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"We better go after him before he kills James." I say quickly getting out of bed. "Yes I'm afraid you're right my dear." Dumbledore says standing up walking quite fast for the exit. I follow him.

"Follow me I know where Lucius is going." I say running towards the great hall with the Headmaster following close behind me. As we push open the doors to the great hall we see Lucius above James continuously punching James in the face. I run up to Lucius and try to pull him off of the now unconscious James.

'Let go Lucius!' I think trying to pull him off, but failing. 'Oh boy, there's only one thing to do.' I think to myself then grab Lucius's head and planting a giant kiss on his lips momentarily shocking him before he returns the kiss passionately.


Hermione's POV

I then stop kissing him and walk over to James and slap him. "How dare you give me a potion to make me love you! I will never love you!" I say angrily glaring at him.

Lucius then walks over to James and looks down. "She's all mine Potter. Stay away from what doesn't belonn to you." Lucius whispered in his ear.

We then walked over to the Slytherin table and started eating dinner. The great hall got deathly quite knowing better than to mess with A pissed off Malfoy and Black. Us two when angry are not very pleasant.

The days after that night started to go by pretty quickly. Lucius sat by me and was by my side all the way until it was time for bed. We did everything together.

Christmas break is tomorrow and we're both so excited to go home. "Lucius?" I ask wondering where he was. "Boo!" He says grabbing me and spinning me around.

"Lucius! You scared me!" I say breathing heavily. "Awwww I'm sowwy." He says giving me his best puppy dog eyes. "You're forgiven under one condition..." I say.

"Anything you want you need but ask Hermione." He says solemnly.

"I want to bring a friend along with us on Christmas break to your Manor-" "Our Manor..." he interrupts. "Yes as I was saying. This person doesn't have a good life whatsoever... he's a Slytherin but he's not a pureblood, he is a half-blood. His fathers beats him and his mother. But don't tell him I told you this. I found out through Dumbledore. His name is Severus Snape." I say sadly

"Of course he can come any person mudblood or half blood shouldn't be abused. It's outrageous, and he's such a quiet boy." Lucius says also sadly. "Well good because I already invited him. So let's change the subject to s happier mood."

"Ready for Christmas break tomorrow?" He asks excitedly. "You know I am Lucius." I say laughing at his child like behavior.

"Goodnight Lucius I'll see you in the morning. Want to walk to the train together?" I ask innocently. "Obviously, who else is going to walk you to the train?" He asks grinning.

"James Potter..." I say quietly...

To Be Continued...