Mikka calmly hummed to herself as she looked over the files that had been placed on her desk. Some were simple things that needed signed, others were reports, a few were notices of archeological finds that she was being asked to look over, and some were Exchange Student requests. Amongst these request was yet another human looking to experience Liminal culture. Mikka picked up the file and read it again.

The file was on a twenty three year old former pilot that was named Michibata Kaze. The file went on to explain that the woman had been an active flight instructor until an ear injure caused her to lose some of her sense of balance and be unable to fly a plane anymore. She had since then volunteered at a day care.

Mikka paused before moving the mouse on her computer and typing in a search. She paused for a second before scrolling through the results. She then opened up a program and began to fill it in. Once it was finished she saved the file and sent it to the mainframe. She then began to type in another window more information. Once it was finished she saved the file again and opened up her email and attached the file before sending it. She calmly picked up the mug on her desk before taking a sip of tea before going about sorting and signing the assorted other paperwork. After around thirty minutes her computer beeps indicating a new email had arrived. She leaned over and read the email before smiling. She then reached over to the conference phone that was on her desk before punching in the number that was written on the form. She calmly waited as the call rang before going to the answering machine. Once the answer machine picked up the call Mikka began to speak.

"Good Day, Michibata Kaze. This is Mikka Chiso calling. I'm a coordinator with the Exchange Program and am the one that has received your request to enter the program as a student. I would like to inform you that I am in the process of filling out all the paperwork to all you to enter the program. If you could call back sometime within the next week to schedule an appointment it would be very helpful to the process. As of right now you are planned to be introduced to Harpy society. Thank you for your time and please have a good day." Mikka says before she ends the call. She smiles to herself before going back to her paperwork.