Author's Notes:

1) This fic is a canon-divergent AU for both verses. Some elements from the canon storylines will still have taken place/be present, others will not.

2) Will contain themes such as, but not limited to, smut, violence, and possessive behavior.

3) As stated in the summary, this is a sequel to my first crossover, Bewitched by You. While it might not be necessary to have read that to keep up with the story of We, Alone, it is preferred for the sake of continuity.

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Chapter One


I alone love you,
I alone tempt you,
I alone love you,
Fear is not the end of this!

~I Alone by Live

Hermione's shielding charm faltered, the terror that laced through her at the realization alerted them immediately. Snapping his head in her direction, Bucky bolted toward her. He threw himself over her, taking the brunt of the damage from an enormous chunk of splintered bone that had been heading straight for her.

He couldn't be sure how many heartbeats ticked past as they waited for the calamity around them to die down.

Loki peered out through the settling dust and ash, trying to find them. Just before panic could set in—though, he should know better, he could feel they were still there—he noticed the unmistakable glint of Bucky's metal arm on the other side of the cave.

Sighing and shaking his head, he climbed to his feet. There were bits of exploded celestial dragon everywhere. Frowning, he carefully picked his way across the muck toward them.

Hermione opened her eyes, meeting Bucky's squinting gaze, his face hovering just over hers as it was. She could feel the rush of his breath against her skin as he exhaled.

"You okay?"

She nodded. "Yes. I think—" She cut herself off, forcing a gulp down her throat. "I think it's over."

"Are you both all right?"

She couldn't miss the flash of anger in the blue eyes staring down into hers at the sound of Loki's too-calm voice.

"Apologies, I did not expect the creature to be so—"

"What the hell is the matter with you?" Bucky shouted, his voice ringing through the cavern as he shot to his feet and turned to face the jet-haired man.

An expression of genuine surprise colored Loki's features at Bucky's tone. "I beg your pardon? I hardly see how you can blame me for—"

"I blame you for forgetting that she's not as sturdy as we are, again!"

Hermione sighed as she climbed to her feet. "Honestly, Bucky," she said, shaking her head as she dusted herself off. "I'm okay. It's not that big a—"

Bucky whipped his head around to meet her gaze over his shoulder. "You're kidding, right? The entire point of this is to extend your life, but at this rate, you're going to get killed by being smothered in meteor ash, or squashed by a giant alien bug, or—oh, yeah—torn to shreds by flying pieces of exploding dragon!"

Loki bit hard into his bottom lip a moment as he thought over each incident, in turn. "Once again, none of those things were actually my fault. The insect, for one—"

"You know what?" Bucky's expression was suddenly, suspiciously mirthful, as he smiled, a short, harsh chuckle spilling out of him as he shrugged. "You're right, it's not your fault."

Arching a brow, Loki eyed the other man cautiously, knowing the change in demeanor was not a good thing. "That is what I have been saying."

"Yeah, no, you're right." Bucky waved a hand in Hermione's direction, and then gestured to indicate himself as he said, "It's our fault for being in love with someone who's such an asshole!"

"Bucky," Hermione said in a scolding tone. She knew he was speaking out of anger—or, rather, shouting out of it—and that once he'd calmed, he'd regret taking such a harsh tone with Loki, but getting him to see reason when he was so riled wasn't going to be easier. "He couldn't know this was going to happen."

"Of course he couldn't, but that doesn't change the fact that he doesn't think these things through. He's reckless and thoughtless, and he's going to get you killed before we find that stupid amulet!"

"How was I to know the blasted creature would wake and think we were trying to steal its hoard?" Loki could not believe Bucky was seriously blaming him for an unforeseeable circumstance, especially when he was the only one with any leads on the item they sought.

Hermione sensed the spike in tension—and not the good kind—and stepped around Bucky on hurried footfalls. "Okay, okay, stop," she said, placing herself between them. "This isn't helping matters, at all."

The way Bucky was clenching his fists at his sides did not go unnoticed by her.

Sighing, she said, "Let's just go home, please."

Bucky scowled, shooting Loki one final, withering look before turning on his heel and storming off.

Her shoulders slumping, she pivoted to follow. Loki's hand slipping around her wrist pulled her to stop. She looked back at him.

"I truly did not mean for this to happen."

Clamping her free hand over his, she nodded, a half-smile curving her lips. "I know, Loki."

When they arrived home—a simple tent Hermione had spelled with the interior of a rather resplendent hunting cabin, situated inside a tear into the astral plane—Bucky still had not simmered down. Throwing their travel supplies on the floor before the fireplace, he turned and stormed right back out into the surrounding woods, without a word to either of them.

Hermione gave him a moment before trailing after him to see what he was up to. The astral plane was a hazy reflection of the physical world, so she supposed she should not be surprised when she heard the bizarre, almost tinny sound of one of those mirror-trees splintering. She'd heard the sound before, of course it was another time Bucky had needed to work off some steam. He'd damn near punched a hole through one of the trees.

He'd already gone several meters from the tent by the time she poked her head outside. Combat training, of course. She should've known, she thought. He was using the surrounding trees like punching bags. Poor things.

Sighing, she shook her head and folded her arms under her breasts. Hermione only watched him move around, aware things were getting worse between him and Loki. It seemed when they'd finally accepted their connection to one another, they'd found a balance.

But their balance, and their on-going emotional and mental wellbeing, counted on the continued survival of each of them. If one died, the other two would suffer the deepest woes any being could experience. Bloody koblet tre. The search for an artifact that would extend her life, giving her a span of existence closer to each of theirs was supposed to have been a good thing.

Yet, the dangers they'd found themselves in had only taxed their once so-pleasant relationship.

It wasn't long before Bucky worked up a sweat with his frenzied movements. Hermione felt her heart skip a beat and color flood her cheeks as he carelessly whipped his shirt off and dropped it aside. Nearly a year the three of them had been together, and yet every time she saw either of them bare, she flushed like it was the first.

"You like him better, do you not?"

She'd been aware of Loki's presence behind her before he'd spoken, but she imagined he'd been stunned by the sight of Bucky like that for a moment, as well. Even angry, their effect on one another never seemed to get old.

"Like him better than what?'

It wasn't until she turned her head to meet his gaze that Loki answered, "Better than me."

Her shoulders slumping, she pivoted toward him fully. Though he kept his arms stubbornly folded across his chest, she managed to wriggle her small hands beneath the crooks of his elbows and hug him quite without his will in the matter.

"It isn't like that, and you should know better!"

"Should I? He is not wrong. I often forget how easily you could be ripped from us."

Pulling her arms from him, she propped her hands on her hips and fixed him with a scowl. "And he often forgets that I'm not some fragile creature who can't defend herself, and won't crumble under a little harsh treatment!"

"Again, he is not wrong. You might not be as delicate as he sees you, but you are far more . . . breakable than either of us." Loki reached out, a sigh tumbling from his lips as he trailed his fingertips along her jaw. "That being said, I do feel it is better to treat you like spun glass than to forget that you are not made of iron."

"I'm neither iron, nor spun glass, and the two of you measuring by leaps and bounds rather than degrees would be enough to drive anyone mad."

He rolled his eyes as he considered her words. "To be fair, I am not a man known for underachievement, but then you were aware of that flaw when you met me."

"You're missing my point."

His brow furrowed. "And what point would that be, sweet witch?"

Hermione shook her head at him as she frowned. "That you're both idiots. And, I'm an idiot, too, because no matter how stupid you both act, I still love both of you, equally."

"I did not ask about love. We can love someone without being overly fond of the person they are, or their faults."

She sighed, closing her eyes as she stepped nearer. She let her head drop down against his chest as she answered. "No, I don't like him better. Though, truth be told, sometimes things are just easier with him, but that's more because your feelings on things can be rather . . . difficult to pin down."

He made an indelicate sound in the back of his throat that she recognized as him holding in a chuckle. "You were trying not to say 'tricky', were you not?"

Uttering a scoff, she shook her head against him. "Oh, you just think you know me so well."

For a time, they were silent. Eventually, he slid his arms around her waist and pulled her against him in a proper hug.

"I know you're both just scared of what losing me could mean for you. Really, it's okay."

"Oh," he said with a laugh, using his chin to nudge her head up. Meeting her gaze, he said, "You glorious little simpleton. It is not about what losing you would mean for us. It is simply about losing you."

"Yeah." She jumped at Bucky's voice behind them. "'Cause, really, without you, he and I will probably kill each other long before the breaking of the koblet trecould make us wish for death, anyway."

Loki narrowed his eyes in a withering glare at the other man. "Oh, you are just so snarky."

"Mm-hmm." Stepping to the side of Hermione, Bucky slipped his hand around the back of Loki's neck and pulled him in for a kiss. After a breathless moment, he pulled back. "Seriously, though. You keep endangering her like that, and I'm going to kick your ass from one end of the Nine Realms to the other."

Hermione bit her lip to hold in a giggle at Loki's suddenly flustered state as Bucky turned away and ducked into the tent.

"Sometimes," she said in a quiet voice, "I think you might like him better than you like me."

A smirk curved his lips—one she quite recognized. This was the expression he made when he was considering the wittiest possible come back.

Finally, he arched a suggestive brow, and the meaning was not lost on her that he slid his hands downward to cup her bum with splayed fingers as he said, "Apples and oranges, sweet witch."

She uttered another scoffing sound. "Well, then, the same answer goes for me."

His shoulders drooped as he pursed his lips. "Perhaps you misunderstood the joke. Bucky and I have the same—"

"No," she said with a laugh. "I quite understood it. I just . . . I'm not sure I can really explain it to you, but you're very different people, and I accept that. I love you both, and like you both, for who you are. You making a stupid decision isn't going to make me 'like him better' . . . though I may have soured feelings toward you for a few days."

"That is to say you do not have soured feelings toward me right now?"

Now, it was Hermione's turn to arch a brow. "Why does it sound like you want me to be upset with you?"

He grinned, dipping his head toward hers. "Because it would give me something to make up to you."

Smiling, she stood on her toes to meet him.


They each dropped their heads back with a groan at the sound of Bucky's voice from inside the tent.

"He needs to work on his timing," she said with a pout.

Loki shook his head. "It is entirely possible he does this on purpose, you know."

Slipping from Loki's arms, Hermione ducked into the tent. She was painfully aware of the Asgardian's presence very close behind her.

Inside, Bucky stood before the fireplace—rather delightfully still shirtless. He held Hermione's enchanted map in one hand as he looked toward the pair at the tent's entrance.

From where she stood, she could see the blip of pulsing bright red against the parchment. Crossing the floor, she took the map from his hand and examined it closely.

"It must be another location to check for the amulet," she said, unfurling the map entirely to get an idea of where, precisely.

"England?" Bucky asked with a thoughtful frown. "Is that going to be okay with you?"

Hermione nodded, though she didn't like where in the British Isles the map seemed to indicate, but a lead was a lead. Bucky didn't know about that area, she knew he only asked because of what she'd told him of the War and its aftermath.

For a precious moment, she forgot about their connection.

"Something troubles you," Loki said, stepping over to them.

"It's just . . . it's just someplace I was hoping not to have to return to, is all."

"Hey." Bucky gathered her into his arms and dropped a kiss down on the top of her head. "I know you've got bad memories there, but we won't let anything happen to you."

Loki started a little to find the other man's lethal glare pinning him.


A gentle smile playing on his lips, Loki nodded. "Of course not."

"We, um . . . ." Hermione shook her head, pulling back from Bucky enough to be able to look up at him. "We should get some rest, first. Set out in the morning."

Bucky stretched and forced a yawn. "Yeah, nope. Not really tired enough to sleep, yet. We should really do something to wear ourselves out, first."

Hermione feigned a scandalized gasp as she swatted his shoulder. She glanced at Loki to find him giving her a questioning look, as well. "Oh, you two are just awful, you know that?"

Loki stepped closer, mischief in his tone as he said, "That is not a no."