She thought it was over. Everyone did. Harry Potter had finally defeated his long time enemy. Voldemort. Finally she could have normal life.



Ron approached her "I was looking for you! I was wondering if you wanted to come for a walk with me and Harry. We thought it would be good to get some peace and quiet." He glanced back at the crowd following him like lovesick puppies.

"Sure why not." She smirked. " Nice fan club by the way," She tossed over her shoulder while making her way over to where Harry was standing by the staircase.

Blushing, Ron followed, grumbling the whole time.

They took a walk around the castle, ending with the headmasters office.

"Can we go up?" Harry asked."I want to return something." He held up the Elder wand.

"Smart of you, Harry" I congratulated him "No one should have that much power. It's just not right."

Once we got in the office we realized nothing was broken or showed signs of being part of a war.

"Weird" Ron commented "It's like nothing happened." He walked over to the desk and picked something up. "What's this?" He questioned.

I gasped and snatched it out of his hands."Ron, do you know what this is!"

"A piece of metal?" He tried.

"No it's the last ever time-turner!" As soon as she finished the sentence she started feeling woozy. Right before she fainted she heard someone saying that she was disappearing and that they needed Mme. Pomfrey.

But that can't be right, can it?