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Charmichael Industries Plane, somewhere between a deep dark hole and Burbank.

Mary was pissed…well, pissed wasn't the word. She'd have to calm down to be pissed. She had gone through every case and arrest Team Bartowski had made over the years, and three individuals were no longer incarcerated. The best she could tell two of them had been let out due to a recommendation from someone within the government, the other had escaped. Mary had a bad feeling what her son was facing. She looked over at Hartley who was out. He had taken a few drinks of his beverage and fallen asleep almost immediately. Mary took a long pull from her glass and wondered who was behind all of this. She looked at the names on the list and knew one of them was an underling, the question was who of the other two was pulling the strings. The paper was blurry. She shook her head and it dawned on her exactly what had happened. She tried to fight it, but as her eyelids closed she looked out the window, and saw they weren't headed to California. The glass slipped from her hand and hit the floor. The cockpit opened with that noise and the pilot checked on his passengers. He went back to his seat and guided the plane to his destination.


Casa de Bartowski, night

Chuck sat on the couch and looked at the moonlight dancing over the lawn. He wished he could go down to the beach, but that wasn't the best solution right now. He had a family and couldn't just go out in the middle of the night. He knew Sarah wouldn't mind, but he felt like he should be around, to protect them. That brought a chuckle from deep within him. Protect Sarah. She was the baddest kick-ass spy ninja mom that ever existed. He knew that physically she didn't need anyone, but that wasn't how he was protecting her, and when she figured it out, she was going to be a little upset. He didn't jump when the two hands touched his shoulders and began to run down his chest, but he really wanted to…and let out a scream…one that Casey would mock and Sarah would giggle at.

"I'm very unhappy with you," came the soft voice in his ear. Chuck shuddered. Part of him screamed to make right whatever she wanted, but he steeled himself. He had to let things play out.

"You know Mark Twain once said every time you use the word very, to change it to damn, and then throw it out," he replied.

"That was in writing, you goof. I did go to Harvard, I know some things too," she replied, right in his ear. He was losing this war, and they both knew it.

"Just checking to see what you remember," Chuck said, grinning. He felt teeth on his ear. "You fight so dirty," he nearly moaned.

"Ah-ha!" she exclaimed, jumping up. "So you are keeping something from me!" She walked around the couch, a twinkle in her eye, and sat down right beside him. "Why don't you tell me, and we can go to bed," she said as innocently as possible. Chuck chuckled, and shook his head.

"Do you trust me?" he asked. Sarah raised an eyebrow.

"First, always. Second, that's my line. Third, we made a promise. No more secrets, no more lies."

"What if by telling you, I make your life worse?" he asked. Sarah looked at him, confused. "What if by waiting 24 hours, it will make your life better?" Sarah was beyond confused.

"He's gone," came a soft voice from the stairs. They turned and saw their daughter standing there, holding a teddy bear. Chuck held his arms out to her. She came padding across and crawled up into his lap. Sarah smiled at the two of them. It was hard to remember just how young her children actually were. There was no doubt they both had the Intersect, and in some ways, it allowed them to be more mature, for Stephen you had to look a little harder, but they were. It was moments like this that reminded Sarah and made her happy. "I'm glad you remember Dad," Samantha said. Chuck and Sarah shared a look. Samantha had called them Mother and Father for most of her life. "Mom, I'm sorry." Sarah reached over and slowly rubbed her daughter's head.

"What for, Sweetie?" Samantha looked at her dad, who nodded.

"You won't get mad?" she asked, timidly. Sarah was stunned. Her daughter was never timid. Sarah shook her head no. "See, earlier…"

Castle, earlier

After the upload, Chuck felt Sarah's hand on his back to make sure he wouldn't fall over. He looked over at her and grinned. "Flash on Jenny Burton, Chuck," she said softly. Chuck did, and noticed there was no headache, strain, and it happened almost instantaneously. "Chuck, flash," she said. Chuck smiled.

"I did," he replied. Sarah was shocked and then she heard Ellie yell, "Yes!" and did a fist pump. Chuck grinned and turned to his sister. "Fixed it?" Ellie nodded proudly.

"Okay, Sarah, let's get it out of you," she said, and with that, she handed her the removal glasses. Chuck looked over at his daughter, and he could tell by the look on her face she had flashed on Jenny Burton as well. He shook his head, and she nodded, understanding they'd talk later. He looked over at Jason Black and then back at his daughter. Samantha nodded, understanding that he and the general were less likely to notice a little girl than Chuck. Samantha got close and heard the general's and Jason's conversation. While everyone was congratulating Sarah and Morgan, Chuck and Samantha went to Ellie and told her something quickly and quietly.

"I'll take care of everything," she said with a grin.



"Wait," Sarah began, shocked at what she was hearing. "You, Samantha, and Ellie, know spy secrets and I don't." Chuck grinned and leaned over and kissed his wife on the forehead.

"Yep, and we're waiting until the morning to tell you, and everyone else at Castle," he began, but stopped.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Samantha asked.

"I can get the information out of you, Chuck," she said, emphasizing the "k" the way she did when she was confident…or irritated. Chuck turned to her, no grin, in fact he looked worried. "What is it?" Samantha got out of her father's lap and went and sat in her mother's. She pulled her mother close and whispered something in her ear. Sarah's eyes went wide and she looked at Chuck for confirmation. Chuck nodded. Sarah began to cry as Chuck and Samantha held her. Chuck sighed, the last time his wife was this upset it was about family, and he had been caught in the crosshairs.

3 months ago.

Chuck opened the door to see his mother-in-law and sister-in-law. "Hey, guys!" he said happily, but the smile fell from his face when he saw their faces. "Something wrong?" Emma shot him an "I'm sorry" look.

"Chuck, is Sarah here, Molly really needs to talk to her?" Chuck stepped aside to let them in.

"Sure, she's up-" Chuck watched Molly bolt past him, and up the stairs. "Stairs?"

"It's boys," Emma said. Chuck's eyes got wide and nodded. "I'm her mom…."

"And you don't understand," Chuck said, grinning. Emma sighed and nodded. Chuck hugged her.

"I never had to go through this with Sarah because she wasn't around," Emma said.

"Come on, let's get some coffee, and let those two talk. Sisters seems to understand things like this a little better, at least in my experience." The two walked off into the kitchen while upstairs Molly found Sarah. Sarah looked up as she walked into her bedroom. Molly started crying as soon as she saw Sarah and threw herself into Sarah's arms. Sarah looked down at the sobbing mess and held her tight. Sarah knew exactly what this was about, and steeled herself. She stroked Molly's hair.

"Who is he?" she asked.

"Ben Howard," Molly responded, sobbing a little less now.

"What did he do?" Sarah asked, trying to control her anger.

"It was a Sadie Hawkins dance, so I asked him, and he laughed in my face. He told me I wasn't hot enough for him," she replied. Sarah growled. She pulled Molly away and looked her in the eyes.

"He's so not worth it," Sarah said. Molly nodded.

"I know, but it still hurts," she said, trying not to cry.

"Who is the nicest boy you know?"

"Richard Stevens. He's kinda cute, but nerdy, and he's always telling me how pretty I am. He holds doors for me, but the guys call him-" Sarah cut her off.

"I know what they call him," she replied, shaking her head at the memories of 7th grade. "He kinda sounds like someone we know," she said grinning. Molly looked at her, confused. "Chuck," Sarah offered. Molly's eyes got wide.

"He is like Chuck," Molly said, a grin covering her face. "He's as nice as him, he's funny like him." Molly looked at Sarah bashfully. "He's not as handsome, but he's cute." Sarah's eyebrows raised.

"You checking out my man?" She asked teasingly. Molly giggled. "Chuck went through some stuff too. It's what inside that counts, Molly. Does he have a date to the dance?" Molly shook her head, pulled out her phone, and quickly text him. "Did you just-" she began, when Molly's phone vibrated. Her face lit up. "I guess you did. I have an idea. Is there a place outside the school this Ben hangs out?"

"He hangs outside after school waiting for his ride," Molly said. Sarah got an evil grin.

"Think you can get Richard to wait with you outside tomorrow and let me pick you up?" Molly nodded. Sarah picked up her phone and sent a few texts. The phone vibrated and she smiled. "Well show him." Molly grabbed her and hugged her.

"I'm so glad you're my big sister!"

"Me too, kid," Sarah said softly. "Me too."


Later that night, Sarah realized she had one problem with her plan. She was lying in bed, on her side thinking about what to do.

"Well, guess I don't have to warm your feet tonight," Chuck said jokingly, trying to get her to talk. Sarah knew it wasn't his fault. She knew he was more like Richard than Ben, but school had always been a sore subject to her, and she may have overreacted, just a scooch.

"What's wrong, Chuck?" she said popping the "k". Chuck felt like he had done something wrong, but he had no clue what, so he kept quiet. "Not, hot enough for you?" Why had Sarah emphasized hot like that? What had he done?

"Uh, I don't understand," he began…he just should have kept quiet.

"No, you don't," she said turning over, and getting a look in her eye that Chuck thought he had only seen once, when Quinn had brainwashed her. "You don't understand how you have to look a certain way or guys won't talk to you, or how you have to put up with all the macho-" Chuck cut her off.

"I didn't do that stuff," he said softly. "And I think I know about being teased in school. Now do you want to talk about it, or yell at me?" Sarah looked a little ashamed, but she was too mad to be fully sorry.

"Why do boys act so stupid?"

"Because they're stupid," Chuck replied. "Some have been told it's okay. TV has told them it's okay. They're stupid."

"I need your help," she said, and began to tell him her plan. Chuck belly laughed.

"So what do I need to do?"

"Can you watch the kids tomorrow?"

"That's it?" he asked. "Done."

"But you have a big meeting," she began. Chuck shook his head.

"Family," was all he said, and leaned in and kissed her.

"I got lucky to find you," she said.

"Sarah, I think it's I got lucky to find you."


The next afternoon as school let out.

"Hey look, it's the losers," Ben said to his friends, pointing at Molly and Richard

"Don't talk to her like that," Richard said, standing up to defend his friend, ever thought he knew the three of them could easily take them. He noticed that the three boys weren't paying any attention to him and instead were looking behind him. He turned and saw three women walking toward them. They were beautiful for sure, but he turned to make sure Molly was okay. With that move, Sarah's opinion of Richard just went off the charts. The three boys' mouths dropped at the three women in front of them. "You okay," Richard asked Molly, more concerned about her. Molly nodded and smiled, knowing what her sister was doing.

"Hey, sis!" Sarah called out. "Is this the nice young man who you're taking to the dance?" she said smiling at Richard.

"Yep," she replied. "He reminds me of your husband, Chuck so much," Molly said, egging it on. The three boys' mouths dropped. Sarah grinned at her sister and extended her hand to Richard. He took it and she pulled him in.

"Be the guy she told me you are, and I promise you, it will all be worth it," she said. Carina and Zondra surrounded him.

"Reminds me a lot of Chuck," Zondra said. Carina nodded. "Not as tall as your husband, Sarah, but defending her three against one….that's a good one."

"She's very special to me," Richard choked out. Sarah smiled, leaned in, and kissed him on the forehead.

"Take care of her," she said. "You may find yourself having to defend her the older she gets. She's so much more beautiful than me when I was that age." She turned to the three boys and they looked near tears. "Well, let's go," and with that the five started off.

"I'll go to the dance with you, Molly," Ben said. Sarah looked at her sister, who smiled. She squeezed Richard's hand and turned to Ben.

"You want to go with me?" she said with fake shock. Ben grinned and nodded. "I have a guy who will take care of me, likes me for who I am, and makes me laugh, why would I ever go with you?" With that, she turned, hooked an arm through Richard's arm, high-fived Zondra and Carina who had their hands up for one, and walked away. Sarah smile could have lit a major city.

"Why are we having to walk so far?" Molly whispered to Sarah. "Is it so you could walk up like that?"

"No," Carina answered. "You sister realized we couldn't pile out of a mini-van and look quite as hot." The group laughed.


Now, the next morning, Castle

Chuck looked over his family that had gathered in Castle. Everyone but Jason Black and Beckman were there from the mission, and they had two newcomers that Sarah wasn't exactly sure about.

"Are you sure Emma and Molly should be here?" she asked. Chuck gave her a tight smile and held her hand.

"I know you're worried about what Emma will hear, but I want to make sure they're safe," Chuck said. He turned as he heard someone behind him. Diane Beckman entered Castle looking unsure of herself for the first time Chuck could remember. Chuck looked at Sarah, who nodded. Chuck walked over to her, and before Beckman could figure out what to say, he hugged her. Beckman didn't cry, but Sarah thought she would. "It's okay," Chuck said softly where only the three could hear. "You know I would have done the same thing if it were me." Beckman choked out a laugh.

"I know," she replied, the two of them breaking the hug. "That's why I let this mission go this far, because if anyone can fix this it's you." Chuck smiled and put his arm around Sarah as she got close. The entire room had noticed what was going on and had drifted toward them.

"General, you're wrong," Chuck said with a grin. "If anyone can fix this, it's this family." Beckman nodded. Casey clapped Chuck on the shoulder and gave a grunt.

"Team Moron rides again," he said. Chuck nodded.

"And I have the Intersect," Chuck replied grinning. Casey shook his head, laughing.

"May God have mercy on our souls!"

"What exactly is going on?" Alex asked.

"Well," Chuck began. "Best I can tell, Jason Black and the General here were blackmailed into getting us to get the new Intersect glasses. However, because of my amazing sister, all they got were an unusable pair."

"How?" Beckman asked. Chuck grinned.

"It's Sarah's fault actually." Sarah shook her head. "See when she told me to flash on Jenny Burton, the new Intersect also pull up companion files now, very quickly and painlessly I might add. Thanks, Sis."

"You're welcome," Ellie replied.

"After that flash, I told Ellie what I learned, and she downloaded the program off of the glasses, into a secure Castle file." Chuck turned to Emma. He was surprised to see her nodding.

"Jenny Burton, Jack Burton, Jason Black," she said softly. Sarah gasped.

"You know?" she asked. Emma shrugged.

"I suspected," Emma replied. "He's Jack's son." Chuck nodded.

"Oldest son, obviously not with you," Chuck added. "He never told his family."

"Wait a minute," Carina sputtered. "Jason is Sarah's half-brother?" Sarah and Chuck both turned to her, grinning and nodding. They had been looking forward to this. "That means…"

"We could be sister-in-laws," Sarah said, the wicked smile on her face. "Admit it, Carina, you've even said my dad was hot. You like the Burton family." Carina actually blushed.

"So how was Beckman involved?" Alex asked.

"I suspect Roan and Jack have been kidnapped," Chuck said. "They want the Intersect, they have to come to us now."

"Who's they, Bartowski?" Casey asked.

"No idea, Big Guy," Chuck answered honestly. "I pray it's not Shaw."

"The one downfall of getting my memory back is remembering him," Sarah grumbled.

"The one?" Chuck asked. Sarah gave him a look and then backhanded his chest. Castle's phone system began to ring. It was Mary.

"Mom," Chuck said, bringing up the video phone. "What's up?"

"Some idiot tried to kidnap Hartley and me," she said, looking irritated. "They didn't even give me the proper amount of knockout drug." Sarah chuckled. "I've got the pilot captured, and we're in some hanger in Rio Di Janeiro."

"Mary, I'll send someone to assist with the prisoner, are you okay?" Diane asked.

"I'm fine. I've been trying to get something out of this idiot, but all he keeps mumbling is Soco na Garganta." Chuck flashes at those words. He remembers he has two other family members now with the same abilities. He looks over at his daughter, who nods, and as he turns to his son, Stephen speaks.

"Mom, what's a cat squad?" Zondra, Carina, and Sarah all stare at Stephen and turn toward Chuck. He shrugs.

"Guys, don't freak out."

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