This was also thrown together in like 5 minutes, so again. Don't expect great literary masterpieces.

After throwing Edward into the lake, Alice and Bella talked in the few minutes it would take Edward to get back to them. It turned out that Bella found Alice's ability interesting and strange, whereas Alice found the way Bella had absolutely no fashion sense appalling. Needless to say, they got along great.

They parted ways with nothing but Edward's pride wounded. James's coven travel around the world for many years, she see's all of the normal sights that people only dream of. Then Bella meets a young vampire named Benjamin in Egypt. They hit it off and he joins them traveling around the world.

The next time they see the Cullens is in Rio. Edward once again tries to flirt with Bella, not knowing that she's with Benjamin, and is promptly sucked into a small hurricane and tossed into the middle of the ocean. Bella and Benjamin talk with Alice and Jasper as the other Cullens and the rest of James's coven revisit old haunts. When Edward finally gets back, it's just in time for a thunderstorm.

The two covens decide to play a game of the jungle. Without going into too much detail, trees are felled, lightning strikes, people are hit in the head with baseballs. Surprisingly all three of those things happened to Edward. After the first game is done, they decide to make it a little more interesting. Girls on one team, guys on another.

Do I really need to say who won?

The End.