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6 Years Ago

"Kiss me, Chuck."

Morgan had told Chuck that with one kiss Sarah would remember everything. When she asked him to kiss her, Chuck hoped with everything in his body that it would work, but deep down, he knew it wouldn't. He knew this could be the last time he kissed her, and as much as it hurt, as much as it killed him inside, he was going to cherish that moment.

As they pulled away, and Chuck looked into Sarah's eyes, he knew. She had no idea what to say, but Chuck smiled at her and nodded. He leaned his head forward, and their foreheads touched.

"What now?" she whispered.

"I guess that's up to you." She looked into his eyes, expecting to see hurt, but what she saw was a twinkle. "If you'd let me, I'd like to show you what we mean to each other, it's kinda what I've done over the last 5 years."

"It's not fair," she said, closing her eyes.

"It's not, but I'll do whatever you want, but I really hope you'll give us a chance." She didn't say anything for a moment, and Chuck wondered if he went too far. She opened her eyes, and Chuck wasn't sure what he was seeing.

"I still need time," she began. Chuck began to nod, but she gave him a sly smile. "I need to go to D.C. and take care of some things, but I deserve to have the happiness that you say I had."

"I believe you were happy," Chuck said, trying not to get to excited. Sarah couldn't help but smile, and suppressed a giggle. "I'll be here, or I'll go there, you tell me what to do." She nodded.

"I need to go," she said, not wanting to leave. Chuck pulled away, creating a little space between them. "I'll call you." Chuck nodded, stayed silent, but opened his arms. She hugged him, not knowing what drew her in, but draw her in he did. She was so confused, she didn't know him, but she did. She wasn't safe around anyone, but around him, she was. She quit fighting herself, and just enjoyed being held. Chuck was a perfect gentleman, and she was surprised to find herself nearly suggesting he not be so gentlemanly. "This isn't goodbye," she heard herself say. Chuck nodded into her neck and breathed deeply.

"I'm here, for whatever you need." She nodded and pulled away. She stood up and looked down at him.

"Coming?" she asked. He shook his head.

"I don't want you to feel like I'm chasing after you…unless you want me to." She grinned at him. He returned the grin and continued. "So, I think I'll sit here a bit…it's kinda my place," He gave her a smile, crinkling his nose, and Sarah felt a part of her heart leap.

"You okay?" she asked.

"No," he said, reaching up and squeezing her hand. "But, I'm better than I was." She squeezed his hand back, let it go, turned, and walked away. Chuck watched her, wondering when, if ever, he would see her again.



Chuck pulled up in front of the white house with a picket fence and a red door. It was what Sarah had told Chuck was her dream home, before Quinn had stolen the memories from her. Chuck sat in the car, looking at the house. He banged his head on the steering wheel for a few minutes. He wasn't ready to deal with today, but he had no choice and he knew it. He got out of the car, and entered the house. He looked at the living room, set up the way he wanted it with the gamer chairs when he had described them to Sarah. He looked over at a table near the fireplace with the pictures of the Woodcombs. He looked at his and Sarah's wedding picture that Sarah still couldn't remember. The house was silent, and Chuck was full of mixed emotions. He walked over to the door frame where he and Sarah had carved their initials. He traced his finger over them as he looked back to the table and saw the pictures of the two young children, Samantha and Stephen. He looked down at the door frame, where their heights had been marked as they grew. He walked to the back door in the kitchen, took a deep breath and opened the door. The yard was full of people, some would call them friends, but Chuck thought of them as family. He looked across the yard, looking for someone. Chuck watched all the children running around, enjoying the birthday party, but he was looking for one person, and through the crowd, he saw her, standing at the cake table. Chuck couldn't help but grin. There stood super-spy, bad-ass extraordinaire, and now, super birthday party mom, Sarah. Sarah caught his glance and gave him a smile, no, not a smile, but the smile. The smile that made Chuck's knees buckle and his heart flutter. His mind thought back to that day six years ago when his life changed…again.


6 Years Ago

As Chuck walked into his apartment, he tossed his briefcase onto the table, and sunk into the couch. He leaned forward, placed his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands. He was lost in thought about how bad shape Carmichael Industries currently found itself. No Casey, no Sarah, no intersect, just Chuck and Morgan. Chuck groaned at how that even sounded in his mind.

"Beer?" came the soft voice beside him. He reached up and took it.

"Thanks," he mumbled, and then snapped his head up. There, with an uncertain grin, but without the look in her eye that she was about to bolt, was Sarah. "Uh, what are you doing here." She raised an eyebrow, amused. "I, uh, what I mean to say is…It's good to see you, Sarah."

"You too, Chuck," she said as she motioned to a spot beside him on the couch. Chuck nodded and scooted over. Sarah smiled and instead of sitting in the spot that had some distance between them, she sat down right beside him. Chuck noticed she had her own drink in her hand. He had so many questions, but he knew from five years of experience with Sarah to just shut up. "I took care of everything I needed to in Washington." Chuck nodded, trying not to appear excited. "I'm sorry I didn't call, it's just everything happened so fast, and I knew I had to come back here and figure things out." She looked down, and then spoke softly. "I don't even know what that means."

"That's been kinda our thing," Chuck said, grinning. Sarah looked up at him and grinned back. "So, do you have a place to live?" Sarah shook her head. "There's a spare room here if that would help, but if you don't want to, I understand," he said, trying to remain calm. Sarah smiled.

"So I can't stay in my room?" she asked. Chuck was taking a drink as she asked, and he nearly choked and dropped his drink all at the same time. She laughed. Chuck joined in and the two laughed until tears welled up in their eyes. "I'd like the room down the hall," she said through the chuckles at the end. "And, from there…we'll see." Chuck nodded, started to take a drink, stopped, glanced at her and grinned. "This is hard for me. Part of me has no idea who you are, and part of me feels like I know everything about you. In D.C., I knew I couldn't stay there. All I wanted to do was come here. I have no idea what I'll do here, but I need to be here." Chuck nodded.

"Well, I do know someone that could use your skill set if you're looking for a job." Sarah looked very interested. "Carmichael Industries could really use your help." Sarah raised an eyebrow. Chuck looked desperate. "For the love of God, Sarah, it's just me and Morgan! I mean if I had the intersect it would be one thing, but I don't and I need someone, and frankly, you're the best." Sarah looked away, a soft smile on her face.

"So this isn't pity?"

"If it is, it's because you feel pity for me!" Sarah chuckled, and then nodded. "I'd like that," she said softly.

"Yeah?" She nodded. "I promise, I will be the epitome of professionalism." Sarah snorted and Chuck looked surprised. She looked at him, a coy grin on her face.

"Chuck, I have my personal tapes. We were NEVER the epitome of professionalism." Chuck sighed, and had to agree she was right. She moved a strand of hair behind her ear, and continued, her voice a little lower. "And, from what I can tell, that's one of the things that made up so good." She held her drink up. "Here's to us, doing what we do best." Chuck clinked his drink against hers.

"And us?" He asked. Sarah took a drink and shrugged, grinning.

"Slow." Chuck chuckled, and Sarah raised an eyebrow. "Tried that before." Chuck nodded. Sarah bounced a shoulder. "Well, maybe history will repeat itself." Before Chuck could turn five shades of red she hurried on. "Now, tell me what's so bad that you and Morgan can't handle." Chuck stuck his tongue out at her, and Sarah laughed. That laugh made Chuck believe there was hope…again.



As Chuck pulled himself out of his memories, he realized Sarah had made her way to him.

"Doing okay?" he asked her in a low voice as she handed him a cup of punch.

"I'm sweating," she began.

"Has there been gunplay?" Chuck asked, unable to contain himself. She gave him a look.

"Quinn?" Chuck just nodded. "I wish he weren't dead." Chuck turned towards her, eyebrow raised. "I'd like to kill him again," she said into her cup she had brought up to her lips. Chuck grinned as he took a drink and then nearly dropped the cup, not prepared for the alcohol. He turned toward his grinning bride. "I need something to get me through this."

"I can't believe you are drinking at my birthday party," came the young voice behind them. The two smiled and turned toward the girl of the hour, who Chuck picked up into his arms. Samantha was only three, but spoke with the vocabulary of a grownup. If Chuck was forced to be honest, he wondered if she didn't have a vocabulary better than he did. "Did Stephen do something?"

"Not that I'm aware of," Chuck said, looking at Sarah who was shaking her head. "Are you enjoying your party?"

"It's enjoyable," she said, Chuck and Sarah exchanged a look.

"You want to have a turn at the piñata don't you?" Chuck asked. Samantha lit up. "Go tell Uncle Morgan it's your turn." Chuck thought he would drop her as she took off. Chuck was beginning to wonder about the advances his daughter was making at a rapid pace. No sooner than she sprinted away than Devon and Ellie came over to talk to the two. Chuck noticed the look on Ellie's face and knew something was wrong, but he wanted to talk to Sarah while it was on his mind. "Sarah," Chuck began, but Sarah shook her head, cutting him off, knowing what he was going to ask. Devon caught both of them in a bear hug before he could say anything else.

"Dad!" came a young boy's voice and tackled Chuck just as he was released by Devon. "You're back!"

The five watched as Samantha picked up the stick given to her by Uncle Morgan. Her eyes moved quickly for just a second. Morgan looked up in shock and locked eyes with Chuck. Sarah brought her hand to her mouth. It wasn't Chuck's flash, but there was something. Samantha took one look at the piñata, took one swing, and it exploded, candy flying everywhere.

"Dude, that was awesome!" Devon exclaimed and turned toward his wife and in-laws. He took one look at them and quickly changed his mind. "Or maybe it's not."

"Chuck, did Samantha just flash?" Ellie asked. Chuck looked at Sarah, who shrugged. They both turned toward Ellie.

"Not exactly…"

"Is there anything Stephen does I should know about?"

"I know kung-fu!" The four-and-a-half-year-old exclaimed. Ellie's eyes got big as saucers. Sarah rolled her eyes.

"Uncle Morgan taught him "kung-fu"," Sarah explained using finger quotes. Ellie gave Sarah a look that spoke volumes. "Uncle Morgan also has a theory about Samantha."

"I'm sure he does," Ellie said dryly, but with a smile that showed her affection for the bearded guy that had done so much for her family.

"It has something to do with Spider-girl getting her powers even though Spider-man got bit by a spider and wasn't a mutant, or something. I forget. It's like I don't even care." She turned to Chuck who was nearly drooling.

"You are so hot right now." Sarah and Ellie both rolled their eyes.

"Walker," came the gruff voice behind them. Everyone's faces lit up as they turned to see Casey and Gertrude.

"It's Mrs. Bartowski now," she said, hugging Casey, and noticing he actually returned the hug. Maybe he had developed another feeling or two over the past several years with Gertrude.

"Hh," he responded, and clapped Chuck on the arm as she let him go. "Don't go getting your lady feelings wound up and start crying, Bartowski."

"I missed you too, Casey," Chuck responded, hugging the man. To everyone's surprise, Casey didn't shove him off as usual. Chuck pulled away. "It's good to see the both of you. Not to sound unhospitable, but what are you doing here?"

"I sent for them," came the voice behind them. Chuck and Sarah's eyes got huge as they turned around. As Chuck turned he caught Ellie's face, and realized she wasn't surprised.

"General," Casey said.

"Retired," Beckman told Casey. Casey grunted and Beckman smiled. "Although one never really retires in this line of work, do they?" Chuck and Sarah exchanged a look. Chuck looked over at Ellie who caught his eye. She gave a shrug like an apology and Chuck was beginning to wonder what was going on.

"General," Chuck said purposefully, earning an eyebrow raise. "I'm glad you're here, but I'm thinking this isn't a social call."

"It's not, Chuck," Beckman confirmed. "We have reason to believe there is a new intersect being built." Chuck ran his hand over his face, but that didn't explain Ellie's reactions. He watched Beckman and knew there was more.

"General, not to be rude, but just say it, we've been through too much." Beckman looked up at Chuck with pride. Gone was the nerd that thought he wasn't a hero, in front of her was a man who had nearly given up everything for his country and had earned her respect and all of those around him.

"I want to hire Carmichael Industries," Beckman began. Chuck was surprised. "But there are two conditions." Chuck and Sarah exchanged a look and Sarah nodded.

"We're always open to our clients need, we're the company that cares," Chuck said, getting an eyeroll from Sarah and a grunt from Casey. Chuck looked at Casey, who shrugged.

"Old habits."

"I want all of you, Devin and Ellie are moving from Chicago," Chuck and Sarah looked at the two who shrugged and nodded. "Casey and Gertrude have already agreed," the two affirmed what Beckman was saying, "And, God help me, I want the bearded one."

"What is going on?" Chuck asked.

"I need you not to freak out," Ellie began. Chuck looked at Beckman, who shrugged and inclined her head to Ellie as if to say, "listen to her." Chuck turned his attention to Ellie. "I've been working on a cure for Sarah, and I think I found something." Sarah gasped, and Ellie took her hands. "I'm sorry, not the cure but something about the intersect that we never thought of." She was quiet for a second. "Morgan is kinda right."

"EXCUSE ME?" Chuck and Sarah said at the same time, flabbergasted.

"Samantha might have a version of the intersect in her head." Chuck and Sarah didn't know what to do. Their daughter had always been advanced, but this…this was too much.

"I want you to use the nanny I'm going to provide to protect the children," Beckman said softly. Chuck shook his head.

"General, I don't know any woman I trust with my kids than I do Sarah." Beckman stared at Chuck. Chuck was confused and looked at Sarah. Sarah gave her husband a smile.

"Sweetie, who says it's a woman?" Chuck turned red.

"Well…my bad." Chuck stuck his hands in his pockets and looked down embarrassed. Ellie laughed into the back of her hand, and Sarah looked away, trying not to laugh.

"I need team Bartowski. I need them to help me protect all the Bartowskis. Can I hire you?" Chuck and Sarah shared a look and looked over to Casey and Gertrude. Casey nodded and Gertrude mouthed "of course." They looked at Devon and Ellie. Devon fist pounded Chuck and Ellie came over to hug her brother.

"Uhm, I do believe that if you will be employing the services of one Charmichael Industries to protect the Bartowskis, you have no choice but to include me. That's in the best friend clause," Morgan said, having for once been quiet. Chuck clapped his friend on the back. He turned to Sarah, who's smile almost split her face.

"We have a mission!"

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