Ch 3

Note:This is the final chapter: but I might return to this universe for a spin-off or crossover with a different character. Also, I do not listen to Insane Clown Posse, so correct me if I am wrong.

The Penguin had surrounded The Joker and was ready to fire. The Penguin ordered the assault and shouted, "I want the clown to be beaten to death with brute force." The Penguin kept his Crooner music going at the same time and personally even sang a Frank song during the attack. The Joker's men were outnumbered horribly by the Penguin's and one of them surrendered alive and said, "I actually think Insane Clown Posse is a terrible band, I only signed up for the money".
The Joker was meanwhile trying to get the Glee kids to perform his music when he heard the Penguin's music and the gunshots. Brittany said, in a half optimistic way, "is Batman saving us and giving me a pet unicorn", Santana told her girlfriend "No, he is not saving us, he sounds evil and probably worse than the joker. Also, honey, unicorns are not real no matter how many times you have dreamed about them when you stayed over at my house and shared a bed. "

Quinn noticed a small crawlspace that they could get out through, and then she asked, "has anyone flown a helicopter before?" Everyone nodded, except Sue who said "I once tried it for a few months and used it to bring a football team to a game they were late for once, but my license was suspended after I got drunk and crashed it into a preserve near the Great Lakes. "The four of them made a run for the vents and had snuck into them just in time.

The Penguin's men, who had sworn revenge on the Joker, had just kicked open the door, ready to open fire. The Joker knew, of course, this would happen. He decided to use Molotov Cocktails filled with Joker gas made from Faygo cans he had drank. The Joker laughed and said, "How do you like my favorite drink?" when he threw the makeshift cocktail. The Joker, after killing several of them, painted them with juggalo makeup.

The Glee Kids and their coach had all safely climbed out of the vents before much of the fighting had started although they had heard some of the early phases towards the end and the shaft had shaken a bit. Britanny saw it first and they all made a dash for it. Once Sue got in with her students, she changed to a pop station Sue quipped: "I may be a bitch, but I still have the skill to fly this thing." Sue then left and took off, and later would bring the students to the houses for the rest of the night, even if she insulted each one first.

Shortly after the New Directions had fled, the Joker had turned tide of the battle and motivated his remaining troops to fight on. Although the Penguin himself fled the scene long before the battle was over, his second in command was brutally murdered by the Joker himself. The victory was pyrrhic as although the Joker won, his compound was destroyed and his dream was ruined. The Joker said "Nooo, my dream is ruined. I never got them to perform and sing "Piggy Pie" to show my glory as a clown. After his meltdown, the Joker quickly found a new warehouse in Gotham and had it guarded by his minions. He then turned his misery into humor and laughed evily, as he started plotting his plan to try to get the Barden Bellas to perform Juggalo music. This time, however, he'd use Anybody Killa, his second favorite artist instead given he is less well known.

The End.