother muttering "Such inappropriate and disgraceful behavior." But then she walks up to us and says "Oh well, who cares. It's only us here anyways!" Then she drops down and joins in on the hug.

Father and Mother say at the same time "We love you our dear children, we know you will make us and The noble And Most Ancient House Of Black proud."

After the hug is over I ask Father "When are we going to Diagon Alley?" He looks at me and smiles. "We can go today if you wish darling."

"YESSSSSS! Please daddy!" Me and Sirius say giving him our best puppy dog eyes. "Get dressed and we'll be on our way there now."